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Premium Models
QE4, QE3plus, QE2plus & QE1plus

Classic Models

XEplus & SE

My name is Ken Presner. I am an independent researcher, inventor, author and health consultant with over 35 years of experience in electronics design, computer programming and the health supplement industry.

In 1989 I was paralyzed with Multiple Sclerosis. In 1994 I nearly died from Crohn's disease. My books My Recovery Protocol and Against All Odds show that I did not beat 2 incurable diseases and return to perfect health by accident. I invented The Ultimate Zapper and launched this website in 1996. The Ultimate Zapper's healing power was vital to my recovery.

The Real Deal

The Medical System says my recovery is merely an anecdote and The Ultimate Zapper is just a gadget. What else is new?

Those who have read my books and the thousands of people in over 70 countries who use The Ultimate Zapper, including many practitioners who use and recommend it, know that my recovery & The Ultimate Zapper are the real deal, supported by a mountain of compelling proof ...

... including the rigorous (unsolicited) testing by Dr. Martin C. that he describes here. After testing of dozens of zappers with his patients, Dr. Martin endorses only The Ultimate Zapper. In fact, The Ultimate Zapper is strongly endorsed by many practitioners.


For the past 25 years thousands of people have benefitted from The Ultimate Zapper's healing power. It has proved effective for over 100 conditions including influenza and serious lung ailments. It is the most powerful Parasite Zapper & Virus Zapper available, but delivers a very gentle and relaxing feeling.

The powerful synergy created by The Ultimate Zapper's unique formula of 12 True Features is light years ahead of all Hulda Clark zappers. Its Electroporation Effect is unique in the zapper world -- shared only by 2 other high-tech companies, Inovio & Eppendorf, both with FDA approval.

No other zapper offers The Ultimate Zapper's EIS 3-D Scanning as proof of effectiveness. In fact, no other zapper offers any graphic proof of effectiveness.

The Testimonial Archive bears witness to the effectiveness of The Ultimate Zapper with over 1000 unsolicited testimonials and thousands of private messages adding to this testament -- vs. a mere handful of testimonals offered by other zappers. The Ultimate Zapper is also the #1 Pet Zapper.


With 25 years as the most successful parasite and virus zapper in the world, The Ultimate Zapper has firmly established its #1 rank using every important metric. It is #1 in technology, power, effectiveness, testimonials and endorsements -- and popularity.

Not only is The Ultimate Zapper #1 in every important metric -- by a country mile -- it also dominates the Japanese market where the word zapper is synonymous with The Ultimate Zapper.

No contest

There is simply no contest when comparing The Ultimate Zapper's 12 True Features to the competition's feature-poor lineup, their Bells & Whistles and their unbacked claims.

This is the only zapper website that discusses the 12 True Features that make zappers effective & that offers this compelling evidence including Relative Strength Charts and Comparison Charts that graphically prove The Ultimate Zapper's superior technology.

The Ultimate Zapper embarrasses the competiton's weak zappers. They find creative solutions, sometimes "borrowing" The Ultimate Zapper's name for their zappers and sites and even going so far as to shadow this site word for word. See the Zapper Review.


It is synergy (the interaction of multiple features) that determines how powerful and effective a zapper is, not just one or 2 features. There is simply no contest when the competition faces the synergy created by The Ultimate Zapper's 12 True Features -- with extra features added to the 4 Premium Models.

Why have other zappers not succeeded in creating this powerful synergy? Because they have very few features. They haven't been able to create a superior zapper because they're wedded to the old 1993 Hulda Clark A6 battery zapper formula.

But the Hulda Clark A6 is simply a 1-feature zapper. So, they add Bells & Whistles to the A6 -- Fake Features -- to make it look like there's something there, when there's not. They bolster the fiction with empty claims -- not a single one proved.

The Ultimate Zapper has been on the cutting edge of zapper technology for the past 25 years thanks to ongoing research and innovation. The Ultimate Zapper is clearly the leader in the zapper industry -- beyond a shadow of a doubt.


Besides the stunning endorsement (below) by Karen Allen who destroyed Lyme disease in 24 hours with The Ultimate Zapper and the unequivocal endorsement by Dr. Martin C. ...

... professionals and experts worldwide have resoundingly confirmed the #1 rank of The Ultimate Zapper, including medical doctors, alternative health practitioners and therapists, electrical engineers, electronics experts, scanning specialists, healers and dowsers.

Read the Professional Endorsements page.

A European electronics expert submitted (unsolicited) a scientific analysis with his professional oscilloscope views (below) of The Ultimate Zapper's harmonics. They are superior to all competitors. Harmonics are a key element contributing to the synergy of The Ultimate Zapper. They are essential to its power and effectiveness.

wave1 wave2

The Ultimate Zapper                   All Other Zappers

Some well-known competitors have even endorsed The Ultimate Zapper -- unwittingly. In fact, Thundervolt's Body Tester actually endorsed The Ultimate Zapper during a test. Needless to say, it was not supposed to do that.

Terminator and ParaZapper have publicly endorsed The Ultimate Zapper. ParaZapper actually stated on the CureZone forum that The Ultimate Zapper "may be the best single frequency zapper" -- which means the best zapper, according to Dr. Hulda Clark who invented the first zapper. He is now trying to take it back.

Dr. Clark defined zappers as pulse generators that use a positive offset square wave and a single frequency to kill all pathogens that resonate at all frequencies. This is precisely the definition of The Ultimate Zapper. Read how this magic works.


Karen Allen talks about
The Ultimate Zapper
on YouTube

The famous American actress Karen Allen endorses The Ultimate Zapper in a special way. It changed her life forever. Karen starred with Harrison Ford in Steven Spielberg's Indiana Jones movies. She recovered from Lyme disease in one day after using model SE. Karen now uses XE.

In Karen's interview and on her Lyme Page she talks about her miraculous recovery and that of "15 or 16 people" who borrowed her Ultimate Zapper for Lyme. I encourage you to read all 40 of the stunning Lyme Testimonials including Karen's.

Ken, thank you so much ...

Karen Allen. Ken, I never get sick at all anymore since I began using The Ultimate Zapper. Thank you so much for the part you play in getting it out into the world. It has had an incredible impact on me. After zapping for 4 hours ...

karen2I fell asleep ... I got up and I began to realize I felt dramatically different ... within about the next 48 hours all my Lyme symptoms had gone. I was completely cured by this wonderful little machine.

I am a true believer in the wonders of [The Ultimate Zapper] ... it was one of those eureka moments in my life. I know from my own experience that this works. I have even administered it to 15 or 16 people. It has helped all of them ...

All the best,
Karen Allen
Jan 29, 2011.


1000 unsolicited testimonials in The Archive are The Ultimate Zapper's greatest endorsement. They are numbered, organized under 25 categories and are searchable via Quick Search. The words "saved my life" and "miracle" are often seen in the stunning section titled Miracles & Lives Saved.


Michael B. Hi Ken, [my family] all got Korona virus this week from people that got vaccinated, with the ultimate zapper it NOTHING to talk about. We were healthy in just one session !!! got my wife out of a half paralized face by doing the ultimate zapper (5 min) X 4-5 times - she was unable to eat, with much pain and fever. woke up the next day cured - got back to work.
May 11, 2021


Francisco A. TUZ [The Ultimate Zapper] QE3 is for sure the best in the market, and I can say that when I use a Rife GB 4000 [cost $4,220] with MOPA to treat my clients daily ...
Jul. 18, 2018


Mark W. QE2 is by far no ordinary zapper! ... thank you from the bottom, top, and sides of my heart for creating this wonderful healing device. It is almost not a zapper at all ... it is so very, very much more.
Aug. 27, 2017


Mike D. I decided to get [QE1] to help a man out who has had shingles for five years ... The doctors told him there's nothing more they can do. He's been in horrendous pain ... Nothing else has worked for this man except your zapper. Thank you for such an excellent and effective product.
Jul. 13, 2015


Jose Q. My wife is totally cured from her thyroid disorder. I have several friends who have cured their colon problems ... and many [other] ailments with your zapper ... Your [XE] zapper saved my life ... The Ultimate Zapper has been a miracle ...
Aug. 26, 2012


JoAnn P. I have been zapping [with The Ultimate Zapper] for lupus and Lyme which at this point has been by far the BEST I have ever been!! I am ecstatic that the zapper makes me feel so much better.
Jul. 28, 2016


Dr. Martin C.

Dr. Martin C. No zapper (except yours) kills bone infections. No other zapper penetrates the GI tract, compromised cells or egg sacks (cysts) except yours ... it does 2 other things that no device can.

It destroys or deactivates GMOs and altered proteins and kills parasites in the GI tract, and that is unique to your zapper. It also kills parasites contained with cell nuclei and larva buried within cysts, again, unique to your zapper ...

You clearly have designed a fabulous product and your knowledge on this subject is extensive and impressive. I am absolutely dumbfounded that you have been able to produce such an effective product ...
Jan. 8, 2019


Robin S. I am not sure what to say but thank you. I had started on an antibiotic for a kidney infection and wham ... I woke up to swollen lips, tongue, throat, belly. I hooked up your [QE3]and started.

I can't believe my eyes. After the first 10 second session my lips began to shrink, tongue didn't hurt, throat didn't hurt, belly pain was going away.

I am in total shock. I was going to go to the ER. I am so glad I bought [QE3] ... amazing. After the 3rd session my lips are normal ... unbelievable ... I am thrilled with your zapper.
Nov. 19, 2018



Our Satisfaction Guaranteed package is the best in the zapper world -- including a lifetime warranty enjoyed by 1000s of satisfied customers in 70 countries. 99% keep their Ultimate Zapper after the 3 months. So, the logo should actually say 99%. Why not give it a try? There's a 99% chance you'll be happy, too. Read more.

receive a reply same day


The Ultimate Zapper is easy to use. Hold the handholds (footpads optional), flip the switch and zap for 10 seconds for starters. There is only one mode -- the healing mode. Many people only need a few seconds to receive its full benefits.

The Ultimate Zapper is very powerful but the zapping feeling is gentle. And most people report a much better sleep zapping at bedtime. Unlike "Hulda Clark zappers", there are no 20-minute breaks with the Premium Models & Duration Zapping eliminates the breaks with the Classic Models. Read the Instruction Manual.

Instruction Manual

japan china spain france italy






For all other languages
email kenpresner@hotmail.com


70 countries to date


during the 3-month trial

The Ultimate Liver Cleanse
free with each zapper


If you refer a friend here
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you will receive a cash gift
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Please email me for the details.


You are welcome to join my
international distributor network
that has helped make
The Ultimate Zapper
#1 worldwide.

Read more


The Ultimate Zapper creates a therapeutic Electroporation Effect that is unique in the zapper world. No other zapper creates this powerful healing effect that multiplies  the uptake of medicines, vitamins and minerals, supplements & herbs, chelators, & colloidal silver. It also potentiates acupuncture and homeopathy.

Increased uptake means greatly enhanced effectiveness for these elements and reduced dosages. The Electroporation Effect is also a natural blood thinner. Photos before and after Electroporation:

clumped blood cells          healthy blood cells



EIS Scanning (Electro Interstitial Scanning) is graphic scientific proof of effectiveness -- unique to The Ultimate Zapper.

See the amazing scans (below) of a male age 40 before/after using XE. The EIS Page has dozens of scans of women and men with a variety of conditions before/after zapping -- with hundreds more in the data base. The results speak for themselves.

EIS Scanning was developed in France as cutting edge 3-D imaging and diagnostic technology. It is used worldwide by 1500+ medical doctors for fast, efficient and precise patient diagnosis. Read more.

These 3 scans were taken before zapping
with The Ultimate Zapper
Colored areas show abnormalities

1. Colon -- pale blue -- low cell activity.
2. Stomach and liver -- teal blue -- chronic inflammation.
3. Kidneys -- medium blue -- low activity of organ cells.
4. Heart -- navy blue -- hypoxia (low oxygen supply).
5. Heart -- pale blue -- low cell activity.
6. Heart -- yellow -- light inflammation.


These 3 scans were taken after zapping
with The Ultimate Zapper
Grey areas show total normalization



Unique technology
& Synergy

The Ultimate Zapper's superior performance is based on powerful synergy created by cutting-edge technology embodied in its unique formula of 12 True Features.

The Ultimate Zapper's 12 True Features create an amazing synergy -- a multifplifier effect via their well-designed interaction. The 4 Premium models incorporate extra features that optimize this synergy thereby optimizing results.

Read about the Premium Models and the Classic Models.

Moving from SE to XEplus to QE1plus to QE2plus to QE3plus to QE4, you can expect much faster results with progressively deeper penetration.

No contest

There is simply no contest when comparing The Ultimate Zapper's 12 True Features to the competition's feature-poor lineup, their Bells & Whistles and their unbacked claims. You will never see a discussion of the following evidence on any competitor's site.


1. Superior Duty Cycle
99.7% Positive Offset Square Wave

The Ultimate Zapper          All Other Zappers
near 100%                             50%

2. Super Stabilized
Positive Offset Square Wave

The Ultimate Zapper         All Other Zappers
Stabilized                       Unstabilized

3. Distortion-Free Square Wave

The Ultimate Zapper           All Battery Zappers
Undistorted                       Distorted

4. Superior Harmonics

wave1 wave2
The Ultimate Zapper          All Other Zappers
Complete                         Minimal

5. Powerful Blood Electrification

6. Unique Electroporation Effect

7. Synergistic High Conductivity

8. Enhanced Penetration

9. Superior Low Frequency

10. Constant High Voltage & Amperage

11. Superior Signal via Precision
Hard Wiring

12. Verified Aura Expansion


2 EXTRAS in QE1plus

in QE2plus

in QE3plus

in QE4

Click here
for all the details


Premium Models
plus, QE2plus & QE1plus

Classic Models
XEplus & SE

Each successive model is twice as powerful as its precursor. QE4 optimizes The Ultimate Zapper's technology with enhanced state-of-the-art innovation and all copper attachments.

Click here for a Comparson Chart showing the relative strength of all 6 models of The Ultimate Zapper. Each successive model is twice as powerful as its precursor.

Click here for a Comparison Chart showing the relative strength of 6 well-known competitors. They are all sitting in the bargain basement. When compared to the 6 Ultimate Zapper models, you can see how terminally weak they are.


The Ultimate Zapper is made by
professional electronics assemblers
using state-of-the-art components
and precision hard wiring.
100% pure copper wire and
silver solder are used exclusively
for optimum conductivity.


All models are housed in a rugged
professional-grade ABS box
including a 9-volt battery compartment.

QE3plus, QE2plus, QE1
& XEplus
Neutrik professional gold-plated connectors
and a free Universal AC Adapter
for worldwide zapping.


The state-of-the-art microprocessor (above)
is at the heart of The Ultimate Zapper.
It is a professional-grade
Integrated Circuit (IC) chip.


Oscilloscope testing (above) guarantees
the absolute accuracy of
The Ultimate Zapper's circuitry
and the near 100%
Positive Offset Square Wave.


Above is a Real Time photo
of The Ultimate Zapper's Square Wave
viewed on our professional oscilloscope.

All models are backed by
A Lifetime Warranty


receive a reply same day


The Ultimate Zapper is the only zapper that provides indisputable proof of effectiveness and preeminence. It is the only brand name coveted by other zapper makers. AutoZap, ParaZapper and others have tried unsuccessfully to adopt the Ultimate Zapper's name.

1. The Ultimate Zapper ranks #1 for effectiveness with 1000 testimonials in The Archive -- the only zapper site that guarantees unsolicited testimonials -- 20 times more than any competitor. Many others including David Wolfe's Longevity Zapper offer zero testimonials.

2. The Ultimate Zapper's #1 rank in the Testimonial Department is backed by countless testimonials posted on highly respected health sites such as CureZone, CancerTutor, Soul Guidance and dozens of other health sites.

3. Since 1996 thousands have overcome serious conditions with The Ultimate Zapper. Even terminal conditions. Many miracles have happened and many lives have been saved.

4. Professional Endorsements worldwide have confirmed that The Ultimate Zapper ranks #1 for superior technology & effectiveness.

5. Dr. Martin C. and this practitioner and this therapist and this customer are among dozens who attest to the superiority of The Ultimate Zapper after doing head-to-head tests of The Ultimate Zapper with zappers from other makers.

6. The Ultimate Zapper is the #1 ranked zapper for networking. It is the only zapper with a worldwide network of distributors.

7. The Ultimate Zapper ranks #1 for site links. Far more sites link to The Ultimate Zapper than to any other zapper site.

8. Innovative technology unique to The Ultimate Zapper is the secret to its #1 rank. No competitor comes even close.

9. Relative Strength Charts and Comparison Charts confirm that The Ultimate Zapper ranks #1. The Charts clearly show its technology is light years ahead of 28 well-known competitors.

10. This Scientific Study is definitive proof of the superior effectiveness of The Ultimate Zapper and resoundingly supports what users have been reporting in The Archive for over 2 decades.

11. EIS 3-D Body Scanning is scientific proof of effectiveness for The Ultimate Zapper, the only zapper backed by graphic scanning. The data base has hundreds of patient scans. EIS 3-D Scanning is cutting-edge technology used by 1500+ physicians world-wide.

12. The powerful therapeutic Electroporation Effect is created by only 3 companies in the world -- Eppendorf North America Inc., Inovio Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (with FDA approval), and The Ultimate Zapper (with clinical proof and 3D scanning photos).

Electroporation is a natural blood thinner. It also greatly increases the uptake of medicines, vitamins, minerals, chelators, colloidal silver, herbs and supplements -- and potentiates acupuncture and homeopathy. Increased uptake means reduced dosages.

13. Harmonics are a vital feature contributing to The Ultimate Zapper's effectiveness. Scientific Evidence proving the superiority of The Ultimate Zapper's harmonics was submitted (unsolicited) by a European electronics expert, with oscilloscope views and detailed commentary.

14. It is so powerful, that zapping starts at 10 seconds with The Ultimate Zapper -- and many people don't need more. There are no 20-minute breaks with the 4 Premium Models and there are no with the Classic Models via Duration Zapping.

The competition uses the 7 minutes on/20 minutes off schedule. Terminator, Mini Silver Terminator & Longevity Zapper advertise how weak they are by saying to zap around the clock. And they warn of serious burns.

15. Dr. Clark invented the 1st parasite zapper in 1993. Her research showed that zappers must create at least 9 volts to produce results. But battery zappers produce 9 volts for just a short time ... then discharge to 0 volts. Long-life batteries simply allow more time below 9 volts. They don't create higher voltage.

All 6 models of The Ultimate Zappers optimize therapeutic results 100% of the time since they are powered by 9/12-volt Universal AC adapters that convert to Direct Current. The adapters guarantee constant high voltage 100% of the time.

16. Dr. Jerry. L. Tennant, M.D., wrote a series of scientific books entitled Healing is Voltage. His research confirms Dr. Clark's research and my 25 years of research into the direct link between The Ultimate Zapper's constant voltage and its healing effects -- incorporated in the design of all 6 models.




The competition provides no competition -- as proved in this 16-item compilation that is both comprehensive and compelling. Many zappers proclaim they are The Best Zapper. But look closely. The only thing they show in support of this proclamation is a very long list of jaw-dropping unproved claims.

The facts show that The Ultimate Zapper is clearly in a class all its own. It kills viruses, parasites, viruses, worms, bacteria, yeast, mold, fungus & other pathogens much faster, more effectively and completely than any competitor as our comparative field testing proved (see below).

The Ultimate Zapper also kills dangerous pathogens that no other zapper can touch, confirmed unsolicited by Dr. Martin C. (below) and creates a unique Electroporation Effect that no other zapper can. This Electroporation Effect is only produced by 2 other FDA-approved devices.

The Ultimate Zapper is the only zapper providing indisputable proof of effectiveness and preeminence via 16 metrics including a legion of scientific, clinical and empirical studies (below}, professional endorsements & over 1000 unsolicited testimonials.

The Testimonial Archive is a stunning testament to The Ultimate Zapper's effectivensss with over 1000 unsolicited testimonials -- vs. a mere handful of solicited stories offered by the competition. The Archive features 80 Cancer Testimonals, Lyme Testimonials and Miracles with a total of 25 health categories

Relative Strength Charts show what happened after 2 years of field testing The Ultimate Zapper vs. 6 well-known competitors, based on a comprehensive cumulative point system. No contest.

Comparison Charts show The Ultimate Zapper's 12 True Features head-to-head with 28 competitors. Once again -- simply no contest. Here are 2 amazing unsolicited comparison testimonials.

A UK Therapist

Howard G. I am a therapist with cutting edge equipment. The Ultimate Zapper is the most effective device I have used, ever. Strong statement? Yes, especially as I have £20,000 [over $25,000] worth of healing equipment. I congratulate you on a simple device that will probably work on everyone.
Oct. 3, 2012

A customer

Mark W. An unsolicited and unbiased comparison of the QE2 [The Ultimate Zapper] against my others -- a Terminator 2, a Harmonic Quad, a Z4eX, and an AutoZap5 ... The QE2 wins across the board ...
Aug. 21, 2017


New 2021 edition -- revised and updated
© 2021

Convert my e-books from pdf

50% Off
My Recovery Protocol

My Cancer Protocol
My Prostate Cancer Protocol
The Ultimate Liver Cleanse

In 1989 I was paralyzed and bedridden with Multiple Sclerosis. In 1994 I nearly died on the operating table with Crohn's disease and was told the disease would be lifelong and that I would be back for another operation within 5 years.

It never happened. I fought for 7 years to get my life back -- with no guide to show the way. This was before the Internet era. The librayr was all we had. I recovered against all odds -- but not by accident.


This photo is from Japan
following the Minamata mercury disaster in 1956
I looked like this -- paralyzed and bedridden with MS
... following a dental mercury disaster in 1989

My Recovery Protocol (230 pages) is a study of the modalities that led to my recovery. This is invaluable information that is hidden by The Medical System.

Part 1 of My Recovery Protocol covers sources of toxicity, the chain of pathology, specialized lab testing (not offered by The System), specialized test analysis and test interpretation, and a whole host of conventional, herbal and "alternative" detoxification modalities (in great detail) that led to my recovery, including parasite killing.

Part 2 of My Recovery Protocol covers rebuilding and revitalization with the specific elements that promote recovery and create good health, including diet, supplements and lifestyle.


Toxicity is the root cause of many conditions, hand-in-hand with parasites and other pathogens that are attracted to toxins. This creates a chain of pathology. Detoxification and parasite killing broke the chain and led to my recovery.

In my case, Multiple Sclerosis and Crohn's disease were caused by mercury poisoning from "safe silver amalgam fillings" that are 50% mercury but only 35% silver -- approved by the FDA with permission to call them silver.

All conditions

My Recovery Protocol applies to all conditions with underlying toxicity issues, not just conditions caused by dental mercury. My book has universal application. People with a variety of conditions with different sources of toxicity have applied the lessons and modalities in my book and have duplicated my success.

Wheel chairs

People who studied My Recovery Protocol have left wheel chairs behind and reclaimed their lives. But this is just "anecdotal" -- like my own recovery, according to the The Medical System. They have their own agenda. "Anecdotes" of people's actual experience are cast aside -- because they reveal the truth.

My Recovery Protocol has empowered people to overcome many conditions by making truly informed choices. It's all about taking charge. My site and my recovery are lauded in Stephanie Relfe's book entitled You're Not Fat You're Toxic.

Read more about My Recovery Protocol, including an unsolicited book review.


50% Off
Against All Odds

Against All Odds (275 pages) is the personal story of my fight to beat the odds and get my life back. Poisoned by mercury fillings in 1989, I went from paralysis with MS in 1989  to near death with Crohn's disease in 1994.

In 1989 I was diagnosed with MS at Mt. Sinai Hospital in Toronto. In 1993 I was diagnosed with Crohn's disease at St. Paul's Hospital in Vancouver. Emergency surgery followed. I nearly died on the operating table, then languished for 6 weeks in a twilight zone between life and death.


I looked like this in 1994 after Crohn's surgery
-- with my hospital ID wrist bands (right)

Medical incompetence and abuse accompanied my recovery. It took 7 years to claw my way out of these 2 incurable diseases, escape the nightmare and return to perfect health -- years of blood, sweat and tears.

Out of hospital, it took years of research and dead ends to find the answers. This was pre-Internet. The library was all we had. I came to the realization that The System was corrupt and that The Dental System partnered with The Medical System actually caused these 2 diseases by sanctioning the use of toxic mercury fillings.

The System had also stacked the odds against my recovery since there was zero % recovery inside The System. I had to step outside the box. So, I headed out on my own and discovered alternative medicine and detoxification. This was the healing path that led me toward total recovery.

If you are facing serious illness and a dim prognosis, you may similarly be rewarded after reading Against All Odds.


Empowerment -- it's in our hands


Against All Odds also features an indictment of The Medical System and The Dental System embodied by the FDA and the ADA -- with special mention going to the MS Clinic and the MS Society.

This is a scathing expose that reveals the naked truth about the criminal activities of the FDA and the ADA as they related to my case -- and that relate to so many others with chronic conditions.

I gave them hell in My Speech to the MS Society in Vancouver in 1997. They were not prepared for what I had to say. They tried to shout me down. They couldn't stand to hear the truth.

The preview of Against All Odds is explosive. The preview itself could profoundly affect the way you think about your health and The System. Everything is possible once you step outside the box.


Risks of Chelation (180 pages) contains the most accurate and comprehensive information available anywhere about the relative dangers of heavy metal detoxification (including mercury) and the potential problems when chelating with DMSA, EDTA and DMPS.

Risks of Chelation focuses on both pros and cons of DMSA, EDTA and DMPS chelation -- with special attention to potential risks. It provides invaluable information for those who want to proceed safely through the detoxification process after the removal of "safe silver amalgam fillings" that are 50% mercury. Read more.


Dr. Hulda Clark invented the first zapper in 1993. She was a great innovator. But she never developed a powerful zapper. She stuck with her 1-feature A6 battery zapper for the sake of continuity in her research. The A6 is the most basic zapper available.

There is great irony for makers who call their zappers Hulda Clark zappers. By copying Dr. Clark's A6, trying to ride her coattails, they are admitting their zappers are as weak as the A6. They add Bells & Whistles -- Fake Features -- to make it look like their zappers have something special to offer.

The most definitive Zapper Comparison Charts available prove all Hulda Clark zappers are feature-poor. This may surprise, but the proof is there in these definitive charts that highlight all important metric standards.

So, it is no surprise that the weakness of Hulda Clark zappers is reflected in their lack testimonials, a mere handful at most. Even at that, no other zapper maker says their testimonials are unsolicited. I guarantee that all 1000+ testimonials on this site are unsolicited.


Many zapper makers call their devices "Hulda Clark zappers". But Dr. Clark was never associated with any zapper maker. She never endorsed any zapper, never approved any zapper and never gave her consent to any zapper maker to use her name, including ... AutoZap, ParaZapper and Dr. Clark Research Association.

But what about "The Zapper Personally Approved by Dr. Clark"? Well, this "approved" zapper is a newcomer. It did not exist when Dr. Clark was alive. Dr. Clark died in 2009. So, that's quite a claim. And since their zapper is simply a copy of Dr. Clark's weak A6 battery zapper it has nothing to shout about -- except a false claim.

And there are many Hulda Clark Shops and Hulda Clark Stores. But Dr. Clark never sold zappers. Not one "Dr. Clark Shop" or "Dr. Clark Store" ever received Dr. Clark's consent to use her name.



Bells & Whistles are called features by some makers. But they are really Fake Features. They contribute nothing effectiveness. The competition's list of features is full of Fake Features vs. The Ultimate Zapper's 12 True Features.

In fact, AutoZap's Chart contains only Fake Features. This was obviously done to make AutoZap stand out. Because, amazingly, it has only 1 True Feature. Of course, they could't put this in their chart. You can't advertise a zapper with one feature. So, they had to use fillers -- Fake Feature -- to make things look good ...

"... long life battery, automatic shut-off, beeper, LED display, timer, carrying case, belt clip, low battery sound alert, sleek design, push-button switches, protection against incorrect battery installation, straight cables ... ". The list goes on and on.

AutoZap is at the bottom of the list in this Comparison Chart that showcases the 12 True Features that create power and results. With extra features in the Premium Models

The bottom line is that The Ultimate Zapper is light years ahead of the competition -- as clearly shown by this Comparison Chart, this Comparison Chart and these 5 Comparison Charts.


The competition ... is still working on it


Frequency generators are sophisticated and expensive devices. They first require discovering the frequency for each pathogen using a different device such as a syncrometer for diagnosis. Then the generator dials in each pathogen's frequency individually. A time-consuming and expensive procedure.

Dr. Clark stated that most people will choose the zapper option rather than go to the trouble and expense of using a frequency generator. There is a world of difference between frequency generators and zappers, especially The Ultimate Zapper.

Some people don't realize The Ultimate Zapper's technology is driven by a single frequency -- not multiple frequencies. Here is how this magic works.

The Ultimate Zapper makes things very easy. It does not require a syncrometer or any other diagnostic equipment. And there are no modes or programs to confuse and frustrate. Just flip The Ultimate Zapper switch and away you go. We keep it nice and simple.

Extra frequencies

Some zapper makers add 1, 2 or 3 frequencies to their zappers to make prospective customers think that 2 or 3 extra frequencies are better than one & that this will improve results. They have names like Programmable Zapper, Frequency Zapper, Digital Zapper, Rife Zapper and Sweep Zapper.

But Dr. Clark proved that "sophisticated gizmos" that add one or more extra frequencies do not transform these devices into more effective zappers in spite of the claims. I have done extensive prototyping with this. Dr. Clark was right.

The great irony is that these extra-frequency zappers are as weak with extra frequencies as they are with one frequency because the extra frequencies add nothing to effectiveness. Frequency is the only thing these zappers have going for themselves -- as these definitive Comparison Charts prove.

Adding frequencies to try to compensate for a feature-poor device simpy does not create a feature-rich device. Features plural create a feature-rich device. The Ultimate Zapper's success is built on 12 True Features that create power and effectiveness. Frequency is only one element out of 12. Read about its relative importance.


From Arthur Doerksen
on the AutoZap site

These units require a solid commitment to master. Prepare to practice 1 to 2 hours per day for 3 months to become proficient.

The AutoZap site markets diagnostic devices called syncrometers for use with frequency generators. Frequency generators cannot be used without diagnosis. They depend on syncrometer diagnosis or other sophisticated diagnostic procedures before use.

The diagnostic process for using a syncrometer is very expensive, complicated and time-consuming, as Arthur Doerksen of AutoZap explains on his site. Dr. Clark was right. She said most people will choose to zap rather than go to all that trouble and expense.

The Ultimate Zapper makes everything so easy. You don't need a syncrometer or any diagnostic equipment. There are no confusing modes or programs. Just flip the switch and away you go. There is only one mode -- the healing mode.

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Although search engines
do not reveal ...

... that Arthur Doerksen of AutoZap
died 5 years ago but is still
selling zappers on his site and ...

... that "Dr. Thomspon" of Supreme Zapper
poses as a doctor on his site
but is not a doctor

... the Zapper Review reveals the truth -- a "scathing" review of the industry, according to Mr. Doerksen who read it early on. It includes Supreme Zapper, AutoZap, ParaZapper, Dr, Clark Research Association, Terminator, Mini Silver Terminator, Zapper Personally Approved by Dr. Clark, Longevity Zapper and Thundervolt.


Facing the music



David Etheredge of ParaZapper has become famous for his gaffes. He started off misrepresenting his credentials on his site. He was pretending to be an electronics engineer but got caught red-handed -- then tripped over his feet with interesting excuses.


After he was caught out

Which leads us to his disinformation campaign against this site that goes back over 15 years. Totally unprovoked. He tries his best to convince people The Ultimate Zapper is a "rinky-dink" device ... that accidentally created 1000 unsolicited testimonials -- including COVID recoveries.

Mr. Etheredge has spent a lot of effort trying to distract people from his terminally weak zappers by pointing a derogatory finger at The Ultimate Zapper -- and me personally, with some hilarious personal insults.

My favorite is his declaration that I am a certified "shade tree mechanic" who invented a piece of junk ... that accidentally created 1000 unsolicited testimonials -- including COVID recoveries.

But then Mr. Etheredge had a change of heart. He did a U-turn. He decided to endorse The Ultimate Zapper on CureZone, boldly declaring "it may be the best single frequency zapper". But once he realized he'd put his foot in his mouth he tried to take it back. He's still trying to take it back. One more gaffe to his credit.


David Etheredge's
Testimonial Nightmare

After all these shenanigans, what did the covetous Mr. Etheredge do? He tried to clone The Ultimate Zapper (unsuccessfully) and named his weak UZ battery zapper after The Ultimate Zapper. You can't make this stuff up.

Mr. Etheredge then figured he had it made ... by authoritatively declaring that I made up the Testimonial Archive. He dug himself a very deep hole with that one.

The compelling proof in favor of The Ultimate Zapper is simply overwhelming. No competitor comes even close. In frustration, Mr. Etheredge decided to spend time trying to deceive people. Better to have spent the time trying to improve his weak zappers.

ParaZapper is still trying to figure out
how to get to square one


I think it's ...
over here somewhere

For all his efforts Mr. Etheredge has become an icon in the zapper industry -- unabashedly displaying his duplicity, his covetousness & legendary ambivalence for all to see. A very interesting business model. Actually, Mr. Etheredge has only one problem with the truth. He is allergic to it.


Amazingly, some people are actually duped by his shenanigans. Well ... those who are considering a ParaZapper may wish to think twice after reading the Testimonial Archive on this site with over 1000 unsolicited testimonials -- and a dribble for ParaZapper.

Think it over ...

Some people may wish to think even more after reading the email from Sept. 11, 2019 (below) from a very disappointed ParaZapper customer.

And some people may wish to think even more after reading the devastating post (below) from a third party on the CureZone health forum about ParaZapper products.

Dear Ken, Unfortunately I am one of those people that has been fooled some of the time. As I buy things online I rely to a degree on peoples integrity and honesty (which you have an abundance of).

I am terribly disappointed that I didn't come across your zapper before purchasing the para zapper uzi. I thought I had done my due diligence but obviously I didn't dig deep enough.

I have had the uzi for about 3 weeks and was told the rechargeable batteries I purchased would last around 7.5 hours. I got 1.5 to 2 hours and have just had to send it back for repair as the power light stopped working ... terribly disappointed.

Posted by Userx
on CureZone
right here

Para [referring to David Etheredge of ParaZapper], You always say Para[Zapper] is not the average. I have seen absolutely nothing in the specs. that make it anything more than the average zapper.

There is absolutely nothing innovative about the Para[Zapper] products. There is nothing in the design of the Para[Zapper] that puts it anywhere above the original Clark zapper built in a shoebox!



For years, Arthur Doerksen of AutoZap was frustrated -- unable to find a way to improve his terminally weak zapper. He was stuck with the old Hulda Clark formula and could't figure out what to do. Then, he came up with a great idea that he hoped would solve the problem.

He bought a copycat domain name -- Ultimate Zapper -- and created an Internet redirect to try to drive Internet visitors to his site. He hoped that people looking for The Ultimate Zapper would end up at his Ultimate Zapper page that redirected people to his AutoZap site. He kept this up for years.

In the end, this didn't work out well for Arthur because the search engines caught onto the redirect ploy. Arthur eventually let go of the copycat domain name and abandoned the redirect project.

Arthur ...
re-directing traffic to his site

In 2021 Arthur is still seen working hard on his site while making claims for cancer and his Integrated Wellness System. Sounds great. But you may notice that Arthur's most recent videos and photos go back at least 10 years. And if you try sending Arthur an email you will not receive a reply. Something is not right here.

Arthur Doerksen
2008 photo on his site

That's because ... Arthur died of cancer in 2016. God bless him. May he rest in peace. I knew Arthur in the 1990s. We did have our professional differences. But Arthur was a good man.

Arthur's son, Fraser, now runs the AutoZap site ... with no word of his father's passing. He still uses his father's name to promote AutoZap products and still takes orders using his father's name. But he doesn't answer emails or process returns or refunds.

Still on their site

"How I was healed of cancer. Wake up your immune system fast. Just 5 minutes and you are done!

I don't fear the C word any more because I've been through it twice and I finally learned the secret ... Today, I use my AutoZap 5 Hulda Clark Zapper every day to remain healthy and cancer free."

No reply

I read what you wrote about Arthur and you are right. I bought his AutoZap and this magnetic food thing and neither did anything at all. He promised a refund if they didn't work but would never reply to me when I asked several times. I even used some of my electronic [test] equipment I have here and those things were not putting out anything at all. John F.


Are you thinking about buying a Zappicator? You may think twice after reading their fictional claims about cancer. And you may think 3 times after reading the breathtakingly fictional claims they make for the zappicator.

Arthur states that Dr. Clark "found you can neutralize benzene and other toxins magnetically" with the zappicator. A bold claim. What does "neutralizing" toxins mean? What is the possible scientific explanation for this? And how did Dr. Clark "find" this? And ...   what if the toxins are not magnetic? Hmmm.

Well ... Dr. Clark doesn't say a word. And neither does Arthur. Mum's the word. The fact is ... there is no proof whatsoever for this fanciful claim -- from Dr. Clark or Arthur or anywhere else. The only thing Arthur offers up for proof is ... Dr. Clark's quote.


Fiction ... is stranger than truth

Well, if you're still considering a zappicator you may remember the customer (above). Because this sounds like a risky proposition according to this unhappy customer ...

... who reported, "He promised a refund if they didn't work but would never reply to me when I asked several times. I even used some of my electronic [test] equipment I have here and those things were not putting out anything at all. "


Are you sure you want to get into this
... without doing a bit of research?

But ... if you do finally decide to take the plunge and it doesn't work out for you ... surprise, surprise ... you're out of luck. AutoZap calls their Zappicator "a personal use item". They refuse to refund in case of dissatisfaction -- as per the information on their site and confirmed by the above customer report.

Read dozens of unsolicited Cancer Testimonials in The Archive on this site from people who beat cancer with The Ultimate Zapper -- without using a zappicator.


Supreme Zapper



for impersonating a medical doctor

Supreme Zapper is unique in the zapper industry. This newcomer to the zapper world now takes the #1 spot in the Zapper Review -- for outright fraud.

Launched in 2018, the Supreme Zapper site, displaying partially fractured English, introduces "Dr. Thomspon" in a white medical gown with ...

... no first name, no M.D. after his name, no stethoscope around his neck, no professional identification whatsoever (no information if he is a G.P. or specialist), no medical qualifications or credentials cited, no certificates on the wall, no hospital affiliations cited, no details about his medical practice and no clinic location ...

... with a company that does not have an address, has no telephone contact number, has no email address and provides no information about where their products are made or shipped from.


Behind the name ...
there is no "Dr. Thomspon"

And when "Dr. Thomspon" appears on his site and in his video it is not in a doctor's office, a hospital, a clinic or any medical setting -- but in front of a plain green screen with no visible identification.

In his video, "Dr. Thomspon" pretends to give zapper treatments. But The Medical System classes zappers as unapproved devices. Doctors know they are prohibited from recommending zappers to patients -- let alone making or selling them.

In such a case, their license to practice medicine could be revoked, and likely would be revoked. License to practice medicine? Who needs a licence when you have a white coat? I wonder ... are there any red flags waving in the breeze by now?


Over here ... I have a red flag

But this small detail did not prevent "Dr. Thomspon" from giving an (unwittingly) comical video performance, in partially fractured English, where he appears as the only "doctor" in the world ...

... who refuses to identify himself. He conspicuously avoids a normal introduction like "My name is Dr. [first name] Thomspon from [name of city] ...". He doesn't even state the country where he is located, never mind the city. He introduces himself simply as "Hello there".

Any evidence that would prove his identity or that would identify or locate his company is not only conspicuously absent from his website, but also from the entire Internet. "Thomspon" & Co. are invisible -- intentionally.

Because "Thomspon" is not a doctor. He has no patients. He is a con artist trying to entice people into believing a pack of lies. His story is a scam -- a total fabrication.


You mean ... you're calling me a liar?

Whoever "Dr. Thomspon" really is ... the law will likely catch up with him eventually ... like it did with some other zapper makers who skirted the law.

You can find their stories right here and on the Internet. I imagine the anonymous "Dr. Thomspon" of Supreme Zapper is looking over his shoulder. I wonder if this keeps him awake at night.




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