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My name is Ken Presner. I am an independent researcher, inventor, author and health consultant. In 1989 I was paralyzed with Multiple Sclerosis. In 1994 I nearly died from Crohn's disease. I invented The Ultimate Zapper in 1996 inspired by Dr. Royal Rife and Dr. Hulda Clark. The Ultimate Zapper was vital to my recovery by breaking the chain of pathology.
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Superior technology sets The Ultimate Zappers apart from all the others. They are by far the strongest Parasite Zappers and Pet Zappers available. They also kill viruses, bacteria, mold, fungus, yeast and other pathogens.

The 5 Ultimate Zappers have helped thousands recover their health. They are incredible healing devices. Have any doubts? They will be dispelled when you read dozens of Miracle Testimonials and Cancer Testimonials in the Testimonial Archive containing 1000 unsolicited testimonials.

After I got my life back I wrote My Recovery Protocol & Against All Odds. My books show I did not beat two incurable diseases and return to perfect health by accident.


Premium Models
QE3 & QE2version3 & QE1plus

Classic Models
XEplus & SE

1. The Ultimate Zappers have been used by thousands of people for 22 years to overcome a wide variety of conditions, including Lyme and cancer. The Testimonial Archive shows the stunning results via 1000 unsolicited testimonials -- including many miracles.

2. This definitive Scientific Study clearly proves the superior effectiveness of The 5 Ultimate Zappers -- and resoundingly supports what users of The Ultimate Zappers have been reporting in The Archive for over 2 decades.

3. EIS 3-D Body Scanning is graphic scientific proof of effectiveness for The Ultimate Zappers in a clinical setting -- stunning before-and-after 3-D scans from hundreds of patients. EIS 3-D Body Scanning is cutting-edge scanning technology used diagnostically by 1500+ physicians world-wide.

4. Scientific Evidence proving the superiority of The Ultimate Zappers -- accompanied by oscilloscope views and a detailed commentary -- was submitted to this site (unsolicited) by a European electronics expert. This evidence proves the superiority of The Ultimate Zappers' Harmonics -- a game-changing feature of The Ultimate Zappers.

5. Dr. Jerry. L. Tennant, M.D., has written a series of books entitled Healing is Voltage. His research supports my own 20 years of research into the direct link between The Ultimate Zapper's constant voltage and its healing effects. This technology is incorporated into the design of all 5 Ultimate Zappers.

6. Relative Strength Charts and detailed Comparison Charts prove The Ultimate Zappers rank #1 -- light years ahead of 30 competitors including all well-known zappers on the market.

7. Experts worldwide confirm the #1 ranking of The Ultimate Zappers and their superior technology. Look over the glowing endorsements submitted by many experts.

8. The Ultimate Zappers' #1 ranking is supported by dozens of highly respected health sites including CureZone and CancerTutor.

The Ultimate Zapper is the only zapper that provides this compelling proof of effectiveness -- and preeminence. It is no wonder why 99% keep their Ultimate Zapper after the 3-month trial.

From a UK therapist

Howard G.: I am a therapist with cutting edge equipment. The Ultimate Zapper is the most effective device I have used, ever. Strong statement? Yes, especially as I have 20,000 worth of healing equipment. I congratulate you on a simple device that will probably work on everyone. Oct. 3, 2012


1000 unsolicited testimonials -- including many miracles -- prove the stunning effectiveness of The Ultimate Zappers. The Archive is organized under 25 health categories and the testimonials are numbered. The Archive is searchable using the Quick Search instructions.

The nearest competitor to The Ultimate Zappers has 55 testimonials. David Wolfe's Longevity Zapper, a weak Terminator clone, has zero testimonials. Discover why the competition melts when subject to scrutiny and side-by-side comparison with The Ultimate Zappers.

QE2 is Extraordinary

Nick. N.: Your QE2 Ultimate Zapper is much more powerful than I expected ... after only 30 seconds of zapping my feces were full of white worms ... thank God I found you and your brilliantly strong healing device. I'll give you more details after at least three weeks. Anyway, your zapper is extraordinary. I love it. May 15, 2017

From a Medical Doctor

Dr. Mitchell H.: My wife and I had microscopic blood analysis showing toxoplasmosis, anemia, trichomonas, red blood cell damage & yeast. We zapped 10 times. New blood tests showed no parasites. The examiner was amazed. Incredibly fast results -- no drugs. We're very happy. Thanks for a safe, affordable way to get well. We really appreciate it. Feb 18, 2011


Karen Allen on YouTube

Actress Karen Allen starred with Harrison Ford in Steven Spielberg's Indiana Jones movies. Karen recovered from Lyme disease in 1 day using SE. She now uses XE. In Karen's interview and on her Lyme Page she talks about her miraculous recovery and the recovery of "15 or 16 people" who borrowed her Ultimate Zapper for their Lyme. The Archive includes 40 amazing Lyme Testimonials -- including Karen's.

Ken, thank you so much ...

Karen Allen: Ken, I never get sick at all anymore since I began using The Ultimate Zapper. Thank you so much for the part you play in getting it out into the world. It has had an incredible impact on me. All the best.
Karen Allen, Jan. 29, 2011

karen2Karen Allen: [after zapping 4 hours] ... I fell asleep ... I got up and I began to realize I felt dramatically different ... within about the next 48 hours all my Lyme symptoms had gone ... I was completely cured by this wonderful little machine ... I am a true believer in the wonders of [The Ultimate Zapper]
... it was one of those eureka moments in my life.

I know from my own experience that this works. I have even administered it to 15 or 16 people. It has helped all of them ...


EIS Scanning (Electro Interstitial Scanning) is indisputable scientific proof of effectiveness for The Ultimate Zappers. You will not find a single piece of scientific evidence on any other zapper site to support their claims.

Below, have a look at the amazing scans of a male age 40 before/after using XE. The EIS Page has dozens of scans of women and men with a variety of conditions before/after zapping -- with hundreds in the wings. The results speak for themselves.

EIS Scanning was developed in France as cutting edge 3-D imaging and diagnostic technology. It is used worldwide by 1500+ medical doctors for fast, efficient and precise patient diagnosis. Read more.

These 3 scans were taken before zapping
Colored areas show abnormalities
1. Colon -- pale blue -- low cell activity.
2. Stomach and liver -- teal blue -- chronic inflammation.
3. Kidneys -- medium blue -- low activity of organ cells.
4. Heart -- navy blue -- hypoxia (low oxygen supply).
5. Heart -- pale blue -- low cell activity.
6. Heart -- yellow -- light inflammation.


These 3 scans were taken after zapping
Grey areas show total normalization



What's the difference between The Ultimate Zappers and the competition? A powerful difference. The competition showcases Bells & Whistles. The Ultimate Zappers showcase 12 True Features that deliver tremendous power and amazing results -- without a single bell or whistle. The bottom line is that 12 True Features = power = results. Extra features are added to the Premium Models -- sending them off the top of the charts.

Relative Strength Charts

Relative Strength Charts show the results of 2 years of field testing with 6 well-known competitors up against The 5 Ultimate Zappers. The Ultimate Zappers totally outclassed the competition. There was simply no contest.

It is no wonder why some competitors such as Terminator and Longevity Zapper (a Terminator clone) recommend zapping for hours at a time. They are simply weak battery zappers. The Ultimate Zappers start zapping at only 10 seconds. They are so powerful that many people don't need to zap for any longer. But, thankfully, the actual zapping feeling is very gentle.

Comparison Charts

Comparison Charts showcase the 12 True Features in a side-by-side comparison of 30 competitors vs. The Ultimate Zappers. The competition is obviously very feature-poor. It is really no contest at all.


But there is more to the story. The interaction of The Ultimate Zappers' 12 True Features creates a powerful synergistic effect -- a multiplifier effect. This is the underlying secret to their success -- with extra features added to QE1plus & QE2version3 & QE3 that maximize power & optimize results. Moving up from SE to XEplus to QE1plus to QE2version3 to QE3 expect much faster results with progressively deeper penetration.


Painstaking research, scientific innovation and extensive field testing contribute to the development of each new model. The result is that each is more than twice as powerful as its predecessor. So, as you advance from SE to QE3, zapping penetrates much deeper and results arrive much faster. Click on the model names (below) to read all the details.

Premium Models
More than
twice as powerful as QE2version3

More than twice as powerful as QE1plus

More than twice as powerful as XEplus
Classic Models
More than twice as powerful as SE

The original Ultimate Zapper


The Ultimate Zappers are made by experts with state-of-the-art components
and professional hard wiring with 100% pure copper wire
for ultra high conductivity. XEplus, QE1
plus, QE2version3 & QE3 feature
Neutrik professional gold-plated connectors.


The Ultimate Zappers' state-of-the-art microprocessor
is a professional-grade Integrated Circuit chip.

Oscilloscope testing guarantees no circuit failures.
All 5 models are housed in a rugged professional-grade ABS box.

Experts worldwide confirm the #1 ranking of The Ultimate Zappers and their superior technology. Professional endorsements from EIS scanning specialists, medical doctors, health practitioners, therapists, healers, health experts, electrical experts, electrical engineers and dowsers all say The Ultimate Zapper is #1.

An electronics expert has even submitted a scientific comparative analysis of The Ultimate Zappers' harmonics, proving they are superior to the harmonics of all other zappers -- with oscilloscope views as graphic proof. Harmonics are a True Feature of The 5 Ultimate Zappers -- one of the keys to their power and effectiveness.

wave1 wave2

The Ultimate Zapper                           All Other Zappers

And some competitors really like The Ultimate Zapper. Don Croft of Terminator endorsed it and David Etheredge of ParaZapper also endorsed it, clearly unwittingly, when he boldly declared that "it may be the best single frequency zapper" -- which simply means the best zapper according to
Dr. Hulda Clark who invented the original

parasite zapper. She defined zappers as pulse generators that use a positive offset square wave and a single frequency to kill bacteria, yeast, fungus, mold and parasites that resonate at all frequencies. The exact definition of The 5 Ultimate Zappers. See the Professional Endorsements page.


The 5 Ultimate Zappers are easy to use. Here is the Instruction Manual. Just flip the switch and zap for 10 seconds for starters. There is only 1 mode -- the healing mode. A super bonus -- bedtime zapping gives a great sleep.

for a pdf version of the Instruction Manual



The Satisfaction Guaranteed package with The 5 Ultimate Zappers is the best offered by any zapper -- including a lifetime warranty enjoyed by 1000s of satisfied customers in over 60 countries. People are so happy with the results that 99% keep their zapper after the trial. Why not give one a try for 3 months? You'll likely be very happy, too. The logo should actually say 99% Guaranteed. Read more.


Order World-Wide

Upgrade your zapper
within the 3-month trial period


You are welcome to join my international distributor network
that has helped make The 5 Ultimate Zappers #1 worldwide.
Read more.


Join me on YouTube


Patrick Timpone
on One Radio Network

Holistic Survival Show
with Jason Hartman

Podcast About My Recovery
and My Zapper

Extreme Health Radio
with Justin and Kate Stellman


Ken Presner, 1027 Davie Street, Suite 520, Vancouver, BC, Canada V6E 4L2 (for snail mail only, not for orders or deliveries). Since I only make out calls, please email me your number and I will be glad to give you a call.
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My Cancer Protocol
My Prostate Cancer Protocol

add My Recovery Protocol to your order


My Recovery Protocol (230 pages) describes the modalities that created my recovery from 2 incurable diseases. I was paralysed in 1989 with Multiple Sclerosis and I was near death in 1994 with Crohn's disease -- both caused by "silver" fillings that are actually 50% mercury. Opportunistic parasites and other pathogens attracted to toxic metals and chemicals create a chain of pathology. Breaking the chain at both ends created my recovery.

This photo is from the Minamata mercury disaster in Japan in 1956
I looked like this in 1989 -- paralyzed and bedridden with MS

I looked like this in 1994 after Crohn's surgery
-- with my actual hospital ID wrist bands (right)

Many people who develop a chronic illness from toxins and pathogens feel they have been struck down out of the blue -- with no clear cause. They turn to The System for help and end up pigeon-holed with a disease name and used as a pincushion for testing and a guinea pig for drug "treatments".

Here we are in The System

After MS testing in 1990, my neurologist had 1 thing to say: "Come back in 5 years. We'll know more then." At that point, I knew I was on my own, and even more so when Crohn's arrived in 1993. I eventually discovered the cause of these "incurable" diseases and over a period of 7 years I developed a protocol that saved my life. This became My Recovery Protocol. My book is now supported by over 20 years of research.

The modalities in my book apply to all conditions caused by toxicity and pathogens, not only to "incurable" diseases. My book has helped people recover from many conditions, providing information The System does not provide. My book will enable you to make informed choices.


Our environment poisons us with dozens of toxic metals, 80,000 man-made chemicals, lethal particulate matter & electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs). Attracted to these elements are parasites, bacteria, viruses, mold and yeast that make this toxic soup even more potent. We wage an up-hill battle against our environment. Few people escape the ravages over their lifetime.


The System responds to conditons created by toxicity with "treatments" (drugs, surgery, etc.) to address the symptoms. They do not actually test for toxicity -- because that might mean discovering it -- which would mean the possiblity of rooting it out -- which would eliminate "treatments" &; profits.

So, it is clear that The System's bias is anti-cure, pro-illness and pro-drug dependence. Since recovery hurts drug sales they are not interested in recovery from MS or Crohn's or any other "incurable" disease. No surprise -- The System's cure rate for MS & Crohn's is zero% -- which means a 100% success for The System.


They have no cure for the common cold
... but they'll have your cure real soon

Of course, those who profit most from The System are in control. Drug companies control medical schools, hospitals, clinics and government "regulators" (by providing revolving door jobs for their "support"). And parasitic insurers skim off the top, often reinvesting premiums in drug companies, creating a circle within The System.

The financial health of The System is no danger, thanks in part to Mr. Warren Oracle who works hard at keeping it profitable. He knows more than compound interest. He knows insurance premiums -- and deductibles.

Mr. Oracle ... we're not overcharging you this year
(but just wait till next year)

Thankfully, there is an upside here for patients. If you have some extra cash lying around, drug companies and medical insurers could be great investments ... unless you prefer ethical investing.


Let's see how dentistry makes sure The System is profitable. Mercury is the #2 toxic metal on the planet, right after radioactive plutonium. 180,000,000 Americans have mercury fillings. So, it is highly likely mercury poisoning is the #1 undiagnosed cause of disease in the US.

But mercury is intentionally invisible during diagnosis. Why? If the truth were revealed the game of chasing symptoms with drugs would be up, since the cause could be eradicated. Turning a blind eye to mercury enables profits to roll in. But, realizing the risk of legal liability, The System does not turn a blind eye to dental mercury in the legal sphere.

Trying to head off legal action and massive pay-outs, The System has spent billions on research to preemptively exculpate the ADA, AMA & FDA via hundreds of studies. No surprise -- not a single study has proved that toxic mercury is not toxic. The FDA is supposed to protect us from poisons -- including dental mercury. They have been sued twice -- for ignoring it.

Dr. Lanctot wrote a book exposing The System
... and had her licence to practice revoked


The System says "silver" fillings are a harmless silver alloy. Then they switch gears and class them as a harmless device. But silver amalgam fillings are actually 50% mercury and only 35% silver. Mercury fillings have never been mistaken for a harmless silver alloy or a harmless device in any scientific study. The System simply markets mercury as harmless silver to try to protect itself. This is The Big Dental Lie -- and the reason why The System is running scared. Read Dr. Joseph Mercola on "silver" fillings.

The Ultimate Zapper
The ADA is running scared
... with good reason

The ADA knows that surveys show that 74% of Americans have no idea "silver" fillings are 50% mercury -- and they are happy to keep everyone in the dark. Calling mercury fillings by their true name would definitely not be good for business and could cause a lot of legal problems.


Scientific evidence shows that dental mercury poisoning causes a medical holocaust. You may be shocked when you read all the scientific information here: cancer, diabetes, heart disease, bowel disease, thyroid disease -- and all neurological diseases including Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, Lupus, ALS and Multiple Sclerosis are all directly related to dental mercury poisoning. Dental mercury also attracts parasites and candida that help create a complex chain of pathology. Breaking the chain led to my recovery.

The Ultimate Zapper
Breaking the chain

Dental mercury also passes from mother to child. So, you and your children are mercury toxic. Mercury crosses the placenta and is in the foetus at 2x mother's levels. Mercury is also in breast milk. As a result, mercury-toxic children tragically develop autism, epilepsy, mental retardation, muscular dystrophy and ADD.

But the ADA maintains that mercury "is considered a safe, affordable and durable material". Mercury "is considered" safe? By whom? By mercury-free dentists? No. By the ADA and their shareholders. The ADA sticks to this self-serving lie about the safety of mercury -- in fear of legal liability.


All dentists who use mercury or who remove mercury fillings are in denial about the danger to patients, co-workers and themselves. Medical studies show that everyone who works in a dental office is mercury toxic, including dental students.

The Ultimate Zapper

Dr. Hal Huggins, the pioneering mercury-free dentist, developed MS from dental mercury poisoning. He detoxified, recovered his health, changed to a mercury-free practice, then helped hundreds recover from MS. He was rewarded by having his licence revoked by the ADA. We know whose side the ADA is on.

Dr. Huggins is not the only dentist with a serious condition from mercury poisoning. Depression is the #1 psychological symptom of mercury poisoning. Dentists have the highest suicide rate of any professional group.


It gets worse. Dentists are actually threatened by the ADA with having their licence revoked if they mention the M word to their patients. And if you have mercury fillings and visit your doctor with symptoms of mercury poisoning, he/she is instructed by the AMA not to mention the M word-- and, of course, you will never hear the M word uttered by insurers.


Drug companies "discover" drugs in the lab. Doctors receive percs, as prescribing agents. The AMA & FDA support the licence to kill given to dentists by the ADA, then collect their share of the profits via a revolving employment door with the drug companies, endorsements, fees, pay-for-play and other schemes. Insurers simply skim premiums off the top.

In the laboratory ...
"Hey, Frank ... look what I just discovered under the counter"

Since The System is based on generating healthy profits, it is gratifying to know someone is healthy after all that mercury was "placed" in all those mouths -- then drilled out unsafely and replaced with white fillings, making patients FAR more mercury toxic than before removal.

Drug companies and healthcare insurers
... smile all the way to the bank



The consequences of The System endorsing dental mercury are so catastrophic in terms of incurable diseases (and other conditions) that The System tries to preempt legal fallout, while profitting from selling drugs aimed at the very conditions they cause. No surprise -- The System has a zero % success rate for "incurable"" diseases (caused by mercury and other toxins they refuse to diagnose). So, people with "incurable" diseases explore all their options these days, since drug and other "treatments", and surgery, are what The System offers -- plus testing, testing, testing, of course.

Part 1 of My Recovery Protocol covers the subjects that led to my recovery: sources of toxicity, the chain of pathology, detoxification, specialized lab testing (not offered by The System), test analysis and interpretation -- and a long list of "alternative" modalities, including parasite killing.

Part 2 of My Recovery Protocol covers rebuilding and revitalization, and the specific factors that consolidate recovery and create a healthy life.

Read My Recovery Protocol to discover how I won the battle against 2 "incurable" diseases -- and The System -- and returned to perfect health. My book has empowered people to overcome many conditions. It is all about taking charge. Of course, you will not get this information from The System.

Empowerment -- it's in our hands


add Against All Odds to your order

Against All Odds (275 pages) is the companion to My Recovery Protocol. It is the blood, sweat and tears story of how I successfully fought The Medical System to get my life back, including details of my daily struggle with paralysis from MS in 1989 and near death with Crohn's disease in 1994.


Fortunately there are some good mercury-free dentists in The System. And, fortunately, there are some good doctors in The System. And some drugs (antibiotics, pain relief drugs) can be helpful. But for chronic illnesses, The System is a dismal failure, except for generating profits. According to their own statistics, they have a zero% success rate for MS and Crohn's, which is also true for a host of other "incurable" diseases "treated" by The System.

Failure is also common inside The System. Doctors take the Do No Harm oath, but are the 3rd leading cause of death in the US right after heart disease and cancer. Medical errors create 250,000 deaths annually according to government statistics, and 1,000,000 according to more realistic estimates.


A routine procedure -- no problem


Failure is also The System's key to success in the neurology department. Mercury is the #1 neurotoxin on the planet. But neurologists never look for mercury. Diagnosis is based on ruling out all possible causes of disease. But the M word is invisible to them. It is never ruled out. This also applies to all other toxins. The Neurology System guarantees failure for toxic patients by failing to rule out toxins -- which ensures their financial success.

The Invisible Man in the Neurology Department
... is the unspeakable M word

Childhood conditions acquired from mother's mercury fillings (via mercury crossing the placenta, and breast milk) include autism, mental retardation, epilepsy, ADD, muscular dystrophy and a slew of other disorders. Adult conditions include MS, Alzheimer's, ALS, Parkinson's and Lupus.

But since the M word is banned from dental and medical offices the way is paved for treating neurological diseases with drugs. But mercury diseases require detoxification, not drugs to suppress symptoms. Of course, The System does not offer detoxification.


Let's take a closer look at The Dental System. The Do No Harm oath that doctors take is not in the oath taken by dentists. Not by accident. It gets them off the hook so they can work unperturbed by the moral constraints of the oath that doctors take (but sometimes fail to uphold).

The Ultimate Zapper
Doing no harm

But dentists are on another hook. They are all mercury toxic. The ADA and FDA know this. They also know how many dentists are ill due to mercury poisoning. They keep it a secret. I wonder why? But mercury dentists have an incentive for being in denial. Mercury expands, causing teeth to crack. So, there's repair work to be done -- which means more profit from mercury.

The Ultimate Zapper
What are you looking at me like that for?


The FDA's legal obligation is to protect everyone from toxic substances -- including mercury, the #2 toxic metal on the planet, right after radioactive plutonium. But the FDA has been in bed with the ADA for 150 years. The ADA "encouraged" the FDA to grandfather mercury into the dental system without any toxicity testing because the ADA owned the (since expired) patents for mercury fillings -- patent # 4,018,600 and patent # 4,078,921.

The Ultimate Zapper

Does the FDA have a conflict of interest? None at all. We know whose side they are on -- with their dental division controlled by former ADA employees. Morley Safer roasted the ADA in 1990 during his CBS 60 Minutes program entitled Is There Poison in Your Mouth? -- with Dr. Heber Simmons of the ADA stumbling and bumbling through the interview. After Simmons nervously declared "mercury is not gonna cause a problem", with Morley Safer staring at him incredulously, the ADA broke into a cold sweat, then set about pressuring CBS into dropping the rerun. Mercury has built an empire for the ADA. They could not allow CBS to ruin things.


And the FDA has been sued twice for refusing to protect the public from dental mercury. When Moms Against Mercury won their lawsuit against the FDA -- The FDA reversed the ruling. Do you think the ADA may have been working the phones here -- to try to keep their seal of approval from being trashed? Knowing The System is corrupt means we are on our own. Read The Big Dental Lie & The ADA lies thru their teeth.

Inside the Ultimate Zapper


I escaped a 7-year nightmare in spite of The System that said my case was hopeless. The System knows a lot about hopeless cases. It causes incurable diseases by endorsing dental mercury -- then stacks the odds against recovery. My book tells the blood, sweat & tears story of how I descended from paralysis in 1989 to near-death in 1994 -- then clawed my way out and returned to perfect health, while fighting The System all the way. I finally succeeded in beating the odds -- and The System. Read Against All Odds.


Here is a sample of events in Zapperland

How would it sound if ParaZapper "borrowed" the name from Longevity Zapper -- for example? Wouldn't it sound odd if a zapper maker actually took the brand name of another zapper?

Well, truth is always stranger than fiction. The Ultimate Zappers are the only zappers whose name is coveted by other zapper makers. A few years back, two well-known makers looked over the fence and realized The Ultimate Zappers are light years ahead -- then decided to cross the line.


10 years ago, before I introduced my Premium Models, David Etheredge of ParaZapper endorsed The Ultimate Zapper enthusiastically on CureZone, the well-known health forum. He declared "it may be the best single frequency zapper" (meaning the best zapper -- period -- according to Dr. Hulda Clark's definition -- and she invented the original zapper).

David Etheredge was so impressed with The Ultimate Zapper, he worked out a plan. ParaZapper was nothing to write home about -- a weak battery zapper with a mere handful of testimonials. So, he "adopted" the name Ultimate Zapper for his own and tried to clone it. Not as easy as he thought. Understandably frustrated, he changed his mind and did a U-turn. I was transformed into a "shade tree mechanic" who makes "hobby zappers". He then boldly declared that I must have made up the Testimonial Archive.
             David Etheredge ...
        can't make up his mind

Then there was the CureZone affair. For years, David Etheredge has been using his commercial name on the CureZone forum to try to drum up business. Although forum rules forbid the use of the forum for commercial purposes, David Etheredge let me know that CureZone is willing to look the other way in return for an appropriate "donation". He invited me to participate in the game since I was not using my commercial name on the forum. I declined -- and then quit the forum.

Then there was the credentials fiasco. For 10 years David Etheredge lied on his site about his credentials, claiming to be an electrical engineer. Well ... when the the facts came out after his c.v. was made public he was forced to admit the truth -- and was seen tripping over his feet with excuses.

David Etheredge ... after he was caught out


Arthur Doerksen of AutoZap had a great idea, following David Etheredge's lead. He set about trying to hijack my site by "borrowing" The Ultimate Zapper's name, using a "redirect" to divert people to his site when they searched for mine. He persisted with this for years. I guess this was his way of endorsing The Ultimate Zapper -- unwittingly.

Arthur ... trying to get more traffic to his site

Arthur Doerksen still greets visitors to his site with a smile, while declaring ... "I don't fear "the C word" any more because I've been through it twice and I finally learned the "secret". Today, I use my AutoZap 5 Hulda Clark Zapper every day to remain healthy and cancer free." Sounds great. Arthur is alive and well thanks to his AutoZap.

The only problem is ... Arthur died of cancer in Feb. 2016. May he rest in peace. His son, Fraser, a programmer who designed the AutoZap site, now manages it ... with no mention of his father's passing ... and still claiming "a Lifetime of Wellness in 5 Minutes". Fraser says his father no longer answers calls because their phone has been out and they have been trying to fix it -- for over two years. No surprise -- emails to Arthur also go unanswered.

Arthur Doerksen passed away in 2016 ... God bless him

Mini Silver Terminator

Peter Boudreau sells the Mini Silver Terminator (a Terminator clone) on his Educate-Yourself site. Oddly, he accepts payment only via a tax avoidance scheme. And his "educational" site is not what it appears to be. It is actually a disinformation front that he runs as a paid disinformer -- using an alias.

If he used his real name it would be easy for those he has defamed to take legal action. So, he "borrowed" the name Ken Adachi from the deceased Canadian poet, enabling him to hide behind a false identity. He also tries to evade detection by changing his address frequently.

Welcome to Educate-Yourself
I'm (not the real) Ken Adachi ... how can I help (disinform) you?

Peter Boudreau is a notorious liar-for-hire who has slandered many sites -- including this site. When he gets excited he shouts IN CAPITALS. But this is actually good because lower case is not really effective when you want to GET ATTENTION. I guess he wanted to get attention when he called me "pathological". I consider myself fortunate. Since he is not a licenced practitioner he was able to provide this diagnosis free of charge.

Peter Boudreau

Dr. Clark Research Association

Scientologist David Amrein wears a white medical gown on his site -- but has no medical credentials. And his Dr. Clark Research Association is not an Association. It is a company and he is the sole owner. He uses Dr. Clark's name ... but Dr. Clark did not endorse any zapper ... she was not affiliated with any zapper maker ... and she never authorized the use of her name.

In the end, David Amrein agreed to a Federal Court Judgment related to fraudulent advertising and false medical claims -- then fled to Switzerland from the US. He threatened to "get to" me when I uncovered the facts -- emailing me "I want to sue you". He never has. But he did try to shut down my site by intimidating my Internet Service Provider.

"Who says I'm not an association?"

Longevity Zapper

David Wolfe is a fantastic health "guru" -- who is now into infomercials. He has a zillion followers and a nice looong list of products that will keep you young forever -- as long as you keep ordering. But David Wolfe is actually in the recycling business. He repackages health information that has been out there for decades -- simply by making things sound original.

I was in the health food business when David Wolfe was just out of diapers. Super Foods were popular before he was born. We didn't call them Super Foods in those days. And we didn't claim they make you live to 150. With David Wolfe it's all about how he markets things -- and himself.

David Wolfe's ... Magic Mushrooms

The facts show that the only original things David Wolfe says are the things he makes up. And when he makes things up everything sounds amazing -- like in this video when he declares authoritatively "Chocolate lines up planetarily with the sun" and "mushroom spores ... get sling-shottted right off the center of the sun and eventually right across the galaxy".

I know a lot about chocolate and mushrooms. However, after listening to David Wolfe, I must admit I don't know as much as I thought. But it kind of feels like the wool is being pulled over my eyes. You know what I mean?

Looks like someone familiar
is pulling the wool

OK, maybe David Wolfe enjoys pulling the wool from time to time. But, he did create his Longevity Zapper -- didn't he? No -- he didn't. He actually knows zip-dee-do about electronics. He hired a technician to make a zapper for him, but he came up with a weak Terminator clone -- clearly proved in these detailed zapper Comparison Charts.

And you can see that David Wolfe doesn't have much confidence at all in Longevity Zapper. He offers no free trial and only offers a 30-day limited warranty -- with lots of fine print. It should really be no surprise that Longevity Zapper has a zero testimonials.

Homer Wolfe actually knows
how to turn his zapper on and off

Never mind. Even health "gurus" get things wrong -- now and again. Watch David Wolfe as he Fudges It and Wings It in these 2 zapper videos. Off the top of his head -- with a straight face -- he invents electronic terms like "the up/down wave" and "tight electronics" -- proving he knows totally zippo about electronics. His audiences have no idea. He gets away with it since he knows they are just as un-savvy as he is. However, he did finally figure out the buttons on Longevity Zapper.

David Wolfe ... pontificating about zip-dee-do
... how about a big round of applause

David Wolfe may need Electronics 101, but never mind. His interest in health is iconic. He proudly declares his parents are medical doctors: "Well, I started out as a son of two medical doctors ... I grew up inside a medical doctor's office ... I grew up in a very unique situation because of all those experiences. And that I believe is what oriented me towards natural health."

According to David Wolfe, his background had a profound effect on him. But ... there is no record of his mother being an M.D. And his father, Gerald L. Wolfe, who David says is Iranian but is really German, was actually an osteopathic doctor (O.D.) not a medical doctor (M.D.). He was convicted of a $2.7 million medical insurance fraud -- after Ms. Sharon Chisholm, his employee, blew the whistle on him in 1995. There's more.

His father's license was revoked in 2002 after he murdered Maureen Wolfe (his second wife) in cold blood in 1998 -- 2 bullets to the head in front of her two children. He served 12 years in the penitentiary. The prosecutor stated "Wolfe's brothers, his ex-wife and his sons from his first marriage [including David Wolfe] cleaned out the couple's home after the shooting."

"A very unique family situation"
oriented David Wolfe towards natural health

To influence how people feel about him, David Wolfe hides the truth about his parents behind a false image of happily practicing M.D.s -- a classic example of Smoke & Mirrors. Some people may begin to think David Wolfe is just an old-fashioned con artist. Never mind. That's because they haven't taken a close look at his anti-aging program.

So, let's take a look at Longevity, according to David Wolfe. Did you notice how the prospect of immortality makes people sit up and pay attention? Well, the latest news is that David Wolfe is turning Longevity into Immortality by charming us into believing we can live to 150 -- and perhaps even forever -- via his products, of course.

The fact that David Wolfe is 47 and has a mere 103 years to go to get to the first hurdle of 150 is apparently no impediment to him -- or to those eager to believe him. But look, 150 isn't really that far off -- is it? After all, once you get to 100 you've only got 50 years to go.

To find out more, visit David Wolfe's fantastic world of Smoke & Mirrors.

I think I know why so many people follow him
... he says he's found a way to cheat death

Don't miss the goings-on ... including a generous dose of humor. Enter Zapperland. Where you will discover the truth about AutoZap, Longevity Zapper, Terminator, Mini Silver Terminator, Dr. Clark Research Association and ParaZapper. A great expose.



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