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Because of the exchange rate
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QE4 one




Patricia T. from the USA
21, 2021
"... I tested Covid-19 positive
on February 9th.
I used your [QE
4] zapper
2 hours a day and got better ...
I thought I was going
to die of pneumonia.
... Very good zapper."

Thousands of people are using
The Ultimate Zapper
daily to prevent COVID-19
Not a single case
has been reported
as of Apr. 8, 2021.


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one two three four five

Premium Models
QE4, QE3plus, QE2plus & QE1plus

Classic Models

XEplus & SE

My name is Ken Presner. I am an independent researcher, inventor, author and health consultant with over 35 years of experience in electronics design, computer programming and the health supplement industry.

In 1989 I was paralyzed with Multiple Sclerosis. In 1994 I nearly died from Crohn's disease. My books My Recovery Protocol and Against All Odds show that I did not beat 2 incurable diseases and return to perfect health by accident. The Ultimate Zapper's healing power was vital to my recovery.

I invented The Ultimate Zapper and launched this site in 1996. The Medical System says my recovery is an anecdote and The Ultimate Zapper is a gadget. What else is new?

Those who have read my books and who actually use The Ultimate Zapper, including many practitioners who use and recommend it, know that my recovery and The Ultimate Zapper are the real deal -- supported by a mountain of compelling proof.

Healing power

In fact, for 25 years thousands of people have benefitted from The Ultimate Zapper's healing power. It is the most powerful and effective Parasite Zapper and Virus Zapper available -- for diseases including influenza and serious lung conditions. But the zapping feeling is very gentle and relaxing.

The powerful synergy created by Ultimate Zapper's unique formula of 12 True Features is a quantum leap above of all Hulda Clark zappers. No other zapper offers its Electroporation Effect. No other zapper offers EIS 3-D Scanning or any scanning, for that matter, as graphic proof of effectiveness.

The Testimonial Archive bears witness to the effectiveness of The Ultimate Zapper with over 1000 unsolicited testimonials and thousands of private messages adding to this testament. The Ultimate Zapper has also helped countless pets get their lives back as the #1 Pet Zapper.

Ranked #1

The Ultimate Zapper is the world's #1 ranked parasite and virus zapper. It also dominates the Japanese market where the word zapper is synonymous with The Ultimate Zapper.

Its #1 rank is based on #1 in technology, power, effectiveness, testimonials, endorsements as well as #1 in popularity and sales. It is clearly #1 in every important metric -- by a country mile.

Relative Strength Charts and detailed Comparison Charts are definitive proof that The Ultimate Zapper's technology is light years ahead of 28 well-known competitors, as Dr. Martin C. describes here (unsolicited). After testing dozens of zappers with his patients, he endorses only The Ultimate Zapper. In fact, The Ultimate Zapper is strongly endorsed by many practitioners.

Unable to come even close to The Ultimate Zapper, some well-known makers have tried to take its name for their own zappers and sites. See the Zapper Review for the details.




Our Satisfaction Guaranteed package is the best on the market -- including a lifetime warranty enjoyed by thousands of satisfied customers in 65 countries. People are so happy with the results that 99% keep their Ultimate Zapper after the 3-month trial. The logo should say 99% satisfied. Why not give it a try? Chances are you will be happy, too. Read more.

receive a reply same day


70 countries to date


during the 3-month trial

The Ultimate Liver Cleanse
free with each zapper


If you refer a friend here
and they order The Ultimate Zapper
you will receive a cash gift
same day to your account.
Please email me for the details.


You are welcome to join my
international distributor network
that has helped make The Ultimate Zapper
#1 worldwide.

Read more


The Ultimate Zapper is light years ahead of the competition in restoring health. It kills parasites, viruses, worms, bacteria, yeast, mold, fungus and other pathogens much faster, more effectively and completely than any competitor. It also kills dangerous pathogens that no other zapper is capable of killing -- confirmed unsolicited by Dr. Martin C. (below).


Many zappers call themselves The Best Zapper. But if you look closely you will find that they merely back it up with a list of unproved claims. The Ultimate Zapper is the only zapper that provides indisputable proof of effectiveness and preeminence in the form a legion of scientific, clinical and

empirical studies (below), a legion of professional endorsements and over 1000 unsolicited testimonials in the Testimonial Archive -- a stunning testament to The Ultimate Zapper's effectivensss. The Archive features 80 Cancer Testimonals, Lyme Testimonials and Miracles -- a total of 25 health categories.


The Ultimate Zapper also creates a unique and revolutionary therapeutic effect -- the Electroporation Effect -- a tremendous healing achievement that no other zapper in the world creates. The Electroporation Effect is a natural blood thinner. Here are the before and after microscope photos.

The Ultimate Zapper
clumped blood cells          healthy blood cells

But Electroporation does much more. It also greatly increases the uptake of medicines, vitamins and minerals, chelators, colloidal silver, herbs and supplements -- and potentiates acupuncture and homeopathy. Increased uptake means reduced dosages. All of this has left other zapper makers in awe ... and many of them covetous.


EIS Scanning (Electro Interstitial Scanning) is graphic scientific proof of effectiveness -- unique to The Ultimate Zapper.

See the amazing scans (below) of a male age 40 before/after using XE. The EIS Page has dozens of scans of women and men with a variety of conditions before/after zapping -- with hundreds more in the data base. The results speak for themselves.

EIS Scanning was developed in France as cutting edge 3-D imaging and diagnostic technology. It is used worldwide by 1500+ medical doctors for fast, efficient and precise patient diagnosis. Read more.

These 3 scans were taken before zapping
with The Ultimate Zapper
Colored areas show abnormalities

1. Colon -- pale blue -- low cell activity.
2. Stomach and liver -- teal blue -- chronic inflammation.
3. Kidneys -- medium blue -- low activity of organ cells.
4. Heart -- navy blue -- hypoxia (low oxygen supply).
5. Heart -- pale blue -- low cell activity.
6. Heart -- yellow -- light inflammation.


These 3 scans were taken after zapping
with The Ultimate Zapper
Grey areas show total normalization



Unique technology
& Synergy

The Ultimate Zapper's superior performance is based on cutting-edge technology embodied in its unique formula of 12 True Features -- including the best low frequency (as per Dr. Hulda Clark's unpublished research).

The Ultimate Zapper's 12 True Features create a multifplifier effect via their well-designed interaction -- an amazing synergy. The 4 Premium models incorporate extra features that optimize this synergy thereby optimizing results.

Read about the Premium Models and the Classic Models.

Moving from SE to XEplus to QE1plus to QE2plus to QE3plus to QE4, you can expect much faster results with progressively deeper penetration. QE2version3, has been rebranded as QE2plus.

No contest

There is simply no contest when comparing The Ultimate Zapper to the competition with their long list of Bells & Whistles, their feature-poor lineup and their unbacked claims.


    1. Superior Duty Cycle
    near 100% @ 99.7%
    2. Super Stabilized
    Positive Offset Square Wave
    3. Superior Signal
    via Precision Hard Wiring
    4. Distortion-Free Square Wave
    5. Constant High Voltage & Amperage
    6. Synergistic High Conductivity
    7. Enhanced Penetration with Footpads
    8. Superior Low Frequency
    9. Superior Harmonics
    10. Powerful Blood Electrification
    11. Unique Electroporation Effect
    12. Verified Aura Expansion

    2 Quantum Features added to

    6 Quantum Features added to

    7 Quantum Features added to

    8 Quantum Features added to


Premium Models
plus, QE2plus & QE1plus

Classic Models
XEplus & SE

Each successive model is
twice as powerful as its precursor.
optimizes The Ultimate Zapper's
technology with enhanced state-of-the-art
innovation and all copper attachments.


   via a
  Proprietary     Cell Structure

Crystal Matrix
& Magnet

& Footpads

Power Rating
QE4 Yes Yes 2
QE3plus Yes Yes 2
QE2plus No Yes 2 Copper/
QE1plus No Yes 1 Copper
XEplus No No 1 Copper


No No 1 Steel 1x


The Ultimate Zapper is made by
professional electronics assemblers
using state-of-the-art components
and precision hard wiring.
100% pure copper wire and
silver solder are used exclusively
for optimum conductivity.


All models are housed in a rugged
professional-grade ABS box
including a 9-volt battery compartment.

QE3plus, QE2plus, QE1
& XEplus
Neutrik professional gold-plated connectors
and a free Universal AC Adapter
for worldwide zapping.


The state-of-the-art microprocessor (above)
is at the heart of The Ultimate Zapper.
It is a professional-grade
Integrated Circuit (IC) chip.


Oscilloscope testing (above) guarantees
the absolute accuracy of
The Ultimate Zapper's circuitry
and the near 100%
Positive Offset Square Wave.


Above is a Real Time photo
of The Ultimate Zapper's Square Wave
viewed on our professional oscilloscope.

All models are backed by
A Lifetime Warranty



The Ultimate Zapper is the only zapper that provides indisputable proof of effectiveness and preeminence. It is the only brand name coveted by other zapper makers. AutoZap, ParaZapper and others have tried unsuccessfully to adopt the Ultimate Zapper's name.

1. The Ultimate Zapper ranks #1 for effectiveness with 1000 testimonials in The Archive -- the only zapper site that guarantees unsolicited testimonials -- 20 times more than any competitor. Many others including David Wolfe's Longevity Zapper offer zero testimonials.

2. The Ultimate Zapper's #1 rank in the Testimonial Department is backed by countless testimonials posted on highly respected health sites such as CureZone, CancerTutor, Soul Guidance and dozens of other health sites.

3. Since 1996 thousands of people have overcome serious conditions with The Ultimate Zapper -- even life-threatening and terminal conditions. Many miracles have happened and many lives have been saved.

4. Professional Endorsements from around the world have confirmed that The Ultimate Zapper ranks #1 for superior technology and effectiveness.

5. This practitioner and this practitioner and this therapist and this customer are among dozens of people who attest to the superiority of The Ultimate Zapper after doing head-to-head tests of The Ultimate Zapper with zappers from other makers.

6. The Ultimate Zapper is the #1 ranked zapper for networking. It is the only zapper with a worldwide network of distributors.

7. The Ultimate Zapper ranks #1 for site links. Far more sites link to The Ultimate Zapper than to any other zapper site.

8. Innovative technology unique to The Ultimate Zapper is the secret to its #1 rank. No competitor comes even close to the technology that drives it.

9. Relative Strength Charts and detailed Comparison Charts confirm that The Ultimate Zapper ranks #1. The Charts clearly show its technology is light years ahead of 28 well-known competitors.

10. This Scientific Study is definitive proof of the superior effectiveness of The Ultimate Zapper and resoundingly supports what users have been reporting in The Archive for over 2 decades.

11. EIS 3-D Body Scanning is graphic scientific proof of effectiveness for The Ultimate Zapper -- the only zapper backed by scanning. The data base has hundreds of patient scans. EIS 3-D Scanning is cutting-edge technology used by 1500+ physicians world-wide.

12. The powerful therapeutic Electroporation Effect is created by only 3 companies in the world -- Eppendorf North America Inc., Inovio Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (with FDA approval), and The Ultimate Zapper (with clinical proof and 3D scanning photos).

Electroporation is a natural blood thinner. It also greatly increases the uptake of medicines, vitamins and minerals, chelators, colloidal silver, herbs and supplements -- and potentiates acupuncture and homeopathy. Increased uptake means reduced dosages.

13. Harmonics are a vital feature contributing to The Ultimate Zapper's effectiveness. Scientific Evidence proving the superiority of The Ultimate Zapper's harmonics was submitted (unsolicited) by a European electronics expert, with oscilloscope views and detailed commentary.

14. It is so powerful, that zapping starts at 10 seconds with The Ultimate Zapper -- and many people don't need more. There are no 20-minute breaks with the 4 Premium Models and the breaks are eliminated with the Classic Models via Duration Zapping. And there is no risk of burns.

All others brands use Hulda Clark's schedule of 7 minutes with 20-minute breaks -- 1 hour total.  The Coin Zappers -- Terminator, Mini Silver Terminator, Longevity Zapper and others unwittingly advertise how weak they are by telling users to zap around the clock. And they warn of the risk of serious burns.

15. Dr. Clark invented the 1st parasite zapper in 1993. Her research showed that zappers must create at least 9 volts to produce results. But battery zappers produce 9 volts for just a short time ... then discharge to 0 volts. Long-life batteries simply allow more time spent below 9 volts. They don't create higher voltage.

All 6 models of The Ultimate Zappers optimize therapeutic results 100% of the time since they are powered by 9/12-volt Universal AC adapters that convert to Direct Current. The adapters guarantee constant high voltage 100% of the time.

16. Dr. Jerry. L. Tennant, M.D., wrote a series of scientific books entitled Healing is Voltage. His research confirms Dr. Clark's research and my 25 years of research into the direct link between The Ultimate Zapper's constant voltage and its healing effects -- incorporated in the design of all 6 models.



There is really no comparison.

Relative Strength Charts show the amazing truth after 2 years of field testing The Ultimate Zapper opposite 6 well-known competitors, based on a comprehensive cumulative point system. No contest.

Comparison Charts showcase The Ultimate Zapper's 12 True Features head-to-head with 28 competitors. Once again -- simply no contest.

The Testimonial Archive is living proof of The Ultimate Zapper's superiority -- from those who have submitted over 1000 stories to this site, unsolicited.

A UK Therapist says

Howard G. I am a therapist with cutting edge equipment. The Ultimate Zapper is the most effective device I have used, ever. Strong statement? Yes, especially as I have 20,000 [over $25,000] worth of healing equipment. I congratulate you on a simple device that will probably work on everyone. Oct. 3, 2012

A customer says

Mark W. An unsolicited and unbiased comparison of the QE2 [The Ultimate Zapper] against my others -- a Terminator 2, a Harmonic Quad, a Z4eX, and an AutoZap5 ... The QE2 wins across the board ... Aug. 21, 2017


An electronics expert has submitted (unsolicited) a scientific analysis and professional oscilloscope views of The Ultimate Zapper's harmonics, proving they are superior to all competitors. Harmonics are one of The Ultimate Zapper's True Features, essential to its power and effectiveness.

wave1 wave2

The Ultimate Zapper                           All Other Zappers

Professionals and experts worldwide confirm the #1 rank of The Ultimate Zapper, including electrical engineers, electronics experts, health experts and practitioners, medical doctors, scanning specialists, therapists, healers and dowsers.

Read the Professional Endorsements page.

Sometimes unwittingly, even competitors have endorsed The Ultimate Zapper. Thundervolt's Body Tester actually endorsed The Ultimate Zapper during a test. Needless to say, it was not supposed to do that.

Terminator and ParaZapper have endorsed The Ultimate Zapper explicitly. In fact, ParaZapper stated on the CureZone forum that The Ultimate Zapper "may be the best single frequency zapper" -- which means the best zapper, according to Dr. Hulda Clark who invented the first zapper. He is now trying to take it back.

Dr. Clark defined zappers as pulse generators that use a positive offset square wave and a single frequency to kill all pathogens that resonate at all frequencies. This is precisely the definition of The Ultimate Zapper.


1000 unsolicited testimonials in The Archive are The Ultimate Zapper's greatest endorsement. They are numbered, organized under 25 categories and are searchable via Quick Search. The words "saved my life" and "miracle" are often seen in the section titled Miracles & Lives Saved. This section is simply stunning.

QE4 -- Thrilled -- Amazing

Sharmaine L. I am so thrilled with the QE4 ... it produces amazing cleansing. I have more patience in dealing with challenging situations and people because i feel so good from the zapping! ... cleaning out lots of dead parasites through peeing and digestion works more efficiently ... i just feel a big difference in my energy level, and sleep more soundly ... thank you and blessings. Nov. 20, 2020

QE3plus -- Takes no prisoners

Jeton R. I can tell you: This zapper takes no prisoners!! Thank you for continuing to put out great products. QE3 plus was definitely well worth the money spent. Jun. 9, 2019

QE3 -- The Best -- Amazing

Francisco A. TUZ [The Ultimate Zapper] QE3 is for sure the best in the market, and I can say that when I use a Rife GB 4000 [cost $4,220] with MOPA to treat my clients daily ...
Jul. 18, 2018

Niculae M. We are so thankful to have you! Our lives started to change since we got hold of these AMAZING devices [model QE3] ... there are great effects already on me and my husband and our relatives ... That's why I decided to start this blog and distribute them. Aug. 2, 2018

QE2 -- Healing device

Nick. N. Your QE2 Ultimate is much more powerful than I expected ... thank God I found you and your brilliantly strong healing device ... extraordinary. I love it. May 15, 2017

Mark W. QE2 is by far no ordinary zapper! ... thank you from the bottom, top, and sides of my heart for creating this wonderful healing device. It is almost not a zapper at all ... it is so very, very much more. Aug. 27, 2017

QE1 -- Nothing else worked

Mike D. I decided to get [QE1] to help a man out who has had shingles for five years ... The doctors told him there's nothing more they can do. He's been in horrendous pain ... Nothing else has worked for this man except your zapper. Thank you for such an excellent and effective product. Jul. 13, 2015

QE1 -- Now walking normally

Sachiko K. My father is 86 years old. He was unable to walk. After close examination of the CT scan the doctor said there are two shades in his left lung, suspected cancer. He declined painful examinations (bronchoscopic and cytodiagnosis) and started to use QE1. He is now using it about five times a day, one minute at a time and the pain is suppressed. Thanks to The Ultmate Zapper he is now walking normally. Thank you very much. Aug. 6, 2016

XE -- Cured from ...

Jose Q. My wife is totally cured from her thyroid disorder. I have several friends who have cured their colon problems ... and many [other] ailments with your zapper ... Your [XE] zapper saved my life ... The Ultimate Zapper has been a miracle ... Aug. 26, 2012

XE -- No drugs needed

Dr. Mitchell H. My wife and I had blood analysis showing toxoplasmosis, yeast, fungus trichomonas ... We zapped 10 times [with XE]. New blood tests showed no parasites. The examiner was amazed. No drugs needed & tremendous results. We're very happy. Thanks for a safe, affordable, non-toxic way to get well. We really appreciate it. Feb 18, 2011

SE -- So much better

JoAnn P. I have been zapping [with The Ultimatae Zapper] for lupus and Lyme which at this point has been by far the BEST I have ever been!! I am ecstatic that the zapper makes me feel so much better. Jul. 28, 2016

SE -- Cat was dying

Olga D. My cat was dying & the veterinarian told me to pay to him $186 dollars to put her to sleep ... Since I bought [The Ultimate Zapper] my cat now eats, plays, running like crazy around the house ... I also found [it helps with] eczema, asthma, fibromyalgia ... Dec. 29, 2008


Karen Allen talks about
The Ultimate Zapper
on YouTube

Actress Karen Allen emphatically endorses The Ultimate Zapper. She starred with Harrison Ford in Steven Spielberg's Indiana Jones movies. Karen recovered from Lyme disease in one day after using model SE. Karen now uses XE.

In Karen's interview and on her Lyme Page she talks about her miraculous recovery and that of "15 or 16 people" who borrowed her Ultimate Zapper for Lyme. I encourage you to read all 40 of the stunning Lyme Testimonials including Karen's. Start slow and work up as per the Instruction Manual.

Ken, thank you so much ...

Karen Allen. Ken, I never get sick at all anymore since I began using The Ultimate Zapper. Thank you so much for the part you play in getting it out into the world. It has had an incredible impact on me. After zapping for 4 hours ...

karen2I fell asleep ... I got up and I began to realize I felt dramatically different ... within about the next 48 hours all my Lyme symptoms had gone ... I was completely cured by this wonderful little machine ... I am a true believer in the wonders of [The Ultimate Zapper] ... it was one of those eureka moments in my life. I know from my own experience that this works. I have even administered it to 15 or 16 people. It has helped all of them ...

All the best, Karen Allen, Jan 29, 2011.


From Dr. Martin C.
Jan. 8, 2019

"The only zapper in the world that
destroys GMOs and ... "

Dr. Martin C. No zapper (except yours) kills bone infections. No other zapper penetrates the GI tract, compromised cells or egg sacks (cysts) except yours ... it does 2 other things that no device can. It destroys or deactivates GMOs and altered proteins and kills parasites in the GI tract, and that is unique to your zapper. It also kills parasites contained with cell nuclei and larva buried within cysts, again, unique to your zapper ... You clearly have designed a fabulous product and your knowledge on this subject is extensive and impressive. I am absolutely dumbfounded that you have been able to produce such an effective product ... Jan. 8, 2019

Hair regrowth

Lynn M. I purchased your [QE3plus] Zapper back in October. I am very impressed! It really does work [for hair regrowth]. Before all I could see is scalp and would even get sunburned. It has re-grown so much that I can no longer see my scalp but because it's such a slow process I'm really just noticing it now!! This is an answer to prayer! Thank you Ken for such an awesome product! Highly recommended. Apr. 21, 2020

Going to the ER

Robin S. I am not sure what to say but thank you. I had started on an antibiotic for a kidney infection and wham ... I woke up to swollen lips, tongue, throat, belly. I hooked up your [QE3]and started. I can't believe my eyes. After the first 10 second session my lips began to shrink, tongue didn't hurt, throat didn't hurt, belly pain was going away. I am in total shock. I was going to go to the ER. I am so glad I bought [QE3] ... amazing. After the 3rd session my lips are normal ... unbelievable ... I am thrilled with your zapper. Nov. 19, 2018

All gone

Michelle N. My mom is having very good results zapping with QE3. She had infections of all sorts, pains in her ovaries and swollen lymph nodes all over her armpits, she had 5 bumps in her breasts. They are all gone ... Dec. 17, 2018


The Ultimate Zapper is easy to use. Flip the switch and zap for 10 seconds for starters. There is only one mode -- the healing mode. Many people only need a few seconds to receive its full benefits.

The zapping feeling is gentle and relaxing. Most people report a much better sleep zapping at bedtime. There are no 20-minute breaks with the Premium Models. Duration Zapping eliminates the breaks with the Classic Models. Here is the Instruction Manual.


Frequency Generators vs. Zappers

Many people don't realize that The Ultimate Zapper's technology works on a single low frequency -- not multiple frequencies. Read how this magic works.

Some makers try to improve results by adding frequencies to their "Hulda Clark Zappers". And they adopt names like Programmable Zapper, Frequency Zapper and Digital Zapper.

They want to ride the coattails of zapper fame by adopting the word zapper -- while trying to cover up the fact that they are weak devices, as these definitive Comparison Charts prove.

The truth is they are actually Frequency Generators -- not zappers. Many people scratch their heads over the difference. Well ... the fact is that there's a world of difference between these devices and The Ultimate Zapper.


Things get even more complicated. Frequency Generators depend on a device called a syncrometer for diagnosis -- an expensive, complicated, and time-consuming process vs. The Ultimate Zapper that is easy to use and requires no diagnostic equipment.

Dr. Clark stated, "sophisticated gizmos" that add frequencies do not transform zappers into more effective devices -- in spite of the (unsubstantiated) claims made by their makers.


The competition ... is still working on it

Ironically, frequency is the only thing that Frequency Generators have going for themselves. But frequency is only one of many elements that create zapper effectiveness. Read why.

It is synergy (the interaction of multiple features) that determines how powerful and effective a zapper is -- not simply one or 2 features. There is simply no contest when the competition faces the synergy created by The Ultimate Zapper's 12 True Features -- because they have very few features.

Fake Features vs. True Features


Bells & Whistles are called features by some makers. But they are Fake Features because they contribute nothing to effectiveness. Compare this to The Ultimate Zapper's 12 True Features.

For example, the Zapper Comparison Chart on the AutoZap site contains only Fake Features -- to make their AutoZap stand out.

Fake Features include ...

"... automatic shut-off, beeper, LED display, timer, carrying case, belt clip, low battery sound alert, sleek design, push-button switches, protection against incorrect battery installation, straight cables, current sensing circuitry ... ". The list goes on and on.

AutoZap does not stand out -- or even stand up, for that matter -- in this detailed Comparison Chart that showcases only the 12 True Features that create power and results -- with extras added to the  Premium Models. And not a single Bell or Whistle.

The bottom line is ... The Ultimate Zapper is light years ahead of the competition -- as clearly shown by this Comparison Chart, this Comparison Chart and this Comparison Chart.


David Etheredge of ParaZapper has a penchant for tripping over his own feet. Unfortunately for him, this includes misrepresenting his credentials -- then getting caught red-handed. After which he tripped over is feet with excuses.

David Etheredge
after he was caught out

David Etheredge has waged a forever disinformation campaign against this site ... including hilarious personal insults ... while attempting (unsuccessfully) to clone The Ultimate Zapper ... while declaring I made up the Testimonial Archive.

David Etheredge's
Testimonial Nightmare

Mr. Etheredge has so much faith in his ParaZapper ... that he tripped over his feet again. After expounding about how inferior The Ultimate Zapper is ... he endorsed it on CureZone, declaring it "may be the best single frequency zapper" ... then proceeded to name his weak UZ battery model after The Ultimate Zapper. Mr. Etheredge has become quite famous ... for his ambivalence.


Talking about faith ... are you thinking of buying a ParaZapper? You may think twice after reading this email from Sept. 11, 2019.

Dear Ken, Unfortunately I am one of those people that has been fooled some of the time. As I buy things online I rely to a degree on peoples integrity and honesty (which you have an abundance of).

I am terribly disappointed that I didn't come across your zapper before purchasing the para zapper uzi. I thought I had done my due diligence but obviously I didn't dig deep enough.

I have had the uzi for about 3 weeks and was told the rechargeable batteries I purchased would last around 7.5 hours. I got 1.5 to 2 hours and have just had to send it back for repair as the power light stopped working ... terribly disappointed. Alister T.

Posted by Userx
on CureZone
right here

Para [referring to David Etheredge of ParaZapper], You always say Para[Zapper] is not the average. I have seen absolutely nothing in the specs. that make it anything more than the average zapper.

There is absolutely nothing innovative about the Para[Zapper] products. There is nothing in the design of the Para[Zapper] that puts it anywhere above the original Clark zapper built in a shoebox!


Arthur ...
directing traffic to his site

For years ... AutoZap used a deceptive traffic redirect to drive people to his site who were searching for this site. He also bought an Ultimate Zapper domain name to nudge the process along.

photo arthur
      Ken Presner          Arthur Doerksen
 2021                        2008

In 2021 Arthur Doerksen appears on his site with a 2008 photo talking about AutoZap and his 5-minute Integrated Wellness System.

"How I was healed of cancer. Wake up your immune system fast. Just 5 minutes and you are done!

I don't fear the C word any more because I've been through it twice and I finally learned the secret ... Today, I use my AutoZap 5 Hulda Clark Zapper every day to remain healthy and cancer free."

Sounds great ... but something is not right here. If you try sending Arthur an email you will not receive a reply. Arthur died of cancer in 2016. God bless him. May he rest in peace.

Arthur's son, Fraser, runs the AutoZap site now ... with no word of his father's passing. He is still taking orders -- using his father's name -- but he doesn't answer emails.

No reply

I read what you wrote about Arthur and you are right. I bought his AutoZap and this magnetic food thing and neither did anything at all. He promised a refund if they didn't work but would never reply to me when I asked several times. I even used some of my electronic [test] equipment I have here and those things were not putting out anything at all. John F.


Thinking about buying a Zappicator? You may think twice after reading AutoZap's fictional claims -- and especially after reading their  false claims about cancer. Furthermore, since AutoZap calls their Zappicator "a personal use item" and refuse to refund in case of dissatisfaction ... you may want to look into this a bit further.


Are you sure you want to get into this
... without doing a bit of research?

Read dozens of unsolicited Cancer Testimonials in The Archive on this site from people who beat cancer with The Ultimate Zapper. And without ever using a zappicator -- even in a single case. "This magnetic food thing" didn't do "anything at all", according to their Zappicator customer in the "No reply" section above.

Supreme Zapper


"Dr. Thomspon"
... a supreme impersonator

Supreme Zapper is a truly unique and very odd case in the zapper industry. Launched in 2018, their site, displaying partially fractured English, introduces a "Dr. Thomspon" in a white medical gown ...

... with no first name, no M.D. after his name, no stethoscope around his neck, no details about his medical practice ... is he a G.P. or a specialist?... no certificates on the wall, no clinic location, no professional or personal identification, no medical qualifications or credentials, no medical affiliations, no history whatsoever ...

... with a website that has no company address, no phone contact number, and no information about where their products are made or shipped from.

You may also note that "Dr. Thomspon" is not seen on his site in a doctor's office or in a clinic or in a medical setting, but in front of a plain green screen with no identifying symbols, markers or text.


Will the real "Dr. Thomspon"
please step forward

And when "Dr. Thomspon" appears in a video wearing a white medical gown it is not in a doctor's office or in a clinic or in a medical setting. He appears, once again, in front of a plain green screen with no identifying symbols or markers or text in view ...

... where "Dr. Thomspon" does not even identify himself or mention his credentials. Speaking in partially fractured, accented English, he begins with ... "Hello there ..." Rather than introducing himself as ... "My name is Dr. [first name] Thomspon from ...". He refers to "my patients" -- but without mentioning where they are domiciled.

Any evidence that would prove "Dr. Thomspon's" identity or that would identify or locate his company is conspicuously absent from the Supreme site. Everything is missing.

What real doctor would avoid introducing him/herself as a doctor, hide their first name, their identity and credentials, and appear in front of a green screen ... to promote a product banned by their licensing body?

An Internet search for the name Dr. Thomspon and his company's name using Google and Duckduckgo has resulted in ... not a single entry anywhere in the world ... except for the Supreme Zapper site.

Folks ... there is no "Dr. Thomspon". But this phantom doctor's company definitely ships orders ... which is not entirely surprising. I wonder if there any red flags waving in the breeze by now?


Over here ... I have a red flag

The bottom line with the issue of presumed false identity is this. "Dr. Thomspon" is a cleverly conceived cut-out character posing as a doctor. If they did not have him in place  to mislead people, their zapper would have no credibility at all -- as I prove below.

"Dr. Thomspon" was created to pull the wool over the eyes of prospective customers, to entice them into buying Supreme Zapper through deception. Using false pretenses, they hoped to create credibility and achieve success.


"Dr. Thomspon" ... is a cut-out character
anonymous ... carrying no identification

Going one step further, I emailed "Dr. Thomspon" 2 weeks ago asking about his identity. As a competitor, I was concerned if I used my real name I might not receive a reply. So, I was careful to use an alias ID with an anonymous mailbox.

I simply asked "Dr. Thomspon" politely what his first name is and where he is located. He states, "I will reply back within 24 hours." I have not received a reply. For all we know, our "Dr. Thomspon" in white may actually be the neighborhood butcher. One thing we do know for sure is ... he's not a medical doctor.

Whoever he really is, it certainly appears he has put himself in a vulnerable & precarious legal position -- either practicing medicine without a license, or simply pretending to be a doctor. Maybe that's why he provides no details about his identity or his location.

In either case, impersonating a medical doctor is a felony -- a serious criminal offense -- far more serious than the transparent act of plagiarizing text for his site or making false medical claims.

thomspon butcher

Looks like the neighborhood butcher

Regarding plagiarizing text, "Dr. Thomspon" has plagiarized repeatedly from my site, and from others -- copying freely word-for-word. His FAQ Page "borrows" heavily from my site. But his site is otherwise peppered with fractured English.

Why is there fractured English and then perfect English side by side on the Supreme site? "Dr. Thomspon" copies text wholesale from my site and others because he and his presumed helpers are obviously not native English speakers, are incapable of producing a site with spotless English ...

... and are obviously unwilling to pay others to do this for them. Plagiarizing is the easy way out for them. But I wonder, what doctor would plagiarize when the inevitable outcome is a site with obvious language-related issues that stand out like a sore thumb?


Peculiar fractures of the English language
... and a penchant for plagiarizing

No real doctor would ever consider plagiarizing. His/her credibility would go down the drain if discovered. So, what doctor would do such an obviously foolish thing? A fake doctor, of course.

"Dr. Thomspon" states in fractured English, "I only made a zapper that is far superior any other zapper on the market". But he then states, in spotless English, "My testimonials speak for themselves". This sentence is taken directly from my site.

When "Dr. Thomspon" says his 29 Supreme testimonials "speak for themselves", I agree. I agree ... that they speak to the supreme lack of testimonials on his site. You may also note that "Dr. Thomspon" conspicuously avoids saying that his testimonials are unsolicited.


29 testimonials
... speak for themselves

On the other hand, 1000 testimonials in The Archive on this site are all unsolicited -- and speak not only compellingly for themselves but also for the power and effectiveness of The Ultimate Zapper.

"Dr. Thomspon" says, I only made a zapper that is far superior ...". If you review the detailed documentation on this site you will see that his claim of superiority for Supreme Zapper is as ridiculous as his false identity. It is no surprise Supreme Zapper is as much a fraud as "Dr. Thomspon".

Zapper Comparison Chart 2 is one of 5 detailed Charts that compare 28 well-known zappers with the The Ultimate Zapper's 6 models. Chart 2 puts Supreme Zapper securely in the zapper basement, compared side-by-side with The Ultimate Zapper.

Talking about the zapper basement, according to "Dr. Thomspon", Supreme Zapper is so superior  ... it outputs a measly 5 volts. No surprise, this appears only in the small print on his order page. 5 volts? The Ultimate Zapper produces 12 volts for the 4 Premium Models and 9 volts nominal (10.5 actual) for the 2 Classic Models.

And all Supreme "features" are conspicuously missing their details -- with the adapter nowhere to be seen. A zapper maker who hides his/her product specifications ... ?

... except for "Dr. Thomspon's" conspicuous frequency gaffe when he says Supreme's frequency is 528Hz ... but then states 741Hz in his video ... but then talks about "natural frequencies". Plural. Wow. That's what I call frequency flip-flop. Which is it "Dr. Thomspon"?


Uh ... wait a minute
uh ... let me think this over

I have prototyped with the 528Hz to 741Hz frequency range, and many other low frequencies. Not worth mentioning. Dr. Hulda Clark showed 2000Hz to 2500Hz is by far the most effective range. She was right. I have verified this with extensive prototyping. So, this is the precise frequency range of The Ultimate Zapper.

Conforming to the The Ultimate Zapper's total transparency, the 12 True Features (with extras in the Premium Models) are discussed in minute detail here.

The most astonishing thing in this whole Supreme saga is that a supposed doctor would not only be selling zappers, but would also be making them. But, it is even more astonishing that a supposed doctor would publicize that his/her patients are using a zapper that he/she is making because ...

... the Medical System forbids doctors from selling zappers, let alone making them or having patients use them. Since zappers are not classed as medical devices, any doctor recommending or selling such unapproved devices would have his/her license to practice medicine revoked by the medical authorities.

What medical doctor would put himself/herself in such a vulnerable position? No real doctor has ever invited the AMA to supervise his or her professional suicide over a zapper issue.


Doctors normally think twice ... before
committing professional suicide

But "Dr. Thomspon" is not subject to expulsion from the AMA. He has not attracted AMA scrutiny because he is not a real doctor and is not a member of the AMA. He is therefore subject to other laws -- that govern posing as a medical doctor and practicing medicine without a license.

"Dr. Thomspon" proudly shows off his faux medical knowledge by making authoritative statements about parasites, saying they "are the root cause of Lupus and many other diseases with all other issues being secondary to the parasitic infection."

Wow. What real doctor would ever make such a categorical and outtlandish statement? It is unlikely that the AMA would stand idly by if this were a member doctor. But since "Dr. Thomspon" is not a member of the AMA he has no worries. He can say whatever he likes -- until he is caught in the larger web of medical illegality.

"Dr. Thomspon" continues ... "Supreme Zapper Technology has helped many people throughout the world with conditions such as ..." making claims for 39 medical conditions without any proof, backed by an embarassing total of 29 testimonials. Frankly, this is not surprising at all given Supreme Zapper's terminal weakness.


"Dr. Thomspon" is anaesthetizing us
... with claims and frequency flip-flops

Then, "Dr. Thomspon" spouts real nonsense ... claiming "Increase life longevity" with Supreme Zapper -- with no evidence for this unproveable, linguistically-challenged claim. He "borrowed" this claim from Mr. Longevity David Wolfe who makes a lot more ridiculously unproveable claims than this on his own site.

"Increase life longevity"? Here's more fractured English from "Dr. Thomspon". There is no such thing as "Increase life longevity" in the English language. Because longevity MEANS long life. This is like saying "Increase life long life" ... which is linguistic drivel.

By the way, David Wolfe is the King of Longevity on the Internet. He is not even 50 but preaches fervently about how to live to 150. I'll believe him and "Dr. Thomspon" when they get there.

He's focussing on longevity lately

More nonsense ... Supreme starts with 1-minute zapping but no paper towelling to create conductivity and prevent absorption of metal ions. The Ultimate Zapper starts at 10 seconds (5 seconds for sensitive people). And always with conductive/protective paper towelling.

More nonsense ... "Dr. Thomspon" ascribes parasites to "high levels of acid in the body". "Dr. Thomspon" took this from David Wolfe who took it from Terminator -- all 3 offering no proof.

More nonsense ... "Dr. Thomspon" says, "It is not recommended to do traditional harmful herbal & 14-days [he means day] cleanses". Where's the proof traditional cleanses are harmful? What cleanses is he referring to? As usual, no details are forthcoming.

"Not recommended" ... by whom? I have never heard of a harmful traditional herbal cleanse. Herbal cleanses go back centuries. I have done many myself -- without any harm. In fact, The Ultimate Zapper's Electroporation Effect enhances their effects.

At the end of his video, "Dr. Thomspon" says "the result [he means results] are phenomenal -- combined with a hematite bracelet, wormwood detox pads and ginger body detox patches. Well ... if Supreme is so supreme, after talking down herbal cleanses, why the need for herbal extras and a bracelet for "phenomenal result"?

"Dr. Thomspon" spouts whatever nonsense he can conjure, making things up off the top of his head while "borrowing" from other zapper makers. All in the aid of making it look like he is real and that his zapper is ... a wonderful product worth buying.


I wonder ... if M.D. impersonators
are eligible for malpractice insurance?

"Dr. Thomspon" punctuates the end of his video with a toothy grin -- like the end of a toothpaste commercial. Frankly ... after looking over his site carefully and after viewing his video, it is clear that Supreme Zapper is simply a marketing scheme ...

... with someone at the helm called "Dr. Thomspon" impersonating a doctor. Whoever "Dr. Thomspon" really is, his self-proclaimed Supreme Zapper is just one more weak zapper, marketed cleverly but dishonestly to those gullible enough to fall for the ploy.

The story ends with "Dr. Thomspon" announcing -- with a straight face -- that Supreme Zapper was "voted #1 zapper in the world". "Dr. Thomspon" doesn't blink when he delivers the news of this Worldwide Zapper Vote that never happened.


Certified ... by "Dr. Thomspon"

With a consistency that never wavers, the Supreme site begins and ends with duplicity. "Dr. Thomspon" has revealed himself and Supreme Zapper as ... nothing but a Supreme Fraud.

Dr. Hulda Clark

Many zappers use Dr. Clark's name -- including ParaZapper, AutoZap and Dr. Clark Research Association (not associated with Dr. Clark). And there are many Hulda Clark Shops and Stores.

But Dr. Clark never sold zappers and never endorsed any zapper. And not a single Dr. Clark zapper, shop or store ever received Dr. Clark's consent to use her name.

What about "The Zapper Personally Approved by Dr Hulda Clark"? Dr. Clark never approved any zapper. This "approved" zapper did not even exist when Dr. Clark was alive.

Zapper Review

Over the years, a number of well-known zapper makers are seen publishing false information about their products while publishing disinformation about The Ultimate Zapper -- and worse.

The Zapper Review is a "scathing" review of the zapper industry, according to AutoZap's Arthur Doerksen who read it early on. The review includes AutoZap, ParaZapper, Mini Silver Terminator, Terminator, Dr. Clark Research Association, Supreme Zapper, Thundervolt and Longevity Zapper.



50% Off
My Recovery Protocol

My Cancer Protocol
My Prostate Cancer Protocol

Convert my e-books from pdf

In 1989 I was paralyzed and bedridden with Multiple Sclerosis. In 1994 I nearly died on the operating table with Crohn's disease and was given a virtual death sentence. It took 7 years to get my life back -- with no book or guide to show the way. I recovered against all odds -- but not by accident.


This photo is from Japan
following the Minamata mercury disaster in 1956
I looked like this -- paralyzed and bedridden with MS
... following a dental mercury disaster in 1989

My Recovery Protocol (230 pages) is a study of the modalities that led to my recovery, including detailed information on toxicity, detoxification, specializied testing, revitalization and much more -- invaluable information that is denied by the The Medical System.

Toxicity is the root cause of many conditions, hand-in-hand with parasites & other pathogens that are attracted to toxins, creating a chain of pathology. In my case, detoxification and parasite killing broke the chain of pathology and led to my recovery.

Government alchemy
... turns mercury into silver

Both of the diseases I was afflicted with were caused by silver amalgam fillings that are 50% mercury (and only 35% silver), approved by the government that also gave the approval to call them silver. Silver sounds better than mercury.

These allegedly safe  "silver" fillings entered The Dental System through the back door without safety testing. That was the only way because they knew mercury was highly toxic. Approval came with the encouragement of the The American Dental Association ... that just happened to own the 2 patents.

The game

My book also discusses the collusion between government and Associations & Corporations that ends with an epidemic of toxin-related conditions. In the case of "silver" fillings, this collusion ends with graveyards filled with millions of victims of mercury poisoning.

The potential legal liability for dental mercury -- recently estimated at 3 trillion US dollars -- makes the Bayer and Monsanto case look like a cheap joke. No wonder why the ADA always invents a new way to deny responsibility.

The Big Dental Lie & The ADA Lies

Government "regulators" give the metal and chemical industries and the pharmaceutical industry a licence to expose us to disease-causing toxins. But they always say the level of exposure is too low to cause harm.

This exculpatory mantra is shadowed by toxin-related conditions -- from Alzheimer's to ... cancer ... heart disease ... autism ... thyroid disease ... diabetes ... Parkinson's ... Multiple Sclerosis ...

Then, in walks ... The Health Care System controlled by the big drug companies, ready to treat us, to palliate our symptoms and to encourage us to accept our plight via health "Associations" and "Societies" -- without ruling out toxicity as a cause.

The "regulators" are in bed with the corporations via a revolving employment door. Read My Speech to the MS Society. The name of the game is money.

My success story

My Recovery Protocol applies to all conditions, not only to diseases caused by dental mercury. People with many conditions have duplicated my success after reading my book.

My recovery happened on a small budget. The System admits a zero % success rate for MS and Crohn's disease on an unlimited budget. Are they merely incompetent -- or simply corrupt?

Part 1 of My Recovery Protocol covers sources of toxicity, the chain of pathology, specialized lab testing (not via The System), test analysis/interpretation, and a host of "alternative" detoxification modalities discussed in detail that lead to my recovery, including parasite killing.

Part 2 of My Recovery Protocol covers rebuilding and revitalization with the specific elements that promote recovery and create good health.

My Recovery Protocol has empowered people to overcome many conditions by making truly informed choices. It's all about taking charge. Read more about My Recovery Protocol, including an unsolicited book review.

My site, my recovery and My Speech to the MS Society are lauded in Stephanie Relfe's book entitled You're Not Fat You're Toxic.


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Against All Odds

After being poisoned by mercury fillings I went from paralysis with MS in 1989 to near death on the operating table with Crohn's disease in 1994. Over a period of 7 years I clawed my way out, escaped the nightmare and returned to perfect health.


I looked like this in 1994 after Crohn's surgery
-- with my hospital ID wrist bands (right)

Against All Odds (275 pages) is the companion to My Recovery Protocol. It is the personal story of my struggle to beat the odds. My book tells about the blood, sweat and tears -- fighting The Medical System to survive -- even forcing hospital doctors to give me extra "rations" and blood transfusions to stay alive.

I tell it exactly like it was, including the incredible saga of how The System caused the two incurable diseases I was afflicted with then stacked the odds against my recovery if I stayed inside the corrupt Health Care System.

Once I figured out the game -- and the zero % chance of recovering inside The System -- I stepped outside the box, headed out on my own, and prevailed.

If you are facing serious illness and a dim prognosis, you may similarly be rewarded after reading Against All Odds.


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