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My Recovery Protocol (230 pages) describes step-by-step how I overcame two incurable diseases, including the details of all the modalities that led to my recovery. I was paralysed in 1989 with Multiple Sclerosis and I was near death in 1994 with Crohn's disease -- both caused by "silver" fillings that are 50% mercury. Opportunistic parasites & other pathogens attracted to toxins create a chain of pathology. Breaking the chain led to my recovery.

The modalities in my book apply to all conditions caused by toxicity and pathogens, not only to "incurable" diseases. My book has helped people recover from many conditions via information The System does not offer -- enabling everyone to make informed choices.

This photo is from the Minamata mercury disaster in Japan in 1956
I looked like this in 1989 -- paralyzed and bedridden with MS

I looked like this in 1994 after Crohn's surgery
-- with my actual hospital ID wrist bands (right)

People who develop a chronic illness from toxins and pathogens may feel they have been struck down out of the blue. When they turn to The System for help they end up pigeon-holed with a disease name and used as a pincushion for testing -- and often as a guinea pig for drug "treatments".

Here we are in The System

After I went through all the MS testing in 1990 my neurologist had one thing to say: "Come back in 5 years. We'll know more then." Well ... I knew then that I was on my own, and even more so when Crohn's arrived in 1993. I eventually discovered the cause of both diseases and developed a protocol that saved my life (and has helped many others). My recovery became My Recovery Protocol -- now backed by 20 years of research.


Most people realize we wage an up-hill battle against a toxic environment. Parasites, worms, bacteria, viruses, mold, yeast and fungus are attracted to toxic metals and chemicals. They help create the toxic soup our bodies struggle to overcome. Few people escape the ravages over their lifetime.

The System responds to toxic conditons not with toxicity testing but with symptom treatment (drugs, surgery, etc.). Discovering toxicity would mean rooting it out -- with recovery for many and no treatments. It's no surprise The System does not test for toxicity for MS, Crohn's or other "incurable" diseases or chronic conditions. So, the recovery rate is inevitably zero%.


They have no cure for the common cold
... but they'll have your cure real soon

And it's no surprise those who profit most from The System are in control -- rigging the game. Drug companies control medical schools, hospitals and clinics. They also control government "regulators" by providing them with revolving door jobs for "supporting" them. And parasitic insurers skim off the top, often reinvesting premiums in drug companies.

Thankfully, there is an upside here for patients. Medical insurers and drug companies could be great investments if you have some extra cash lying around ... unless you prefer ethical investing.


The profitability of The System is guaranteed by the dental profession via silver amalgam fillings that are 50% mercury. 180,000,000 Americans have mercury fillings. So, it is highly likely mercury poisoning via dentistry is the #1 undiagnosed cause of disease in the US.

Mercury is the #2 toxic metal on the planet after radioactive plutonium. It is the #1 neurotoxin. After your dentist poisons you with mercury, what do your G.P. and neurologist say? "Open wide let's have a look"?

No ... they ignore dental work. Diagnosis is based on ruling out all possible causes of disease. But they never rule out the M word because mercury is their meal ticket. Otherwise, the game of chasing symptoms with drugs would be up since the cause could be eradicated. Turning a blind eye to mercury guarantees huge profits.

The Neurology Department
ignores mercury ... the #1 neurotoxin

But The System does not turn a blind eye to dental mercury in the legal sphere. To head off massive insurance pay-outs, The System has spent billions on research to try to exculpate the ADA, AMA & FDA via hundreds of studies. No surprise -- not one has proved that toxic mercury is not toxic.

Legal liability in the hands of a jury
... scares The System to death


They System has 1 problem with the truth. It is allergic to it. First they call "silver" fillings a harmless silver alloy. Then they switch gears and class them as a harmless device. There is no such thing as a metal alloy being a device. A device is a device. An alloy is an alloy. And a mercury alloy is not a silver alloy.

The only places where mercury is mistaken for a device are at the FDA and ADA. The silver thing is an exculpatory lie. The ADA says they are silver with some mercury added. But they are actually mercury fillings with some silver added -- 50% mercury and 35% silver. Read The Big Dental Lie.

The ADA declares mercury "is considered a safe, affordable and durable material". They simply promote a self-serving lie -- while choosing plastic fillings for themselves. Toxic dental mercury has never been found harmless by a single mercury-free dentist or scientific study.

Marketing mercury as harmless silver is a fraudulent attempt to protect The System from legal liability. The ADA knows that surveys show 74% of Americans have no idea "silver" fillings are 50% mercury. They would prefer 100%. They make a good living by keeping 74% in the dark.

Inside the Ultimate Zapper Inside the Ultimate Zapper
           This is toxic                                  But this is no problem

The government says that fish containing a fraction of 1 part per million of mercury are highly toxic. But mercury fillings with 500,000 parts per million of mercury are "not gonna be a problem", according to the ADA. Yah, sure -- the #1 neurotoxin on the planet sitting 2 inches from the brain is no problem. And my name is Eleanor Roosevelt.


Dental mercury is the #1 unrecognized cause of pathology in the medical world. Scientific evidence shows it causes a medical holocaust. You may be shocked when you read all the scientific information on dental mercury -- linked to cancer, diabetes, heart disease, bowel disease, thyroid disease and all adult neurological diseases including Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, Lupus, ALS & Multiple Sclerosis are directly related to dental mercury poisoning. And dental mercury attracts parasites, worms, viruses, bacteria, fungus, mold and yeast that help create a complex chain of pathology.

The Ultimate Zapper
M is for mercury ... and murder

Dental mercury also crosses the placenta and is in the foetus at 2x mother's levels. It is also in breast milk. The result is that mercury-toxic children tragically develop autism, muscular dystrophy, ADD, mental retardation and epilepsy. I wonder why FDA & ADA employees opt for plastic fillings for themselves and their children? Dr. Joseph Mercola on mercury fillings.


Dentists who use mercury or who remove mercury fillings are in denial about the danger to patients, co-workers and themselves. And the ADA is very grateful for this denial. Because medical studies show that everyone who works in a dental office is mercury toxic.

The Ultimate Zapper

20 years ago I became friends with Dr. Hal Huggins, the pioneering mercury-free dentist. Dr. Huggins had developed MS from dental mercury. When he discovered the link he detoxified, recovered, changed to a mercury-free practice, then helped hundreds recover from MS. He was rewarded by the ADA -- by having his licence revoked.

Dr. Huggins is not the only dentist with a serious condition from mercury poisoning. Many dentists have neurological conditions. Depression is the #1 psychological symptom of mercury poisoning. No surprise -- dentists have the highest suicide rate of any professional group.


Dentists are actually threatened by the ADA with having their licence revoked if they mention the M word to their patients. Moreover, if you have mercury fillings and visit your doctor with symptoms of mercury poisoning they are instructed by the AMA not to mention the M word. And, of course, you will never hear the M word uttered by insurers.



The ADA gives dentists a licence to kill patients with mercury. Then drug companies "discover" drugs in the lab to chase the symptoms of mercury poisoning. Then doctors receive perks for prescribing. After sanctioning the ADA's use of mercury, FDA employees walk through the revolving employment door at the ADA. The AMA and ADA collect their share of profits via endorsements, fees, pay-for-play and other schemes. Insurers simply skim premiums off the top. It's a cozy System -- designed to profit from misery.

Never mind. Since The System is based on generating healthy profits, it is gratifying to know someone is healthy after all that mercury was "placed" in all those mouths -- then drilled out unsafely and replaced with white fillings, making patients FAR more mercury toxic than before removal.

Healthcare insurers smile all the way to the bank
... thanks to premiums and deductibles


Given that The System is rigged against those with chronic illnesses -- not only those caused by dental mercury -- many are taking control and looking for options that can help them recover.

Part 1 of My Recovery Protocol covers the subjects that led to my recovery: sources of toxicity, the chain of pathology, detoxification, specialized lab testing (not offered by The System), test analysis and interpretation -- and a long list of "alternative" modalities, including parasite killing.

Part 2 of My Recovery Protocol covers rebuilding and revitalization, and the specific factors that consolidate recovery and create a healthy life.

Read more about My Recovery Protocol to discover the therapeutic steps I took to win the battle against 2 incurable diseases. Instead of making uniformed choices you can empower yourself to make truly informed choices. My book has empowered people to overcome many conditions. It is all about taking charge -- with information that does not come from The System.

Empowerment -- it's in our hands

My Recovery Protocol

Hi Ken, I Just want to commend you for the well written and researched information presented. It not only illustrates the difficulties you experienced, but it also guides a person to a step-by-step detoxification process ... Well done and thanks for allowing us the opportunity to learn from your healing process. Yunus M.

Hi Ken, I am reading your books including My Recovery Protocol. They are top reading material. And I have read a lot in the last 20 years. Nikos M.

Hello Ken, I just finished reading My Recovery Protocol (for which I'm absolutely grateful!). I've never been as sick as you have been, but my list of symptoms has been very extensive and my overall state of being has been chronically miserable ... I am now grateful to you for having shared with all of us all the information in your e-books. Thank you so much ... Giselle H.


Against All Odds
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After being poisoned by mercury fillings, I went from paralysis with MS in 1989 to near death with Crohn's disease in 1994. Over a period of 7 years I clawed my way out, escaped the nightmare and returned to perfect health.

The System said my case was hopeless. They know about hopeless cases. They cause "incurable" diseases by endorsing mercury fillings then stack the odds against recovery by ignoring mercury as the cause.

Against All Odds (275 pages) is the companion to My Recovery Protocol. It is the story of my recovery -- including the blood, sweat and tears. It reveals what I went through to beat the odds and The System. Read more.


Fortunately, there are some good mercury-free dentists and some good doctors in The System. And drugs like antibiotics and pain relievers can be very helpful. But for chronic illnesses ... The System is a total failure. Their own stats show zero% success for "incurable" diseases. Which means ... they look forward to providing "treatments" -- that lead nowhere.


Let's take a close look at The Dental System. The Do No Harm oath that doctors take is not in the oath taken by dentists. This gets them off the hook so they can work unperturbed by the constraints of the oath that doctors take (but sometimes fail to uphold).

But dentists are on another hook. They are all mercury toxic. The ADA and FDA know this. They also know how many dentists are ill due to mercury poisoning. They keep it a secret. I wonder why?

Mercury dentists have an incentive for being in denial. Mercury expands, causing teeth to crack. So, there's even more profit from mercury later on.

The Ultimate Zapper
What are you looking at me like that for?


The FDA is legally obligated to protect us from all toxic substances -- including mercury, the #2 toxic metal after radioactive plutonium. But the FDA has been in bed with the ADA for 150 years. The ADA "encouraged" the FDA to grandfather mercury into the dental system without any toxicity testing because the ADA owned the (since expired) patents for mercury fillings -- patent # 4,018,600 and patent # 4,078,921.

The Ultimate Zapper

Does the FDA have a conflict of interest? None at all. We know whose side they are on -- with their dental division controlled by former ADA employees. Morley Safer roasted the ADA in 1990 during his CBS 60 Minutes program entitled Is There Poison in Your Mouth? -- with Dr. Heber Simmons of the ADA stumbling and bumbling through the interview. After Simmons nervously declared "mercury is not gonna cause a problem", with Morley Safer staring at him incredulously, the ADA broke into a cold sweat, then set about pressuring CBS into dropping the rerun. Mercury has built an empire for the ADA. They could not allow CBS to ruin things.


Inside the Ultimate Zapper


And the FDA has been sued twice for refusing to protect the public from dental mercury. Moms Against Mercury won their lawsuit against the FDA ... and the FDA promptly reversed the ruling. Do you think the ADA may have been working the phones to try to keep their seal of approval from being trashed? Knowing The System is corrupt means we are on our own -- as is crystal clear in The Big Dental Lie & The ADA lies thru their teeth.

What are the implications when as individual like myself on a very modest budget can come up with answers, but The System -- on a budget of billions -- can only come up with unsolved mysteries and drug treatments? Read more about Against All Odds -- the blood, sweat and tears side of my struggle to overcome The System and recover from 2 incurable diseases.


This 182-page online e-book contains the most accurate and comprehensive information available anywhere about mercury and heavy metal detoxification and the relative dangers of chelating with DMSA, EDTA and DMPS. It is a must read for anyone who wants to learn about mercury detoxification after the removal of "silver amalgam" fillings, which are 50% mercury. The book focuses on the pros and cons of DMSA, EDTA and DMPS chelation and highlights their potential dangers. It provides invaluable information for those who want to proceed safely through the detoxification process. Read more here.