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In 1989 I was paralyzed and bedridden with Multiple Sclerosis. In 1994 I nearly died on the operating table with Crohn's disease and was told the disease would be lifelong -- and that I would be back for another operation within 5 years.

Never happened. I fought for 7 years to get my life back with no book or guide to show the way. I recovered against all odds, but not by accident.

This was before the Internet when the library was all we had. The books had everyone with MS smiling -- but they were all in wheel chairs. I wondered what they were smiling about. I decided I was going to get my life back.

My Recovery Protocol (230 pages) is a study of the modalities that led to my recovery -- invaluable information that is hidden by The Medical System.

Toxicity is the root cause of many conditions, hand-in-hand with parasites and other pathogens that are attracted to toxins. This creates a chain of pathology. Detoxification and parasite killing broke the chain and led to my recovery.

In my case, Multiple Sclerosis and Crohn's were both caused by mercury poisoning from "safe silver amalgam fillings" that are 50% mercury but only 35% silver -- approved by the FDA -- with permission to call them silver. Silver sounds better than mercury.


This photo is from Japan
following the Minamata mercury disaster in 1956
I looked like this -- paralyzed and bedridden with MS
... following a dental mercury disaster in 1989

All conditions

But My Recovery Protocol applies to all conditions with underlying toxicity issues, not only to conditions caused by dental mercury. People with many conditions have duplicated my success after reading my book.

My book is about much more than dental toxicity. We are exposed to enviromental toxins everywhere. Dental mercury happens to be one of those toxins -- but a very serious one.

The Ultimate ZapperInside the Ultimate Zapper

I don't see any mercury. Do you?

Part 1 of My Recovery Protocol covers sources of toxicity, the chain of pathology, specialized lab testing (not offered by The System), test analysis/interpretation and a host of conventional & "alternative" detoxification modalities (discussed in great detail) that led to my recovery, including parasite killing.

Part 2 of My Recovery Protocol covers rebuilding and revitalization with the specific elements that promote recovery and create good health, including diet and supplements.

My Recovery Protocol has empowered people to overcome many conditions by making truly informed choices. It's all about taking charge. Read more about My Recovery Protocol, including an unsolicited book review.

Many people who studied My Recovery Protocol have left wheel chairs behind and reclaimed their lives. But this is just "anecdotal" according to the The Medical System. The System has its own agenda. "Anecdotes" of people's actual experience are unwelcome -- because they reveal the truth.

My site, my recovery and My Speech to the MS Society are lauded in Stephanie Relfe's book entitled You're Not Fat You're Toxic.

MS -- a case study

"Safe silver amalgam fillings" entered The Dental System through the FDA's back door -- without safety testing. That was the only way they could get mercury into The System since they knew it was toxic.

Safety testing would have revealed that "silver amalgam" fillings are the #2 toxin on the planet -- right after radioactive plutonium. They couldn't allow that to happen.

So, the FDA went into conference with the ADA. After a lot of brain-storming they finally came up with the perfect solution to the problem. FDA alchemy turned mercury into silver.


Just like magic

Then FDA alchemy transformed the name "mercury fillings" into "safe silver amalgam fillings". A neat trick. They knew they had to deceive people in order to be able to poison them. You see, The System has no conscience. It's only about money.

FDA approval for "safe silver amalgam fillings" was demanded by the American Dental Association (ADA). Surprise, surprise, the ADA owned the 2 patents on these highly toxic fillings.

This became a billion-dollar windfall for the ADA. Mercury built the ADA Empire. Never mind millions have suffered and died. Someone had to pay the price. I notice that this interesting history of the ADA is not mentioned in the promo brochures distributed at dental clinics and offices.

Inside the Ultimate Zapper

ADA Headquarters in Chicago
The Empire mercury built

Mercury is the #1 neurotoxin on the Planet and the #2 toxic metal on the planet right after radioactive plutonium. It's in your mouth 2 inches from your brain. Does that sound safe to you?

Never mind. For over 150 years the ADA and FDA have been reassuring us that dental mercury is totally safe. Without a shred of proof, of course. Because there is none. Their words are not meant to convince. They are meant to brainwash those who are susceptible to being influenced by idiotic assertions.


Someone forgot ...
to tell the FDA and ADA

At the ADA and FDA, stating and restating the lie often enough transforms it into truth. In their delusional world, Orwellian truth takes the place of truth.

The game is to get their lawyers to make poisoning people legal. If it were illegal they would be sued into bankrupcy. It's all about legal liability. Morality is not an issue ... because they don't know the meaning of the word.

The ADA arrogantly thumbs their nose at people afflicted with dental mercury poisoning. The ADA's livelihood depends on poisoning people -- backed by the FDA. Sociopaths rule the roost. Evil is the rule of law.

Inside the Ultimate Zapper

The System is rigged

My Recovery Protocol also discusses collusion between government, corporations and "support" Associations and Societies. Their game is to "look after" the unfortunate victims of toxin-related conditions -- without looking for the cause. In 1997 in Vancouver, I spoke truth to the lie in My Speech to the MS Society.


BIG Pharma ... eager to help

In the case of "safe silver amalgam" fillings", graveyards are filled with the victims of mercury poisoning -- gladly palliated to the very end with the help of BIG Pharma.

The potential legal liability for dental mercury is estimated at 3 trillion US dollars. This makes the Bayer and Monsanto lawsuits look like cheap change. Of course, the FDA and the ADA always come up with creative ways to deny responsibility.

Moms Against Mercury won a lawsuit against the FDA in 2008 that confirmed mercury fillings cause autism in children. FDA lawyers got busy. They overturned the decision in 2009. Well done FDA.

The Big Dental Lie & The ADA Lies

Government "regulators" at the FDA and EPA give the metal and chemical industries a licence to kill by exposing us to disease-causing toxins. They always say the level of toxic exposure is too low to cause harm. Of course.

Deadly toxins never hurt anybody ... because the victims' lawyers would be burning up the phone lines and marching down to the courthouse if the truth were admitted. 180 million Americans have mercury in their mouth. No wonder why the ADA, FDA and EPA are desperate to suppress the truth.

Toxins aren't toxic

The exculpatory mantra of the ADA, FDA and EPA is shadowed by a list of toxin-related conditions from cancer to ... Alzheimer's ... Parkinson's ... Multiple Aclerosis ... heart disease ... autism ... thyroid disease ... diabetes ... the list is endless.

No doctor will ever tell a patient ... "open wide, let's see if you have mercury fillings in your mouth". After I recovered my health I visited the office of Dr. Hogge -- chief neurologist in Vancouver. We spoke for about 3 hours.

The Ultimate Zapper

If you don't open wide ...
how can I get the mercury in there?

In the end, Dr. Hogge laughed me out of his office when I made a suggestion he found absurd -- that all patients with MS be asked to "open wide" to see if they have mercury fillings.

I have corresponded with hundreds of people with MS over the past 25 years. Mercury fillings show up in over 90% of the cases. The Medical System knows about dental mercury causing neurological and other diseases.

In fact, many dentists have MS or other serious conditions. The ADA knows this -- but you won't find this in the ADA literature. Medical studies show that everyone working in a dental office is mercury toxic. Also not in the ADA literature.

The subject of mercury poisoning is taken off the table by the ADA. So, when illness strikes, nobody looks for mercury or other toxins. Dentists are denial.

And most patients are clueless. Like I was in 1989. Doctors are just doing their job -- avoiding the subject. Doctors never rule out mercury as a cause of disease. "Ruling out" is the cardinal rule for establishing medical diagnosis. Except if it could be embarrasing.

In fact, dentists are not allowed to mention the word mercury to patients unless the patients say the word mercury first. Otherwise, they can have their license to practice revoked by the ADA. You can't make this stuff up.

The Ultimate Zapper

What are you looking at me like that for?

When mercury strikes, The Medical System controlled by BIG Pharma comes to the rescue, treating symptoms and encouraging people to join health "Associations" and "Societies" -- funded by BIG Pharma. The MS Society encourages "MSers" to accept MS as their destiny. Join the club ... while BIG Pharma reaches for their prescription pad.

The MS Society was created to try to keep everyone with MS inside the box. They are a valuable marketing arm of BIG Pharma. People with MS who fall for the MSer thing have no idea about the game. They let others think for them and make decisions for them.

Bike for the cure? Yah, sure. After decades of biking what does the MS Society have to show? A goose egg. The biking scam was created to keep the MS Society going. It's money in the pocket for MS Society paper pushers. They are parasites feeding off the host.

The Ultimate Zapper

Inside the box

For people with MS, passivity spells the end of hope for recovery. With all the millions of dollars in The System annually, not a single person has ever recovered under their care. If you have MS, does it make any sense to bet on a guaranteed loser? I mean, who bets on a horse that never won a race?

I gave them hell in My Speech to the MS Society in Vancouver in 1997. Surprise, surprise ... Doctors Oger and Hashimoto of the Vancouver MS Clinic who were both present did not applaud. The audience tried to shout me down. Toxicity is unmentionable. Dental mercury is unmentionable. The truth is unmentionable.

It's all about inducing people to accept the disease name -- to get people to identify with the letters MS. To get them to embrace MS as their destiny. Social participation reinforces the diagnosis and "treatment plan". People with MS have been duped. They have been coopted into being partners in their own tragic decline.

People who identify with the disease name MS & call themselves MSers want to feel part of an MS family -- group psychology. Once The System accomplishes this, once their minds are won over, the work has been done and the battle has been won. But they're not the winners.

The System is corrupt

Mind control is the most fundamental part of the agenda of The System that is controlled by BIG Pharma. The agenda is to sell as many drugs as possible to people with MS. Since they linger for years they are the perfect return customers.

The System that controls minds also controls wallets. It's all about controlling spending habits. So, this is essentially a psychological operation. The System is an avid student of psychology.

What about FDA "Regulators", mandated to protect the public welfare? Well ... they are in bed with BIG Pharma. A revolving employment door swings between FDA and Pharma. The FDA has been bought off. Protecting people is not their problem. Their problem is making sure Big Pharma has enough prescription pads.


A very cozy bed

Surprise, surprise ... The System has produced a zero % success rate for MS and Crohn's on an unlimited budget of untold millions of dollars annually --- for decades. Their goal is to create as much profit as possible -- not to find a cure. There is no money to be made from cured patients.

My recovery happened on a miniscule budget. How is it that their unlimited multi-decade budget has come up with a goose egg? Could they be merely incompetent or are they simply corrupt?


If they were merely incompetent ...
it wouldn't be so bad

According to ... the FDA

Dr. Raeford Brown, a pediatric anesthesia specialist at the UK Kentucky Children’s Hospital and chair of the Food and Drug Administration Committee on Analgesics and Anesthetics, has been openly critical of big pharma and the lack of proper oversight from the FDA ... Brown doesn't think anything will come out of speaking out against big pharma "because Congress is owned by pharma."


They sure know
how to milk the cow

The System is all about 3 things: money, control and power. People are milk cows for BIG Pharma. They feed The System. The BIG Pharma machine has been on our planet for a mere 100 years. In that short time it has created a vast and powerful empire. In fact, BIG Pharma is the most profitable industry on Planet Earth.


Its tentacles are everywhere

With this grim picture in mind, what can we do on an individual basis? We can do our research and make informed choices to improve our lives, using time-proven natural approaches as much as possible. In the case of a health crisis or acute care, we may have no choice but to turn to BIG Pharma for a quick fix.

But in the case of chronic, long-term conditions, BIG Pharma is a goose egg. We're on our own. It's up to us to do our research with the goal of making wise choices. The Internet makes this much easier than in pre-Internet 1989 when I set out on my journey.

We must realize that everything is in our own hands. We must depend on our intuition, knowledge & understanding, awareness & consciousness -- and our day-to-day experience. With hard work and good fortune, we may be guided to a positive outcome. This is the path I took that enabled me to prevail.


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Against All Odds

Poisoned by mercury fillings in 1989, I went from paralysis with MS to near death with Crohn's in 1994. It took 7 years to claw my way out, escape the nightmare and return to perfect health.


I looked like this in 1994 after Crohn's surgery
-- with my hospital ID wrist bands (right)

Against All Odds (275 pages) is the personal story of my fight to beat the odds. It relates the abuse I endured in hospital and the blood, sweat and tears of my struggle with The Medical System ...

... as I fought doctors for extra "rations" and blood transfusions to stay alive, hemorrhaging in the ER with a hemoglobin count of 41. They were amazed I was still conscious. I nearly died on the operating table and spent 6 weeks in hospital fighting to survive.

I tell it like it was, including the incredible saga of how The System caused MS and Crohn's then stacked the odds against my recovery if I stayed inside the corrupt System.

Once I figured out the game and the zero % chance of recovering my health inside The System, I stepped outside the box, headed out on my own, and prevailed.

If you are facing serious illness and a dim prognosis, you may similarly be rewarded after reading Against All Odds.


Empowerment -- it's in our hands


This 182-page online e-book contains the most accurate and comprehensive information available anywhere about mercury and heavy metal detoxification and the relative dangers of chelating with DMSA, EDTA and DMPS. It is a must read for anyone who wants to learn about mercury detoxification after the removal of "silver amalgam" fillings, which are 50% mercury.

Risks of Chelation focuses on the pros and cons of DMSA, EDTA and DMPS chelation and highlights their potential dangers. It provides invaluable information for those who want to proceed safely through the detoxification process. Read more here.