Here are three important studies attesting to the effectiveness of the zapper in inhibiting the growth of cancer cells.

Note: The Dr. Clark Research Association device used in these studies does not have the 11 features of The Ultimate Zapper so one might have seen even better results if the study had been conducted using The Ultimate Zapper. Dr. Clark states she is not affiliated with any manufacturer which, presumably, includes David Amrein's Dr. Clark Research Association. The "zapper" used in this study is actually a frequency generator, not a zapper as defined by Dr. Hulda Clark, the inventor of the original zapper. Please see #4 and #5 on the FAQ page for more information on zappers and frequency generators. The Dr. Clark Research Association consented to a court order regarding false medical claims and false advertising for their products in 2004. Read more.

University of Washington Says
the Zapper is Effective against Cancer Cells

Dr. Clark Research Association asked Prof. Henry Lai from the University of Washington in Seattle to find out whether the zapper had any effect on cancer cells in the lab. The research work took six months and a considerable amount of wherewithal, but now it is confirmed that the zapper selectively kills cancer cells. Read Prof. Lai's summary here:

What does it mean that it selectively kills cancer cells? That means that healthy cells are not affected while cancer cells are killed. The research showed that in the lab culture after 24 hours there were 42% less cancer cells than without the zapper.

"To be quite frank when I started the research project I expected that the zapper would do nothing", said Prof. Lai. But when he saw how effective the minimal zapper current was on the cancer cell cultures, he stated, "Now we must find the mechanism how the cancer cells are killed. If we can do that then I think we can improve the treatment and make it more effective. If we can reduce cancer cells by 42%, we should be able to reduce them by 100%."

Prof. Lai also tested the effect of the zapper on bacteria cultures in vitro but could not yet show an effect. More tests will have to be done to find how the zapper affects pathogens in the human body. However another test was done using the Clark frequency from Dr. Clark's frequency table on cultured bacteria. The treated culture reduced significantly in number. However, the temperature could not be sufficiently controlled in this experiment, so it will have to be redone. But Dr. Lai said that "despite the fact that the number of bacteria was the same in both cultures after two hours, the rate of apoptosis [programmed cell death] was four times higher in the bacteria culture that was zapped."

So this is exciting news and a lot more research lies ahead.

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Low-intensity electric current-induced effects on human lymphocytes and leukemia cells

Narendra P. Singh and Henry Lai
Department of Bioengineering
University of Washington
Seattle, WA

The purpose of this study is to investigate whether low-intensity current affects cells in culture. Two types of human cells: white blood cells (lymphocytes) and leukemia cells (molt-4 cells), were studied. A low-intensity time-varying electric current (0.14 milliamp) generated by the Clark Zapper was applied to cell cultures via two platinum electrodes for 2 hrs at 37o C. Cell counts were made at different times after electric current application. Results show that the current had no significant effect on human white blood cells up to 24 hrs after exposure, whereas it significantly inhibited the growth of leukemia cells. At 24 hrs after exposure, concentration of leukemia cells exposed to the electric current was only 58% of that of non-exposed leukemia cells. These data suggest that the electric current can selectively inhibit the growth of leukemia cells and does not significantly affect normal cells. A manuscript describing these results is in preparation for publication. In addition, the same electric current exposure (0.14 milliamps, 2 hrs at 37 degrees Celsius) was applied to E. coli bacteria cultures. No significant effect of the current was observed in E. coli cultures at 24 hrs after exposure.

Further research should investigate whether this selective electric current-induced growth inhibition also occurs in other types of cancer cells. The critical current parameters and mechanism of this effect should also be investigated.

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In 1931 Otto Warburg won the Nobel Prize in Medicine for discovering that cancer was anaerobic, in other words it occurs in the absence of free oxygen. Science then knew that cancer was caused by a lack of free oxygen in the body and therefore, whatever causes this to occur is the cause of cancer. Agglutinated red blood cells cannot deliver adequate amounts of oxygen to the various parts of the body. Red blood cells that are not agglutinated have a better ability to carry oxygen through out the body. Many believe having more oxygen will result in better health and less cancer. Since using square wave frequencies seems to improve the oxygen carrying capacity of red blood cells, perhaps this is why these frequencies appear to support acheiving and maintaining a healthy status.

The Ultimate Zapper

Above are actual photographs from squarewaveresearch.com which is no longer an active website. They show red blood cells before and 30 minutes after being zapped by square wave frequencies. The left picture shows agglutinated (sticky) blood that are believed to hamper oxygenation of the body, and fibrin which is considered by many alternative practitioners to be an indication of cardiovascular stress. The right picture shows free flowing red blood cells (not sticky) in the blood serum, with proper cell shape, and with a visible reduction of the fibrin.

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