The myth that the medical system is searching for the cause and the cure for Crohn's disease was created by the medical system to allow them to profit from those who are chronically ill. Thanks to the system the cause and the cure remain perpetually just beyond reach. All they need is more money to keep looking. The search for the cause and cure for Crohn's disease is as elusive as the search for the cause and cure for Multiple Sclerosis. There is no need to search any further for the cuase and the cure than the word toxicity. That's the one place the medical profession never looks.  Look where the system is not looking and you'll be able to find the answers.

I was struck down by Crohn's disease in the summer of 1993 when I was 44. I nearly died in 1994. I believe the name of an illness should help the person who has it to understand what he or she has, not to disguise the nature of the illness, which is what disease names usually do. Crohn was the name of the doctor who observed and described the disease. He gave his name to it. But, unfortunately, the word Crohn explains absolutely nothing about the nature of the condition. It merely tells us the name of the person who claimed it for his own and, like Alzheimer and Parkinson and Hodgkin and so many other disease names. Disease naming actually keeps us in the dark. In my opinion, Crohn's disease is caused by toxicity. In my case the intestines were poisoned by mercury leaching into the digestive tract from my mercury fillings. The body eliminates mercury extremely slowly. Chelation is the only way to effectively remove mercury at a rate that will allow the body to recover from disease. 90% of the mercury that is excreted from the body is eliminated through the intestines. When it is not eliminated quickly via chelation it is allowed to accumulate in the intestines where it causes tissues to become diseased through mercury poisoning. Mercury destroys the tissues and attracts parasites, unfriendly bacteria and fungus which contribute to toxicity in the intestines. In my opinion, it would be more helpful if Crohn's disease were called Toxic Intestinal Disease (TID). It is not easy to understand "we don't know the cause, we don't have a cure", so we'll name it after Dr. Crohn. But it is very easy to understand the word toxicity. Toxicity means poisoning.

Crohn's Disease

Let me tell you my story. By the fall of 1993 I had been suffering from Multiple Sclerosis for 4 years. On October 30 of that year I was bedridden with excruciating intestinal pain and fever after suffering through a difficult summer. After having severe hallucinations on morphine I became addicted to a synthetic morphine. I didn't want to live anymore. Every night I begged God to take me. I endured this unspeakable pain and ran a fever every day for six months before I was lucky enough to be recommended to the top intestinal surgeon in my part of the world, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

He was on the point of retiring and took only the most difficult cases. I had developed severe complications.

A fistula had grown through the pelvic wall and was about to exit the right buttock. It had abscessed. I spent 6 weeks in St. Paul's Hospital in Vancouver in the spring of 1994. My doctor operated on me on April 5, 1994. He saved my life. From the foot of my bed he said to me "Ken, you were a mess. I couldn't find the ureter". In fact, before the operation, I was no longer able to urinate anymore.

I started to hemorrhage after the operation, was prematurely discharged, and was readmitted to the hospital with a hemoglobin count of 41. The nurses were amazed I was still conscious with so little blood left in my body. I should have been in shock. But I was not only conscious, I was demanding, in a tone of voice that let the nurses know I was serious, a few extra pints of the red stuff. I was not in the mood to die anymore, having gone through the trauma of major intestinal surgery. I was fighting mad. Thanks to my upbringing I have a fighting spirit and I was using it to the best of my ability on that occasion to improve my chances for survival. I received 14 blood transfusions.

The Ultimate Zapper The Ultimate Zapper

                        Diseased colon                         Diseased ileocaecal valve

After leaving the hospital in the spring of 1994 I still experienced pain, bleeding, diarrhea, gas, and bloating. I was not cured of Crohn's disease. I was merely given a reprieve. I knew I was living on borrowed time. I visited a Vancouver naturopath who diagnosed me as having parasites. This was a turning point in my life because the person who was selling Dr. Hulda Clark's book on parasites and parasite killing, which my naturopath recommended I read, also knew a biological dentist in Vancouver. I had been seriously considering having my mercury fillings replaced.

My naturopath recommended I go on Dr. Clark's herbal parasite killing program, which I did. The Crohn's symptoms disappeared for a while, but then came back again. So, I went back on the Hulda Clark herbal parasite killing program. It was a cat and mouse game. By early 1995 I had done enough research to convince myself that the root of my problem was the mercury in my fillings. In the summer of 1995 I had my metal fillings replaced with bio-compatible plastic fillings. I then did DMPS chelation, with disastrous results, and DMSA chelation, with excellent results. The chelation process lasted more than 6 months, right into the winter of 1995. I read Dr. Clark's book The Cure for All Diseases and I learned that I could kill intestinal parasites with an electronic device called The Zapper that produces a wave that resonates with parasites, bacteria and viruses and destroys them. I built the primitive "tap zapper" that was described in Dr. Clark's book but I didn't get any results. I won a real Hulda Clark zapper, not a tap zapper, at a draw at a health food fare in January 1996 in Bellingham, Washington. I used it instead of herbs to kill parasites. I got excellent results. The Crohn's symptoms disappeared, but then returned, but with much less severity. I was amazed. This inspired me to start making zappers. In 1996 I invented The Ultimate Zapper. After using my zapper for a few short weeks my symptoms disappeared for good and have never returned.

Is this all just an illusion? Is "The Disease" still there, lurking in the background waiting to "attack" after lying dormant these past 15 years? There is no mysterious disease waiting in the shadows to "attack" me. The disease that I had suffered from was caused by a state of toxicity. Mercury poisoning. Once the mercury was removed from my body it was able to recover. The mysterious disease "miraculously" disappeared. But not by accident. For the past 15 years I have taken no medication, prescription or over-the-counter, or any herbs, for so-called Crohn's disease. I am not on a special diet. I eat what I like. I don't even have to zap anymore. I am totally free of all symptoms and signs of Crohn's disease. I am totally free of Crohn's disease. The law says I cannot use the word cure. So I won't. You can draw your own conclusions. But how do I know the illness is gone for sure? Are there any signs of the disease that are detectible at all?

In 1998 a friend of mine told me about a doctor she had recently visited. She said that he was familiar with alternative medicine and thought that I might find it interesting to visit him. So, I went to see him in his office opposite St. Paul's Hospital in Vancouver where I had been operated on in 1994. I recognized him immediately. He was one of the doctors who had seen me on his rounds when I was hospitalized in 1994. I told him that I had no symptoms of Crohn's disease, that my mercury fillings had been replaced, that I had detoxified, done DMSA chelation, done herbal parasite killing, and had used my zapper. I told him that I had not used Prednisone or Salofalk or any other medicine for Crohn's disease for many years. He was very skeptical. He said, very confidently, "You still have The Disease". To him, Crohn's disease is not a condition that one can do anything about and get rid of it. It is a disease, a lifelong affliction. It is incurable. He was determined to prove that I still had Crohn's disease. So he suggested I have some blood work done to find signs of "The Disease" lurking in the background, signs of inflamation, for example. He was very confident. He knew even before he tested me that I must have signs of Crohn's disease and that those signs would show up in the blood work. So, at his suggestion I went to the lab and had five or six vials of blood drawn. I knew what the results would show. When they came back from the lab the doctor called me and left a short message on my answering machine. "Mr. Presner", he said, "all blood work is normal." Which is what I anticipated. End of story.

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