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There is so much misinformation and disinformation on the internet about alterative medicine that people often feel they're stepping into a mine field. I started off in the health food business in 1983 when nearly everything "different" was ridiculed by the mainstream. Things are far more complex now because of the sheer volume of information available on the internet. I created five Comparison Charts to clarify the issue of zapper features for people doing research on zappers. The charts compare the 29 most popular zappers using the 11 features that make zappers effective.

vs. Misinformation

Here is an example of misinformation about me on the net arising from an innocent misunderstanding: "... there is a famous case of a Canadian called Ken Presner who was misdiagnosed with MS and who also cured himself of his symptoms with chelation therapy following a urine provocation test that revealed he had extreme heavy metal toxicity."

There is both truth and misinformation in this statement. It is true that I overcame MS but it is untrue that I was misdiagnosed. I was correctly diagnosed by Dr. Allan Gordon at Mt. Sinai Hospital in Vancouver in the spring of 1990. Saying I cured myself with chelation is also a misstatement. Removing mercury fillings was the first of many steps in the process of my recovery that included chelation therapy. I always refer to overcoming MS and Crohn's disease as "recovery". It is illegal for me to use the word "cure".

vs. Disinformation

It is impossible to have a site for 17 years without being misrepresented. Since there are many internet forums that will publish any statements about any product or person without first verifying the truth of those statements there is a lot of disinformation on the internet. Intentionally false and malicious "information" is all over the net because there is money to be made through libel and defamation. The internet has a flourishing disinformation industry with many sites inviting sensational, libelous and defamatory postings. Here is an example of how this works.

ComplaintsBoard & Scamfound

ComplaintsBoard and Scamfound recently removed a defamatory "report" about me from their sites when I proved it was clearly fraudulent. Ripoff Report and Merareview -- 2 sites run by criminals -- use thousands of "reports" to reap huge profits -- including the same defamatory "report" about my site that was removed from ComplaintsBoard and Scamfound.

Ripoff Report


Ed Magedson owns Ripoff Report. He has faced many lawsuits for publishing false "reports" about products. He "invites" fraudulent submissions to add to those he writes himself and those he copies from other sites. Then he "invites" his victims to pay up to have the "reports" removed.
                  Ed Magedson

But when they pay up the "reports" are not removed. Ed Magedson is a convicted felon. Here is his criminal record: drug possession, assault and battery, check fraud, and default judgment. He is wanted for extortion, money laundering and tax evasion. There is currently a $20,000 reward for information leading to his arrest. Here is an expose on him in the Phoenix New Times. This report calls Ed Magedson the internet mafia in the "shake down" business. This site describes how Ripoff Report engages in "cyber-terrorism". This TV report describes him as an internet terrorist. This site shows how Ed Magedson engages in extortion.

Magedson says he owns a "free speech" site. He makes his living from advertising revenue that his site attracts and through extortion. Those who believe what they read on his Ripoff Report and other similar sites end up being duped by criminals who make their living from duping people. Do a Google search for "Ed Magedson". Discover the truth. Ed Madegson has published defamatory "reports" about The Ultimate Zapper on his site. I have received an "invitation" to pay up. I don't deal with extortionists.

Merareview -- the clone from India

Merareview is a "clone" site run from India. They specialize in defamation and operate just like Ripoff Report. They have amassed a small fortune by stealing "reports" from other "report" sites with the sole purpose of attracting site traffic and advertising cash flow. It looks like their business strategy is working well. They receive over 4,200 visitors per day. This means they receive huge advertising income from defaming people. Merareview does not answer telephone calls. Their site has a dummy "contact us" link. They do not reply to emails. Here is a quote from Merareview's "Terms and Conditions":

"Merareview.com is not responsible for the validity of the consumer complaints posted to the Merareview.com site."

All "report" sites have the same policy. On Merareview and Ripoff Report anyone can say anything they like about any product or person. Their statements are never verified before they appear on these sites. This is also true for ComplaintsBoard and Scamfound -- 2 "report" sites under the same ownership that are registered in Riga, Latvia -- conveniently beyond the long arm of the law. People are free to libel and defame whoever they wish on these sites. Google is well aware of this criminal activity. In fact, they give preferred ratings to sites that feature negative "reports". Why? Because this translates into increased advertising revenue for Google. They benefit from "pay-per-click" internet crime. It's all about money. Big money.

Click on the links in red for more information. Scamchasers is a scam. Scaminformer is a scam. Scamtracers is a scam. ComplaintsBoard is a scam run from Latvia. Scamfound is its mirror scam. Ripoff Report is a scam run by criminal Ed Magedson. Merareview is a scam run from India. They do the dirty work. David Etheredge of ParaZapper just quotes them. Read more about David Etheredge here.

Silver Terminator

Ken Adachi's zapper is a Terminator clone. He is a CIA "disinformer" helping to destroy "alternative" sites. His real name is Peter Boudreau. On his site he SHOUTS in CAPITAL LETTERS about The Ultimate Zapper to make his POINT. He calls me "the ultimate huckster" & "pathological". He is called a "malicious liar" by those he defames on his Educate-Yourself site. He redefines the word "educate". Google "Ken Adachi lies". Read more.