Biological Dentistry is mercury-free dentistry. Biological dentists use fillings made from bio-compatible plastics that will not poison their patients or themselves or those working in their dental office. Medical studies have shown that everyone who works in a dental office where mercury is used is mercury toxic. When a dentist puts a silver amalgam filling in your mouth you have a filling that contains 50% mercury. It is really a mercury amalgam. Mercury is the most powerful brain poison (neurotoxin) on the planet. And, according to the research of Dr. Hal Huggins, D.D.S., M.S., there is a 92% chance that your immune system will start to fight the presence of dental mercury circulating your body. Mercury suppresses the immune system. In many cases dental mercury will win the fight with your immune system and create disease. Dr. Huggins' book It's All in Your Head is an excellent expose of the dangers of dental mercury. It tells the reader how to have mercury fillings replaced safely with non-toxic plastic fillings. Another excellent book on this subject is Silver Dental Fillings - The Toxic Time Bomb, by Sam Ziff. My Recovery Protocol covers this issue comprehensively plus the whole subject of detoxification and how to rebuild the immune system.


The Ultimate Zapper

What you are looking at is 50% mercury
but your dentist won't tell you that unless you ask.
I wonder why?

Anywhere but in your mouth mercury is condemned by the EPA as hazardous waste. But with the encouragement of the ADA the EPA says "When it's in your mouth there's no problem." Your dentist waves a magic wand over your fillings and the mercury suddenly becomes non-toxic. Yah, sure. And my name is Eleanor Roosevelt.

Mercury from your fillings leaches into every tissue in your body. It travels to the brain and the kidneys and to every organ and system in the body, including the cardiovascular system. It can destroy the immune system. When you have bio-compatible plastics put in your mouth by a biological dentist your tissues and organs will not be poisoned, your nervous system will not be affected, and your immune system will not be destroyed.

After you have your mercury fillings replaced with plastic fillings the mercury is still in your tissues and it will continue to poison you. You can remove the residual mercury and other metals from your tissues by doing DMSA chelation.

The astonishing truth about the dangers of the root canal procedure has been effectively suppressed by the ADA for decades for the simple reason that there is a lot of money to be made from doing root canal procedures. You can read more about the root canal procedure on the Root Canal page on this site. The best thing you can do before making an appointment to visit your dentist is to inform yourself about dental materials and procedures. Knowledge is power. Read The Big Dental Lie before your next visit to the dentist. It is a must-read. When you enter your dentist's office with knowledge and understanding you are in a position to discuss dental matters with your dentists on his level. Thus, you have drastically reduced the chance that you will allow your dentist to do anything that will harm you. I ended up paralyzed after visiting my friendly dentist in 1989. Don't let this happen to you. Be informed. Make informed choices.


Allowing your dentist to put mercury in your mouth is the worst thing you can allow him to do. Allowing him to do a root canal is the second worst thing you can allow him to do. The book Root Canal Cover-up by Dr. George Meinig, D.D.S., F.A.C.D., reveals that the root canal procedure traps bacteria in the dentin tubules. These bacteria proliferate and produce toxins that can travel all over the body lowering the body's immune system and causing serious health problems.

Root Canals Root Canal Diagram
Infection develops under every root canal tooth

This research was done by Dr. Weston Price in the 1920's. Dr. Weston Price, D.D.S., M.S., F.A.C.D. was no wild-eyed radical. He was known as the world's greatest dentist. He was a dental research specialist and his work was revered by both the dental and medical professions. He did 25 years of meticulous research under the auspices of the American Dental Association. The results of his research showing the dangers of root canal procedures were so obvious and shocking that they had to be suppressed by his sponsor, the ADA, to allow dentists to continue to make lots of money doing root canal procedures. Dr. Meinig's book is well worth reading. Then talk to your dentist about it.

The root canal procedure is the only medical procedure that exists which forces the body to accept dead tissue.

Root Canals produce toxins that can poison you in unsuspected ways. The toxins can travel along the body's energy paths, known as meridians, causing disease in places far from your mouth. The astonishing truth about root canals has been effectively suppressed by the dental profession for decades for the simple reason that there is a lot of money to be made from doing root canals. The tooth is dead, the body knows it and it doesn't like it because it is completely unnatural for the body to be forced to retain dead tissue. So the body rebels. The tooth produces infection and toxins. There is infection under each and every root canal tooth. Your dentist won't tell you about this unless you ask him. Because if you knew the truth you might think twice about having the root canal done, which would reduce his income. Dentists make a lot of money by doing root canals, as everyone who gets the bill knows. Dentists are very happy to perform this expensive procedure on millions of patients every year. The root canal is a procedure created to make money, not to keep the body happy and healthy. Financial gain has taken precedence over the health of their patients. The Hippocratic Oath (Do No Harm) has been thrown in the garbage can. The truth is that the medical and dental professions are concerned first and foremost about the bottom line, even if that means compromising the health of their patients. The most important thing you can do when you visit your dentist is to inform yourself about the subject of dentistry. You and your dentist will have a completely different kind of conversation if you do that. I guarantee it.

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