So-called silver amalgam fillings are actually 50% mercury. They poison not only the neurological system causing MS and other neurological diseases, they also poison the endocrine system (the glands) including the pancreas that produces insulin, thus causing diabetes.

In Type 1 diabetes dental mercury destroys the ability of the beta cells in the islets of Langerhans in the pancreas from producing insulin. In Type 2 diabetes dental mercury impares insulin production but the pancreas continues to produce some insulin.

The medical system's solution for this problem is to ignore metal toxicity as a possible cause of pancreatic dysfunction. The system makes a living from sick diabetics. Office visits, test strips, pills, dialysis and amputations keep many medical and phamaceutical companie very happy -- as well as doctors.

Doctors tell patients with diabetes to watch their feet. But they don't tell them that the root cause of diabetic "complications" is oxygen deficiency due to the accumulation of fatty deposits in the cardio-vascular system caused by poorly regulated blood sugar. The solution to oxygen deficiency is oxygenation -- not amputation. But it is hard for a surgeon to make a living when there is nothing to amputate.


Smart contact lens could help millions with diabetes

Help millions? Help them do what? Overcome diabetes -- or help them "manage their diease" -- with Google laughing all the way to the bank? Google has announced it's testing a smart contact lens that can help measure glucose levels in tears. The contacts contain a tiny wireless chip and a sensor. The company is hoping the technology could lead to a new way of helping people with diabetes manage their disease. Thanks -- but people with diabetes deserve better than a Google Glasses Solution to help "manage their disease" -- while padding Google's bottom line. Is this the best Eric Schmidt can do? Did you ever hear Google mention doing anything about mercury poisoning from so-called mercury amalgam fillings?

The following links contain important information about the correlation between mercury fillings and diabetes.

Link 1 (a scientific study from Taiwan that shows a direct link between mercury and diabetes)

Link 2 (shows that mercury can kill beta cells that produce insulin and that mercury is an "environmental risk factor" for diabetes)

Link 3 (an article by Dr. Mark Sircus on the connection between mercury and diabetes)

Link 4 (the American Diabetic Association admits mercury causes diabetes but they perpetrate THE BIG FISH LIE -- claiming that most of the mercury comes from fish rather than mercury fillings)

Link 5 shows the link between mercury and "elevation of blood glucose" and "pancreatic beta-cell dysfunction".

Link 6 (a report on mercury poisoning in Canada)

Link 7 (a forum on mercury fillings)

Link 8 (a discussion with links to many mercury-related conditions)

Link 9 (an interesting medical forum)

Link 10 (an article from New Scientist)

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