DMSA was approved the FDA in the 1990s for removing lead from the brain of lead-poisoned children. It's real name is meso 2,3 dimercaptosuccinic acid. A lot of research on DMSA has been done by Dr. H.V. Aposhian. Contrary to what a lot of information on the Internet says, DMSA can indeed cross the blood/brain barrier to remove all metals. But it also removes minerals, which is why it is vitally important to read My Recovery Protocol to get up to speed on what your practitioner most likely will not tell you, simply because she/he may not be aware. Lamentably, this is quite often the case with DMSA and patients can suffer as a result. I know. I did.

DMSA is used off-label for metal detoxification, but most practitioners do not have enough experience or knowledge about DMSA to be able to guide their patients safely through the DMSA detoxification process. Many follow the dangerous Dr. Andrew Cutler, Ph.D. protocol that has ended with many people in the ER -- which Andrew Cutler will not tell you about. Patients are not aware they may be guinea pigs when their ptactitioner recommends a DMSA protocol, and many end up the victims of incompetence and even malpractice. This happened to me and many others.

DMSA is a sulphur-rich compound that acts like a magnet, bonding with metals and minerals, flushing them out of the body via the feces and the urine. It should ideally be used under the supervision of a licensed -- and competent-- medical practitioner. When this is not possible, the guidelines in my book (with free follow-up by me) can help you safely through the detoxification process. If you have a practitioner who is willing to do DMSA chelation with you, My Recovery Protocol can help keep them on the right track. Many practitioners have used My Recovery Protocol to help guide their patients.

My Recovery Protocol will help you and your practitioner get up to speed about the bonding process, why some metals do not show up in testing at first, mineral depletion, why blood testing is inappropriate (what I call smoke-and-mirrors testing), the only appropriate testing people should rely on, how to interpret reference values (which most practitioners have no clue about), the correct interpretation of test results that eludes many practitioners, and much more. My book will guide you through the whole detoxification process. And My Recovery Protocol includes free follow-up -- from someone who has been there and done it.

DMSA Chelation FigureDMSA Chelation Figure

         The DMSA Molecule                 DMSA capturing mercury

With all due respect, many people are flying partially blind. They start using DMSA before all their mercury fillings are removed. This will simply shunt mercury from your fillings into your organs, including the brain, leaving you worse off than before, perhaps much worse off, as has happened with many people. My book shows you how to proceed safely.

The Big Dental Mercury Lie

Candida albicans and other pathogens are attracted to dental mercury. There is a near 100% correlation between candida and mercury fillings. And there is a near near 100% correlation between Lyme and dental mercury. The role that zapping plays in the detoxification process is to kill the opportunistic pathogens that are attracted to mercury and other metals,  as well as chemicals. Pathogens and toxins form a chain of pathology that must be broken before health can be restored.

The body can heal given the right incredients. It is like baking bread. You need to have all the ingredients in place to make a success. If you leave out the baking soda or yeast your bread will not rise.

There are a number of chelators besides DMSA that are very effecting in detoxifying metals. And there are other modalities that greatly enhance the process. My Recovery Protocol will get you up to speed on everything you need to know. My book will not only empower you to make the best possible informed choices with your practitioner, it will also enable you to avoid the dangerous pitfalls that many people fall victim to -- as I myself did on more than one occasion. My experience has helped many people recover their health since 1996. Read more about My Recovery Protocol -- the blueprint for recover that I wrote after overcoming 2 incurable diseases.