The Ultimate Zapper's powerful Electroporation Effect can enhance the uptake of potassium iodide or iodine taken in the form of supplements or seaweed products to help protect the thyroid gland against radiation poisoning. Seaweed is rich in natural iodine. Zap according to The Manual within an hour either side of taking iodine supplements or eating seaweed. Iodine will be in the "express lane" to the thyroid gland infusing its iodine receptors with natural iodine that prevents radioactive iodine from reaching the thyroid.


In 25 years I have not received a single report about any problem with zapping and medication. People on medication who zap at 10 seconds or more often report enhanced results. In any case, you should always consult your practitioner about your medication dosage if you plan to zap. They may want to lower the dosage for you in some cases.



The Ultimate Zapper makes medicine, herbs, vitamin and mineral supplements, homeopathy and acupuncture more potent through the Electroporation Effect. It temporarily increases cell permeability. Here is the science that explains The Ultimate Zapper's powerful electroporation effect. Here is another scientific paper with relevent information.

Other than The Ultimate Zapper there are only 2 other companies in the world that specialize in electroporation devices: Eppendorf AG in Germany and Inovio Pharmaceuticals Inc. in the US. The Ultimate Zapper produces the same effect as their devices. The Eppendorf Electroporator sells for over $5,000.

Inovio is the world leader in electroporation applications and also makes electroporation devices. They have over 200 patents worldwide. Here is an explanation of how Inovio's electroporation works.

19 testimonials (below) document The Ultimate Zapper's Electroporation Effect. This is the only site in the world featuring a non-patented zapper that creates the Electroporation Effect.


A Microscopic View of Electroporation Therapy


If you are wondering if The Ultimate Zapper's powerful Electroporation Effect is as powerful as I say it is you can prove it to yourself quite easily. This test will make you an instant believer. I guarantee it. But you will probably be cursing me for a long while afterward.

There are a number of variables here.

1. Niacin creates a "flush" when taken on its own without zapping. The "flush" (with the concurrent release of histamine) has the effect of increasing circulation by opening the capillaries much wider than normal. The niacin flush is a natural blood cleanser.

2. For purposes of comparison you should do a niacin flush without zapping first, then do a niacin flush with zapping. In this way you will have an experience you will never forget. You may be cursing me for a while but be forewarned. I told you so. You will now be a true believer in The Ultimate Zapper's powerful Electroporation Effect.

3. You should use niacin not niacinamide.

4. The niacin should be taken on an empty stomach with a lot of water.

5. The dosage has to be chosen carefully by someone who has experience taking niacin so as not to under-dose or over-dose. This will vary from person to person since, as you probably know, a niacin flush can be provoked with low dosages at the beginning but only larger dosages as one progresses with niacin flushes. 250 mgs. is a normal starting dosage.

6. The zapping session take place within an hour after taking the niacin.

7. Regarding the zapping time, this will vary, with or without 7-minute breaks according to the model being used, the dosage and the sensitivity of the person. In a sensitive person this effect can require only 10 seconds of zapping, no matter what the dosage. In a person who is not sensitive 1 to 10 minutes of zapping or more may be required -- depending on the dosage.

8. If you have no experience with niacin I suggest doing a few niacin flushes before attempting this experiment. It can be VERY uncomfortable for many hours afterwards with continuous sensations of burning and itching all over the body -- from head to toe. So, a strong word of caution is necessary here.

9. Years ago I did the Electroporation Challenge twice with SE -- 7 minutes 20 minutes off 7 minutes 20 minutes off 7 minutes. The first time I took three 500 mg. tablets of niacin on an empty stomach and then zapped an hour later. The second time I zapped first and then took three 500 mg. tables of niacin on an empty stomach. The results were the same on both occasions.

10. By the time you get to the end of the zapping cycle your skin will feel like it is on fire from a "monster" niacin flush. Your skin will be so itchy from head to toe that you will be in terrible "itch despair" for hours.

11. The Electroporation Effect is temporary. It lasts only a few hours and peaks in about one hour. If you wish to avoid or minimize the Electroporation Effect with herbs, supplements and medication you should take them 12 hours after zapping or before zapping. Some long-life medications may still be enhanced even after 12 hours but this effect should only be minimal. If you are taking medication, especially long-life medication, please consult your doctor about reducing the dosage.


Electroporation studies from the NIH (National Institutes of Health) and the NLM (National Library of Medicine) prove the absolute effectiveness of the Electroporation Effect in treating illness.

Read more about electroporation on the Inovio website. Electroporation studies from the NIH (National Institutes of Health) and NLM (National Library of Medicine) are here. Electroporation scientific references are here.

Inovio's MedPulser Electroporation Therapy System is being used in the treatment of cancer. The NIH (National Institutes of Health) has published the relevant medical studies. An FDA-approved study on breast cancer shows that Inovio's Electroporation "therapy was safe, well-tolerated, and achieved a 75% complete tumor response rate." The therapy consists of an "electrical pulse generator and disposable electrode applicators". Inovio's Electroporation Therapy is delivered using their FDA-approved zapper. This is the identical therapy that The Ultimate Zapper produces. Inovio has an FDA Medical Device permit for its zapper. They are the world leader in electroporation therapy with over 200 patents worldwide.

In June 2004, Inovio was granted fast-track status by the FDA for its MedPulsar Electroporation Therapy System clinical development programme for patients with head and neck cancer.

There is no doubt that patients will be paying premium prices to receive electroporation therapy with FDA-approved Inovio zappers. Inovio's corporate partners also are benefitting from Electroporation. Merck, Vical, Chiron, the US Navy and others are using Inovio's electroporation technology to facilitate the delivery of drugs.

Before zapping please consult a licensed medical practitioner if you are taking any medicine, herbs or supplements. To ensure the safe use of health-related products please let your medical practitioner know if you are using my zapper. Although some people may find the Electroporation Effect beneficial it may not be beneficial for all people under all conditions. Dosages of medicine, herbs or supplements may have to be adjusted to take into account the Electroporation effect, but not necessarily. This should be closely evaluated by you and your medical practitioner.


From the Inovio website: "In the early 1990's, Inovio made a strategic decision to further develop the concept of electroporation into potential human therapeutic applications (Electroporation Therapy or "EPT") and has made significant advancements in this area. For years, cancer researchers have been trying to find a way to target chemotherapeutic agents more precisely - to deliver the agents only to that part of the body affected by cancer. EPT does this is by making the cancer cells more permeable; making it easier for the chemotherapeutic agents to penetrate the cell membrane and enter the cell. This could make it possible to deliver reduced dosages of chemotherapy more effectively, thus increasing cytotoxicity while reducing or even eliminating side effects."


In 1931 Otto Warburg won the Nobel Prize in Medicine for discovering that cancer was anaerobic, in other words it occurs in the absence of free oxygen. Science then knew that cancer was caused by a lack of free oxygen in the body and therefore, whatever causes this to occur is the cause of cancer. Agglutinated red blood cells cannot deliver adequate amounts of oxygen to the various parts of the body. Red blood cells that are not agglutinated have a better ability to carry oxygen through out the body. Many believe having more oxygen will result in better health and less cancer. Since using square wave frequencies seems to improve the oxygen carrying capacity of red blood cells, perhaps this is why these frequencies appear to support achieving and maintaining a healthy status.

The Ultimate Zapper

Above are actual photographs from an interesting website. They show red blood cells before and 30 minutes after being zapped by square wave frequencies. The left picture shows agglutinated (sticky) blood that are believed to hamper oxygenation of the body, and fibrin which is considered by many alternative practitioners to be an indication of cardiovascular stress. The right picture shows free flowing red blood cells (not sticky) in the blood serum, with proper cell shape, and with a visible reduction of the fibrin.


A scientific study for a recently patented zapper, not associated with Inovio Biomedical Corp., proves therepeutic results, including the Electroporation Effect, are greatly improved when the duty cycle is over 88%. The duty of The Ultimate Zapper is near 100%. The duty cycle of all other zappers is only 50%.

"US Patent 7288062"

"Apparatus for creating therapeutic charge transfer in tissue"

"Reich et al. in the International Journal of Dermatology validate this conclusion [regarding improved results with a higher "duty cycle"] with the results compiled from seventeen different medical studies. Further validation of the efficacy of charge transfer is provided by the experiments using the inventor's device at the University of Miami's Medical School ..."

"Improved "Duty Cycle" is a key feature of the invention..."Duty Cycle" is the term used to define the total percent of the entire time of a treatment in which the subject is exposed to the effective or beneficial electric field. Within the context of the invention, a possible duty cycle should have a positive DC-like portion of the electric field for 0.008 seconds and a negative portion for 0.002 seconds that continuously repeats, without any time interval between cycles. For this example, the Duty Cycle (DC) is: DC=((0.008/(0,008+0.002))*100=80%."

This scientific study also supports the identical electroporation and regenerative affects of The Ultimate Zapper that are reported in the testimonials on my site. Here is a quote from the above-cited study that proves these facts: "The present invention creates an induced DC-like electric field in biological material to treat the material. The biological material can be portions of a living human or animal, such as body fluids, cells, tissue, or bone. The induced DC-like electric field can treat the biological material in numerous ways, including promoting regeneration of damaged tissue. For example, the DC-like electric field can treat trauma (e.g., bruises, torn muscles, and cartilage damage); debilitation; organs by stimulating their regeneration to restore their functions; damaged or severed human nerves or axons; slow or non healing bone fractures (nonunions); occlusion of blood flow due to formation of plaque or other forms of calcification in the blood stream; ailments such as heart disease and senility, resulting from reduced blood flow to the affected organ; or osteoporosis (both prevention and reversal)."

"The induced DC-like electric field also can treat the biological material by destroying it or disrupting its normal processes. For example, cancerous tissues within the human body can be treated by inducing high electric currents. The induced DC-like electric field also can be used to increase migration of electrically charged materials through the biological material. For example, the induced DC-like electric field can enhance transdermal transport of efficacious ionic drug components to specific locations within the tissue, thus reducing the amount of drug needed as well as toxic effects from the drug. The induced DC-like electric field also can decrease human nerve pain by blocking electrical signals along nerve paths."

The fact that the device referred to in this study is an electro-magnetic device does not reflect any therapeutic difference with the results reported in the The Archive on my site by customers who have used The Ultimate Zapper successfully for a wide variety of ailments.


Electroporation testimonials show that The Ultimate Zapper produces the same powerful Electroporation Therapy as Inovio's "electrical pulse" zappers. But until it receives FDA approval The Ultimate Zapper is sold in the U.S. as an experimental consumer device, not as a medical device.

21 customers have emailed me testimonials proving The Ultimate Zapper's Electroporation Effect. I have cut and pasted these testimonials, below, from the Testimonial Archive on this site.

The second customer -- below -- zapped while on chemotherapy and had greatly enhanced results. Identical results for chemotherapy were reported in an FDA-approved Inovio Electroporation medical study.

My personal experience with the electroporation effect was remarkable. I zapped before and after doing "niacin flush" therapy. In both cases I had "the mother of all niacin flushes". It was incredible. Electroporation Therapy with The Ultimate Zapper really works. There's no doubt about it.

*** 1. FITNESS

Hey Ken

... I would also like to thank you my QE2 zapper ... I love this thing and it really really makes a difference in your life. I definitely know my cells become more porous because I have been using the same pre-workout before I go to the gym for many years and I zap about an hour before I go to the gym and when I drink my pre workout it works better than it ever has before! This Thing Really Works it's everything you said it was and the liver cleanse really work too!! I have been telling so many of my friends about it and they are intrigued for sure and I am really surprised more people don't know about this! If they knew how much it could change their lives everyone would order one of these zappers from you! I've seen some people say negative things about the zapper online and I would bet you money that these people writing negative reviews about it have never purchased one from you and have never used one of your zappers! Because I guarantee you if they used the zapper I have which is from you they would definitely be able to tell they have been Zapped! Because you can physically feel it and it feels great! My best friend as a dentist and he had been battling a cold for over three weeks and I went and Zapped him for 30 seconds and the next day he was well! I love my zapper and I wish I would have gotten one sooner!

Thank you so much Ken!
Scott W.
Apr. 26, 2017

*** 1. ANEMIA

Hi Ken,

I'm zapping right now and I've have seen it work for a 24 yr female with MS who had a bad bout last Jan-March (hospitalized) and she now zaps almost daily (since June) and feels fine! I gave it [The Ultimate Zapper] to her as a gift?Another unit was headed [as a gift] to the Phx Mayo clinic for diagnosis [referring to a friend]. After months of having anemia, taking Vit B-12 shots weekly; not able to retain Vit B-12 + (Dr. Clark's reference to parasites from dogs), well, he's doing much better after four weeks of zapping, along with a kidney & liver cleanse, that were very successful, now retaining vit B-12 + and is taking highest quality supplements and the doctors just ain't sure about this zapper thing, but they KNOW they didn't have anything to do with his recovery! His blood tests are almost all in normal ranges.

There'll be an order from Steve soon and there'll also be an order from Nancy soon.... as I was just out to see her, old friend, 65, wanting to cleanse etc, but didn't really want to do the "potions" routine... zapping is so much more convenient.

Thanks Ken
Nov. 18, 2005


"Hi Ken... just want to give you an update....I want to tell you how great your product is and that it truly did help my mother!!!!!

In the past when my mother was on kemo, she took a long time to heal, but now with your zapper, it has cut her healing time in half, if not more!!!!

It is truly a great product and I would highly recommend it!!!!

Thanks. Y.
Jan. 30, 2006



I look forward to receiving the foot pads so I can be fully zapped. Just to let you know ... it was my regular Alberta Health Care doctor that recommended your particular zapper and said to make sure to get the foot pads. He recognizes the value of herbal medicine and how the zapper increases the cells permeability ... and passes this knowledge to his patients. The zapper, along with some Chois Mastic gum, is to fight the H Poly and other parasites that have been living in my digestive system/teeth/mouth ... the bugs have given me ulcer like symptoms for a couple of decades. The herbs and zapper really work for me. This is the beginning of my detox education. Replacing my mercury fillings, which I have wanted to do for years, has taken on the highest priority.

Thank you very much
Chris M.
Feb. 19, 2008


... I wanted to report my results with you after using your zapper for about a year or so. I used it fairly regularly, maybe about 10-20 hours a week ... I did notice these effects: 1. healthier nails. 2. I did notice an intensification of things I ingested, so, i think it does help things dissolve and move in and out of cells in the body. I also used 12V/1A chargers, and noticed it was stronger ... I also noticed it made me sleepy at times ...

April 29, 2008

*** 5. MS (Multiple Sclerosis)

Hi Ken,

Bought a zapper from you last year to help with my MS. Initially, I thought it wasn't having much of an effect, but then recently on a hunch I combined it with Wormwood, Black Walnut and Cloves and I have noticed a real turnaround. My pins and needles are beginning to come under control. I have a sense of increased clarity after I've used the unit that lasts longer and longer each time. I am now convinced I'm not just knocking at the door of my problem but that I'm breaking the door down! The herbal cleanse above and the zapper have bought the natural colour back to my body and face. I have been pale as a ghost since childhood. My dermatitis in coming under control as well! ...

Hope you're keeping well.

Mar. 10, 2004

from Curezone.com website ***

From http://curezone.com/forums/fm.asp?i=747506

Hi Cuemommy, I had the same thing for years. It felt like i had something like a bur stuck in there. I went to a specialist throat doc and she used the tube with a light device, that went down my nose down to my throat. She got very quiet and pulled it out and I asked her if she saw something, she said well hmmm your vocal cords look irritated. She didn't charge me for the scope procedure (now I know why). I could of got her for not telling me she saw a worm. She saw the worm looking back at her. I was really sick in 04 and fired many docs and decided if I was going to save myself I needed to do it the natural way. I did barefoots de-wormer and bought The Ultimate Zapper. One morning I was coughing and I coughed up a pearl white worm about an inch or so. Then I didn't have any more trouble, until I got it again, the same spot. So I did the zapper 7 minutes on 20 off and i did this for 3 days straight. I got it, I killed it and so far I have no more feeling of a bur stuck in my throat.

"Josie Jo"
Mar. 10, 2006


Here is a truly incredible report I received in July, 2007. It has to be one of the most astonishing testimonials I have ever received. The Ultimate Zapper potentiates herbs via electroporation which you can read about at the bottom of the front page of this site. Electroporation was most certainly responsible for the results reported here. This report is far more astonishing than anything you will read on the testimonial page of the website that sells the Arise and Shine herbal parasite cleanse that this customer used while she was zapping. Please email me for the name of the herbal cleanse that she used.

Dear Mr Presner,

I have been using your zapper along with the Arise and Shine parasite/colon cleanse ... At the end of your e-mail, you ask me if I actually could see the parasites. I could see them with the naked eye and then I would use a hand-held magnifying glass, just to be sure. Please find below an exerpt from an e-mail I sent to a parasitologist in Indiana, who, incidentally, has not yet replied.

Excerpt from an e-mail to Dr. Richard Mower:

"After five weeks of cleansing [using a herbal parasite cleanse while zapping with The Ultimate Zapper] I was given a colonic. The therapist said she had never seen so many different kinds of parasites in a single body. At that time I was too sick to even look, but after that I began to look for myself. I became traumatized by what I saw! It is very troubling to not be able to identify the many different creatures that I observed. Kaiser Permanente was unwilling to take any samples to identify. I am fairly sure of several items:

1) Dwarf tapeworms 2) Whipworms 3) Flukes in the larval stages, surrounded by red mucous 4) Trunk like forms with mouths on one end, which might be hookworms. Beyond that, I am at a loss, even to pinpoint adult flukes, and I am hoping that you might help me if I give you a few descriptions. Perhaps you could recommend a book or essay with drawings of these critters in the shape and color as they come out of the body. I should have photgraphed them but I was not in any condition to even think of doing this at the time... even now. Here are very short descriptions of some of the critters I encountered:

a) A flat tan-colored critter, many of them, ranging in size from my small fingernail to my thumbnail (Could this be a lung fluke? Are there pictures somewhere?) (My lungs have been very much affected with mucous.)

b) A tan pulpy critter the size of a pistachio. (Many of these.)

c) A light blood red critter, very pulpy, ranging in size from my small fingernail to my full thumbnail. (This critter still appears after thirteen weeks of cleansing.)

d) A similar red critter with points over its body.

e) Masses of red critters in red mucous, rolled up in individual balls, which, when pulled apart, have points and sometimes legs like a frog.

f) Rolled up forms with many extrusions on one side, resembling the image of a flea.

g) Many, many strange honey-colored forms that seems to grow tubes at random, without any symmetry. (They sometimes appeared to grow entire caverns - the most puzzling and disturbing of all the forms I encountered.)

h) Flat forms the size of my index fingernail, but with extended tubes front and back, resembling an elephant trunk, a tan color.

i) Many, many, cream colored particles like cooked barley, which also appear in larger forms which begin to curve, eventually becoming as large as an uncooked black bean, but with extrusions like hairs on the inner curve and looking like grubworms from the garden. (These barley pieces persist after 13 weeks of intense cleansing.)

j) A continual flow of tiny egg specks, white, black, pink, rose, and bright red. (These continue after 13 weeks of cleansing.)

k) Hard, clear shells the size and shape of a small oval cough lozenge, filled with red particles. (Are these fluke egg cases?)

l) A small dark form shaped perfectly like a cupcake, complete with regular striations around the sides, and, when broken, exposing hundreds? thousands? of tiny white specks. (Is this an egg case?)

m) Hard grey balls 1/8" in diameter, which, when broken, reveal hundreds of tiny white specks.)

I did not keep a diary and I should have, complete with descriptions. Now I am unable to pull into view many of the other critters, but I think I have described the most numerous ones...

Jun. 19, 2007

from Curezone.com website ***

From http://curezone.com/forums/fm.asp?i=1116607

... My experience. The Barefoot's dewormer kills the bugs. Adding a zapper accentuates the ability of the dewormer to kill the bugs, so I take about a teaspoonfull of it before I do the zapping. Zapping does not replace the bugkiller; it is an adjunct to it. You do them both together and get better results. I did get the Ultimate Zapper from Ken Presner. It kills the big bugs as well as killing the bacteria and viruses. I am not familiar with the other makes of zappers, only that this one is working very very well for me. ... At first I did 2 series of the zapping per day. I did it for 7 minutes on and 20 minutes off, three times. The first time is to stun the bugs, the second time is killing them, the third time is killing the bacteria and viruses that they give off. You have to do all three times because you could get a cold from the small microscopic bugs if you don't. I have such a huge infestation and have had it for so long that I am finding I am having to do a longer time for zapping and more of the dewormer to get rid of the host of critters I have ...

Feb 21, 2008


Hi Ken,

Thank you for responding so promptly ... No, I had not been zapping within an hour of taking the parasite remedy. I did that today and WOW! What a difference. I am also using this to enhance my mineral intake as well. I don't have any neurological issues, no diagnosis of that. However, there is a mineral shortage issue with Potassium causing an irregular and rapid heartbeat unless I have sufficient levels. So the doctor also prescribed oral Potassium in higher amounts. Thanks for the tip about zapping within an hour of taking the parasite herbs. I can really tell that I'm getting more use out of the parasite remedy, and not wasting it by taking large doses to compensate for how lousy I feel. This seems to be working so well that I got so much more accomplished today than I have in weeks! As long as I am feeling better I'll continue with this course of treatment and get back to the doctor when I need the tests. Do let me know if you have any other tips to share, I truly appreciate it and realize that you've had a much worse problem than I ever did, however, I did feel as though I was dying until I finally diagnosed myself ... As you know, there are many options out there for zappers - I thank whatever ANGEL sent me to your site! Many thanks again Ken and hope you're having a great day.

Claire B.
Jan 18, 2013


Hi Ken, Just to keep You posted the news seems good. The throat is maybe 50% better! The doc said it doesn't seem to be strep. The herbs, oregano oil, vit c and the zapping with the foot pads are thank God kicking in. Some lessons to be learned for me. Proper zapping and the other antiviral and antibacterials take time but if you stick with it THEY WORK ...

Best Wishes

Oct. 8, 2008




Anyone out there using Neprinol [for relief of chronic pain]with a zapper? I use the Ultimate Zapper and got great results the very first day.

posted by

June 4, 2006


Hi Ken,

I just have to tell you how pleased I am with my zapper. It took me forever to decide which zapper to get. I settled on this one in the end. I initially ordered it to treat HPV (aka genital warts) ... Being a busy Mom of two I had not yet begun with my regimen when I was just stricken with clogged milk duct. The recommended therapy of vitamin C/ echinacea and poke root oil rubbed in was working but slowly. Anyone who has ever had this unfortunate condition knows how uncomfortable it is. This must be treated or it can quickly turn into mastitis ( breast infection). This treatment can also work on an infection but why let it get there? I pulled out my zapper and decided to have a go. Last night I rubbed the last recommended dose of Poke root in to my breast and zapped for 3 minutes at the intervals suggested, holding the left had hold over my breast and keeping it in place with my wrist. ( I also used foot pads) I then went to bed. When I woke up this morning the blockage had cleared. No pain or tenderness. I think the zapper worked two fold. It fought off infection and increased the function of the poke root. Wow! Thanks!! I would recommend this kind of treatment for anyone who had recurring blockages. I had a problem with that with my first baby. I wish I had discovered this sooner ...


Amelia B. (Canada)
May 5, 2009


Dear Mr. Presner,

I purchased The Ultimate Zapper from you about a year ago and along with some herbs feel it is responsible for reducing my allergies and hay fever to almost nil!!!!!!!

Thank You
Rich S.
Nov. 26, 2008


Dear Ken,

I took your advice and started zapping while on terbirnafine medication. For the first few days my medication was in the morning while the zapping was in the evening. There was no problem whatsoever. Then I decided to step up the time I took the medication by moving two hours forward each day until I got closer to my zapping hour. On Friday night last I took the tablet at 7.30pm and zapped at around 9.00pm. There was no problem. Last night (Saturday) I didn't take my tablet until 9.30pm and straight away I zapped. During the night in bed I started to itch all over. I scratched and scratched until the morning. I had big patches of red rash around my groins and thighs, my sides around the waist, my front and back shoulder blades and my right calf. In the afternoon the itches seemed to be going away but right now at 10.00pm as I am typing I have started scratching again. This time they are on my lower back, legs, elbows. I have decided not to take any medicine or zapping today and see how it goes tomorrow. Do you think I have benefited from this experience of electroporation? I am not going to take medicine and zap soon after anymore. It will be a few hours in between the two.

Fui K.
Mar. 20, 2011



I found your article on Electroporation Therapy very interesting. I bought some vitamins from the health food store to see what this would do to me. I took a multi-vitamin and then immediately started to zap. I could not believe the feeling I felt afterwards. The potency of the vitamins were greatly enhanced! A greater sense of well being and energy occurred. There are some unanswered questions in which you may or may not have the answer for. 1. Should I be zapping before I take the multi-vitamins or after I take the vitamins? (I found that taking the multi-vitamins before zapping worked better for me.) 2. Should I be taking the multi-vitamins on an empty stomach or have something to eat while zapping? (I have found so far that taking the vitamins on an empty stomach worked better for me.) The effect while taking food did not work as well. 3. Is there a time of day in which Electroporation works best? I have found that noon was the best time for me. 4. Is there a reccommended Multi-vitamin that works best for Electroporation? Liquid, Granular, or tablet. (I am using granular) Have other people been able to give you any feedback on Electroporation, especially when it comes to Multi-Vitamins?

Sept. 4, 2007

*** 16. ALCOHOL

Question on electroportation. I usually have 2 whiskey seven drinks in the evening - they have never bothered me before (as far as feeling a little tipsy). But if I zap in the evening, it seems I am feeling tipsy and in the morning somewhat hung over. Could this be a side effect of electroportation? Taking more alcohol into the system that would otherwise not????????????


Ron W.
Oct. 16, 2008


Hello Ken

So far so good. Today was the 3 day of treatment and he said he notices the difference in his painkillers working stronger as well. He is also taking the wormwood/clove/black walnut treatment at the end of the daily treatment. Ill give you a better update soon, I appreciate you taking the time for everyone.

Andrea K.
August, 2009


Thanks Ken!

I saw such a huge difference with my skin regarding ecxema, I realized I had Candida and within a few days of starting the zapping as you recommended my flare-ups stopped and my skin was no longer ichy and finally began to heal. I also feel an abundance of energy after zapping especially when I put the bars on my wrist 30 minutes after taking vitamins. I'm full of energy all and I've been in a great mood every since. People at work have noticed and are asking me what I've been doing.

Thanks again for spreading the message about this wonderful product.

Tim P.
Apr. 13, 2010


Dear Ken,

... I'd also like to tell you about my medication dosage. After zapping for many months, my doctor looked at my blood work and exclaimed, "Have you been taking extra medication?!" So I had to breakdown and tell him about the zapper and its electroporation property. It took a little experimenting but I now take 45mg Armour thyroid for the 3 weeks of zapping and 60 mg Armour thyroid for the 1 week off. I actually delay the dose change by 2 days because it takes time for the dosage to take effect. By doing this, my blood work is okay now and my doctor is happy. I thought I'd let you know these details in case someone asks you about adjusting their medication.

God Bless You!
Monique K.
Mar. 2, 2012

 ***20. VITAMIN D

Thank you for delivering the second unit. Thanks to the Ultimate Zapper, I can sleep quite soundly and get rid of tiredness. More concretely;

1) Swelling of gums: Because of infection at the root of a tooth, I had a swelling for months. I had the both pipes in my both hands and while holding the pipe I put a finger of one hand at the edge of my jaw bone just under the cheek. And at the same time I put a finger of the other hand into my mouth at the infected gum. The gum in question was now sandwiched from the both side with my fingers and I zapped the gum for a minute before zapping other parts. The next day I found that there was no sticky taste in my mouth, nor was any usual smell and any swelling! And no pain!! It worked on tooth root infection.
2) Good sleep: Zapping before going to bed will give you a good sleep and relieve your tiredness.
3) Farewell to catching a cold
4) It gives you clear head and seems to bring active brain.
5) I usually take vitamin D3 at 20,000 IU. But if I cut it to 10,000 IU and zapped one cycle (three times), I feel enhanced potency of the supplement.

(User ID on Japanese zapper forum)
May 13, 2012


Hello Ken,

I can say with amazing confidence that your zapper has brought more amazing experiences to my life. I have been referring almost everyone to use it, and two of those people at least should be purchasing one. I've been moving into absolutely amazing worlds of paradise after clearing out the diseased tissue and parasites that have been bogging me down. Combining your device with K2/MK-7, a vitamin that causes carboxylation of calcium, has been super effective in completely ridding the pineal and heart of calcium, sending this mineral to my bones and teeth. Obviously causing super clarity.

Again, thank you for your device,
Patrick K.,
Mar. 26, 2014