If you suspect you may have the
Corona virus -- or any other illness --
you should see a medical doctor
immediately to get tested.

July 15, 2020

Astonishingly, there's
no scientific microscopic proof
that the COVID virus
actually exists and
no scientific microscopic proof
that Covid antibodies
actually exist.
Which is why there are
no autopsies performed
on people claimed to have
died with or from Covid.
Because the cause of death
would never be found as
the Covid virus -- or any virus.

So, I wonder what's
actually in the vaccine
that is being developed?

June 29, 2020

The WHO's Tedros has just
given a new conference.
He lists ...

"... things everyone should do
to protect themselves and others
... [including] only sharing information
from reliable sources ..."

Of course. You wouldn't want to
get the truth from anyone
except a Bill Gates sock puppet.

After all, we all know
the WHO and Tedros
are a "reliable source"
of information.
Tedros learned how to be a
self-proclaimed "reliable source"
from Dr. Bill Gates
his mendacious boss.

By the way,
neither Tedros nor Gates
is medical doctor
nor qualified in any way
to give medical advice.
Both are practicing medicine
without a license.
Which is against the law.

By the way
Tedros was implicated
in crimes against humanity
back in his home country
of Ethiopia.

So, don't forget to listen
to the corrupt WHO.

By the way
the "reliable source" WHO
and Bill Gates
are now predicting
a 3rd Covid wave.

It looks like this is
turning into Waves Unlimited.

What a coincidence ...
they all say in unison that
"the worst is yet to come".
At least they hope so.

June 24, 2020

The CDC death numbers
are a total scam

June 11, 2020

NYC nurse blows the whistle
proving ventilators are
what's killing patients
by over-pressurizing the lungs

This is the most
heart-breaking story
in the whole Corona Scandal.
It is hard to watch
all the way through.

Click the above link
to see a nurse
with an undercover camera
blowing the whistle on
the falsified Corona death
numbers in New York City.
Tests that came back
twice negative were deliberately
changed to Corona positive.

This was routinely done
for all patients.
The books were cooked.

But it gets worse.
Non-Corona patients
were deliberately bedded
in the same room with
Corona patients and
hospital staff were not
practicing basic hygiene.
Patient health was thereby
compromised. But they died
primarily through the
improper use of ventilators.

And one of the saddest
aspects to all this
is that ventilators that bring
$39,000 to the hospital
for each patient who is
ventilated are actually
contraindicated for patients
with Covid symptoms.

In other words the
much touted ventilators are
actually the cause of death
by over-pressurizing the lungs
The hospitals are killing
their patients. In this interview
the nurse recounts one such
heart-breaking case
of a man 37 years old
who came in health
was ventilated unnecessarily
and who died
without emergency attention.
She states flat out
"It's murder."

"They think these
people are disposable"
was the sad comment of
the nurse reporting this.
"Nobody cares."

The Interviewer asked her
"Is there an understood
financial incentive to
diagnose Covid?"
"Yah, of course" was her
automatic response.

"Every single floor
is Covid and they
made it this way
obviously for a reason."
They place non-Covid
admittances on Covid floors
anticipating they will soon
become Covid-positive
--- for financial gain
to the hospital.
The whole Corona/Covid
affair is corrupt
from top to bottom.

May 13, 2020

Grab a beer and turn on CNN.
Los Angeles County to
extend stay-at-home order
another 3 MONTHS
stoking fears of civil unrest.

May 13, 2020

CNN lies about 68% of
Americans waiting for
Covid-19 vaccine to
return to normal life

Fact checking
shows a maxiumum of 12%.

May 13, 2020

This medical doctor who
treats patients in Texas
successfully with
that is virtually
banned by the
Pharmaceutical Association
there says ...
"It's time to open Texas".

May 8, 2020

Dr. Fauci admits he and Dr. Birx
were the 2 "very smart people"
who persuaded
President Trump
to lock down the entire
US economy with their predictions
of 2.2 million US deaths
using the phony
Imperial College Computer Model


The computer model that locked
down the world
turns out to be sh*t code


has taken computer modelling
to an unheard-of standard

May 2, 2020

As for the very expensive
drug Remdesivir
produced by Gilead and
touted by Dr. Fauci
who was bought and
paid for by Bill Gates
to the tune of $100 million ...

Remdesivir the drug
shown not to work against
Corona -- could cost up to $4,500
per treatment despite
costing just $9.32 to make


A great value

I mean who needs
at $20 per treatment
when you can use
at $4,500?

Acute Care Surgeon
(and Asst Professor of
Surgery at Wash U.)
Mark Hoofnagle warns
"I am truly sorry to say,
Remdesivir is probably
worthless ..."

In an excellent Twitter thread,
Hoofnagle details what
he calls
"some fascinating
drug company shenanigans."

"... when you give an
antiviral to someone who
is already ill,
the damage from the virus
is largely done."

"Consistent with this,
the Lancet paper on
the Remdesivir trial
in China shows no impact
on viral load clinically."

"On the day a negative trial
of their drug is reported",
... "negative" miraculously
becomes "positive" and
"wins them FDA approval ..."


A high IQ company

"Absolute genius.
You have to salute them"
... for pulling off
such an outrageous scam.

May 2, 2020

Just when you thought
you've heard it all?
Things gets even stranger
... and much worse

Bill Gates has just taken
his dystopian plans
to a higher level.


Take a number.
... do you prefer 0 or 1

Here he comes with his
Worldwide Patent
that intends to implant a
device into the human
body that senses the body's
activity and awards
to those complying with his
cryptocurrency guidelines.

Bill Coin rules the world
via Gates body implants.

Move over George Orwell.
Bill Gates has arrived.

"The cryptocurrency system
communicatively coupled
to the device of the user
may verify if the body
activity data satisfies
one or more
conditions set by
the cryptocurrency system

and award cryptocurrency to
the user whose body activity
data is verified."


Crypto-vaccines are on the way

Body activity data verified?
I wonder if that could
possibly mean verifying
if you have received the
Bill Gates vaccine?

Here's the patent dated June 20, 2019.

To say that Bill Gates
has discredited himself
through his cleverly disguised
disingenuous uttterances
about saving humanity
is a vast understatement.

it misses the greater point.

Gates has anointed himself
as leader of an exclusive class
of modern Dystopians
whose megalomaniac personalities
impel them to act as
all-knowing gods
destined to rule the world.

An important part of their agenda
is to silence free speech.

"Ozymandias, king of kings:
Look on my works,
ye Mighty, and despair!"

Read on.

May 2, 2020

The Coronavirus death count
reported by the mainstream
media outpaces by 29,000 the
actual number of deaths
reported by the CDC
(The Centers for Disease
Control and Prevention).

As of April 25, 2020
for the U.S.A.
the mainstream media
reports 54,269 deaths.
The CDC reports
33,513 deaths.
So, the mainstream media
overreports the death
count by 62%.

May 1, 2020

Bad news for Gates and Fauci

Gates says that
"doesn't map to the human model"
(classic Gates gibberish)
-- and Fauci pooh-poohs it.
But actual humans says it
works very well, thanks.

"80 Patients and Staff Members
Come Down with Coronavirus
at Texas Nursing Home
-- Hydroxychloroquine
Treatment Saves All But 1 Patient".
Dr. Robin Armstrong says,
"Everyone is doing really well".

may not be on Bill Gates'
"map" but it is certainly
"on the map"
of those it has cured.

Gates has his own "map".
He says all we need are
expensive drugs and
his "amazing vaccines"
and we're all set.

Like the Gates
"very high failure rate"
vaccines in India that ended
with 496,000 children paralyzed
-- followed by an angry lawsuit.

Thanks to the "map" of
famous philanthropist
and humanitarian Bill Gates
they're all set in India.
By the way, did you see this
reported on CNN?

Bill Gates' map is for a
country called

April 30, 2020

"Funeral Directors in COVID-19
Epicenter Doubt Legitimacy
of Deaths Attributed to Pandemic,
Fear Numbers are Padded"


They admit death certificates
are being falsified.
This comes from the people
filling them out. Michael Lanza,
the director of Staten Island's
Colonial Funeral Home says ...

"To be honest with you,
all of the death certificates
are writing COVID on it,
they're writing COVID
on all the death certificates ..."

Do you think this is
only happening on
Statten Island?

The higher the number of
Covid-19 deaths reported
the more Federal funds are
given to local
governments and hospitals.
Does padding the numbers
sound like fraud?
Want to hear from
the Funeral Directors?
Then watch this video.

April 30, 2020

The control maniac
YouTube censors
are busy making sure

we only get to see and read
what the authorities
want us to see and read.

YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki
says anything that goes
against the WHO is a
violation of YouTube policies.

All content that isn't
"medically substantiated"
such as advising people
to take Vitamin C, will be
removed by the platform.

Google is proud of her
YouTube censorship.
Google owns YouTube.


Never mind the clinical trials
with Vitamin C and over
70 years of Vitamin C studies.
All you need to do is
listen to Google and YouTube.
They'll set you straight.

April 29, 2020

Dr. Fauci is a total fraud

As reported by

Fauci isn't spending
any money
on hydroxychloroquine.

He loved it in 2013
-- but is now touting
Remdesivir from Gilead
that costs thousands
and is virtually useless opposite
at $20 for a 5-day treatment.

In fact, the Federal Government
won a lawsuit against Gilead
over the issue of the
lack of effectiveness
of Remdesivir.

But now ...
Redemsivir has been
forced onto the
medical scene by
Gilead and the corrupt FDA
that is a revolving door
for the pharmaceutical industry
-- and the dental system.


Big Pharma controls the FDA

Untold profit is created
by keeping people ill.
So, it is very convenient that
the dental system forced
dental mercury
into the mouths of an
unsuspecting public
... thanks to the FDA
that is in bed with the ADA.

"Silver amalgam fillings"
are actually 50% mercury.
The FDA grandfathered
mercury fillings into the medical system
without testing it for toxicity.
Mercury is the #2 toxic metal on the planet.
I cover this story on my site
and in my books.

Getting back to Dr. Fauci,
why is he pushing
an expensive bad cure
-- and funding a Gilead study
with taxpayer money?
Could it be that he owns
shares in Gilead and
is using his position to try
to promote Gilead's share price?

It is also very odd that
Bill Gates is not interested
in the least
in hydroxychloroquine.
He only touts new drugs
-- and vaccines, of course.

One thing we do know
is that Gates in heavily invested
in the pharmaceutical industry
-- including vaccine development
via Inovio Inc.

Gates' Foundation has
"contributed significant
funding to the advancement
and manufacturing of

-- the latest Inovio Inc. vaccine
"backed by Bill and Melinda Gates".

April 27, 2020

Doctors report "millions of cases
... small amount of death"
in California with a 0.03% chance
of dying from Corona.
So ...
their viral video
was removed by YouTube.
But you can still see it here.

April 26, 2020


The Fauci & Gates Bomb
has just detonated

Former Mayor of New York
Rudy Giuliani has just
dropped a nuclear bomb
on Dr. Fauci and Bill Gates.

Dr. Fauci was prohibited
by the Obama Admin.
from giving any money
to any lab "that was fooling
around with these viruses ..."

This didn't impress Dr. Fauci.
He then gave $3.7 million
to the Wuhan Lab in China.

Giuliani says "Just think of it:
If this laboratory turns out
to be the place where
the virus came from,
then we paid for it.
We paid for the damn virus
that's killing us."


... is that Dr. Fauci's money
came from Bill Gates
who funded Dr. Fauci with
$100 million.

After funding the Wuhan Lab
Fauci still had $96.3 million left

April 27, 2020

70 Unsolicited Testimonials
have been submitted by people
using The Ultimate Zapper successfully
for many respiratory conditions.
They say it kills the flu virus
very effectively. What about Corona?

The Ultimate Zapper's
Electroporation Effect
greatly increases the uptake of Vitamin C
-- similar to IV Vitamin C treatment
that is killing Corona in China.

50 tons of IV Vitamin C
have been imported into Wuhan

and Corona deaths have since
dramatically declined.


Dr. Andrew W. Saul reports that
"China is conducting a clinical trial
... of intravenous vitamin C
to treat patients with coronavirus
and severe respiratory complications
at Zhongnan Hospital
of Wuhan University."

Dr. Richard Cheng's
Blog and YouTube Channel

In this 2-minute video
Dr. Richard Cheng from Shanghai
explains how IV Vitamin C is being
used successfully
to kill the Corona virus
-- including a heart-warming story
about a 71-year-old woman
with diabetes and heart disease
treated successfully with
IV Vitamin C treatment.


is also very effective in killing Corona.
It is approved by the FDA.

This 2014 U.S. research study
shows hydrochloroquine
destroys viruses extremely
by allowing zinc levels
to shoot making
it impossible for viruses
to take hold.
Zinc kills viruses
by boosting the immune system
via hydroxychloroquine.
Here's why.

The Ultimate Zapper's powerful
Electroporation Effect
greatly increases the uptake
of zinc and Vitamin C supplements
taken with food.

The Ultimate Zapper is
the only zapper in the world
that creates the
Electroporation Effect


In fact, a survey of 6,200 doctors
has been taken worldwide.
They agree
hydrochloroquine is the most
effective treatment
for killing Corona.



Super Gates

Bill Gates funds the NIH
(National Institutes of Health).
An NIH panel, made up of
50 doctors, pharmacy experts
and government researchers
and officials say that
6200 doctors are wrong.
That's because the NIH panel's
report is fraudulent.

Well ... in spite of the corrupt NIH,
thanks to Mayor de Blasio
New York's largest hospital system
is now using
Vitamin C, hydroxychloroquinea & zinc
for Corona. And this is quickly
spreading all over the U.S.

And in spite of Bill Gates
Novartis with FDA approval
is doing a clinical trial on
the efficacy of hydroxychloroquine
in treating hospitalized
COVID-19 patients.

Never mind.
Bill Gates has his
own ideas about Corona.

Eric Schmidt of Google created the
Orwellian motto "Don't be Evil"
... as Big Brother tracked our every move.

Bill Gates is following in
the footsteps of his dystopian friend.
Over the years, Mr. Gates,
the famous U.S. billionaire,
has purchased the right to be
the go-to person for
all matters concerning
viruses and vaccines.

He is also taking lessons
from his dystopian friend Mr. Schmidt
on how to add The Ultimate Tracking
to his medical repertoire.


George Orwell himself
could not have created
a more perfect dystopian motto.

This is a truly fascinating
story about how one man with
a lot of money has been able
to hijack the world's Medical System.

Gates used to be
a computer programmer
but his wealth and ambition
have allowed him to branch out,
so to speak.

Bill Gates segued into
Sounds wonderful.
There's nothing like
altruism to inspire a person
to reach new heights in life.

To save the world ...
Bill Gates plans "amazing vaccines"
for all 7 billion of us on planet Earth.
But for some reason he has never
had his own children vaccinated
-- according to his own doctor.
Gee. I wonder why?

Gates also recommends
staying inside -- out of the sun
for Corona.
In fact, millions are "locked down"
a term originally used to
describe locking prisoners
in their jail cells.

Now entire populations have
been criminalized, in effect.
Hence the use of the
term "locked down" nowadays.

"Sheltering in place"
another common term
used nowadays
suppresses the immune system
because it suppresses
the production of Vitamin D
that is produced by the body
with exposure to the sun.

It is proved that
the sun kills flu viruses.
Sunshine produces Vitamin D
which boosts the immune system
which in turn kills the flu virus.
-- as it did with the 1918
Spanish Flu Pandemic.


The photo above shows flu patients
being sun-treated in 1918

Corona appears to be very real.
But fear mongering and
outright fraud about issues such
as hydroxychloroquine,
Vitamin C treatment and
sun treatment take
take the Corona issue to a
whole other level.

Many of the frauds
that continue to be perpetrated
in the Corona matter
have been documented
by former U.S. Senator Ron Paul
and many medical experts
and medical studies that have
been conveniently
ignored by the mainstream
-- as well as by Bill Gates.


Gates went from being a
computer programmer
to being the world's
#1 medical expert
on viruses and vaccines.
Quite amazing.
Don't you think?

In fact, Gates
personally administers
vaccines overseas
and is not shy about giving
the whole world medical advise.
This means that ...

Bill Gates is practicing
medicine without
a licence in
India and Africa


Bill Gates administering a vaccine
in India


Bill Gates administering a vaccine
in Chad

Bill Gates is not a virologist.
Bill Gates is not a medical doctor.
Bill Gates dropped out of College
and has no medical training or
credentials or qualifications

Bill Gates is not licenced to
administer vaccines
or to give medical advice.

Practicing medicine
without a licence is a
criminal offense
-- at least in India
where the Gates Foundation
is in court for serious offences
including maiming and death
pertaining to its forays
into the field of medicine.

Amazingly, Gates has been able
to convince a lot of people
that he knows everything
there is to know
about viruses and pandemics
... and social engineering
as you can see in this video.

And that he is qualified
to administer vaccines
and to give medical advice.
And that we should place
our lives in his hands
-- with complete confidence.

Mr. Gates is a man of
so many self-proclaimed talents.
He speaks with such authority
that he sounds like he's Dr. Bill Gates
-- although he's actually
just a College drop-out.


Oh wait. What's this?
Looks like the WHO
The World Health Organization
considers Bill Gates the most
powerful doctor in the world.
But neither Bill Gates
-- nor WHO Director Tedros
have a degree in medicine.

Oh wait. What's this?
Bill Gates actually
bought the WHO for $2.4 billion.
He got Dr. Tedros elected
as head of the WHO
-- its first Director who has
no medical degree. He merely
has a Ph.D. in Community Health.

Oh wait. What's this?
Dr. Tedros' rapid rise to the
top of the directorship
of the WHO began after his
collaboration with Bill Gates and
the Clinton Foundation.

"Some billionaires are satisfied
with buying themselves an island.
Bill Gates got a United Nations
health agency in Geneva."
Called the WHO.

But Bill Gates has never
mentioned any of this.
I sonder why?

I guess he doesn't
want us to know that
he got Tedros his job as
head of the WHO and
that 25% of the WHO's budget
is now allocated to polio eradication
mirroring the agenda of Bill Gates
-- the vaccine with devastating
effects on children in India.

"Few people dare to openly
criticize what he does."
In fear of
The Bill Chill.

Yes ... Gates has bought himself
a very high profile platform
from which to pontificate.


No wonder everyone listens
when the WHO and Bill Gates speak
-- especially about keeping
the ecomomy shut down until
"an amazing vaccine" arrives
(Bill Gates' own words)
-- straight from a lab in which
Gates is a primary investor.
No conflict of interest.
No disclosure.

Gates, Dr. Fauci, Dr. Birx and
Dr. Tedros, head of the WHO, are
all reading from the same script
-- the Bill Gates' script.

Oh wait. What's this?
Bill Gates actually
bought Dr. Fauci's
NIH Division for $100 million.

Oh wait. What's this?
In this interview Robert Kennedy Jr.
reveals that the CDC
(The Centers for Disease Control)
-- to which Gates is
a heavy financial contributor --
is actually nothing more than
a vaccine purchasing company.

Oh wait. What's this?
Dr. Robert Redfield
the fear-mongering Director
of the CDC
(The Centers for Disease Control
and Prevention)
that has taken
a LOT of money from Bill Gates
-- has joined the chorus of Cassandras
all speaking with one voice.
Total unanimity.

Robert Redfield knows
what's coming
when it will arrive
and how bad it will be

In fact, on April 21, 2020
Dr. Redfield "warned" that
"A second wave of COVID-19
is expected to hit the United States
next winter and could strike
much harder than the first
because it would likely arrive
at the start of influenza season ...".

What does he mean "expected"?
How the heck does he know
what to expect
... unless we substitute the word
"planned" for "expected".
Redfield not only knows
the "expected" date of arrival
of the next pandemic wave
but he also knows
how strong it will be.

Well, what a coincidence.
On April 21, 2020
Dr. Tedros of the WHO declared
"Trust us. The worst is yet ahead of us
... like the 1918 flu that killed
up to 100 million people."

Maybe we need to trust
Dr. Tedros and the WHO
in this case. They are
so sure of the future ...
that it sounds like they have
inside information since
their statement appears as
a virtual guarantee.

Tedros and Redfield sound exactly
like Bill Gates did in 2015
-- guaranteeing that a pandemic
was on the way.
And Dr. Fauci guaranteed in 2017
that a "surprise" epidemic
would happen
during the Trump term of office.

Such a prophetic chorus
singing in unison may
have inquiring minds
pondering over the matter.

Oh wait. What's this?
The WHO Director
is involved in
fraud, corruption and
human rights abuses

Tedros's activity between 1991-2018
shows conduct
riddled with fraud,
the worst forms of human right abuses,
corruption and scandals.

Tedros was a leader in
a 25-year political regime
accused of heinous crimes
against humanity and atrocities
against the Ethiopian people.

"Tedros lacks the competence, impartiality,
accountability and transparency
that we feel are required for
a position of this magnitude."

Read about the WHO's
never-ending list of errors.

Bill Gates ... makes a great choice
after finding the best possible candidate

Gates put aside
these trivial matters regarding
Tedros' history. No problemo.
He decided that Tedros
was the perfect
candidate to head the WHO
with his impressive credentials,
his non-medical doctor's degree
and his long record of
human rights abuses.
Sorry for the typo. That
should read "accomplishments"
not "abuses".

Gates needed someone
he could depend on at the WHO
to stoke the fires of fear
around the world by claiming
a 3.4% mortality rate for Corona.

Tedros was his man
... claiming nearly 10 times the
actual mortality rate of 0.37%
... and likely even less.
Tedros was off by at least 1000%.
But he has served his purpose
by scaring the hell
out of everyone.


Tedros did his job very well
... helping shut down the world economy
and buying extra time for the vaccine
mongerers to pitch their case.

Oh wait. What's this?
YouTube which is owned by
Big Brother Google
just fell in love with Dr. Tedros
and the WHO.
"YouTube says it will
take down any videos that
contradict what the
World Health Organization
says about the coronavirus."

Wow. That's great news.
You won't need to go to all the trouble
of thinking for yourself anymore.
YouTube will do all your
thinking for you.

Yes, YouTube is now
busy scrubbing
"problematic information"
from its platform.
Yehh!! Good job YouTube!

It would be unimaginable
for viewers to watch
"problematic information".
Viewing "problematic information"
could start people thinking.
And that could cause a big problem.

People need to avoid thinking
-- at all cost.
Google and YouTube are doing
everything they can to help here.

Oh wait. What's this?
A Stanford University study
says Covid-19 is more widespread
than thought and
because most people recovered
on their own with no symptoms
when their immune systems
took care of things.

And here's more from
Dr. Ioannidis at Stanford
who "revealed that only 0.9%
of all deaths occurred in those
younger than 65, without
known underlying co-morbidities
[other serious health conditions]."

99% of those over age 65
who die with Covid-19
already have 1, 2, 3 or more
serious health conditions.
So, they are not dying from Corona.
They are dying with Corona.

The now-famous Dr. Birx
says that a terminal heart
or cancer patient who happens
to have corona and dies
is classed as a corona death.
That's the kind of expert
advice we can depend on.
Oh, did I mention that
the books are cooked?

And a Danish study
reported on April 16, 2020
reveals that coronavirus may be
almost 20 TIMES less deadly
than the WHO predicted.
Which means that the books
are cooked well-done.

Of course,
you won't hear a word
about this from Bill Gates
-- or the loyal mainstream media.
There's no fear-mongering
potential in the facts.

Nor will you hear from Mr. Gates
that the numbers show that
Covid-19 peaks in 40 days
with or without economic lockdowns.
Which means that the economy
was shut down for nothing.

This has not prevented Gates from
calling to keep the economy locked
down for countless months ahead
-- until his "amazing vaccine" arrives.

Mayor Bill de Blasio of New York
knows better. He says he will
keep New York shut down
until as least July or August.
Now that's using your head.
Great decision Bill!

Oh wait. What's this?
The corrupt WHO has declared
that people will have to
get used to "a new way of living"
with continued lockdowns.

Looks like Mayor Bill de Blasio
of New York has fallen
behind the WHO's
"Perpetual Disaster Curve".
Come on, Bill.
Only July or August?
Get your act together.
Don't you know "continued"
means forever?

President Trump
halts WHO funding

Oh wait. What's this?
The WHO actually covered up
the arrival of the Corona virus,
which ended up making
the situation far worse.

So ...
it should come as no surprise
on April 15, 2020
President Trump
announced that he is halting
all funding to the WHO
because of
"the organization's role in
severely mismanaging and
covering up the spread of coronavirus".

U.S. funding to the WHO amounted to
$893 million in the last 2 years.

President Trump stated that
the WHO "failed to obtain,
vet and share information in a
timely and transparent fashion ...
so much death was caused by
the WHO mistakes."
Rumors about Tedros resigning?
Not as long as Bill Gates is in charge.

Dr. Ron Paul says
Dr. Fauci should be fired

Dr. Anthony Fauci who prominently
advises President Trump
has a medical degree
Unlike Dr. Tedros who speaks
with no authority whatsoever.

But Dr. Fauci speaks with
such feeble authority that he
should be called Mr. Fauci.
Speaking with authority?
Pontificating on the podium
with President Trump,
Dr. Fauci has been caught in
a web of lies and deception.

Dr. Ron Paul

Dr. Ron Paul now hosts
The Liberty Report.
He a former U.S. Senator
and Presidential candidate.

Dr. Paul says Dr. Fauci
should be fired.
Here's what Dr. Paul has to say
about the fraud that Dr. Fauci
is perpetrating on the
American public and the world.

Dr. Paul wrote "People should
ask themselves whether this
coronavirus 'pandemic' could be
a big hoax, with the actual
danger of the disease massively
exaggerated by those who
seek to profit
-- financially or politically
-- from the ensuing panic."

Furthermore, he says
"the numbers mean nothing".
Most of those with Corona
were already dying with 1, 2 or 3
pre-existing conditions. But if
they also had Corona they
were counted as a Corona death.
Yes, Dr. Ron Paul knows
the books have been cooked.

Dr. Paul is a medical doctor.
He says the decision
whether or not to be
vaccinated should be
a personal one
between doctor and patient.
Not dictated by government
or by bureaucrats -- or by Bill Gates.
"That's scary."
Dr. Paul says he personally
"wouldn't take it"
(a Corona vaccine).

Dr. Paul reminds us that the
Swine Flu vaccine
rushed to market in 1976
actually killed more people
than the Swine Flu did
Watch his video here.
It's a great video.
Dr. Paul pulls no punches.

Dr. Paul warns against taking
vaccines that kill more people
than lives saved.

Dr. Paul also worries about
how our liberties will be
eroded as a result of
The Corona Panic.

This fraud was designed
to induce fear and panic

Dr. Fauci has been
Director of the National
Institute of Allergy and Infectious
Diseases at the NIH
(National Institutes of Health)
since 1984.

I would be very surprised
if Dr. Fauci is not part of
The Deep State
after working for his corrupt
agency for over 35 years
-- and after receiving $100 million
from Bill Gates.

In light of all recent events the
authoritative "estimates"
of Dr. Fauci and Bill Gates
regarding Corona deaths
now look like outright fraud
-- used to fear monger.

Even Dr. Fauci now
admits he got
"the numbers all wrong".
He's been paid handsomely
since 1984 to get the number right.
That's his job
-- to get the numbers right.

And all he can come up with
is all the wrong numbers
after working at it for 36 years?
And he still has his job?
And people are still listening to him?
If this were a sit-com
people would be rolling in the aisles.

Would the average working person
still have their job
if they got everything wrong
after 36 years?


Dr. Fauci
Sorry -- I got the numbers all wrong

But Bill Gates never likes
to admit he got anything wrong
-- and does not do so in this case.
That's not good for his public image.
He lets others get things wrong
for him. Gates is an Untouchable.

But looky here.
Dr. Fauci is now trying to take
credit for the false numbers
by claming it is the
success of his program
of mitigation
that has made his and Gates'
overestimates appear inaccurate.

That's a valiant attempt
to cover up what was actually
premeditated fraud perpetrated
to create mass hysteria.

Lockdown and social distancing
have proved to be
totally fraudulent
as you will read in this expose.


This man was arrested
at a Jewish funeral
being broken up by the NYPD
for not Social Distancing


But there were
no Social Distancing
issues at the George Floyd

Fauci should have made
it clear that Social Distancing
applies to some groups
but not to other groups.

Social distancing
Fauci fraud

If Fauci et al.
had been honest
they would have said
"here are our estimates
without mitigation
and here are our estimates
with mitigation."

They did not do so
and are attempting to
take credit for the very
low rate of mortality
by claiming that
their mitigation was successful
-- without a shred of proof
to support this declaration.
Because there is not even
a shred of proof.

Their explanation
constitutes fraud --
conceived after the fact
to deceive the public.

Now Fauci is prepping us for
the next iteration of Corona.
He guarantees it is coming back.
Dr. Fauci -- the supreme fear mongerer
continues to do the work
for Bill Gates.

This is viral terrorism where
where 7 billion people
must cower in constant fear
-- and beg the authorities to save us.
Dr. Bill Gates to the rescue with
"an amazing vaccine" and new drugs.

Fauci has been on "the inside"
with Gates since at least 2017.
Fauci's "information" campaign
began in 2017 when he predicted
with 100% certainty that
"there will be a surprise outbreak"
for the current administration.
Gates has been predicting
a Pandemic since 2015.

Furthermore ...
Fauci cheered hydroxychloroquine
success in 2013 against MERS
but today he's skeptical of using
using hydrochloroquine against Corona.
Mirroring Bill Gates' pronouncements.
Sound a bit fishy?

Not really ... once you know
that Bill Gates donated $100 million
to Dr. Fauci's unit at the NIH.
Dr. Fauci is simply a sock puppet
for Bill Gates.


Sure does look like Dr. Fauci

Fauci knew "a surprise" was coming
in 2017 simply because he is
"on the inside" with Bill Gates.
A Plannedemic was clearly already
in the works.


Here's the latest Fauci surprise.
"Dr Anthony Fauci says
US citizens may have to
carry 'cards' proving
they are immune from coronavirus."
Sound exactly like Bill Gates?
I wonder why?
They are preparing us
by increments for total control.
That's why.

Whistle Blower Destroys Fauci

Predictably ... this video
has been removed by YouTube.
"This video has been removed
for violating YouTube's
Community Guidelines."

But you can view it here

But what about Dr. Birx?
She looks squeaky clean.
But since her licence to
practice medicine expired in 2014
I wonder if we should be listening
to her at all.
Oh wait. What's this?
"Dr. Deborah Birx sits on the Board
of The Global Fund that is
heavily "supported" by
Bill Gates' organizational network."
Dr. Birx is just another sock puppet
owned by Bill Gates.


Sure does look like Dr. Birx

I get it now.
President Trump is surrounded
by Bill Gates' people
who are deciding public health policy.
I wonder if this just happened
by accident?

Gates' "very high failure rate"
vaccines to the rescue
... paralyzing children in India

Gates loves to pontificate
in front of eager audiences
... talking about computer models
and spread sheets to prove his points.
He is able to predict pandemics
with pinpoint accuracy.

He even knew how many people would die
from Corona -- up to 65 million --
and he knew the cure ahead of time.
Vaccines. Hmmm.
This sounds more than prophetic.
It sounds suspiciously like
... a Bill Gates Plannedemic.

"The World Health Organization (WHO)
has veered from downplaying
Covid-19 to spreading global panic."
This reflects the Gates agenda.
-- from an article written by
Guy Birchall, a British journalist.

The Bill Gates cure?
Developing new drugs and vaccines
-- with the help of his friends
in the pharmaceutical industry
where he just happens
to be heavily invested.

High drug prices are already
strangling us.
The noose is about to get tighter.
There's a Carbon Tax and a Terrorism Tax.
We're about to be treated to
compulsory vaccines
... and a Pandemic Tax.

Melinda Gates
just became Dr. Melinda Gates

Well ... looky here.
Mrs. Melinda Gates is now chiming in.
She used to be a product manager
at Microsoft. She has segued into
-- becoming a medical expert
since she's married to Bill Gates.
In fact, she is starting to sound like
Dr. Melinda Gates.

Mrs. Gates says
The vaccine is the ultimate solution.
Of course.
Who should know better than
Mrs. Melinda Gates.
So, thanks to Mrs. Gates we know
everything we need to know.

Oh wait. What's this?
There seems to be a glitch here.
The truth about Bill Gates' vaccination
program is that it has crippled
496,000 children In India
with neurological damage
and permanent paralysis
between 2000 and 2017.


Melinda Gates coddling
one of her potentially
paralytic customers in India

A legal case pertaining to a Gates
vaccine disaster in India is now
in the Indian Supreme Court.
Ooops ... must have been glitch
in Gates' computer model.

Conveniently, Bill and Melinda
didn't bother with
informed consent in India.
It was not given a
second thought -- or a first thought
-- although it is illegal
to administer medical treatment
without informed consent.
Never mind the serious issue of
practicing medicine without a licence.

For people with money it is
often easy to avoid inconvenient laws
-- especially in the third world.
Why bother with all the paperwork
and having to spend so much time
explaining everything to people
when you can just
get the job done quickly
with an oral dose
or a quick jab in the arm?

Gates has not yet been confronted
about informed consent.
But he was confronted about his
toxic vaccines in India
-- one in particular that
paralysed 48,000 children.
Gates casually responded "no, no"
... but then admitted his vaccines have
"a very high failure rate".

that's the price that has to be paid
(by innocent children) to save
the children and the world.
Such a dispassionate attitude
deserves recognition.

Gates showed no regret or misgivings
-- and he offered no apology.
He never even
mentioned the suffering
of 496,000 children
and their families.
They're just sacrificial lambs
-- for a higher good.

However, one small detail
is omitted from
all the self-adulation that
Mr. and Mrs. Gates anoint themselves
with for saving the world.

Bill Gates' polio vaccine
is the the #1 cause of polio paralysis
in India -- according to the WHO.
This is because
25% of the WHO budget is
dedicated to polio eradication
-- as per Bill Gates' agenda.

I find it interesting that
Bill Gates talks about the
success of his vaccines
in India when they have
proved to be an abject failure.

I guess, when you have
enough money
you can pat yourself on the back
whenever everything goes wrong
and quickly gloss over the truth
-- that you have destroyed
the lives of millions of people.

Actually, when you think about it
failure seems to be an essential
and deliberate
part of the Bill Gates agenda.

Dr. Gates administering a vaccine
in India ... and the tragic result

Shades of Dr. Josef Mengele?
Dr. Mengele enjoyed doing
experiments back in the 1940s.
But no, surely this comparison is unfair.
Everyone knows that
Bill Gates is a humanitarian.
His fervent goal is to save humanity via
his computer models and spread sheets
-- and vaccines and new drugs.

Here's the truth.
"In 2017, the Indian Government
dialed back Gates' vaccine regimen
and evicted Gates and his
cronies from the NAB
(National Avisory Board).
Surprise, surprise!
Polio paralysis rates
dropped precipitously."

"In 2017, the World Health
Organization reluctantly admitted
that the global polio explosion
is predominantly vaccine strain,
meaning it is coming from
Gates' Vaccine Program."

There's a lot more.
"During Gates' 2002 campaign ...
[they] forcibly vaccinated
thousands of African children
against meningitis. Between
50 and 500 children developed
paralysis. South African newspapers
"We are guinea pigs for the drug makers."

Dr. Mengele -- with some of those used
in his experiments in Auschwitz
without informed consent

No vaccines
for the Gates children

Gates can live with a very high failure rate
for the vaccines he is promoting.
No problem.
As long as a member of the Gates family
is not affected.

Oh wait. What's this?
Gates "point blank" refused
to have his own 3 children vaccinated.

This admission came from
the Gates family's personal physician
in Seattle, who was speaking behind
closed doors with other
doctors at a symposium last year.

Someone at the conference
leaked the conversation, so the doctor
himself technically did not violate
doctor-patient confidentiality rules.

Gates' doctor
reportedly told his colleagues,
"I don't know if he (Gates) had
them vaccinated as adults,
but I can tell you he point blank
refused to vaccinate them as children."

There was no way Gates was going to allow
his children to become guinea pigs
-- like Indian and African children
who took Gates' vaccines.

Gates would never risk
the health of his
own children on what he calls
"an amazing vaccine"
with a "very high failure rate".

The Gates family has the
choice to opt out of vaccines
-- but 7 billion others will not
be given that choice.
For them Gates has decided his
vaccines will be compulsory.

After all, our over-populated world
must be culled
and profit-generating vaccines
with "a very high failure rate"
are the ideal solution.

Zinc and Vitamin C

Bill Gates is doing his best to convince
everyone that he is the perfect
person to lead the battle
to save humanity.

But there are a couple of problems here.
Gates is reluctant to even admit that
hydrochloroquine is already
being used successfully
to kill Corona. He brushes it off.

Gates is only in favor
of the development
of new expensive drugs and vaccines
-- not tried and true treatments.

But his thunder is being stolen
by tried and true
hydrochloroquine, zinc and Vitamin C.
Hydrochloroquine has been around
for 65 years and is generic
-- which means cheap.
Vitamin C has been around forever
and is even cheaper. Zinc is super cheap.

But you won't hear Gates
telling people about the benefits of
or Vitamin C or zinc supplements.
They're not in his computer models
or spread sheets.
They're not part of
The Bill Gates Agenda

Bill Gates
caught with his pants down


Here's Gates being interviewed by
Becky Quick of CNBC.
Ms. Quick is
Queen of the Softball Interviewers
of the rich and famous
-- including Warren Buffett.

Ms. Quick has gained their confidence
because they can trust her
not to ask any real questions.
In the old days she would
have made a good stenographer.

Let's talk about CNBC for a moment.
General Electric (GE) is one of the
largest corporation in the world
GE just happens to own CNBC.

And it just just happens that GE
is deeply involved in drug equipment
manufacturing and
other aspects of health care.
GE's "Healthcare revenues
were $4.9 billion for the
third quarter of 2019".

So, the interview with
Becky Quick and Bill Gates
was just a friendly down-home chat.
No conflict of interest.
No disclosure required.


In their interview
Gates and Quick talk about new drugs
being developed and "an amazing vaccine"
-- a few years down the pike.
So, just be patient and wait at home
for the all clear
phone call from Dr. Gates.

During the interview there is
a short discussion about
-- but no mention of Vitamin C.

Regarding hydroxychloroquine
Gates says ... "We really have to wait
for the data to come in.
We have seen why it looks good
in the test tube and realize
what makes it look good in the test
tube doesn't map to the human model.

That doesn't mean there's not some
possibility there. But you know
what's crazy is that people latch
onto remedies. We'll have data and
I believe some of them [new drugs]
... are likely to work."

Do you think that
Ms. Quick followed up on this?
Not on your life.

Listen to the Gates gibberish
about test tubes
and the human model
-- with no acknowledgement
is already working 100%
in humans to kill Covid-19.

Let me translate from
Gates gibberish
into the English language.
"Does not map to the human model"
"This doesn't conform to
my vaccine agenda."

There's only one choice
according to Gates
-- a vaccine approved by Dr. Gates
and new drugs approved by Dr. Gates.

Back to the real world where ...
a survey of 6,200 doctors
was taken worldwide.
All 6,200 agreed that
hydroxychloroquine is the most
effective treatment
for killing Corona.

According to Dr. Gates
all these doctors must be crazy
as well as the Corona patients
who recovered under their care
after "latching onto a remedy"
-- that worked.

French virologist Didier Raoult
did a hydroxychloroquine study
that showed 91% effectiveness
in more than 1000 patients
-- with zero side effects.

What all this really means is that
Bill Gates has been caught
on video with his pants down.

Oh wait. What's this?
Based on a recent study,
"a panel of medical experts
convened by the U.S.
National Institutes of Health
recommended against the use
of a drug combination touted
by President Donald Trump
for Covid-19 patients.
The NIH panel, [was] made up
of 50 doctors, pharmacy experts
and government researchers
and officials.

Their recommendation against using
was based on the observation
of a very small number of veterans
with Corona.

Well ... even the Secretary
of Veterans Afffairs
was forced to admit that
was administered in these cases
to veterans "most of whom were
in the last stages of life".
These veterans were dying
-- but not from Corona.

But that's where you're
never supposed to give
the drug because the outcome
with this drug is never
expected to be good
at the end stage of disease.

And this was not even
a clinical study.
The Secretary admits this was
"an observational study
done on a small number of veterans.
We know the drug has been working
on middle age and younger veterans."

In other words,
The books were cooked
-- once again.
Anyway, for a while it
sounded really impressive.
It looked like a panel of 50 from
the NIH that is heavily
funded by Bill Gates
just beat out 6200 doctors.
Nice try, anyway, Bill.

Fraud on a grand scale
where money talks
loud and clear

Dr. Robert Redfield,
the Director of the CDC who
is in charge of protecting
protecting public health
does not want to kill Corona
using hydroxychloroquine.
I wonder if he might have
some friends in the
pharmaceutcal industry?
He sounds like a sock puppet
for Bill Gates.


Sure does look like Dr. Redfield

But wait
... this is The American Dream
-- where anyone with enough money
can morph themselves
into whatever they wish.

All well and fine
-- except that the Corona Dream
becomes the Corona Nightmare
when Big Money buys its way to the top
of the medical expertise game
and foists its agenda on everyone.

Isn't it odd?
Studies in Italy and the U.S.
now show that 99% of those that die
"with" Corona do not die "from" Corona
and that Corona is not causing
any "extra" people to die in any country
on an annualized basis.

However, Dr. Birx
who currently has
no licence to practice medicine
has just announced that anyone who dies
"with Corona" has died "from Corona".

Even though the data shows
that just shy of 100%
are already dying from
1, 2, 3 or more other conditions
and doctors anticipate that most
would have died with 12 months.
In other words
Dr. Birx cooked the books
-- without batting an eyelash.

Of course,
Bill Gates knows all this
-- but remains silent.
He also knows the following
-- but remains silent.

Gates knows that
the CDC and the AMA
are both encouraging doctors
to overcount Corona deaths.
Dr. Scott Jensen, a Minnesota doctor
and Republican state senator,
says he received a 7-page document
coaching him to fill out
death certificates with a
COVID-19 diagnosis
-- without a lab test to confirm
the patient actually had the virus.

Hospital administrators
are gaming the system
by using the words "presumed"
and "probable" to bump up
Medicare payments to
their hospitals.

And the CDC is helping to
cook the books
by also fraudulently including
"probable cases" of Covid-19
in their own numbers.
If you sneeze or cough
the CDC may want to
add you to the Corona case list.

Dr. Jensen also disclosed that hospitals
are paid more if they list
patients with a COVID-19 diagnosis.
And hospitals get paid
if the patient then goes
on a ventilator -- $39,000.
The inducements to lie
are clearly abundant.
The system is corrupt.

Bill Gates also knows that
Dr. Vladimir Zelenko in New York
has already treated 699 Corona patients
with hydrochloroquine and zinc
with a 100% success rate
-- a 5-day treatment course for $20 --
and that hydrochloroquine is being used
in France to kill Corona
-- with a 100% success rate.

Dr. Vladimir Zelenko in New York

Gates also forgot to mention that
Vitamin C is being used
extremely effectively
in China ... and that
New York's largest hospital system
is now using
Vitamin C treatment for Corona.
-- with amazing success.

Dr. Andrew Weber in New York
says "it helps a tremendous amount
but it is not highlighted
because it is not a sexy drug."

Unfortunately for Gates
this could turn into a disaster.
If it is allowed to continue
there would be no
new opportunities for the
pharmaceutical industry
to further squeeze their customers
via new drugs and vaccines.

More bad news for Gates.
The FDA has just issued
Emergency Authorization
for hycrochloroquine
on orders from President Trump.
Hydrochloroquine prescriptions have
tripled overnight.

Uh, oh.
The FDA just made a U-turn
on hydroxychlorquine
On April 27, 2020.
Someone in the Deep State
must have had them on the phone.

This reminds me of the
lawsuit against the FDA
over the issue of mercury fillings
and autism
that MOMS won in 2008
but was reversed
by the FDA in 2009.

Models are only models
and numbers are only numbers

How could Bill Gates,
Dr. Fauci and the IMHE
have been so wrong?
Their models predicted
with absolute certainty
33 to 65 million Corona deaths.
Now their estimates are in
the thousands.


Dr. Birx and Dr. Fauci
under the guidance
of Bill Gates' IMHE Models
got the numbers all wrong

Yes, there is something very fishy
in the numbers reported
on the Internet by
The Covid Tracking Project.

Oh wait. What's this?
The Covid Tracking Project
suddenly deleted
their Covid statistics for
hozpitalizations, beds needed
and ventilators needed
(40 times the original estimate).

It seems that
the original gross over-estimates
were merely government
based on IHME Covid Tracking
that "got the numbers all wrong".
The IHME just happens to be
funded by Bill Gates
and is based on his
models and spread sheets.
Ooops, another Gates Glitch.

But Corona has already peaked worldwide.
Fauci and Gates are behind the curve
... while diligently working on
computer models and spread sheets
to "educate" everyone about millions dying
-- in Bill Gates Pandemic 101.


Dr. Gates is ramping up
The Fear Machine

Gates is already planning
the sequel to Corona Pandemic 101.
Bill Gates Pandemic 201
is on the way.
The sequel: we can never be certain
we'll ever be safe from Corona.
Corona is coming back again
-- for sure --
and far worse than before.
The Second Wave is on the way.

Having bought his way into
the medical and scientific community
via his "philanthropic donations"
-- most notably his
purchase of Tedros
at the WHO
and his purchase of Dr. Fauci
at NIH --
Gates is now desperate
to convince us
that Corona is returning
-- with more fraudulent models.

Here's what Fauci has to say
about models.

"I've looked at all the models.
I've spent a lot of time on the models.
They don't tell you anything.
You can't really rely on models."

It seems that Fauci lost the
plot momentarily.
I'm sure Bill will have him
on the phone to set him straight.

This momentary lapse on the
part of Fauci has not
prevented him and Gates
and the WHO
from using their failed models to tell
President Trump
to shut down the economy.

Now that's what I call
a great idea.
Let's shut down the
whole economy based on
Gates' failed models.

In spite of the fact that
the latest reports
show "very few Americans
are dying to date
from the coronavirus who
had no pre-existing conditions."

" ... because the most recent data
shows that only .9% of deaths
related to the coronavirus
are related to individuals
with no comorbidity
(i.e. pre-existing conditions):"

The Bill Gates Agenda

Dr. Anthony Fauci works at NIH
(National Institutes of Health).
He is Director of
the National Institute of
Allergy and Infectious Diseases
-- which Bill Gates bought
with a $100 million donation.

So, it may come as no surprise that
Fauci and Gates speak with one voice.
They want to help shut down
the economy via social distancing.
They claim that social distancing
prevents people
from spreading the virus.

But the CDC (Centers for Disease Control)
says their own evidence for this claim
is very weak.
It's all part of The New Game.
The public is being trained
like Pavlov's dogs.


Dystopian distancing
... turning people
into Pavlovian robots

Social distancing is simply
the next stage in conditioning
the masses -- and the next stage
of the deception.

This is an experiment in
controlling human behavior
and supposedly
limiting the disease transmission
via keeping people separated.

But mass transmission
would mean that the mass of
the population would be
self-immunized for any future outbreak.
This is how the body naturally
deals with respiratory and other
infections -- by producing
its own antibodies.

In this case there is no need
for vaccines because people
have become naturally
immune through contact.
So, by keeping people distanced
you can make a case
that the population
needs a vaccine because
there is not enough immunity
created through natural contact.

Also, sheltering in place
suppresses the immune system
because it suppresses
the production of Vitamin D
that is produced by the body
with exposure to the sun.
Sunshine kills viruses
as was proved during
the 1918 Spanish flu epidemic.

Enter Dr. Bill Gates
to the rescue
with "an amazing vaccine"

Natural immunity is what happened
when we caught the mumps, measles
and chicken pox in the 1950s
when I grew up.
There was no second wave.
How can there be
a second wave if
you are already immune?

If you have your own antibodies
then you don't need a universal
compulsory risk-ladened vaccine
-- without a warning from the
doctor about potential
life-threatening side-effects.

These side effects are
due to the ingredients that they
never disclose to patients
-- such as Thimerosal --
a made-up name
created to disguise the truth.
Thimerosal is mercury.

Just like calling your fillings
silver amalgams when
they are actually 50% mercury.
The medical system
renames toxic substances
or simply avoids mentioning them.
To keep the populace comatose.

Gates and his minions
want limited self-immunization
-- limited spread of the disease --
to force the development of
"a vast hugely expensive, new system
of manufacturing and selling
billions of test kits, and in parallel
very quickly developing and selling
billions of antivirals and vaccines."

Of course,
without disclosing the ingredients
and the potentially lethal side-effects.
And why call them side-effects?.
They are simply effects.
There's nothing on the side
about disastrous effects.

But rule #1 is
"Don't Scare Away the Customer."
"Keep 'em Stupid"
and comatose by using the word

The Medical System's worst enemy
is an informed customer.
When customers start getting wise
and start asking questions
and start figuring things out
then the game is up.

Doctors hate when you
challenge their authority.
Did you notice?
Their most powerful weapons are
ignorance and fear.
Dr. Bill Gates' game is entirely
based on ignorance and fear.

The Ultimate Tracker
The Bill Gates Viral Scanner

Bill Gates is also developing
a viral scanner to verify
compliance -- able to prove if
the person being scanned has
received the Bill Gates vaccine.
If not, you're off the bus, train or plane.
Social control -- just like in China.

After the government caves in to this
"hugely expensive, new system"
the pharmaceutical industry
will then give the government
permission to reopen the economy
with Bill Gates
pulling all the strings.

And after the economy reopens
it gets worse.
"Eventually what we'll have to have
is certificates of
who's a recovered person,
who's a vaccinated person ...
So eventually there will be
this digital immunity proof
that will help facilitate
the global reopening up."

Gates wants to force
this dystopian model on the world
with universal mandatory
vaccinations for everyone
including APP phone tracking and a
digital embed certificate
called ID2020
that would be used to track everyone
and prevent those not in complaince
from living normal lives.
This would be the U.S. version of
China's Social Scoring System
that creates total control -- or else.

All for the "greater good" of society.
Never mind the good
of each individual.


The timing for the Digital ID2020
Conference in Basel, Switzerland
could not have been better ...
Jan 20-21, 2020.
Do you think they may have
known something ahead of time?

Oh Wait. What's this?
"Google and Apple are already
teaming up to track people
infected with Corona.
Perfect timing.
"The tech giants will log
people using their phone
who have apparently tested
positive for Covid 19.

Mandatory Tracing Chip
All 5.7 million residents
of Singapore
will be required to wear this chip
-- with no assurances
that privacy and personal security
will be respected.
Singapore welcomes all
of its residents
to 1984!
With the rollout in June 2020
everyone in Singapre
will be tracked 24 hours a day
via this new chip.
Singapore has now become a
dystopian tropical paradise.
For the "greater good".

From now on
everyone will be tracked
and controlled by corporations
that feed the information to
government that is
in turn controlled by
the pharmaceutical industry.

The pharmaceutical industry
is by far the largest contributor
to members of Congress
-- far larger that the oil
or defense industries.
Money talks. You get the picture.

So, the pharmaceutical industry
has a perpetual licence
to shut down the economy at will
-- as they have just done.

Bill Gates' agenda is based on his
ties to the pharmaceutical industry.
The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
is essentially an arm of the
pharmaceutical industry.
Bill Gates is their #1 spokeperson
and their #1 salesman.

The Bill and Melinda Gates
Foundation is totally corrupt

Robert Kennedy Jr. reveals
in this interview that
The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
is totally corrupt. It is
actually a revolving door
for the pharmaceutical industry.


Let the truth be known

In the midst of all the smoke and mirrors
about Chinese bats and bio-weapons labs,
there are a few indisputable facts
that we actually do know.

The facts lead to
money, control and power

In 2018 The Pirbright Institute
funded by
The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
was granted patent #20170216427
for the Corona virus.

This report
shows that Indian researchers
tried to publish
the results of the analyses
that showed that this coronavirus
genome contained sequences
of another virus, the HIV virus,
but they were forced to withdraw
their findings as the pressure
from the "mainstream" was too great.
I wonder where this "mainstream"
pressure was coming from?

Professor Luc Montagnier,
winner of the Nobel Prize
for Medicine in 2008 says
"in order to insert an HIV
sequence into this genome,
molecular tools are needed,
and that can only be done
in a laboratory."

On Oct. 18, 2019
The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
along with Johns Hopkins University
and The World Economic Forum
hosted Event 201 in New York City
-- a high level pandemic simulation.


This simulation was based
on the Corona virus.
Just before the arrival of Corona.
Just a coincidence.
They concluded that Corona
could kill 65 million people.
Wishful thinking.
Their prediction was only off by
... nearly 65 million.

But on Apr. 2, 2020 Gates stated
"I can hardly believe
we're in this situation."
This situation?
This just happens to be
the "situation" he was just simulating?

Moreover, with Gates'
encouragement, the CDC
assumes that as many deaths
as possible are "Corona deaths".
Even when the person is dying of cancer.
This "assumption" is made
without any lab testing
as corroboration.
The books have been cooked
by Bill Gates.

This reminds me of
so-called silver amalgam fillings
that contain 50% mercury
being grandfathered
into the medical system by the FDA
without any safety testing
-- with devastating results
for millions of people but
only 2 lawsuits filed against the FDA.

The Ultimate Zapper

What are you looking at me
like that for?

Getting back to Corona,
on April 11, 2020 it was revealed
that a "German study found that around
15% of the population in the Gangelt
had the coronavirus antibodies
and were infected at some point.
Using this data the researchers
concluded that the coronavirus
mortality rate was 0.37%."

"WHO leader, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus,
stoked fear across the planet when he claimed
the COVID-19 had a 3.4% mortality rate."

Mass Graves? Another massive hoax.
"Hart Island has been used for more
than 150 years by city officials
as a mass burial site for those
with no next-of-kin, or families
who cannot afford funerals.
There is no proof that all of these
coffins in the video were
holding coronavirus victims."

Do you believe Bill Gates
when he stated
"I can hardly believe
we're in this situation"?

When the facts show that in 2015
he was predicting a pandemic
would happen soon
and was actually planning
for a pandemic
with Event 201 in October 2019.

And his proxy Dr. Fauci in 2017
guaranteed the Trump Administation
would soon face "as surprise outbreak"?

Watch this short interview.
At 54 seconds Bill Gates is
 talking about economic pain in the U.S.
"... it's sad that even the U.S. ..."
-- while smiling and chuckling
at the very moment
that he is talking about the
pain and suffering of others.
His spontaneous smile speaks more truth
than his words.
His ear-to-ear smile
is an unconscious self-betrayal.


Gates knew the pandemic was coming
because he owned the patent on Corona,
because Bill and Melina were
already funding Inovio Inc.
to develop a vaccine for the virus
and because they were actually
simulating "the event" with Event 201
on the eve of the appearance of Corona.

Vaccines are hugely profitable.
Never mind if they have
"a very high failure rate" -- according to Gates.
Over 350 billion vaccine doses
were administered in the US alone in 2019.

Vaccines are very big business.
The vaccine market is six times larger
than it was 20 years ago,
at more than $35 billion annually today,
and providing a $44 return
for every $1 invested in
the world's 94 lowest-income countries
-- where there is no informed consent
and where the most vulnerable
are easily controlled.

So, the creation of viral fear translates into
total control and immense profits.
Without batting an eyelash Gates talks about
tens of millions of "excess people" dying
if they don't respond to his fear mongering.
He knows how to scare people into
begging for a vaccine shot.

But you won't find anything about
"very high vaccine failure rate
... may cause paralysis"
in the fine print.
Warning people about vaccines
is not good for business.
You don't want to scare off the customer.

The Henry Kissinger Connection
Henry Drops a Corona Bomb

In case you may be sitting on the fence
I'm sure good old Henry Kissinger
will steer you in the right direction.

Trusted globalist Henry Kissinger
-- yes he is still alive at 94 --
is weighing in on the Corona matter.
Kissinger is the person who
orchestrated the secret bombimg of
Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos
during the Vietnam War.

Kissinger's bombing campaign
killed millions of innocent civilians
and paved the way for the
genocidal regime of Pol Pot
in Cambodia that tortured and killed
millions of Cambodian people
-- men, women and children.


Henry Kissinger should be in
a federal penitentiary
for committing war crimes.
Nevertheless, he is the go-to expert
we should definitely be listening to
about Corona.

After all, he's got the credentials
to tell us how to solve these sorts
of urgent human problems
-- having been the preeminent proponent
of mass civilan bombing and one
of the first proponents and
most enthusiastic promotors of
The New Global World Order.

Steve Bannon has openly declared
that Kissinger "has blood on his hands"
for Vietnam and for Corona.

Here's Henry Kissinger's solution
to the present crisis.
"Addressing the necessities of the moment
must ultimately be coupled with
a global collaborative vision and program."

Of course.
How could we have overlooked
such an obvious solution
to the current viral problem.
We simply need global control.
Such an elegant and simple solution.

And it looks like Kissinger and Gates
are actively working on it.
Kissinger and Gates are already calling
for mass vaccination
and global governance.

Silencing Vaccine Whistle-Blowers
reported by Robert Kennedy Jr.


Of course, part of this process
involves silencing insiders who try to
blow the whistle on vaccine
corruption as Robert Kennedy Jr.
attests to in this interview.
He is a hero -- like his father.

The 5G Connection

And if all this hasn't blown your mind ...
see the video here that links
the roll-out of 5G in Wuhan to Corona.
Both rolled out at the same time.
Wuhan was the first city in the world
to be completely blanketed
with 5G and the first city with Corona.
Just a coincidence, I imagine.

Furthermore ...
the highest mortality rate
in the U.S. is located at
EvergreenHealth Hospital
in Kirkland, Washington.

Ten patients were diagnosed
with Corona and 6 died.
That's a mortality rate
of 60%. Kirkland is one
of five U.S. cities
"firmly wired" for 5G.
And EvergreenHealth is
the only hospital
in the U.S. wired and
broadcasting for 5G

Just a coincidence, I imagine.


5G towers every 100 meters
coming soon ... to a street near you

5G is like having an X-Ray machine
beaming radiation at
your body 24 hours a day.

5G irradiates the reproductive system
and all major organs and body systems.
It impairs the immune system
making it easy for viruses
to take hold and easy
for genetic changes to happen
and for cancer to develop.

4G already causes cancer.
5G is destined to become
a cancer disaster.

5G is 10 times
more powerful than 4G
-- as per scientist Dr. Barry Trower
whose ground-breaking research
on 5G can be seen on YouTube.

Dr. Trower developed
high frequency weapons
for the British military
-- but then had a change of heart.

-- the location of the WHO Headquarters --
and Brussels
-- the location of the EU government --
have both banned the roll-out
of 5G "for health reasons".
The only cities in the world to do so.
Do you think the EU government
and the WHO may know something
about the health reasons
that they haven't shared with us?


Sprint 4G cellphone tower
next to a school removed
after teachers and students
developed brain and other cancers

Here are some shocking videos
about the new 5G reality that is coming.

Video 1

Here is the complete series
of YouTube videos with
scientist Dr. Barry Trower on 5G.

Dr. Barry Trower

And here is a video of
Dr. Martin Pall, Professor Emeritus
of Biochemistry and Basic Medical Sciences
at Washington State University
who says that
"5G rollout is absolutely insane."

Dr. Martin Pall

Here is the complete series
of Youtube videos with Dr. Martin Pall.

Bill Gates is quietly helping finance
the rollout of 5G in the U.S.

Gates is treated liked a head of state
at the WHO and also at the G20.
He is one of the most influential people
in the global health industry.

When was Bill Gates Elected King?

for a very insightful look
at King Bill Gates
-- according to preeminent New York lawyer
Michael Lebron
on his Lionel Nation YouTube channel.

In case you were not aware,
Gates has partnered with
Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg
to fund research on Covid-19 treatments.
Now there's winning duo.

Bill Gates has also partnered
with the King of Globalists
George Soros
to promote the use of
the hugely expensive
and hugely ineffective drug

Besides covering up
the truth about Corona Gate
(excuse the pun)
Gates lied about his connection
with Jeffrey Epstein
-- the notorious paedophile

Oh wait. What's this?
It looks like Bill Gates
was close friends
with the notorious child sex
trafficker Jeffrey Epstein.

Bill Gates knew that Jeffrey Epstein
was a paedophile.
But "Bill Gates refuses to explain
why he went on Jeffrey Epstein's
notorious 'Lolita Express'
plane four years
AFTER the paedophile
was released from prison.

Gates apparently lied about
flying to Palm Beach
with Epstein.
"I didn’t go to New Mexico
or Florida or Palm Beach
or any of that."

But the truth is that
"Bill Gates flew with Epstein from
Teterboro Airport in New Jersey
to Palm Beach on March 1, 2013.

"One of the few flights that
year where pilot Larry Viskoski
recorded the name of a passenger."


Here's the flight record
with the name Bill Gates
at the bottom

"A rep for Gates' humanitarian
foundation denied that Epstein
ever worked for billionaire
founder of Microsoft, but would
not comment on the 2013 flight."

Why did Bill Gates lie about the
flight he took with Jeffrey Epstein
to Palm Beach?


Jeffrey Epstein seen here with Bill Gates

A representative for
Mr. Gates has not responded
to requests for comment,
beyond stating that the
the once-richest man in the
world never had any financial
or charitable ties to Epstein ..."

Not financial or charitable?
Then what exactly
were their "ties"?

Gates and Epstein met
on several occasions. Gates tries
to distance himself from
Epstein's sordid activities.
"Every meeting where I was with him
were meetings with men."

The Observer makes
the interesting comment that
"It makes sense why Epstein
needed Bill Gates. It makes far
less sense why Bill Gates
needed Jeffrey Epstein".

And Business Insider says
"New details and documents
obtained by The New York Times
reveal a much closer connection
between Bill Gates and the late
Jeffrey Epstein than what
the Microsoft founder
had previously admitted."

The Verge reports that
"Gates met with
Epstein "numerous times,"
including at least three times
at Epstein's townhouse."

Each new report adds new
details not previously known.
It all comes out
in dribs and drabs.

If these meetings were not
about financial matters, then what
exactly were they all about?
If Gates has nothing to hide,
then why is his only explanation
... a stone wall.

Maybe squeaky clean Bills is
not as squeaky as we had thought.
But the way the matter is
being managed by the
tight-lipped Gates team
it looks like the truth will
be locked in a vault forever.

I find it interesting that
"In 2011, Gates instructed a team
to meet Epstein at his townhouse
to discuss philanthropic fundraising,
The New York Times reports.

Epstein told the people there
that his conviction for soliciting
prostitution from an underage girl
was no worse than "stealing a bagel,"
according to two
people who were there."

So, Gates knew about Epstein's
prostitution conviction
and his bagel comment.
Yet he took no action
and did not distance himself
from Epstein.

On the contrary. In fact,
"The two remained in contact,
and at one point in 2013,
Gates flew on Epstein's jet from
New Jersey to Palm Beach, Florida,
according to a flight manifest."

There may be more going on
here than has so far been disclosed
but the truth will likely
never be known.
But one thing remains for sure.
There are more questions here
than answers.

The Eugnenics Connection

Maybe it was just the
shared interest in Eugenics
between Gates and Epstein
that Gates would rather
not be made known
-- although he opening talks about
In fact, Eugenics is what
his vaccination program
in India is accomplishing.

The "very high failure rate"
for this vaccines
that Gates talks about is actually
what he has set out to accomplish,
in my opinion.
Eugenics seeks to genetically
"enhance" the human population
by getting rid of "undesirables".
Gates calls this "excess deaths".


Eugenics was very popular in Germany
from 1933 to 1945
... introduced to Nazi Germany
by American Eugenicists

Oh wait. What's this?
"In 2014, Kenya's Catholic Doctors
Association accused the WHO
of chemically sterilizing millions
of unwilling Kenyan women
with a "tetanus" vaccine campaign.
Independent labs found
a sterility formula in every
vaccine tested.

After denying
the charges, WHO finally admitted
it had been developing the
sterility vaccines for over
a decade. Similar accusations came
from Tanzania, Nicaragua, Mexico,
and the Philippines."

Here's Melinda smiling at
potential customers in Africa

Never mind.
Gates' father will surely come to
the rescue of Bill and Melinda
and insulate him
from any threat of
potentially unpleasant litigation.

Gates' father is one of the
most powerful lawyers in the U.S.
He was the head of
Planned Parenthood
-- a euphemism for
The Eugenics Movement.

After being introduced from the US
Eugenics was a popular preoccupation
in Nazi Germany from 1933 to 1945
with Hitler's attempt to rid humanity
of "undesirables"
-- Jews, gypsies. homosexuals, "asocials",
disabled people and others.

In fact, Bill Gates Jr.
has openly admitted
that the purpose of his worldwide
vaccination programs
is to depopulate the world.

Gates says he believes that
vaccines can be used to reduce
childhood mortality and ultimately
reduce population growth through
associated social changes,
not as an agent of death.

Of course, not.
Eugenicists would never admit
that there should be
any "excess deaths"
to reduce the size of the population.

But the fact is that it is
"the very high failure rate"
of his vaccines that is
accomplishing this goal
-- which he is well aware of.
His explanation is disingenuous
-- which the facts belie.

What's behind the
fraudulent high mortality rate
for Corona?

As of April 27, 2020
in California

"You have
a 0.03% chance of dying
from COVID in the state
of California. Does that
necessitate sheltering in place?"
And shutting down
the whole economy?

As of April 27, 2020
in New York State

"How many deaths
do they have?
19,410 out of 19 million people,
which is a 0.1% chance
of dying from COVID ..."

With the published number
proved to be fraudulent.
The goal is to engender fear
in the populace so that
the masses will be easy
to control -- both physically
and psychologically.

To this end, the mounting death toll
hits the headlines on a daily basis.
Johns Hopkins University
brings the worldwide
daily mounting death toll
onto everyone's screens
They don't mention
the recovery rate of nearly 100%.

What they don't tell you
is that the books are cooked
and that the mortality rate is
being falsified as a scare tactic.

Johns Hopkins just happens to be
closely allied
with 2 Eugenics organizations
-- the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
and the Rockefeller Foundation.

Let's start with this interesting fact.
Johns Hopkins and
the Gates Foundation
Hosted a Coronavirus Pandemic Simulation
Last October
Last October 2019?
A simulation for Corona just before
Corona arrived?
Just a coincidence, I'm sure.

Johns Hopkins is such a stodgy
British name. Must be a very
upstanding institution.The only
problem is that Bill Gates owns them.
Gates pays them
to publish fraudulent mortality
rates to try to scare the hell
out ot everyone.

"Gates Foundations Give
Johns Hopkins $20 Million Gift
to School of Public Health
for Population, Reproductive Health
Institute" -- which is a euphemism
for the Gates Eugenics Project.

"With the Gates Foundations'
$20 million grant,
total commitments to the
Johns Hopkins Initiative
have reached $1.2 billion."

For "the improvement of health
and prevention of disease and
disability around the world."
Yah, sure.

Excuse me for asking ... but
has anyone noticed that
the Gates vaccines are causing
disease, death and disability
in India and Africa?

Thankfully, people are catching on.
So, the BBC now reports
"dying with the Corona virus"
not "dying from the corona virus".

The truth is that the
headline should read
"with suspected Corona
because testing is not mandatory.
So they may have died
without Corona
for all we know".

The mortality rate is
intentionally overstated.
They know that over 99% die
from life-threatening
pre-existing medical conditions.

Which has encouraged
a new scare-warning
from the WHO:
The World Health Organization
(WHO) says patients who have
recovered from the virus
may not be protected against

Which begs the question ...
if natural immunity via exposure
to this alleged virus does not
confer immunity
according to them
then what assurance do we have
that their toxic vaccine will do so?

Their vaccines have an
admitted history of a
"very high failure rate".

Belgium has a figure of
6,917 deaths in a population
of 11.4 million.

More than half the country's
deaths have been in care homes
for the elderly and
are based largely on
suspected cases, which makes
the country's data look much worse.
Just a coincidence.

And in Italy ...
a Parliamentarian has just
on the fraudulent death
numbers in his country.

"According to the
National Institute of Health,
96.3% did not die of coronavirus,
but of other pathologies
... which means that only 925 have died
from the virus and 24,075
have died of other things ...
... the virus was little more
than an influenza.
Don’t lie! Tell the truth!"

The Monsanto Connection

From Ethan A. Huff at The Liberty Beacon

"The Gates Foundation, which is
currently heavily focused
on forcing GMOs on Africa via its
financing of the Alliance
for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA).
The Gates Foundation has admittedly
given at least $264.5 million
in grant commitments to AGRA,
and also reportedly hired
Dr. Robert Horsch, a former Monsanto
executive for 25 years who
developed cancer-causing Roundup,
to head up AGRA back in 2006."


And here is a report on
The Gates Foundation's
close partnership with
the pharmaceutical industry,
including the revolving door
between the staff of the Foundation
and pharmaceutical companies
such as Merck and GSK
... and the preponderant focus
... on new vaccines and drugs ..."

Never mind.
There are more important
things to discuss here
than Bill Gates' links to
the pharmaceutical industry,
to cancer-causing
Roundup and Monsanto, to GMOs,
to Eugenics and
to the world's most notorious
child sex trafficker.

Let's take a well-deserved break
for a walk on the light side.

The Warren Buffett Connection

Let's have a look at one of
Bill Gates' closest friends
the grandfatherly billionaire
Oracle of Omaha Warren Buffett.

Warren Buffett
is Bill Gates' silent partner.
Buffett has donated most of his
$100 billion fortune to
The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.


Two great buddies

Buffett and Gates are two highly
principled business leaders
with the highest morals and ethics.
They are woonderful role models
and we should give respect
where it is due.

We all know the board game
called Monopoly.
Well, Buffett and Gates play the
game of Monopoly in real life.
That's how they became billionaires
-- strangling the competition.
The free market
is their worst nightmare.


And since no one likes paying taxes
the Gates Foundation is an offshore
tax avoidance scheme
that Warren Buffett has now become
a member of by donating
his billions to Gates.

Living tax free is very convenient.
Some folks are lucky enough
to be able arrange things
so that they can live in
their own tax-free world.
Others are not so lucky.


Recently, the value of Warren's
Berkshire Hathaway
(Buffett's holding company)
tanked along with the stock market
because of Bill's decision
to shut down the economy
for as long as possible.
Trying to make sure
it goes down for the count.

Not to worry. Warren saw it coming
and is sitting on a hoard of cash
ready to pick up valuable assets
for pennies on the dollar.

But what was the rationale
for shutting down the economy?
According to the CDC
0.2% to 1.8% of all US deaths
since February are confirmed
or presumed
(no lab testing required)
to be due to COVID-19.

The Worldometer Corona website
says there have been 7,896 Corona
deaths in the US as of noon
on Saturday April 4, 2020.

But the CDC website has only 1,150
confirmed or presumed
-- as per the above.

This all sounds like a reliable basis
for shutting down the economy.
Doesn't it?

Or perhaps they got the ball
rollling by injecting a healthy dose
of fear mongering as a pretext
for doing so -- since the
numbers don't add up
to a health catastrophe.
In fact, they don't even add up to
a fraction of the annual number
of deaths from the normal annual flu.

Never mind. Buffett is a bona fide
financial genius in whom
we can all place our trust
as the Bill Gates' silent partner.

Many people may not know it
but the Oracle of Omaha
although not an expert on vaccines
is actually an bona fide expert
on health and nutrition
-- with impressive credentials
that add a lot to the credibility
of The Gates Foundation.

Here's Warren giving Bill a lecture
on the basics of good nutrition.
as they walk down
the candy aisle together.


Buffett also advises everyone
about the health benefits of eating
either a $2.61, $2.95 or $3.17
McDonald's breakfast
-- depending on how
The Market is going.

A basic pillar of Buffett's
nutritional program
is drinking 5 Cokes a day
(25% of his caloric intake)
to help wash down all those Dairy Queens.
He then tops it off with
a healthy portion of See's candies.


Here's Warren on the job
at his See's Candy factory

Warren Buffett's junk food empire
consists of 17 delicious brands.
He's helping keep America healthy.
Buffett owns $16 billion
in Coca Cola stock.

Here's how Warren makes
his breakfast choice
-- at the McDonald's
Drive Thru window.
Skip to 3:20 for the best part.


"I tell my wife as I shave in the morning
either 2.61, 2.95 or 3.17 and
she puts that amount in a little cup
by me here and that determines
which of 3 breakfasts I get.
When I'm not feeling quite
so prosperous I might go
with the 2.61. which is 2 sausage patties
and I put 'em together
and pour myself a coke.
3.17 is a bacon egg and cheese biscuit.
But the market's down this morning
so I think I'll pass up the 3.17
and go for the 2.95."

You'd think that a man
who is worth $100 billion
could afford the extra 22 cents.


Holy cow!
The market's down this morning
and I forgot to tell my wife
to take 22 cents out of the cup

Billionaire Warren Buffett
who will not give McDonald's
an extra 22 cents
for breakfast is giving away
his vast fortune of $100 billion
to allow the
Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
to "both deepen and accelerate"
its work -- saving the world
with new drugs and vaccines.

Well ... after reading
this Buffett pronouncement
it sounds like Buffett is as
expert in the field
of medical research as he is
in the field of investing.

Oh wait, What's this?
Mr. Buffett just
let the cat out of the bag.
Turns out he told Becky Quick
in a CNBC interview ...
"I don't have anything to
add to your knowledge
on health. In school I did OK
in accounting.
But I was a disaster in biology."

"I'm learning about these
various matters the
same way you are."

You mean he invested $100 billion
with Bill Gates without
doing his due diligence?

To put the icing on the cake
... Buffett states
"I do feel that I owe
a huge debt of gratitide
to Dr. Fauci for educating
and informing me actually
along with my friend
Bill Gates too as to what's
going on. And I know I get it
from a straight shooter
when I get it from either
one of those ..."

Bill Gates a "straight shooter"?
Dr. Fauci a "straight shooter?"
Looks like we're in worse
trouble than I thought.
Much worse.
Warren Buffett is taking health lessons
from Gates and Fauci?
Now we're in really big trouble.

In retrospect,
looking at Buffett's diet
and his investments
... we should have known.

Junk Food King
Warren Buffett is the
silent partner in the
business of
with the self-anointed
biology expert Bill Gates
-- who dropped out of College
and has no
medical qualifications.

Buffett has
entrusted his fortune to Gates
-- although he admits
that he knows nothing
about health and nutrition
let alone Bill Gates'
favorites project
-- vaccines.

So, the Oracle of Omaha
forgot to do his
due diligence before
giving away his fortune.
Way to go Warren!

Gates is in charge of
World Medical Planning
for all 7 billion of us
on Planet Earth.
Makes the mind
boggle ... just a bit
doesn't it?

Whistle Blower Destroys Fauci

Predictably ...
this video was removed by YouTube.
"This video has been
removed for violating
YouTube's Community Guidelines."

But you can view it here.

Buffett says
"personally I feel
extraordinarily good
about being able to listen
to Dr. Fauci who I'd
never heard of a year ago."

This statement must be taken
in context because
90-year-old Buffett
also never heard the words
vitamins and minerals
a year ago.
He's beaten the odds
living to a ripe old age
on a junk food diet.

In other words
... we're in good hands
but ...
you'd better buckle up

The co-founder of Microsoft
with Bill Gates was Paul Allen.
Allen knew Bill Gates when
Gates was 13 and Allen was 15.
Allen's biography painted a
most unflattering portrait
of Bill Gates (to say the least),
which Allen did not back down
from in his CBS 60-Minutes interview
with Leslie Stahl.

Coupling Mr. Buffett's
junk food mentality
with his domineering
partner Bill Gates
(who was well-known for
day-long screaming sessions
where he berated
and bullied Allen and others)

... I am trying to imagine the
magical transformation
of Gates and Buffett from
cut-throat corporate "leaders"
into saviors of the world.
This is stretching my credulity.

Giving these 2 men the power
to make life and death decisions
regarding the fate of humanity
on the issues of
personal health, vaccines and
social engineering and ...

... the plan to cover our
planet with 5G towers
and 20,000 5G satellites
so that we will be living inside
a virtual X-ray machine
24 hours a day
is not something
I am sanguine about,

It is interesting to note that
folksy Warren Buffett
who seems like
a kindly grandfather
is solidly behind
the 5G rollout.

In fact, Buffett
He has made Apple
the largest holding in the
Berkshire Hathaway portfolio.
The iPhone will become
a critical device for 5G service.

But perhaps Buffett and Gates
have suddenly had
a change of heart?
Instead of spending their days
in the pursuit of
money, control and power
via cutthroat monopoly
business practices
they have decided to dedicate
their lives to the selfless work
of philanthropy?

Dream on.
They have actually
decided to move their assets
to "save humanity" ...

... enabling the tax-free
development of
highly profitable
viral testing projects,
new drug development,
vaccine development,
universal vaccination programs,
quantum-dot ID tracking tattoos,
bio-data storage
ID tracking scanners
-- and the rollout of 5G.

And other projects
yet to be imagined.
Aren't you excited about
all the new technological
possibilities for this
New World Order?

I imagine it is
just a coincidence that
Buffett and Gates via
The Bill and Melinda
Gates Foundation
hold huge financial stakes
in all of the above

Conflict of interest?
No disclosure required.
Never mind. We're in good hands.
We can all sleep soundly at night
knowing these good folks are
looking out for our well-being
-- all 7 billion of us.
Gates says he can't wait
to inject us all with
"an amazing vaccine".
I bet.

Oh wait. What's this?
"Bill Gates the Microsoft
billionaire-turned 'philanthropist'
responded to a question about
how governments might decide
what businesses are "essential"
during a crisis ...

... by suggesting
the use of "digital certificates
to show who has recovered
or been tested recently or when
we have a vaccine who has received it."
What a fantastic idea Bill!
Sounds exactly like Dr. Fauci's
own recent declarations.

In fact, Gates has funded research into
"quantum-dot tattoos" that
simultaneously vaccinate and leave
a record of the vaccination,
allowing recipients of the shot
to be identified as such after the fact
-- by his own proposed scanners.

Once you're scanned you'll receive an
APP certificate that will allow you to
seek employment and go
to the grocery store
and ride on the bus.

Just one more shot
... with a Quantum Dot Tracker

And there's more good news.
"It's possible someday that
this 'invisible' approach
could create new possibilities
for data storage, biosensing,
and vaccine applications
that could improve how
medical care is provided,
particularly in the developing world,"
MIT professor and senior author
Robert Langer said in this statement.

Wow. This is great.
Gates will be able to track
and sense everything
-- including medically --
about everyone in the world.
I mean, who needs privacy
when you have quantum dot tracking?

Gates also backs the ID2020 initiative
which late last year announced
plans to implant biometric
ID technology in babies
born in Bangladesh and
homeless people in Austin, Texas.
Let's start off with the most vulnerable
and then force it onto the general
population. Great idea Bill!

But sorry to have to point this out Bill.
You should really give credit
where credit is due.
I'm sure you know that
this is a very old idea
-- albeit with a new twist.

They were doing this sort of tattoo thing
way back in the 1930s and 1940s
to ID some Jewish folks
they wanted to keep track of back then.


It was a great idea in the old days.
So, I understand
why you'd like to use an updated version
tailor made for this new era.

Not to worry.
Articles about the Bill Gates
dystopian ID2020 initiative
recently had a disclaimer slapped on
warning that the program is
"not [intended] to track individuals,
as claimed by some conspiracy theorists."
Gee, that's a relief!

Not to worry
... we're in the best of hands


Sorry -- I forgot to mention that
there are actually 7 more
distinguished business leaders
playing large roles in the
current social engineering
experiment that is destined
to "benefit" all of humanity.

Schmidt and Gates

"You got something to hide?
All we're doing is tracking everything you do
and then selling it to the feds.
You gotta problem with that?"
Eric Schmidt former CEO of Google

Zuckerberg and Gates

"You dumbos ... your privacy is none
of your business. Everything on FaceBook
goes to the feds."
Mark Zuckerberg CEO of Facebook.

Bezos and Gates

"I sell your private info to the feds
while Alexa keeps track of everything.
You gotta problem with that?"
-- Jeff Bezos CEO of Amazon.

Bill Gates' business partner
George Soros

"Now listen up.
We're going to do things
my way.
No matter what
the law says. Understand?"
-- George Soros of various NGOs

Adolph Eichmann

George Soros
somehow reminds me
of Adolph Eichmann.
Eichmann also did things his way.
He was an Untouchable
-- until they caught up with him
in Argentina.
He was convicted and hung.

Unfortunately, Soros will likely
remain an Untouchable
and will probably never
be called upon
to explain his actions.

Soros is already nearly 90.
So I'm sure his legal department
will be able to keep him out of
harm's way for the duration
-- litigation harm.

Same for good old
Untouchable Henry Kissinger
who remains litigation-free
and another member of the
Untouchables -- David Rockefeller
who died at age 102
-- litigation-free.


Last but certainly not least
... I almost forgot to mention
The House of Rothschild
that has been controlling much of
the world's international banking
since 1743.

In fact, everyone else
is just a bit-player
on the stage that is
dominated by this banking House
-- including Bill Gates
and all of the above players.

The New World Order
-- an era characterized by
corporate state fascism --
is now upon us in all its glory
-- controlled by the Military Industrial
Surveillance Intelligence
Pharmaceutical Alliance.


When you look at how things
are shaping up
it makes one wonder who really
won WWII.

Our modern world increasingly
resembles a page out of
Adolph Eichmann's diary:
The New World Order
Updated Dystopian Version
for the 21st Century.

The Federal Reserve Connection

But wait.
Here's the next chapter.
The Federal Reserve Bank
is now trying to get in on the act.

The FED's mandate is to print money
-- and to charge the American public
interest for running the printing presses
in order to keep the country indebted.
Some see this as highway robbery.

James Bullard
Social engineering Expert

But you will never hear the mainstream
media talk about what the FED actually is.
The Federal Reserve Bank
was created in 1913.
It is a privately owned foreign corporation
pretending to be part of the U.S. government.
With the name FED no one would
suspect it is a foreign agent.
That's why they chose the name FED.

The FED prints money
and then charges the US government
interest for the priviledge.
Which is where the enormous
and unpayable national debt comes from.

Mr. Bullard's job is to make a profit
for a group of foreign banks.
Why anyone would listen when
he pontificates about medical problems
and social issues is beyond me.
I guess he just wants to help out
by branching out -- like Bill Gates.

But there's nothing in the
Federal Reserve Act of 1913
about medical problems
or about social engineering.
Sorry to be so blunt,
but this is none of his business.
However, this has not prevented
Mr.Bullard from chiming in.

James Bullard has become our most recent
self-appointed medical expert
and social engineering authority.


James Bullard
Social Engineering Expert

Mr. Bullard says
there's a solution to this
virus thing -- and he has the solution.
He says Americans should be
tested for COVID-19 daily
and be forced to display a badge
on their clothing with the result.

Just imagine the profits here
for daily testing of 330 million
Americans 365 days a year.
And 7 billion people worldwide.
The stock price for the maker
of these testing kits
will go through the roof.

Wow. Bill Gates must be the
happiest man in America today
on hearing this great news.
He'll be on the inside of this deal
-- like being on the inside
of the vaccine deal
and the quantum dot tracking deal.

This reminds me of
the Jews being required to wear
a yellow star
to show their identity
during the Nazi era.
The Jews were infecting everyone
and had to be singled out.
Same with the virus.

Homosexuals, gypsies,
Jehovah's Witnesses, the disabled,
"asocials" and others all had
their own distinctive
identifying colored symbols
to be publicly displayed
at all times.

Homosexuals (and lesbians) were
forced to wear a pink triangle

This system worked great in the old days.
So, I'm sure it could be very useful
for many different social situations
in our present era.
After all, there are a lot of "asocials"
walking the streets these days.

And on Aug. 9, 2020
another member of
The Federal Reserve Bank
has entered the scene
to show his own expertise
on these matters.

The President of the Federal
Reserve Bank of Minneapolis,
Neel Kashkari, has called
for another and yet stricter lockdown
"to save lives and to save the economy".


Neel Kashkari
Social Engineering Expert

I get it.
Mr. Kashkari is a medical
and social engineering expert
who just happens
to work at the Fed.

He figures since the first
lockdown was not severe
enough to kill the economy ...
a second even stricter lockdown
is what we need to finish the job
... and to save lives.
Great idea Mr. Kashkari.

Well ...
if lockdowns are the answer
then why not make
them permanent. After all,
Gates and Fauci
tell us that more "virus waves"
are on the way.

Everyone can order food online
... so there should be
no problems
with a permanent lockdown.

The New World Order in 2020
is really very simple:
shut up and
do as you're told
-- or else

Simply put, we need to deal with
people who refuse to lie down
and roll over.

In fact, we need to deal with this
urgent situation without delay.
But why stop with Covid-19.
There are many other possibilities here
that should not be overlooked.
After all, this is a crisis, isn't it?
And we should never let
a crisis go to waste.

People should have to wear
different colored triangular badges
on their clothing
for different unacceptable things
-- as suggested by James Bullard of
the Federal Reserve Bank
for Corona.

For example:
Red for "hate speechers".
Black for "climate change deniers".
Green for "incorrect use of pronouns".
Yellow for "virus deniers".
Orange for "virus testing refusers".
Brown for "vaccine refusers".
Blue for "vaccine scanning refusers".
Maroon for "mask refusers".
Purple for "social distancing refusers".
White for "dissidents."
Beige for
"shutdown/lockdown/ refusers".
Mauve for "quarantine refusers".
Grey for "CO2 deniers".
Crimson for "conspiracy theorists".
Pink for "LGBTQN (N for not sure)".


Just name your favorite
unacceptable thing and your
favorite color. This could be
the start of a wonderful
new trend. We are only
limited by our imagination here.
The only problem is that
we may run out of colors
at some point.
In any case,
great idea Mr. Bullard!

By the way, Mr. Bullard
did you borrow this innovative
approach from
Heinrich Himmler
or was it Joseph Goebbels?


Fortunately, there is an upside
to all this.
You'll be able to gain
extra Social Scoring Points
by snitching on neighbors
who defy quarantine edicts
and other edicts.

Shades of Nazi Germany
when people turned in
their Jewish neighbors
to the authorities.

In fact, people are now
being issued with citations
all over the U.S.
for defying the authorities
after being snitched on
by their neighbors.
Shades of Nazi Germany.


Tyrants gone wild
including ...
Gavin, Whitmer
DeBlasio and Gates...
and you can add
Tedros and Fauci to the list.

Tedros of the WHO
and Fauci of NIH
have declared Corona may be
with us FOREVER ...
which is designed to scare the hell
out of 7 billion people
for all eternity.

Virus fascism has arrived!

People are being arrested

in New Jersey and North Carolina
just for peacefully protesting the
the economic shutdown in their States.

People are being arrested
in Arizona
for reopening their business.

All over the US
criminals are let out
of prison to protect them from
the Corona virus while
mothers are arrested
and put in prison
for protesting
being locked down.

In Texas
people are being arrested
and put in prison
for reopening their businesses.

Church services
and funerals
are being banned.

You'd better watch out
because ... there are strict
guidelines to be followed
as set out by the
Ministry of COVID Compliance:

"... houses of religious worship
are death traps due to
their propensity to promote
the most critically
dangerous activity
of all, fellowship."


"Remember, we are all
in this together;
and to prove how critical
this is to our society
we must all stay apart."

If you want to seek solace,
prayer is forbidden.
But you can head to your
local liquor store or pot store
where you'll find real solace.

If people
are drunk or high
then half the battle is won.


This is
The New World Order.
We are being held hostage
with a lie as
this video with Dr. Buttar
so eloquently proves.

This report discusses how
the global surveillance state
will thrive in a post-Corona
world via increasingly intrusive
surveillance -- that would make
George Orwell
roll over in his grave.

Everyone is a suspect.
And anyone can be a criminal
when it's the government
determining what is a crime.

The New World Order
hi-tech surveillance makes
the police state surveillance
of the Hitler and Stalin eras
look like a child's game.

Welcome to Dystopia.

Where hi-tech can see directly
into your home with the walls
now invisible.
They can see what
what you ate for breakfast
and track your blood sugar
levels and verify your bio-data.
They can listen to your
morning conversation
with your family.

You will not have the right
to feed your family
unless you have their
""vaccine tattoo all clear"
permission certificate.
You will not have
a shred of privacy
either inside your home --
or in public via a national
mass surveillance network
-- or at work where
everything you do will be
spied on and recorded.

And you will not be able
to escape being irradiated
24 hours a day by 5G technology.

Welcome to Dystopia.

Oh wait. What's this?

"In a stunning turn of events,
Surgeon General Jerome Adams
explained in an interview
on live XM radio, that
the Coronavirus Task Force
has, effectively, dumped
the Bill Gates/CDC/WHO
predictive contagion model,
and is now working with
the real data."

Working with the real data
instead of making up
Let's Pretend Models?
That's no good for Gates and Fauci
-- who already admitted
"models are only models".

Never mind that Fauci's own
admission runs contrary to their
Media Tour Theme.
It's time to get on with
their fear-mongering campaign.


Gates and Fauci
on their Media Tour
in aid of ... promoting fear

"Gates and Fauci have
made a media tour
threatening the public that
businesses may not re-open for
six months to a year, or until
and unless governments purchase
their conveniently patented,
Big Pharma vaccination".


For crimes against humanity


... is that there is no test that
proves the existence of any
pathogenic virus.
And no virus has ever
been isolated in the lab.


In fact, Dr. Stefan Lanka
won a Supreme Court case in Germany
that proved the measles virus
has never been isolated.

This means the virus has not
been shown to actually exist.
The whole exercise
is circular. The illness
exists, of course,
but Dr. Lanka proves it is
caused by toxicity
-- not by a virus.

measles1 measles2 measles3 measles4
measles5 measles6 measles7 measles8

Which is your favorite artwork
of all these alleged electron microscope
views of the alleged measles virus?

The ultimate irony is that
there is no actual test
for Covid-19.

COVID-19 Case Numbers Driven by Faulty Tests Although COVID-19 is said to be a novel coronavirus, the test is not able to distinguish between COVID-19 antibodies and other coronavirus antibodies! So with the COVID-19 antibody test, 7-14% of people worldwide will test positive due to previous flu episodes or flu shots, but that should indicate immunity, NOT active infection! In any case, unless the rate of false positives was near zero, such tests should never be used for contact tracing and forced isolation. The other test, the PCR test, cannot even detect COVID-19, nor can it detect viral load. The inventor of the PCR technique has stated that PCR cannot detect a complete viral genome and therefore should not be used for diagnosis. This explains why people can test positive, then negative, then positive, etc, over a period of days. In other words, the test does not work. In one US prison, 91% of inmates tested positive even though they had been isolated in their cells with no contact from any foreign travelers.

corona1 corona2 corona3 corona4
tentacles1 corona6 corona7 corona9

Which is your favorite artwork
of all these alleged electron microscope
views of the alleged Corona virus?


Here is a real microscope view
-- of an amoeba --
not a piece of color artwork

The fact that the Corona virus
has never been isolated
but has only been inferred
shows that the testing for
Corona virus is totally fraudulent.

In fact ... the theory
that illness and disease
are caused by viruses
is simply a fraud.
Viruses exist as a concept
but do not actually exist
in the real biological world
... as we have been brainwashed
into believing from a tender age.

What is behind this deception?
The creation of
immense profits
though fear in order
to control the population.
Look at the total control
that the scary words
Corona Virus
have enabled the authorities
to exercise.

We are being fear-induced
by the names of
viruses and diseases
that have never been
proved to exist.

The names are
designed to induce fear.
The invocation
of the name is
all that is required to strike
paralyzing fear into
the minds of the populace.

I recovered from
2 incurable diseases
-- Multiple Sclerosis
and Crohn's disease.
I was led to believe that
these diseases exist
and that they are incurable.
The disease name is designed
to capture the mind.
The disease name is a psyop.

What in fact exists in the case of MS
is set of neurological symptoms
caused by a state of toxicity.
What exists in the case
of Crohn's disease is a set
of gastrointestinal symptoms
caused by a state of toxicity.

What does not exist
is a mysterious disease
with a life of its own
that will keep you
in a state of captive fear
with no way out
except to follow The System.

If you step away from the
fear-inducing disease name
you are left with
the choice to look into the matter.
And when you do
you discover the fact of toxicity.
And that if you remove
the state of toxicity
you remove the disease
because you remove its cause.

If you do not remove
the disease name
it continues to wield
psychological power for
as long as you allow it.
This is the psyop.

Once the mind is infected
with fear then open-minded
inquiry is eliminated.
The disease name mesmerizes
those who are susceptible
-- which is most people.
It takes over the mind
and renders it uncritical.

Fear is one of the primal
human motivators. But once you
step away from fear the truth
and the solution can
manifest themselves. Which is
what accounted for my recovery
and my return to perfect health.

This process took many years
because of the advanced
stage of the pathology.
Nevertheless, it was accomplished
-- with faith and persistence.

Do you think that someone like
me who has recovered
from 2 incurable diseases
has one iota of fear
for an allegedly killer virus
that has not even been isolated?

An allegedly killer virus that
does not even kill children,
the most vulnerable people
in the population?
An allegedly killer virus
that kills only old people
and others already
afflicted with other
life-threatening conditions?
This is a psyop
-- pure and simple.

The President of Tanzania
did not trust the WHO test.
So, he sent in various samples
without the WHO knowing where the
test samples came from.
The test results showed positive
-- for a bird, a goat and papaya.

It is been anounced that
nobody has died of Covid 19
in Hamburg, Germany
without previous illnesses.
Covid 19 is being erroneously
put on death certificates when
people die of other things.

So people have to die
of other things
for them to be designated
as a Corona virus death.
"Designated" with or without being
subject to a fraudulent test


The Old World Order

In Nazi Germany they burned books.
Now they burn websites,
demonetize and take down
YouTube channels,
limit or eliminate comments,
close Twitter accounts,
close Facebook accounts,
-- and eliminate books digitally.


The New World Order

Keeping the truth hidden,
thereby keeping the populace
in the dark, is the mission of
The New World Order.
Truth is the enemy.


Big Brother Bezos


I would like to end this page
on a positive note.
We can learn a lesson from one
of the greatest musicians
who ever lived -- Louis Armstrong.
He has a wonderful message for us.


Louis Armstrong -- What A Wonderful World

Original Spoken Intro Version
ABC Records 1967, 1970