If you suspect you may have the
Corona virus -- or any other illness --
you should see a medical doctor
immediately to get tested.

70 Respiratory Testimonials
have been submitted unsolicited
by people using The Ultimate Zapper
for many respiratory conditions.
They say it kills the flu virus
very effectively. What about Corona?


is very effective in killing Corona.
It is approved by the FDA.


This 2014 U.S. research study
shows hydrochloroquine
destroys viruses extremely
by allowing zinc levels
to shoot up making
it impossible for viruses
to take hold. Zinc kills viruses
by boosting the immune system
via hydrochloroquine.
Here's why.

In fact, a survey of 6,200 doctors
has been taken worldwide.
They agree hydrochloroquine
is the most effective treatment
for killing Corona.

The Ultimate Zapper's
Electroporation Effect
greatly increases the uptake of
hydroxychloroquine and zinc.

The Ultimate Zapper is
the only zapper in the world
that creates the
Electroporation Effect


Vitamin C

Dr. Andrew W. Saul reports that
"China is conducting a clinical trial
... of intravenous vitamin C
to treat patients with coronavirus ..."


Vitamin C IV treatment helped
kill Corona in China
-- and is also being used quietly
all over the U.S. for Corona.

50 tons of IV Vitamin C
 were imported into Wuhan

Corona deaths declined dramatically.

Dr. Richard Cheng's
Blog and YouTube Channel

In this 2-minute video
Dr. Richard Cheng from Shanghai
explains how IV Vitamin C is
used successfully to kill Corona
-- including a heart-warming story
of a 71-year-old woman with diabetes
and heart disease treated
successfully with IV Vitamin C.


The Ultimate Zapper's Electroporation Effect
greatly increases the uptake of Vitamin C.


Sorry ...
but none of this is good enough
for Mr. William H. Gates
the famous U.S. billionaire
turned "philanthropist".
-- a lovely sounding word.

And not good enough for
Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx
who just happen to be
on the Bill Gates payroll.
Which you may not have read
in the mainstream press.

Wonder why
Fauci and Birx sound
just like Bill Gates clones?


If you look closely you
can see Fauci and Birx
descending the ladder from
Bill Gates' Trojan horse
-- stretegically placed
in the Oval Office of
The White House.

These two
"two very smart people"
descended the ladder and
proceeded to advise
President Trump
to shut down
the entire US economy
based on their ironclad
** Money Back Guaranteed **
Imperial College Computer Model.


Mission accomplished.
With the economy shut down
and the country facing
a deep depression
Fauci declared the following
to officials in a private meeting.
Two of whom leaked what
Fauci stated to them.

"I've looked at all the models.
I've spent a lot of time on the models.
They don't tell you anything.
You can't really rely on models."

How does all this sound?
What's really going on?

On the podium and during
interviews Gates sounds
like he has
strong qualifications
to give medical advice.

he anointed himself
the world's #1 virus expert
-- via his vast wealth.
He simply bought his way to the
top of the medical system.


... by William H. Gates

The truth is that Bill Gates
is not a medical practitioner.
He is not an Epidemiologist.
He is not a Virologist.
He is not an infectious
disease researcher.

Bill Gates dropped out of College.
He has no medical training or
credentials or qualifications


Bill Gates has no licence
to practice medicine.
His only qualification
is money.


Dr. Anthony Fauci is
Bill Gates' minion who has acted as
his sock puppet -- on the podium
with President Trump.

Bill Gates "donated"
$100 million to Dr. Fauci.
Fauci is the proverbial
Bill Gates Trojan Horse.

Whistle Blower Destroys Fauci

Predictably ...
This video was removed by Youtube.
"This video has been
removed for violating
YouTube's Community Guidelines."

But you can view it here.


Bill and Melinda Gates
are the first to descend the ladder

Dr. Fauci has been
going on and on about "models"
These IHME models were created by
... none other than Bill Gates.

The models have been so amazing
-- like all of Gates' work --
that Fauci finally admitted
they got
"the numbers all wrong".

But they're not that stupid.
They knew the sky-high
death rate numbers
would be "all wrong".

The initial numbers were
intentionally sky-high
as a scare tactic
that would prepare the way
for "locking down"
the economy.


Besides creating "failed" models,
Bill Gates' money has also
produced vaccines with
"a very high failure rate"
This is according
to Gates' own words.

"A very high failure rate"
means that nearly 500,000
children in India have ended
up paralyzed, maimed for life
or dead
thanks to Gates' vaccines.


Bill Gates
practicing medicine
without a licence in India
... and the tragic results

This has translated into the
Gates Foundation
being prosecuted in India
for tragic injury and death
due to his vaccines.

Never mind the details.
Gates sees things differently.
He reckons he
has a stellar record
in the field of medicine
-- working selflessly night and
day to save humanity.

Which entitles him
to pontificate about
all health matters
and make life-and-death
decisions for the 7 billion
inhabitants of Planet Earth.


Bill Gates just can't wait
to give us all a jab in the arm.

But the truth is that
Gates refused to have any
of his own children vaccinated.
-- according to his own doctor.

The truth is that the
Gates "very high failure rate"
polio vaccine in India
had horribly tragic results.

And other "amazing vaccines"
from Bill Gates sterilized
thousands of young girls
in India and Chad.
The 3rd World is one vast
guinea pig for Bill Gates.


Waiting for the next
Gates experiment

Has his "very high failure rate"
deterred Gates?
Not on your life.

According to Gates in this video ...
the good news is that the
population growth goes down


Failure emboldens Gates
to reach even greater heights.
The more success he has in
reducing world population
via his vaccines
the happier he becomes.

Because ...
that's his real agenda.

Gates is now planning
"amazing vaccines"
for all 7 billion of us
for Corona. Take a number ...
you'll be called up shortly.

Well ... the truth is that
Gates is heavily invested
in vaccines via Inovio Inc.
and other companies
where there is a $44 return
for each $1 invested.

Oh, by the way,
Gates has not disclosed
the reason why his
"failed" vaccines have had such
success in
"reducing population growth"
-- according to his own words
in this video.


The devil is in the details.
Gates will never disclose
this amazing has
been accomplished
... via toxic substances
added to his vaccines
such as
mercury, aluminum, MSG,
formaldehyde, squalene,
and Polysorbate 80.


The truth is that
Gates has made no
public disclosure regarding
these toxic additives or
regarding his financial interest
in vaccine development.

7 billion jabs in the arm
represent huge profits for his
supposedly philanthropic
Gates Foundation that is
actually structured as a
profit generating
offshore corporation.

Gates also recommends being
"locked down" at home.
This is a clever ruse
to make sure the economy tanks
thereby forcing people to
beg for his "amazing vaccines"
after which they will be
allowed out on good behavior.


"Please Doc ..."
OK Homer ... if you promise
to stay inside -- out of the sun
until we give you a shot in the arm

Yes ... this means absolutely
avoiding sunshine.

However ... the truth is that
the sun kills flu viruses
-- which is why the flu
fades away every summer.

Which is why Gates says
you must stay indoors.
If you're out in the sun
and you are cured of Corona
then you don't need
Bill Gates to jab you in the arm.
Can you imagine what
would happen to vaccine profits?

Sunshine produces Vitamin D
which boosts the immune system
which in turn kills the flu virus.
-- as it did with the 1918
Spanish Flu epidemic.


The photo above shows flu patients
being sun-treated in 1918

The truth is that Gates'
ability to practice medicine
without a licence
has ended in vaccine disasters
in India and Africa.

Misleading a fearful
populace regarding
hydroxychloroquine, zinc
Vitamin C and simple
sunshine therapy constitutes
not only misrepresentation
but outright fraud.
We will soon be able to add
UV Light Therapy to the list.


I wonder ... if we should
be entrusting our lives
and our financial well-being
(via lockdowns mandated by
Gates and his minions
Fauci and Birx)
to a self-anointed alleged
medical expert ...

... with a
stellar history of illegal
medical practice
on top of a stellar history
of failed social engineering
on top of financial conflict
of interest and fraud.


Thankfully, the frauds
surrounding Corona
have been documented by
former U.S. Senator Dr. Ron Paul,
many medical experts
and many medical studies.

No surprise -- this information is
totally ignored by the mainstream
-- as well as by Bill Gates,
of course.

The Bottom Line

Governor Andrew Cuomo
of New York stated that
recent data shows
the real Corona fatality rate
is much lower
than earlier estimated
-- the same rate as seasonal flu.

Only 0.61% of NYC
fatalities had no
underlying health conditions.
Which means that
99.39% already had one
or more serious health conditions.


Which means
the books were cooked
regarding cause of death.

So, the United States was
locked down and the
economy driven toward
economic depression
based on fear mongering and
false numbers ... from "experts".


You probably know that
the term "lockdown" was
originally used to describe
prisoners being locked
in their cells for
misbehavior. This has
conveniently been segued
to the general population.

The populace has been
-- locked down in their
home as prisoners
are in jail cells
to force everyone to behave
according to the plan.

But this lockdown sounds
very effective medically.
Doesn't it?
Well ... in Western Europe they
studied the effect of lockdowns.

"Full lockdown policies
in Western Europe countries
have no evident impacts
on the COVID-19 epidemic".


Nobel Prize winner
Dr. Michael Levitt

Referring to lockdowns
in the U.S.
Prof. Dr. Michael Levitt
Nobel Prize winner
who teaches structural biology
at the Stanford University
School of Medicine says ...

"I think it is a huge mistake
that everybody panicked
[thanks to Gates, Fauci and Birx].
They were fed incorrect numbers."

"... there is no doubt in my mind
that when we come to look
back on this the damage
done by lockdown will
exceed any saving of lives
by a huge factor."

So much for the hysteria
over the need for lockdowns
in the U.S.
where non-lockdown States
have faired as well as
or even better than
lockdown states.

In other words ...
lockdown is a fraud.


So, when the populace
becomes restive
the puppet masters start
letting people out on
on good behavior ...provided
they do as  they're told
-- which means
"social distancing".

The only problem is ...
there is no scientific proof
whatsoever to support the
effectiveness of
"social distancing".
It has never been studied.

Nevertheless, when venturing
out of your cell or home
there are strict guidelines
to be followed
as set out by the
Ministry of COVID Compliance:

"... houses of religious worship
are death traps due to
their propensity to promote
the most critically
dangerous activity
of all, fellowship."


"Remember, we are all
in this together;
and to prove how critical
this is to our society
we must all stay apart."

If you want to seek solace,
prayer is forbidden.
But you can head to the
liquor store where
you'll find real solace.

If they can keep people
drunk or high that's
half the battle.


Never mind.
Birx and Fauci know better.
Expert Birx says
"social distancing
will make a
tremendous difference".

And famous Fauci says
"just keep it up because
this is gonna get us out of
it. This is our best and only
great public health tool."
With no proof

Social distancing is a fraud
-- made up off the
top of their heads
to prevent herd immunity
in order to pave
the way for Gates vaccines.

It is very reassuring to know
that such world-class experts
are working tirelessly
and selflessly
to save humanity.
Isn't it?


The populace has been
reduced to a group
of Pavlov's dogs.
Roll over. Sit.
Good boy. Good girl.


We're being trained
to respond
... just like Dr. Pavlov
trained his dogs to respond.
Upon command.

And to realize that
all this has been
brought to us by a
College drop-out who has
entitled himself not only to
practice medicine
without a licence ...

... but
also to dominate the world
medical stage thanks to
his vast fortune and
to dictate social and
economic policy
to governments worldwide.

Kind of takes your
breath away.
Doesn't it?

Dr. Ron Paul was right.
Gates' sock puppet
Dr. Anthony Fauci should have
been fired a long time ago.
Dr. Paul only made one mistake.
He should have added
Dr. Birx.

Never mind.
After all is said and done
I think Bill Gates has
done quite well -- for himself.

But just to be on the safe side
-- for those of us
who constitute the
potential future victims
of Gates' stated agenda ...

... why not let a jury of his peers
decide whether or not
his actions regarding
the Corona affair constitute a
matter of medical and financial


Bill Gates allowed Dr. Fauci
to "donate" $3.7 million
of Gates' money to the
Wuhan lab. This could
never be considered
as financial malfeasnce
-- or worse.
Of course, not.

There is also another
serious legal issue here.
Fauci and Gates created
the lockdown
of the entire US economy via
intimidation using faulty
computer models projecting
up to 2.2 million deaths
-- in the absence of any actual
empirical evidence
for emergency.

All this was accomplished
with the complicity of
of a compliant media
that controls the
mainstrem narrative
... feeding pablum
to the populace.

Well, well. Looky here.
Such acts actually fall
under the legal definition
... of domestic terrorism.


Gates ... what me worry?

Never mind
all the trivial details.

The bottom line is
this. Let each person
decide for themselves
if they want Bill Gates
to make
a universal mandatory
vaccine decision for them
and all 7 billion of us or
if they want to make
the vaccine decision
with their own doctor.

Incidentally, when
Dr. Ron Paul was asked
if he would take
a Bill Gates vaccine
he emphatically answered
-- no way.

But there is also a
second bottom line
as a result of Corona.

And that is
the inexorable movement
towards total censorship of
the Internet
accompanied by total
personal surveillance via
corporations created by

This movement
includes Bill Gates'
latest and greatest innovation
in the form of
... Bio-monitoring.


Thanks to Mr. Gates
the label "vaccine denier"
will soon become familiar
to everyone.
No one will be free to
question the "authorities" or
to voice a contrary opinion.
There will be no dissent in

And, in fact, the NJ Governor
has declared that
Covid Test-Deniers
will not be allowed
to leave home to get
groceries. Let them eat
... nothing. Let them starve
to death.

Welcome to Dystopia.


Thought control,
censorship and
behavior control have
become reality
thanks to
sociopathic politicians
with the collusion of
Microsoft, Twitter, Facebook,
Google and YouTube
-- with
Apple (via your phone) and
Amazon (via Alexa) that
are listening to you
as well as tracking you.

The Cyber-Oligarchs
are denying the right of
freedom of speech
by suspending and
closing accounts
on social media as well as
banning participants,
demonitizing posts
and censoring viewpoints.

Freedom of speech?
Twitter has now joined
The Club. They have
announced that they are ...

"... going to append labels
to Tweets "containing
potentially harmful,
misleading information
related to COVID-19"
and that the change is
going to be retrofit
to all previous Tweets.


Truth is the enemy.
It can be harmful
and very misleading. We can't
let the truth be told without
debunking it as soon as
it appears.

Truth is
The Ultimate Enemy.

Eliminating free speech
happens via the now-hallowed terms
"community guidelines"
and "community standards"
which mean ...


... you're not welcome here.
You are forthwith
banished to Cyber-Siberia
by the automatic
keystroke algorithm of
a billionaire

With your Social Score in the
dumpster for violating
the rules.

You mean to say you
didn't realize that Google who
created the Social Scoring System
for China is importing this
valuable tool back to
the U.S.A. for domestic use
... to make everyone
behave themselves?

Never mind.
This amazing
Social Scoring System
and its attendant denial
of rights will likely
be embraced by the
populace as a
wonderful new form
of social media.

In fact, there's a
Covid-19 Risk Score App
out there already.


This wonderful innovation
is accompanied socially by
the wonderful
militarization of police
forces where people
are often detained and
abused without due process
of law -- often on frivolous
or trumped up charges.

Not to forget
those who are simply
framed like
Lieutenant General Flynn.
And not to forget people like
Chelsey Manning and Julian Assange
who are mercilessly persecuted
by the so-called Justice System.

And those ...
who simply die mysteriously.

In fact, in the U.S. you can
get beaten up by police
for not following
social distancing rules.


In fact, in the U.S.
people are now being jailed
and fined up to $25,000
for reopening their business.

In Canada, the 51st State,
they go one much better.
Canada has just criminalized
the use of wrong gender pronouns.
You can now end up behind
bars for using
"wrong gender pronouns"
in The True North
Strong and Free."


Their Prime Minister
Justin Trudeau is
doing a fantastic job.

Don't forget ... it's
"humankind" not "mankind"
... or you could end up
in the clink.

But real criminals are being
set free to save them
from the virus.

Never mind.
This is a humanitarian
mission. They have been
saved from the virus ...
to return to their lifestyle
of robbing, raping and murdering.
Compassion for criminals
is the order of the day.
Victims be damned.


The Bill of Rights and
the Constitution have been
shredded with the tacit
approval of government
that works hand in hand
with Cyber Oligarchs
to monitor our every move,
our purchases and daily
activities ...
and even our thoughts.


With compliant police forces
ready, willing and able
to enforce
the New World Order.

Do not be surprised that
the future course of events
is planned well in advance.

Of course,
each new "surprise event"
requires even greater
control over citizens than
the last "surprise event".


Which, of course, must
end in total control for
us to be able to live
happy and tranquil
lives free from the worry of
yet one more "surprise event".

Just do as you're told
and everything will be fine.
No more nasty surprises.
We promise.
That's a great relief.
Isn't it?


Big Brother Mark

No area of our lives will
remain untouched in the
new Dystopian world
where total control over the
populace will be achieved.

Privacy and freedom of speech
-- and much more
will be banished in


Unless we take action
to reclaim our
God-given rights.

"The important thing is
to not stop questioning."
-- Albert Einstein


On the other hand,
Bill Gates advises us to
accept as fact
-- without questioning --
that "we have no choice"
except social distancing
and being locked down
and vaccines.

Einstein encourages us to
think for ourselves and
never stop questioning.

Personally, I think
Albert Einstein's advice
makes more sense.

Why in the world would
any thinking person
want to
turn their thinking over
to someone else?

Especially in a
life-and-death matter.
And especially when that
someone else is
Bill Gates.

I vote for Einstein.
And God.