SPECIAL NOTE: These instructions apply only to The Ultimate Zapper. It is much more powerful than other zappers. You start at 15 seconds only vs. 7 minutes -- or even around the clock -- with other zappers.

Even though it is very powerful few people are sensitive enough to actually feel anything while zapping because The Ultimate Zapper generates 2,500 pulses per second. To test your level of sensitivity, start zapping at 15 seconds and work up slowly. If you feel parasite die-off symptoms (below) cut back your zapping time to your maximum level of comfort. Do not zap if you are entering a zone of discomfort. Detoxification has to be done slowly, allowing the body to adjust to the process. If you push the body too hard it will react with a feeling of unwellness because you are trying to force it to detoxify at an uncomfortably fast rate.

1. You are about to zap with the most powerful, effective zappers in the world -- New Model QE, New Model XE and New Model SE. Please read these instructions carefully before zapping. I update these instructions regularly. Please bookmark this page to read the latest version of the instructions. I do not ship a hard copy of the instructions.

2. There is a diagrams at the bottom of this page that shows how to connect the wires from the zapper box to the handholds and footpads.

3. The Ultimate Zapper is designed for indoor use only. No not use it outdoors. Please read the Special Note after point #30 below.

4. If you are in a country that operates on a 220-240 volt electrical system there are 3 options:

Option 1. You can purchase a Universal AC Adapter on my Order Page.

Option 2. You can purchase a Universal AC Adapter locally. In this case, please note that your Ultimate Zapper will not be warrantied in the event of any problems that may arise.

AC adapter

On the left is the Universal AC Adapter I sell on my Order Page -- for use in electrical systems that run from 100 to 240 volts. It is guaranteed to work in all countries. It enables you to plug your Ultimate Zapper directly into your wall receptacle. You may need to purchase a plug adapter locally. See #6 below for details. You can add this high quality Universal AC Adapter to your order on the Order Page. See feature #3 on the Home Page for more voltage information. Your Ultimate Zapper is fully warrantied with the purchase of this Universal AC adapter.

Option 3. If you do not purchase a Universal AC Adapter on my Order Page your order will be shipped with the North American 110-volt AC Adapter unless you request otherwise. You will need to purchase a step-down transformer locally to be able to use The Ultimate Zapper with the 110-volt AC adapter. In this case, please note that your Ultimate Zapper will not be warrantied in the event of any problems that may arise.

5. Overseas Instructions. If you purchase the Universal AC Adapter on the Order Page make sure to unplug it when you're finished your zapping session.

6. In some overseas countries (including the UK, Australia, the EU and some parts of Scandinavia) the plug on the Universal AC Adapter is not the same as your wall receptacle. In this case you will need to purchase an inexpensive plug adapter at a local hardware store or electrical supply store. You simply plug the Universal AC Adapter into the plug adapter and then plug it into the wall. I do not supply plug adapters because there are many different kinds of plug adapters for different countries.

7. The Ultimate Zapper is very powerful. You can zap about 3 feet from a flat-screen computer or laptop. But if you are watching an old-fasioned cathode ray personal computer or TV you should be at least 10 feet away from it because the radiation from the computer or TV may interfere with The Ultimate Zapper's wave, and vice versa.

8. Wrap the handholds and footpads in paper toweling or a thin cotton cloth or sleeve so that no metal is exposed. Normally, the less paper toweling you use the stronger the results will be. The best results will be obtained by zapping with the handholds and footpads at the same time. Attach the plugs or clips directly to the metal, not to the paper towelling.

Covering the handholds and footpads prevents metal ions from entering the body. You must wet the toweling or cotton cloth with water and squeeze out the excess moisture. The damp covering provides the conductivity necessary for therapeutic effectiveness. The covering should be damp but not dripping. If you want to increase the conductivity and power of the zapper you can use salt water instead of unsalted water. But this may be too strong for many people. Do not use distilled water. It does not conduct electricity because there are no minerals in distilled water. If you use salt water be sure to clean all metal parts carefully with soap and water after each zapping session to prevent corrosion.

Sprinkle some water on the paper towelling or cotton cloth if it becomes too dry during the zapping session. Keep the towelling or cloth moist at all times when zapping. You may let them dry out after you have finished zapping so that you can reuse them the next time you zap.

You may notice a light brown discoloration on the paper toweling after a few zapping sessions, most often on the red side. This is iron oxide being drawn out of the stainless steel handholds. Yes, even stainless steel produces a bit of oxide, but far less than copper that produces a green-colored oxzide. You can wash the oxide off the handholds and footpads using a cleanser. A small amount of oxide does not affect the zapper's power. When the discoloration of the paper toweling becomes darker remove the paper toweling and replace it with new paper toweling.

Do not let water drip onto the box or down the wire leads into the box. Your zapper may stop functioning in this case. Always unplug the AC adapter after you have finished zapping.

9. I recommend you do not exercise while zapping. Exercising creates resistance to the wave and reduces the zapper's effectiveness. Grasping the handholds too tightly will also create resistance and reduce effectiveness. This has been measured on an oscilloscope. So, just relax and enjoy your zapping session. Place a timer, watch or clock in front of you. Remove as much metal from your body as possible, including your belt, glasses, rings and other jewelry. If you have metal implants don't worry. You will still get very good results and there will be no problems caused by the implants. Most implants are made of titanium which is the least reactive metal.

SPECIAL NOTE 1. If you have metal fillings -- "silver amalgam" fillings are 50% mercury -- do not put the handholds near your face. Contact me for special instructions regarding detoxification.

SPECIAL NOTE 2: If you accidentally touch the handholds or footpads together not to worry. No problem. Your zapper will not short-circuit and it will not be damaged. Please be assured that as long as the red light comes on your zapper will be performing according to specifications.

10. When you turn on the switch the red light will come on. Hold the black handhold in your left hand and the red handhold in your right hand. Some people like to switch the handholds back and forth during their zapping session. Feel free to experiment to see what works best for you. Do not allow the handholds to touch while zapping. You will not feel anything if this does happen and there will not be a short circuit or any problems at all. But the effectiveness will be reduced because the current will flow from one handhold to the other and very little will pass through your body.

11. Most people feel nothing at all when zapping. This is normal because The Ultimate Zapper generates 2,500 pulses per second and most people are not sensitive enough to feel the pulses. Some people who are very sensitive and may feel a slight tingling or a slight pulsing sensation.

12. The zapping cycle for New Model XE and New Model SE. The Dr. Hulda Clark zapping cycle is 7 minutes zapping -- a 20-minute break -- 7 more minutes zapping -- another 20-minute break -- and a final 7 minutes zapping. But this cycle applies to zappers that are not as powerful as The Ultimate Zapper.

To test your level of sensitivity your first zapping session with New Model XE and New Model SE should be 15 seconds only with  the breaks. If you do not have any reaction then you know you are not hypersensitive and you can zap at 30 seconds in your next session with the breaks, and then one minute in your next session if everything goes well. One minute is enough for many people to achieve full results. For those who are very sensitive 15 to 30 seconds is the limit.

Starting Instructions: turn the switch on. The red light will come on. Hold onto the handholds or place them on your body. Put your feet on the footpads (if you also purchased a pair). When you are finished turn the switch off and wait for 20 minutes. Zap again (which kills the bacteria released by the dead parasites) then take another 20-minute break. Zap one last time (which kills the viruses released by the dead bacteria). This constitutes a full zapping cycle. Depending on your condition, your needs and your sensitivity you can zap 1, 2 or 3 cycles per day.

Unplug the AC adapter from the wall after your ssession is over. Do not pull the wire to unplug the adapter. Hold the adapter itself when unplugging it from the wall. You may notice that after you have unplugged your zapper from the wall plug the red light will still come on when you turn your zapper on. This is because there is still some electrical current stored in the zapper's capacitors. You will also notice that the light will slowly fade and go out after about 30 seconds as the current dissipates. This is completely normal.

13. SPECIAL NOTE: The Ultimate Zapper is far more powerful than any other Hulda Clark parasite zapper. It can help the body detoxify very quickly. But detoxifying too quickly may put a heavy burden on the body's organs, especially the kidneys. Those with kidney sensitivity may want to do a kidney cleanse (please Google this) before they start zapping for the first time.

I recommend going very slow. People with specific medical conditions, people on medication (please read about Electroporation Effect on my Home Page) and the elderly should be monitored closely by their doctor if they are zapping. A slow zapping schedule is best. You need to watch how your body reacts. People with specific medical conditions, people taking medication, elderly people and people using The Ultimate Zapper for the first time should definitely start at only 15 seconds. Sensitive people should stay at 15 seconds for one week. Then if they are feeling comfortable at 15 seconds they can increase their zapping time to 30 seconds and then one minute after a few days at each level they reach their maximum level of comfort which can be anywhere between 1 minute and 10 minutes.

Everyone is different. One size does not fit all with The Ultimate Zapper. Sensitive people may only feel comfortable zapping for 15 seconds to one minute -- and no more. You should cut back the zapping duration if you feel uncomfortable. Detoxification takes time. If you try to force the body to detoxify too quickly it may give you a kick in the behind, which is your body's way of telling you to cut back and go slow. Watchfulness and patience are the keys to successful zapping and detoxification.

14. You should zap at least once a day for the first 3 weeks. You may start to get results within the first few days. This is very common. You may wish to complete 1, 2 or 3 zapping cycles per day depending on your sensitivity. After zapping for 3 weeks take a break for one week before resuming zapping. The purpose of this is twofold. Firstly, you need to give the body a rest from the process of detoxification. Secondly, you do not want the parasites and other pathogens to become used to the zapping wave. If they become too used to it they may develop resistance to it. You want to surprise them every time you zap and having a break after 3 weeks allows this to happen.

15. Duration Zapping for New Model QE. Everyone is different. You have to experiment to see how sensitive you are and to discover what works best for you. Some people can only zap for 15 seconds. Others can zap for 1 hour. Some people even like to zap straight without breaks -- for up to an hour at a time. This is called Duration Zapping. You may try duration zapping with New Model XE and New Model SE. But New Model QE is designed for duration zapping. You do not need breaks with New Model QE. Start at 15 seconds and work up slowly to your maximum level of comfort -- not discomfort. This applies to all 3 models.

16. The die-off effect (also known as a Herxheimer reaction) can happen if you detoxify too quickly. I always recommend that people go slowly with detoxification. Trying to kill too many toxins at once can make you feel unwell, like you have the flu. Read #17 on the FAQ Page for more information about the effects of parasite die-off. If you start to feel out of sorts from die-off stop zapping for 2 or 3 days. When you resume zapping, cut back on your zapping time and then work your way up slowly to your maximum level of comfort -- not discomfort. Slow and steady is always the best way. Some people say that zapping makes them feel tired or sleepy. This is a normal reaction. Many people feel more comfortable if they zap at bedtime. And they get a better sleep. If you are zapping at bedtime make sure you turn your zapper off if you are starting to fall asleep. Some people say that zapping energizes them and they prefer to zap in the morning. As I say, everyone is different. You have to experiment to find out what works best for you.

17. Before zapping please consult a licensed medical practitioner if you have a specific medical condition or if you are taking any medicine or special herbal products or vitamin or mineral supplements. The Ultimate Zapper will potentiate these products making their effects more powerful because of The Ultimate Zapper's powerful Electroporation Effect that temporarily increases cell permeability. Electroporation opens the cell walls temporarily, letting nutrients, herbs and medication enter the cells more efficiently. Although some people find this beneficial it may not be beneficial for all people under all conditions. This should be closely evaluated by you together with your medical practitioner.

18. Some people have sensitive skin. Sensitive people should not place the zapper on sensitive parts of their body for long periods of time. This may cause irritation, itchiness or redness. If you notice any irritation, itchiness or redness after zapping cut back to only 15 seconds and then work up slowly to your maximum comfort level. Also, change the body location of the handholds to minimize the chance of irritation, itchiness or redness. See point #20, below, for some suggestions regarding placement of the handholds.

19. Some people can zap for long periods of time. If you want a stronger zapping session, wet the paper towels or cotton cloth covering the handholds and footpads with salt water. You can add more or less salt to the water according to your level of comfort and your needs. Salt water is a much stronger conductor of electric current than tap water because of its high mineral content and the therapeutic effects are much stronger when using salt water. Many people feel that salt water gives too strong a response and they prefer the milder effects of using unsalted water. Most people who use salt water will start to feel strong pulsations and their skin may start to get irritated, itchy and red. If you use salt water make sure you clean and rinse the contact thoroughy after each session. Otheerwise they may be subject to oxidation. Do not zap with distilled water. Distilled water contains no minerals and negates the therapeutic benefits of zapping.

20. Instead of holding the handholds in your hands you may want to experiment with placing them on other parts of your body. Here are some suggestions: one handhold in each sock; one handhold in the left side of your waistband, the other handhold in the right side of your waistband; the red handhold below the navel and the black handhold on the back opposite the navel -- then reverse the positions; one handhold over the liver, the other handhold over the spleen; one handhold under each arm; one handhold on the inside of each wrist for treating the blood (secured with 2 loose rubber bands around each wrist). Some people find that switching the handholds from one hand to the other every minute or two is very effective.

Placing the handholds near the area on your body that you want to treat is often more effective than holding them in your hands. For instance, for sinus problems you may get good results by stuffing a small wad of dampened paper toweling in one end of the handholds and placing this end on each cheek. One customer who experimented with this reported his sinus infection cleared up within 24 hours. Amazing. Many people get good results for the immune system by placing one handhold under each armpit where the lymph nodes are concentrated. Try various ways of placing the handholds to see what works best for you. You can zap hands-free with the handholds. To zap hands-free place two loose rubber bands around your wrists or ankles then insert the handholds.

Placing the handholds on the various Chakra points or energy centers of the body or placing them on acupuncture points can be very effective especially when using the footpads. One practitioner in Florida used The Ultimate Zapper on his patients' Chakra points and he achieved remarkable results zapping them for only 3 minutes.

21. When people use the handholds and footpads together they get even better results. Footpads increase effectiveness by up to 77%. You can order a pair of stainless steel footpads when you place your zapper order or you can order them later. The footpads come with extra long copper wires. Solid copper alligator clips terminate the wires for New Model SE. Gold-plated plugs terminate the wires for New Model QE and New Model XE. You must always cover the footpads with wet paper toweling or thin cotton cloth before zapping, just as you do with the handholds. If you wish to use the handholds and footpads together there are 2 alternatives.

Alternative 1. There are 2 wires coming out of the white box with clips (New Model SE) or plugs (New Model QE and New Model XE) on the ends. Attach one clip or plug to each handhold. There are 2 long wires in the box with a clip or plug on each end. Do the following with both wires. Attach one clip or plug to the end of one handhold and the other clip or plug to one footpad. Please see Diagram 1 below.

Alternative 2. There are 2 wires coming out of the white box with clips on the ends. Attach one clip or plug to each handhold. There are 2 long wires in the box with a clip or plug on each end. With one wire attach one clip or plug to the end of the right handhold and the other clip or plug to one footpad. With the other wire attach one clip or plug to the same footpad and the other clip or wire the other footpad. Please see Diagram 2 below.

Hold the handholds and put your feet on the footpads at the same time. To use the footpads alone put your feet on the footpads but do not hold the handholds.

22. If you do not have access to a wall plug and wish to use a 9-volt battery to power your zapper there is a battery compartment on the underside of the zapper box. Open the hatch and clip your 9-volt battery to the 2 clips inside the battery compartment. Close the hatch and turn on the switch. The red light will come on. You can use a rechargeable battery. If you are using a non-rechargeable battery you should replace it every week to keep the voltage output as high as possible.

NOTE: You must remove the battery from the battery compartment if you want to zap using the wall plug. If you forget to do so the battery will overheat and your zapper may be damaged.

23. Children over age 3 may use my zapper. I recommend they start at just 15 seconds and work up slowly to a maximum of one minute. Adolescents may be able to increase their zapping time in one-minute increments up to their maximun level of comfort to obtain better results. A parent should stay with their child at all times during the zapping session.

The maker of Auto-Zap says you can even zap babies with his zapper because it is "gentle". Another word for gentle is weak. Many people have emailed me confirming Auto-Zap is weak with complaints that his zapper is ineffective for adults. But even zapping babies with weak zappers could cause distress or harm because many factors, in my opinion. Firstly, you do not know how sensitive your baby is. A highly sensitive baby could have a serious reaction to zapping. Also, problems could arise because of baby's immature immune system, other bodily systems and especially baby's kidneys that excrete the by-products of zapping and dextoxification. The effect of zapping on your baby's kidneys could easily cause harm to your baby, in my opinion. I believe it is ill-advised to zap any baby because of unknown potential risks. It may be good for zapper sales but it may not be good for your baby.

One of the unknown risks for baby is if the mother has a history of silver amalgam fillings that are 50% mercury. Mercury crosses the placenta and poisons the foetus at 2x mother's mercury levels. Mercury poisoning causes autism, ADD, MD, cerebral palsy and mental retardation. If your baby is mercury toxic from you, and you decide to zap your baby, then the mercury that is already in baby's system could possibly be mobilized and migrate to the brain.

As I say, there are unknown potential risks for zapping babies, and mothers should be aware of these risks. Above all else, I believe in always erring on the side of safety. The fact is that no zapper maker can make any guarantees regarding zapping babies. Encouraging mothers to zap their babies infers a strong claim for safety -- with no proof of safety to back the claim. Protect your baby from the unknown. Do not zap your baby -- with any zapper. Personally, I would never zap my own baby. This would be like playing Russian roulette. A "gentle" zap could end in disaster. Always consult your doctor for health problems, especially when it concerns the health of your baby.

24. Many people zap their pets to control their parasites and to treat illness. There is a remarkable story on the testimonial archive on my website about a lady who zapped her 18-year-old cat with my zapper and her cat came back to life. Many people zap their pets using the footpads. Hold your cat and put one or both left paws on the left footpad and one or both right paws on the right footpad.

Some pets prefer the handholds. Cover the handhold -- as per the information above -- put 2 rubber bands around each paw and insert the handholds so that they are touching the paws. Zap your pet starting at 15 seconds only. You can gradually increase this to 1 minute or more over a period of several days if your pet is tolerating this well. See this page for more information on pet zapping.

25. I recommend that you zap for 3 weeks according to the instructions before doing your first Ultimate Liver Cleanse to kill liver flukes in the liver. Please see The Ultimate Liver Cleanse Page on this site.

26. Attempting to modify The Ultimate Zapper by opening the box invalidates the lifetime warranty. Using The Ultimate Zapper with an AC adapter not purchased from my site invalidates the warranty in case any problems arise.

Any carelessness, accidents or abuse, though they may be unintended, that cause damage to the circuitry, wiring or AC adapter invalidate the warranty. If the warranty has been invalidated I will be glad to repair your Ultimate Zapper but you will be asked to bear the modest cost of repair.

27. Do not zap if you are pregnant or if you are wearing a heart pacemaker. The maker of the Auto-Zap says his zapper can be used with footpads for people who have heart pacemakers. This is because his zapper is weak. The Ultimate Zapper is very powerful and even if it were used only with footpads it might interfere with a heart pacemaker. Do not use The Ultimate Zapper if you are using a heart pacemaker. Pregnant women should not use The Ultimate Zapper because die-off products from zapping could cross the placenta ane enter the foetus. Also, mercury could be mobilized from mother's silver amalgam fillings. Even a low rate of migration could affect the health of your unborn baby. Protect your unborn baby. Do not zap if you are pregnant -- with any zapper.

28. Food Zappicator instructions. The optional footpads convert to the most effective Food Zappicator available. Food should be zapped for 5 minutes or more before cooking. Use a metal plate or bowl. Cover the top and bottom with a thin damp towel or paper toweling. Place the food on the plate or in the bowl. Clean the footpads and place them under the bowl or plate -- not touching one another. Attach the red clip to one footpad and the black clip to the other footpad. Turn on The Ultimate Zapper. Your food will be zapped far more effectively than with any of the expensive food zappicators that are now available from other zapper makers because of The Ultimate Zapper's unique and powerful formula.

29. Tooth Zapping instructions. You can use the Ultimate Zapper for oral hygiene. It can be used as a Tooth Zapper, and the most effective Tooth Zapper in the world. And it's free. Place one handhold on the outside of each cheek. Start with the upper jaw. Press the handholds lightly against your cheeks with your fingertips. Zap for one minute to begin with and work up slowly to your maximum level of comfort as per the same zapping instructions above. Then place the handholds on each cheek over the lower jaw and zap according to the same instructions. The Ultimate Zapper's powerful Super Stabilized wave goes to work instantly to kill oral bacteria, parasites and tooth infections. You can zap in this way for 3 weeks, then take a break for a week and resume. If you rinse your mouth with salt water before tooth zapping you will get even better results.

An alternate way of using The Ultimate Zapper New Model SE for oral hygiene as well as for sinus infections is to put damp paper toweling in the ends of the handholds so that the toweling protrudes. Then put the end of the handholds against the cheek bones.

Please note: People with silver amalgam fillings or other metals in their mouth should not place the handholds near their face.

30. If you wish to enhance Tooth Zapping results by taking advantage of the electroporation effect of The Ultimate Zapper you may brush your teeth (for only one minute) using a mild hydrogen peroxide (3% food grade only) and sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) mixture before zapping. Rinse your mouth thoroughly after brushing with this solution. Do not add salt to this solution. Then use The Ultimate Zapper according to the tooth zapping instructions above.

31. If you wish to use The Ultimate Zapper for Blood Electrification the best results will be obtained by putting one handhold on the inside of each ankle at the pulse point, keeping them in place with loose rubber bands. Or you can sit in the lotus position and let the handholds sit freely on your ankles. Or you can place the red (positive) handhold on one ankle and hold the other handhold in the opposite hand -- and then put the red handhold on the opposite ankle and the black handhold in in opposite hand.

32. If you wish to use The Ultimate Zapper to strengthen the immune system the best results will be obtained by putting one handhold under each armpit. This activates the lymph nodes directly.

33. Maintenance Zapping is very important. Not only does it keep parasites and other pathogens under control and prevent them from proliferating, it also helps keep the body healthy through the Electroporation effect. People taking daily herbs or supplements will benefit from having the effect of these substances enhanced through electroporation when they do maintenance zapping. Some people like to zap 1 to 3 times a week for maintenance after they have resolved whatever ailment they have been zapping for. Others find that zapping a few times a month is sufficient. You should experiment to see what works best for you.

34. There are frequent questions that people email me about. I have created an FAQ Page (Frequently Asked Questions) to answer 30 of the most frequently asked questions about The Ultimate Zapper and zapping.

Here is the link to the FAQ Page:

If you don't find the answers you are looking for on the FAQ page don't hesitate to email me at

Ken Presner
September, 2009


The Ultimate Zapper is sold in the US as a plant growth stimulator, not for use on humans or animals. Although the FDA has approved some patented zappers for use on humans it has not yet approved The Ultimate Zapper as a medical device. Please read the disclaimer page on my site for more information. The Ultimate Zapper is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease, disorder, pain, injury, deformity, or physical or mental condition. This notice is required by the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act.

The Ultimate Zapper is designed for INDOOR USE ONLY. Do not use this device outdoors or on a patio. Do not use this device if you are sitting on metal furniture.

Do not use this device if you are in the bathroom or if your feet are damp or in water.

Do not let water drip onto the white component box or onto the white wire leads that are attached to the white box. If water enters the white box it may render your zapper inoperable.

Do not let the AC adapter or step-down transformer to overheat. This may happen in rare cases if you are using the adapter/step-down transformer combination that has been replaced with the newer universal AC adapter that is now available on the order page. Unplug the unit immediately if it is overheating and email me for instructions. Always unplug your unit from the wall receptacle after each zapping session.

I am required by law to explain that The Ultimate Zapper is an experimental device and is for research purposes only, and that absolutely no claims of any kind are made as to the suitability of this equipment for any purpose. No medical claims are made or implied. All testimonials are merely anecdotal. The maker takes no responsibility for any effects, positive or negative, resulting from the use of this device.

The original Dr. Hulda Clark zapper has been approved as a medical device in the European Union (the EU) and Canada. For more information please see the bottom of the Disclaimer Page. I have not sought official approval in the US, Canada or the EU for The Ultimate Zapper because of the great expense involved. This particular equipment configuration has not been approved for human use by government authorities. The above procedure and instructions are for the benefit of people who wish to do personal research experimenting with a square wave generator.

You should zap for 1 minute only to begin with if you are taking vitamins, minerals, herbs or medicine because The Ultimate Zapper's Electroporation effect can make them more powerful. Read about the Electroporation effect on the Home Page, the Electroporation Page and the Disclaimer Page. You should consult your doctor about electroporation if you are taking medicine, supplements or herbs. He may want to reduce your dosage. Some people find that zapping while taking supplements, herbs or medication is a great advantage and actually speeds the healing process. You can read some of their testimonials on the Electroporation Page.


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