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My name is Ken Presner. I invented The Ultimate Zapper in 1996 inspired by Dr. Hulda Clark who invented the parasite zapper. What makes The Ultimate Zapper so special is the synergy of its unique 12-feature formula with its unique Electroporation effect. 5 Comparison Charts prove it is the most powerful zapper available. It easily beats 28 other popular zappers.

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628 unsolicited testimonials indexed under 24 categories in the Testimonial Archive show the amazing effectiveness of The Ultimate Zapper. Click the chart headings (below). The Ultimate Zapper is about more than miracles. But Miracles & Lives Saved shows miracles have indeed happened.

In 1989 I was paralyzed by Multiple Sclerosis. In 1994 I nearly died during emergency surgery for Crohn's disease. I did not beat 2 incurable diseases by accident as My Recovery Protocol shows. It details -- step-by-step -- all the therapies that helped me recover. Its lessons apply equally to many other conditions. The Ultimate Zapper played a vital role in my recovery. By killing pathogens it helped to break the chain of pathology.

The ADA lies thru their teeth

Against All Odds is the 275-page companion book to My Recovery Protocol. It tells the blood, sweat and tears side of my recovery. Its context is an expose on the cunning ADA that hides 50% mercury inside 35% "silver" fillings and the medical system that colludes with the ADA to profit from creating disease through mercury poisoning -- and more.

My site and my books bring a message of hope -- for those suffering from incurable diseases as well as less serious conditions. I am an eternal optimist. You have to be to succeed against all odds. I follow my mother's example. Here she is -- zapping at age 90 after twice beating life-threatening cancer. She always knew The Ultimate Zapper helped her live a longer and healthier life. She kept her own home until she passed away just shy of 98.

Zapping Manual

The Ultimate Zapper is easy to use -- no cycles, no dials and no beepers to worry about. Just flip the switch and start at 15 seconds. Many women have been very happy with its healing power. It has helped thousands of people in over 60 countries. It is also the best pet zapper.

1 to 24

1. MIRACLES & LIVES SAVED (including pets)

If you have any doubts about The Ultimate Zapper they will vanish once you read MIRACLES & LIVES SAVED (including pets).


Acidity. Anemia Blood Infection, Blood Electrification, HIV, Live Blood Cell Analysis (showing Toxoplasmosis, Yeast, Fungus and Thrichonomas), Lyme Disease (see separate category #11 below), Malaria, Mycoplasma, Parasites in the Blood, Toxoplasma.


Bone, Breast, Liver, Melanoma, Pancreas, Pre-cancer, Prostate, Terminal Cancers, Tongue, Tumors.


Various Dental and Gum Conditions including Root Canal Infections and Gingivitis.




Various Eye Conditions including Astygmatism, Blurred Vision, Cataracts, Eye Infections, Eye Pain, Flickering, Floaters, Otitis, Pinkeye, Styes.



Appendicitis, Colitis, Constipation, Crohn's Disease, Cryptosporidium, Diarrhea, Digestion, Gallbladder, IBS (Iritiable Bowel Syndrome), Intestinal Conditions, Piles (hemorrhoids), SIBO (Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth), Stomach Conditions, Ulcers.


Arthritis, Bone Regrowth, Carpel Tunnel, Neck and Shoulders, Pain (joint, back, arthritic, hip, knee, chest), Various Conditions.



Brain Injury, Brain Surgery, Chronic Fatigue, Coma, Epilepsy, Epstein-Barr Virus (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome), Fibromyalgia, Labrynthitis, Numbness & Weakness, MS (Multiple Sclerosis).

13. PAIN


Most parasites are microscopic so most people see nothing at all coming out. But those who do have amazing stories to tell. Among the parasites people have been able to identify are the following: Ascaris, Collembola Mites, Demodex Mites, Helminths, Tapeworm, Scabies.


Allergies, Asthma, Colds, The Flu (Influenza), Hayfever, Lung Conditions, SARS, Sinus and Nasal Conditions, TB (Tuberculosis), Throad Conditions.

16. SKIN

Acne, Dermatitis, Eczema, Morgellons, Psoriasis, Ringworm, Shingles, Skin Rash, Rosacea, Warts.




Bladder Infections, Breast Blockage, Candida, Chlamydia, Endometriosis, Herpes, Hysterectomy Surgery, Interstitial Cystitis, Menstrual Bleeding, Prostate Cancer, Prostatitis, Uterine Pain, Vaginal Yeast



Athlete's Foot, Coxsackie B Virus, Ear Infections, Fungal Infections, Leg Abscess, Leg Infections, Staph Infections, Toenail Fungus.





I never get sick at all anymore since I began using The Ultimate Zapper. Thank you so much for the part you play in getting it out into the world. It has had an incredible impact on me.

All the best,
Karen Allen
Jan. 29, 2011

Karen Allen acted with Harrison Ford in Steven Spielberg's Indiana Jones movies. Her doctor advised The Ultimate Zapper for her Lyme disease. She zapped for 4 hours. She was free of pain and symptoms in 2 days. She has been Lyme-free for 7 years. Visit her page. Listen to her talk about her recovery and her friends' recovery with her Ultimate Zapper. She now uses New Model XE.

Referring is as easy as A-B-C. You refer someone to my site. You email me their name. They place their order. They email me your name. You each receive a $20 cash-back gift. Please email me if you have any questions.

The Ultimate Zapper has a 3-Month Trial & Lifetime Warranty. 99% of people keep their zapper after the trial. There is a $50 discount at check-out and there are even deeper Distributor Discounts.

I am required by law to let you know that The Ultimate Zapper is an experimental pulse generator, not a medical device. All testimonials are anecdotal. No claims are implied. Disclaimer.

Electrical engineers, healers & dowsers and electronics experts say The Ultimate Zapper is #1. David Etheredge (ParaZapper) admitted it "may be the best single frequency zapper". He tried to clone it and take its name.

Dear Ken,

I am a qualified Scenar therapist, Electro Crystal Therapist, Acmos Bioenergitian, Tai Chi Instructor, Hypnotherapist etc. with cutting edge equipment. I treat people. I have used basic zappers, Hulda Clark frequency generator with inbuilt zapper mode, Don Croft Terminator, Sota Blood Electrifier. The Ultimate Zapper is the most effective I have used -- ever. Strong statement? Yes -- especially as I have 20,000 worth of healing equipment. I congratulate you on a simple device that will probably work on everyone.

Howard G.
Oct. 3, 2012

A doctor's testimonial

My wife and I had microscopic blood analysis done showing toxoplasmosis, yeast, trichomonas, red blood cell damage & anemia. We zapped 10 times. Our new blood test showed no parasites. The examiner was amazed. Incredibly fast results with your zapper. No drugs, tremendous results. We're very happy. Thanks for a safe, affordable, non-toxic way to get well. We really appreciate it. Dr. Mitchell H.

Cancer -- HIV -- Thyroid

I love my Ultimate Zapper. I witnessed its amazing power for killing blood parasites with a darkfield microscope. I had 1 year to live. I had cancer but said no to chemo & radiation. I used Dr. Clark's info. and I zapped. I feel great. Jack I.

My HIV+ friend got your zapper. In 6 months without any medication his blood samples showed a viral load less than 500 (from 50,000). His doctor only wants to see him once a year. He's very happy. Richard B.

My wife is totally cured from her thyroid disorder. Her Dr. cannot believe his eyes. Her hormonal levels are better than normal. Being pregnant her thyroid gland is functioning as if she was 20 & she is 37. I will be eternally grateful to you and what your Ultimate Zapper has done to her healing. Jose Q.

Speechless doctor

After 5 weeks the results are astounding. Joint swelling is down. I can clap & use my thumbs for the 1st time in 3 years! I am thrilled beyond belief. My Dr. is speechless! I can wear rings that had to be cut off. My daughter had warts. She zapped 4 times at 3 minutes. All gone! Amazing! We are thrilled. Glyn L.

The Ultimate Zapper is made by experts
with point-to-point wiring & state-of-the-art components
housed in a rugged impact-resistant ABS box.
New Model XE features Neutrik
professional quality gold-plated connectors.

The IC chip produces specifications to exacting tolerances.
Oscilloscope testing assures no circuit failures -- since 1996.
There are thousands of satisfied customers in over 60 countries
-- covered by an unlimited lifetime warranty.

Greetings Ken!

The zapper arrived ... Excellent packing job ... Impressive construction on all of the components. It's an odd thing to say about a zapper but "the pictures don't do it justice". Anyone who fears that any part is less than excellent quality can have my unsolicited assurance that this is extremely well made. You might want to point out that there are no sharp edges on the footplates. I have used some that were just plain cut stainless steel ...

Mark. W.
Feb. 18, 2014

Which model is for you?
New Model XE or New Model SE

For people who prefer clips, New Model SE's clips are solid copper. They are more conductive and durable than nickel-plated clips on other zappers. But 9 of 10 customers prefer New Model XE over SE. The key is contact area. Larger contact area = higher conductivity = more power.

XE vs. SE

1. XE's Neutrik gold-plated connectors provide a larger contact area than SE's copper clips.

2. Clips can slide off. Neutrik connectors don't slide off. The connection is reliable with Neutriks.

3. Clips eventually oxidize. Oxidation reduces conductivity.

4. Clips corrode with age. Corrosion reduces conductivity. Replacement of clips is eventually necessary. This is the same for all clip zappers. Neutriks are more durable. Since they don't corrode replacement is not necessary.

    1. near 100% Duty Cycle
    2. Stabilized Wave
    3. Superior Signal with point-to-point wiring
    4. Distortion-Free Wave
    5. Constant High Voltage
    6. High Conductivity
    7. Enhanced Penetration
    8. Powerful Low Frequency
    9. Superior Harmonics
    10. Blood Electrification & Alkalinizing
    11. Powerful Electroporation Effect
    12. Aura Expansion

1. near 100% DUTY CYCLE

The Ultimate Zapper's positive offset square wave reaches deeply into the body due to a near 100% Duty Cycle that is 2x longer than the wave from other zappers. Studies show an 88% Duty Cycle gives superior results. Treatment time is reduced by 64% with a 90% Duty Cycle.

This study shows high Duty Cycle x voltage greatly improves results. The Ultimate Zapper's Duty Cycle x 10.5 volts penetrates much deeper than zappers with a 50% Duty Cycle x a discharging 9-volt battery.

The Ultimate Zapper                            All Other Zappers


The Ultimate Zapper's stabilized wave stays square with body contact. This creates superior results in synergy with its other 11 features.

    The Ultimate Zapper                        Unstabilized Zappers


The evidence from scientific testing shows that the product quality of PCBs (printed circuit boards) degrades from the high temperatures they undergo when machined. Scientific testing shows that point-to-point hard wiring gives a superior signal versus the green PCBs used in most zappers that look neat but that often fail. There is lots to read about the failure problem on WikiPedia and on this blog.

Point-point wiring is how all electronics were made before the advent of PCBs. In fact, many high end audio companies still use hard wiring because they know it produces a superior signal. I use hard wiring in The Ultimate Zapper to produce the best possible signal -- without the risk of failure. There has not been a single circuit failure in 18 years. Hard wiring is one of the secrets of The Ultimate Zapper's success.


Battery discharge causes wave distortion that diminishes effectiveness. The Ultimate Zapper's adapter produces a constant 10.5 volts with a distortion-free wave and undiminished effectiveness.

Wave Distortion with Battery Zappers


Long-life batteries

Some zapper makers advertise long-life batteries that last up to many years. That's nice. The only problem is that, as Dr. Clark knew, it takes at least 9 volts for optimum results. So, even with a long-life battery you are zapping for years with diminishing results because 9-volt batteries discharge to zero. The Utimate Zapper's AC adapter gives a constant 10.5 volts for dependable and superior results.

Safety guaranteed

FAQ #16 tells why the AC adapter is 100% safe. Overseas orders: see #4, #5 and #6 in the Instructions for the universal AC adapter.


New Model XE with its Neutrik gold-plated connectors has much higher conductivity compared to zappers using wrist bands or nickel-plated clips. It has 40% higher conductivity than The Original Ultimate Zapper thanks to the synergy of internal circuitry, silver alloy solder and the AC adapter. It is RoHS Compliant and is "green" with all lead-free components. Read more.


Dr. Clark said "footpads help greatly". They increase penetration up to 77%. And they allow for hands-free zapping and for pet zapping. Read more.


The Ultimate Zapper kills pathogens more effectively than other zappers thanks to the synergy of its 12 features. Its frequency of 2500 Hz. is the best zapping frequency. But Dr. Clark confused many people around the issue of frequencies by emphasizing their importance to the exclusion of other features because her zapper had no other features (besides the square wave) -- as The Charts show. She knew 2500 Hz. was the best frequency for zappers but kept her A6 zapper at 25,000 Hz. for the continuity of research.

With Dr. Clark emphasizing zapper frequencies and showing a chart with parasite frequencies, many people concluded zappers are like frequency generators, using a specific frequency for each parasite. But zappers do not target individual pathogens. A single frequency is all that's required to get superior results if the zapper formula is superior. The Ultimate Zapper's 12 features working together in its unique formula create its superior results -- not the frequency by itself. To clear up the zapper/frequency generator confusion, please read more.


Harmonics are secondary frequencies that enhance the primary wave. Electronics expert Dr. Richard Loyd tested all major zappers. He found my zapper gives more harmonics than any other. Electronics expert Giovanni P. backed his findings with oscilloscope views and research. "Digital zappers" that dial frequencies give no harmonics. FAQ #4.

The Ultimate Zapper                            All Other Zappers


The New Models do blood electrification (patented elsewhere) that kills HIV. Scientific proof. See Instruction #31 and testimonials on HIV, cancer and Lyme in The Archive.

Terminator and Longevity say you need to change your diet and alkalinize to benefit from their zappers. No change is diet is required with my zapper. It is an excellent alkalinizer.


Electroporation increases cell porosity temporarily, enhancing uptake of supplements, herbs, nutrients & medicine (dosages may reduce). Zapper makers say zappers don't create electroporation -- referring to their zappers. But the Electroporation Challenge & Electoporation Testimonials are indisputable proof of The Ultimate Zapper's powerful Electroporation.

Electroporation also oxygenates and thins the blood. Red blood cells and clumped before zapping (below left) and freshly oxygenated 30 minutes later (below right). Scientific paper.


Dowsers love The Ultimate Zapper. "Your zapper increases the human aura 3 times. It is a very healing instrument." "Arthur Doerksen's Auto-Zap works -- but not well. Yours won among all those I tested on the net." An expanded aura enhances the body's healing powers. Documentation.

The Ultimate Zapper
Enhances the Human Aura

Do Dentists Lie About "Silver" Fillings?
Silver? They are 50% Mercury.

I wrote this 160-page book after my nearly 7-year struggle to overcome Multiple Sclerosis and Crohn's disease. Its lessons apply equally to many other conditions and diseases. I was poisoned by "silver amalgam" fillings that are 50% mercury. The key to my recovery was breaking the chain of pathology by detoxifying, parallel with zapping to kill pathogens attracted to metals. I am proof you can recover even from paralysis and near-death from mercury poisoning. Read more.

Mercury suppresses the immune system. Many people don't know they are toxic: "My fillings are out. I don't have a problem". Out of your mouth is not out of your organs. Absorbing mercury for years means you're highly toxic.

From the Minamata mercury disaster in Japan in 1956.
I looked like this -- paralyzed with MS in 1989.

I looked like this after Crohn's surgery in 1994
-- with my hospital ID wrist bands (right).

The Big Dental Mercury Lie & The ADA Lies

Dentists "place" mercury but doctors never say "let's check for mercury poisoning." You may hear "It's all in your head". Mercury even crosses the placenta to poison the foetus. It causes autism. Moms Against Mercury lawsuit against the FDA exposed the criminality of the FDA and ADA. The FDA has once again been sued in 2014 -- this time by The International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology

Mercury poisoning has many neurological names: cerebral palsy, autism, retardation, ADD, Muscular Dystrophy, Parkinson's, ALS, Lupus, bipolar disorder, MS, Alzheimer's, epilepsy. It also causes diabetes, intestinal, thyroid and heart disease and correlates with Lyme, candida & Morgellons.

Inside the Ultimate Zapper



Purchase The Ultimate Zapper
My Recovery Protocol + Against All Odds (2 e-books)
You will receive a $40 refund at CHECK-OUT


Purchase The Ultimate Zapper
My Recovery Protocol (1 e-book)
You will receive a $20 refund at CHECKOUT


Purchase The Ultimate Zapper
Scroll down to e-books
Against All Odds (1 e-book)
You will receive a $20 refund within 24 hours

While My Recovery Protocol describes the therapies I followed to recover my health, Against All Odds tells the story of what I went through, day by day, during my nearly 7-year recovery from MS and Crohn's disease. It gives readers a feeling for what I went through to get my life back. It is also an indictment of the ADA and the medical system that collude in covering up dental mercury poisoning -- and more. My book exposes the corruption and criminality of the "health care system". Read more.


This scripture guided me to overcome 2 incurable diseases.

Ask, and it shall be given you;
seek, and ye shall find;
knock, and it shall be opened unto you.
Matthew 7:7

Patrick Timpone
on One Radio Network

Holistic Survival Show
with Jason Hartman

Podcast About My Recovery
and My Zapper

Extreme Health Radio
with Justin and Kate Stellman
"This was truly
a very fascinating show ..."
Mar. 27, 2014

FedEx courier is $86.95
to the UK, Ireland, EU, Australia & New Zealand

Canadian customers can pay in Canadian $$ at par
by PayPal, e-transfer or cheque
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(this offer may not apply during other promotions)

My international distributor network has helped make the The Ultimate Zapper #1. See the Distributor Program.

I welcome your questions -- kenpresner@hotmail.com

I answer all emails same day. I do not take in calls but I do make out calls. Kindly email me your number. This address is not for orders or deliveries.

Ken Presner, 1027 Davie Street, Suite 520, Vancouver, BC, Canada V6E 4L2



SE and XE

Automatic A-6


Termi- nator

Silver Termi-

Zap 5







 Single Single


near 100%











visual proof













































7 .
























































30 days


















  No   warranty

No warranty




SE - $189.95
XE - $229.95




$239 to


$289 to
$419 CAD


People email me about other zapper makers. Unethical makers are actually few and far between. Among the hundreds of zapper makers there are only 3 who lie about my zapper, my work and me. Lamentably, some makers also misrepresent their own products. Zapperland is an expose on Auto-Zap, ParaZapper, Terminator, Mini Silver Terminator, Dr. Clark Research Association and Longevity Zapper.

The Terrific Trio

1. Peter Boudreau (of Mini Silver Terminator) uses an alias on his site -- and a tax avoidance "donation" scheme instead of a normal payment system. He took an "educational" pot-shot at me a while back on his Educate-Yourself site -- declaring I am "pathological". You can't expect anything else from a paid disinformer. He'll soon have men in white coats at my door. More below.

2. Arthur Doerksen of Auto-Zap has been lying about the safety of The Ultimate Zapper's AC adapter for over 10 years. He has calmed down a bit after his abortive attempt to take the name of my zapper. More below.

3. David Etheredge of ParaZapper deliberately misinforms and disinforms about The Ultimate Zapper and my work with a smoke screen of lies. The facts show he also misinforms and disinforms about his own zappers and even his credentials. He is a jealous competitor who is willing to say anything -- and who does. More below.

Mini Silver Terminator

Peter Boudreau uses the alias Ken Adachi on his Educate-Yourself site. He sells Mini Silver Terminator, a Terminator clone. Why use an alias? He is a paid disinformer. He uses his site for disinformation on a paid-up basis. He has been labelled a liar-for-hire by those he defames.

Peter Boudreau alias Ken Adachi

The real Ken Adachi was a famous Canadian writer. The phony Ken Adachi shouts that I am "pathological". I have a good sense of humor. Google gives him a high ranking because he attracts attention and creates ad revenue for Google. In all the EXCITEMENT he forgot to mention his zapper causes copper toxicity with its uncovered copper coins.

Dr. Clark Research Association

David Amrein's "association" is actually a company owned solely by him. He doesn't want people to know this -- and that he uses Dr. Clark's name without her consent. He calls his shop "Dr. Clark's Shop". There's only one problem. It's a lie. Dr. Clark never had a shop. She never sold zappers. Here is what she stated on her site: "There are other websites and companies using my name ... or selling products that claim to be approved by me ... I am not affiliated with, and have no control over, any other website or company ... no other website speaks for me ... I do not endorse any manufacturer ... ". David Amrein threatened to "get to" me after I published this information. He even tried to intimidate my Internet service provider!

Who says I'm not an association?

He also doesn't want people to know his so-called Hulda Clark zappers are not zappers. They are frequency generators requiring complicated and expensive smart keys and program drivers. I explain zappers vs. frequency generators on my FAQ Page #4. David Amrein boasts about his high IQ. Congratulations. But I feel honesty is more important.

Terminator Zappers

Terminator zappers -- Terminator, Longevity and Mini Silver Terminator -- don't say why you need to wear them all the time. It's because they are weak -- as Comparison Charts show. Most of the wave goes directly from one coin to the other with a weak effect through the rest of the body. But the coin-to-coin path causes burns. Terminator and Longevity warn about burns. They say you have to keep moving their zappers around -- but you also need to wear them all night. Many people wake up with a surprise.

"This picture [of a Terminator burn -- posted to a forum]
was taken almost two years ago and the scars have now faded but I think
they will stay somewhat permanently cause I can still easily see them."

From the same forum where this burn was reported: "The problem with any zapper that uses attached pennies or copper disks as electrodes is that it tends to burn holes in the users skin, causing permanent scars. Lena, myself and my mother (she fell asleep on it) all have had holes burned into our skin and consequently scars from the Terminator."

Terminator-style zappers also cause copper toxicity with their uncovered copper coins. With The Ultimate Zapper burns and toxicity are banished. Handholds and footpads are always covered. Zapping starts at 15 seconds.


Don Croft says his zapper helps "rid the body of heavy metals". He offers no proof. There is none. This is a false claim -- and an ironic one since Terminator causes copper toxicity. Zappers are not metal detoxifiers. They are resonators that kill pathogens, not chelators that remove metals from the body. The Ultimate Zapper's Electroporation effect enhances chelation. But it is not a chelator, per se. See My Recovery Protocol for the details.

Over the years I have experimented with orgone, crystals and magnets. I have tried adding them to my zapper. They do not improve The Ultimate Zapper's effectiveness at all. Which is why it does not have these elements.

Longevity Zapper

David Wolfe has such confidence in his zapper that he offers a 30-day limited warranty -- with lots of fine print -- and no trial period. The Ultimate Zapper offers an unlimited lifetime warranty -- no fine print -- and a 3-month trial period.

He gives lectures that are humorous in unintended ways. They are replete with pseudo-electronics and malapropisms that show his utter lack of understanding of electronics. His audiences respond in a way that indicates they have no idea he is fudging it and winging it.

David Wolfe talks about the battery in his zapper being "dispersed". But batteries don't disperse. They discharge. He says Longevity's wave "is the tightest square wave ever produced by any zapper ever." There is no such thing as a tight wave. He goes further. "The square wave here is too tight. The electronics are too tight". There is no such thing as tight electronics. He talks about an "up-down wave". There is no such thing. He says the wave turns "on and off". It does no such thing. He says his zapper is "computer-controlled". But there is no computer inside it. He says it gives a "positive charge". It gives a negative charge.

Authentic old-fashioned fudge

David Wolfe needs Electronics 101. When he decided to sell zappers he hired a technician. Of course. The result was Longevity, a Terminator clone "designed to help the immune system" -- but with no mention of immune system testing and no proof at all. And not a word about copper toxicity.


The following quote from this video of David Wolfe is one more example of him fudging it and winging it about health matters.

Mushroom spores can levitate off the planet because they are surrounded by a shell of Ormus which actually is trying to get to the center of the sun. Occasionally, it gets sling-shotted right off the center of the sun and gets propelled out into the solar system and then eventually gets sling-shotted out across the galaxy.

My comment: Hmmm. Mushroom spores sling-shotted right off the center of the sun. I didn't know that. OK -- let's forget about solar mushrooms for now. Frankly, I think we have enough on our plate right here on good old planet Earth. Let's focus on something easier for a while -- like living to 150.


Shadowed by a long product list, David Wolfe sells the hope of longevity, dangling the notion of living to 150 to rapt audiences. But he is only 40 so he cannot talk from personal experience. I talk from experience when I talk about overcoming incurable diseases. I look to old people to learn about longevity. Their lessons come to us on sites like this.

I think he's going for the record

When all is said and done, the issue of longevity is something we need to keep in perspective. We will not be judged by how long we lived but by how we lived our life. We are all on the same bus. No matter how much David Wolfe lectures on living to 150, God's plan will take care of his plan.


Arthur Doersken is a pleasant fellow. He smiles and blesses everyone. Who could object? But some things don't add up with his "wellness system".

Waking up the immune system?

Comparison Charts prove Auto-Zap is weak. But Arthur claims a "lifetime of wellness in 5 minutes". His proof? Dr. Clark's theory of "waking up your immune system". But she offered no proof. There is no CD4/CD8 testing of Killer T-cells/Suppressor cells before and after zapping -- the definitive immunity test. We are asked to trust Arthur and have faith in Hulda Clark.

Killer T-cells haven't heard of Auto-Zap's
"Lifetime of Wellness -- in 5 minutes"

Arthur follows Dr. Clark's dictums. He now quotes her immune system theory. He used to quote her old theory about resonance. When she gave up on resonance so did he. But resonance is how pathogens are destroyed, with decades of scientific proof dating to Dr. Royal Rife in the 1930s, the great genius of electro-medicine.

Neutralizing toxins?

Arthur says Dr Clark "found you can neutralize benzene and other toxins magnetically" with the zappicator. A bold claim. What does "neutralizing" toxins mean? And how did she "find" this? She doesn't say. Neither does Arthur. There is no proof at all from Dr. Clark or Arthur. The only thing he offers is her quote.

A serious claim -- with no proof

There is no scientific proof that a simple magnetic field affects toxins. The zappicator produces a simple magnetic field, not a pulsed magnetic field or oscillating magnetic field where there is supportive research for various issues -- but not for neutralizing toxins. I imagine Arthur would provide proof if he had it. But he doesn't. He says you need to trust Dr. Clark -- and buy his zapper and his zappicator.

When you begin to understand all this you may begin to wonder what the Auto-Zap "wellness system" means. I receive lots of email from Auto-Zap customers about no results -- never mind "a lifetime of wellness" in 5 minutes.

Dr. Clark's research was flawed, as her own case shows. After making videos showing "How to Use Dr. Clark's Syncrometer to Cure Cancer", and after writing The Cure for All Advanced Cancers, Dr. Clark died of cancer in 2009. Arthur covered up the cause of her death -- until he could no longer attribute it to a "spinal cord injury". He says Dr. Clark "passed the torch" to him. I wonder what torch he means.

The adapter scare

The Ultimate Zapper was the first zapper with an AC adapter. See #16 on my FAQ Page. Other makers followed my lead. Zapper adapters produce safe DC voltage like all government-approved adapters. There has never been a problem with any adapter from any zapper maker. But for 10 years Arthur has been trying to scare people -- at the same time he was trying to rename Auto-Zap the "Ultimate Zapper".

Never mind. Arthur's blessings smooth all the wrinkles. I am a believer but I am not as public about my faith as Arthur. More on Auto-Zap.


David Etheredge's World

David Etheredge stands out as the archetypal jealous competitor. He is obsessed with The Ultimate Zapper -- to the extent that he even tried to clone it and take its name for his UZ zapper. For years he has been trying to copy-cat The Ultimate Zapper while trying to distract from its amazing success, seen in 628 unsolicited testimonials. They are taken word for word from customer emails. Like actress Karen Allen's Lyme disease testimonial.

One of his ploys is to show a photo of a zapper (without a label) that he says is The Ultimate Zapper that a customer sent him in 2007, and then try to convince people it is "crude" and "shoddy" and "outdated", with false statements about its wiring and components. It is interesting that he never says The Ultimate Zapper's stunning results & testimonials are "outdated".

In fact, he never actually talks about the testimonials at all -- except to say I made them up. He prefers to talk about wires and components -- but ends up shooting blanks -- manipulating people who don't have an electronics background. See below. The only "crude" and "shoddy" things are David Etheredge's ethics.

Every other zapper seller ...

David Etheredge recently outdid himself. He declared "Ken Presner is constantly claiming that every other zapper seller is lying about him and his zapper". We can add this lie to his long list. There are hundreds of zapper makers. I talk about 2 makers besides him who lie about me and my work. Then he accused me of "calling names" -- but only after declaring I am "a shade tree mechanic" and "a hypster of the first magnitude". I design high end audio power distributors as a sideline.

The truth is that I simply call David Etheredge what he is -- a liar and a pathetic fraud. His list of lies spans many years. He deceived people for 10 years with false credentials. When the truth came out about his c.v. excuses suddenly appeared on his site. Then he solemnly declared that I made up the Testimonials. He knows no bounds.

A Curezone post from a third party

From http://curezone.com/forums/fm.asp?i=653103

Parazapper, anyone truly concerned about the health of people would not engage in taking shots at others in order to sell a product. Attempting to always belittle every other zapper that is even brought up in discussion is a sad statement ... You always say that the Parazapper is not the average zapper and I was interested to find out what made it better and I have seen absolutely nothing in the specs. that make it anything more than the average zapper.

from David Etheredge of ParaZapper
-- with a long list in the wings --

1. David Etheredge stated that I made up the Testimonial Archive. But the 628 testimonials are all 100% genuine and unsolicited. He calls The Ultimate Zapper "outdated" but does not say that the testimonials are "outdated".

2. David Etheredge stated that The Ultimate Zapper is made with "hobby parts" and that it has no label. But it is actually hand made by expert electronic technicians with top quality parts. And it has a nice label.

3. David Etheredge stated that The Ultimate Zapper's stabilized wave is ineffective -- and then proceeded to take it for his zapper. It is unlikely he would take an ineffective feature.

4. David Etheredge stated that The Ultimate Zapper is a "shoddy" zapper -- and then proceeded to take 2 more of its features for his zapper. It is unlikely that he would take 2 more features from a "shoddy" zapper.

5. David Etheredge stated that The Ultimate Zapper's wave has "a dip". But all zappers have dips and spikes, including his zapper. In fact, he admits the wave photo on his site with dips and spikes is from his own zapper.

6. David Etheredge stated that The Ultimate Zapper is "not microprocessor based". But it is actually 100% microprocessor based with its state-of-the-art integrated circuit.

7. David Etheredge stated that green printed circuit boards (PCBs) are superior to hard wiring. But the science has actually proved point-to-point wiring -- the wiring used in The Ultimate Zapper -- is superior to PCBs.

8. David Etheredge stated that The Ultimate Zapper's AC adapter is "potentially lethal in some cases". But it is actually 100% safe -- and has been for 18 years.

9. David Etheredge stated that The Ultimate Zapper's Electroporation Effect is impossible. But it is actually 100% genuine -- proved -- and extremely effective.

10. David Etheredge quotes "reports" on his site about The Ultimate Zapper. These "reports" are proved fraudulent -- but he still keeps them on his site.

11. David Etheredge stated that I say "every other zapper maker" is lying about my zapper and me. But I actually say that 2 makers besides him are liars.

12. David Etheredge has been misrepresenting his credtentials for over 10 years by stating that he is an electrical engineer. He is not an electrical engineer. His c.v. clearly states that he is self-taught in electronics.

A policy for weak zappers

The Ultimate Zapper is the #1 zapper with the best satisfaction package -- a 3-month trial + unlimited lifetime warranty. Comparison Charts prove ParaZappers are weak. David Etheredge has a policy fit for weak zappers: a limited warranty and a punitive trial he says is meant to scare people. I imagine a 60% return penalty after 14 days does that effectively. He says he examines postmarks and counts days. From his site: "... returned units MUST be postmarked by the 11th day or there may be additional charges of ... 60% for those that exceed 14 days".

Can you make out that postmark?

No surprise -- David Etheredge has received disappointing response to his zappers over the years. So, he developed a bold idea to face the challenge. Go after the #1 zapper -- whatever it takes. The result is an amazing artifice of smoke and mirrors. Let's have a look see.

Smoke & Mirrors #1
"The Ultimate Zapper is no good. But it gets great results.
I'll take the name and try to clone it."

After declaring The Ultimate Zapper "may be the best single frequency zapper" David Etheredge saw it becoming too popular. So, he transformed it into a "hobby zapper" by lying about its build quality and Testimonials. Then he copied Auto-Zap's adapter scare. Then he decided my zapper was not so bad after all. He tried to clone it and began calling his zapper "ultimate" and U(ltimate) Z(apper) -- while calling The Ultimate Zapper "crude" and "shoddy". The only "crude" & "shoddy" things are his ethics.

It sure gets amazing results for a hobby zapper
-- I think I'll clone it and take its name

Smoke & Mirrors #2
Circuit boards are better?

Then he declared my zapper "cheaply made". To get there he threw the truth about circuit boards out the window -- with a photo of his circuit board to show what a real zapper looks like. What's so special about circuit boards? Nothing. They are prone to failure, so I don't use them. Neither did Dr. Clark. She used point-to-point wiring -- like The Ultimate Zapper. Point-to-point wiring gives a superior signal. David Etheredge uses Dr. Clark's name and likes to quote her -- but he forgot to mention this.

Point-to-point wiring may not look pretty but experts value it as superior to circuit boards. In fact, many high end audio companies use point-to-point wiring exclusively. Point-point wiring is how all electronics were produced before printed circuit boards came along. I also use point-to-point wiring in high end audio power distributors that I design as a sideline. Read about circuit board failures on WikiPedia and this blog.

Have a look at some "cheaply made" multi-thousand dollar high end audio components with point-to-point wiring David Etheredge says is inferior. Oh, he forgot to mention circuit boards offer something special for makers. They are cheap. Ironically, he talks about my "cheaply made" zapper.

In fact, it costs much more to produce The Ultimate Zapper than any zapper with a circuit board. It takes a lot more time to hand solder zappers with point-to-point wiring. The result is a failure rate of zero% and 1000s of happy customers. And one competitor trying to pull the strings of those not familiar with electronics. In case they were not satisfied with his information about circuit boards he offers up a circuit count to try to impress them. Frankly, I think people are more impressed with results than circuit counts.

Smoke & Mirrors #3

Once again, David Etheredge misleads people who are not knowledgable about electronics. He declares The Ultimate Zapper is "not micro-processor based" -- throwing the truth about my zapper's IC chip out the window.

Have a look at the photo, above. What is this IC chip (integrated circuit) doing inside my zapper? If it's not a micro-processor chip then there's only one possibility. It's a chocolate chip. Which makes The Ultimate Zapper the world's 1st edible zapper.

Smoke & Mirrors #4
"My zapper's got that useless add-on"

Zapper makers agree that zappers must have a square wave. But square on an oscilloscope does not mean square in the body. An unstabilized square wave becomes round on body contact, creating diminished effectiveness. It is the squareness of the wave that makes the difference. Makers avoid talking about the stabilized wave -- except for David Etheredge who copied The Ultimate Zapper's stabilized wave.

    The Ultimate Zapper                        Unstabilized Zappers

David Etheredge has not succeeded in duplicating my zapper but he has been trying hard. When he copied my stabilized wave, ambivalence and pretzel logic took over. "I've got that feature, too. But forget it. It's a useless add-on." Who believes he added a useless feature to his zapper for no "good" reason other than his customers were demanding it? The truth is he does not want people to believe that he added a stabilized wave to his zapper because The Ultimate Zapper is more effective thanks to it.

Because that would make my zapper look good -- and that's a no-no. So, with characteristic and calculated ambivalence, he denied the effectiveness of the stabilized wave while adding it to his zapper. How did he do this? He "found" a stabilized wave isn't effective -- but, amazingly, still added it to his zapper. How did he "find" this? He refuses to say.

Smoke & Mirrors #5
Dippy waves -- dippy facts

David Etheredge likes to quote Dr. Clark. Regarding The Ultimate Zapper He states: "this [Ultimate] zapper does NOT meet Dr. Clark's specification for positive offset ... take it to an electronics shop and have them check it under human load with an oscilloscope. It dips very negative ... " He says Dr. Clark states the negative dip "sustains pathogen life". Sounds serious. According to him, my wave doesn't kill parasites. It makes them grow -- with Dr. Clark's quote as proof. But she offered no proof of her own.

This begs the question, what about the 628 Testimonials? Things don't add up. He claims the "dip" negates results but he does not mention that the results contradict his assertion. Truth is, the spike and dip have no negative effect at all. The Archive proves this beyond any doubt. If this were true, the amazing results reported by customers would obviously not be there.


But what's the oscilloscope photo on his site with the wave dip? In close-up it looks serious. Is that The Ultimate Zapper? No -- he says it's ParaZapper's wave! He forgot to mention every zapper wave has a spike and a dip!

Another thing he forgot to mention concerns his zapper's voltage. It drops way below 9 volts under load (with body contact) -- unlike the constant high voltage of my zapper. He likes to quote Dr. Hulda Clark. But he forgot to mention she said at least 9 volts is key to optimum results.

Ironically, his attempt to impugn The Ultimate Zapper with the wave dip ends with him impugning his zapper by throwing the truth about waves and voltage out the window. This is not the first time his pretzel logic has twisted his argument into a false shape that circles back on him.

Smoke & Mirrors #6
Good old Hulda Clark zappers

David Etheredge says The Ultimate Zapper is not a Hulda Clark zapper because it has extra features. He says you have to stick with the old Hulda Clark specifications to be called a Hulda Clark zapper. Like you have to stick with an old TV and a poor picture because people selling them say flat screens are not really TVs.

We should stick with the old model

Hulda Clark's followers use her name to sell "Hulda Clark zappers". But her specifications are weak -- battery operation, high frequency, 50% Duty Cycle. So, many makers are tempted to adopt new features. When they do, they keep the name Hulda Clark although they are actually not Hulda Clark zappers according to "the rules" they set for others.

Although David Etheredge calls ParaZapper a Hulda Clark zapper, his zapper violates her one frequency at 25,000 Hz. dictum. It is not a Hulda Clark zapper. He does not judge his zapper by the rules he sets for others -- but uses Dr. Clark's name without her consent, nevertheless.

Smoke & Mirrors #7
Electroporation -- impossible

David Etheredge says The Ultimate Zapper cannot produce Electroporation since "the science" says so. He refuses to acknowledge the Electroporation testimonials or take the Electroporation Challenge. If he did he would change his mind quickly. The Ultimate Zapper has proved "the science" wrong. But he will never admit this. For him, "the science" can never be wrong -- and The Ultimate Zapper can never be right.

Smoke & Mirrors #8
CureZone -- caveat emptor

David Etheredge hopes that publishing negative things about The Ultimate Zapper will make him look good. He was glad to highlight a "report" on Curezone that an Ultimate Zapper customer claimed he never received his zapper or a refund that he demanded.

The facts. The customer signed for his zapper. We have proof of deliver. He was lying on Curezone as part of a ploy to steal his zapper. He successfully stole his Ultimate Zapper and also received a full refund. Though this happened years ago, David Etheredge has never admitted the facts -- and he never removed this "report" from his site.

Never mind the truth
Let's talk about something important

Smoke & Mirrors #9
Criminal support

David Etheredge likes "reports". He was happy to quote a Ripoff Report, an extortion site run by felon Ed Magedson who tried to extort money from me with a fraudulent "report". ComplaintsBoard is another criminal "report" site -- run out of Latvia which keeps it beyond the long arm of the law. They have a reputation for never removing "reports". But they removed this same "report" from both of their sites (their mirror site is Scamfound) when I proved fraud.

David Etheredge never admitted the facts about this "report" and he never removed it from his site. In fact, he went one better by morphing it into "reports" -- quoting the same "report" multiple times. Plural looks a lot better than singular. He doesn't worry about criminals or fraud. He tries to figure out how to benefit from their work.

Ed Magedson

Smoke & Mirrors #10
More criminal support

Then he said My Recovery Protocol that has helped so many people is too expensive for what it offers -- at $24.95. The fact that he hasn't read it is irrelevant, of course. In 18 years only one person has made a negative comment about my book -- David Etheredge.

But he says a book that has a photo of his zapper is a buy at $99.95, written by Kevin Trudeau, larcenist & convicted felon. David Etheredge describes him as a folk hero saving humanity with infomercials. He forgot to mention Trudeau spent 2 years in federal prison for credit card fraud. And he also forgot to mention the website mounted by the people that Trudeau defrauded. There he is (left) smiling as he emerges from a Chicago courthouse just after sentencing. Judge Gettleman ordered him to pay $37 million for violating a 2004 court order related to his book. A true fold hero.

David Etheredge goes to the bottom of the barrel for criminal support to try to legitimize his agenda. He has a habit of seeking out people who are penitentiary-grade to help his cause.

Smoke & Mirrors #11
628 Testimonials

I'm sure he made up those testimonials

David Etheredge does not want people to read the Testimonials. They make The Ultimate Zapper look too good. So, he declared they are "hype" and that I invented them and everyone should ignore them. The fact is they are cut and pasted from unsolicited customer emails. I simply report what they say -- verbatim. Their comments are far more strident than mine. That makes me "a hypster of the first magnitude" according to David Etheredge. This reminds me of Peter Boudreau -- the infamous disinformer of Educate-Yourself. It also reminds me of David Etheredge's penchant for quoting criminals -- Ed Magedson and Kevin Trudeau.

Smoke & Mirrors #12
False credentials

Talking about inventing things ... there is no finer example of David Etheredge's deceptive tactics and gift for disinformation than his credentials fiasco. After publishing false credentials on his site for 10 years -- claiming to be an electrical engineer -- he was caught by surprise when his c.v. was made public. He was forced to admit the truth -- then scrambled to publish excuses.

OK ... let me revise that

Smoke & Mirrors #13
Diversionary tactics

David Etheredge was caught with his trousers down when I discovered his false credentials. He wanted people to believe he was an electrical engineer -- and was willing to lie about it. What was his reponse to my revelation? Distractions. He started talking about his computer programming skills and work experience. I am a trained programmer and webmaster of this site. I find it ironic that he uses his computer skills as a diversion when it is obvious his skills are very poor. His website looks like an accident scene.

Smoke & Mirrors #14

David Etheredge has spent years chasing The Ultimate Zapper? Why? It's an obsession with him. Instead of developing a #1 zapper and focusing on ethical marketing to instill confidence in people he tried to clone my zapper and take its name -- while hoping to benefit from fallout from his misinformation & disinformation campaign. Has his situation improved by using these unethical tactics? No, it has not. Has his strategy worked? No, it has not. So, why does he persist? I imagine he thinks he will eventually succeed with this.

No Smoke or Mirrors #1
Straight talk

It is also no accident that I overcome two incurable diseases. My recovery happened because the truth prevailed. The Ultimate Zapper's success is also no accident. It happened because the truth about its effectiveness prevailed. This is refected in 628 testimonials that come in week after week, year after year -- including stories of miracles -- proof of what a superior zapper can do -- with thousands of satisfied customers in over 60 countries.

The testimonial nightmare

Read 628 amazing testimonials submitted by my customers -- unsolicited. Their astonishing truth represents David Etheredge's worst nightmare. He says I made them up.

Why did he try to clone my zapper -- while calling his zapper the U(ltimate) Z(apper) and "ultimate"? Why does he quote fraudulent "reports" to try to discredit it? Why did he say I made up the testimonials? Why is he obsessed to the point that he even talks about my sales figures on Curezone!? I believe the answers are obvious.

No Smoke or Mirrors #2
The plot

The testimonials attest to The Ultimate Zapper's amazing healing power. David Etheredge has his work cut out for him. But he lost the plot. The plot is to be honest or people will see through you. People say they see right through him. He calls The Ultimate Zapper "their ultimate zapper". It is not surprising his mockery of the truth backfires on him. Ironically, I benefit from his unscrupulousness. His actions attract bring people to my site.

Hi Ken,

I was going to buy the ParaZapper. I bought into the fabrications and empty claims conveyed by Mr. Etheredge. I'm really glad I found your site. I felt very confident with the level of authority and experience you presented. Thank you for helping us separate the wheat from the chaff.

Steve E.
Sept. 8, 2012


... I have always found it interesting that you were always a main target for some of these guys [competitors]. Parazapper in particular. I don't like to call someone names, but I spoke with the man many years ago and in my opinion he is an idiot.

Mark W.
Feb. 9, 2014

The above discussion is a sample of life in Zapperland. For most people, what they have already read is sufficient to get the picture. For those who would like to know more, the full story of David Etheredge's World of Smoke & Mirrors is here. Read an expose on other zapper makers here.

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for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.
Galatians 6:7


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