There was the 1st wave ...
with masks they now admit
don't work
with testing they
now admit is
at least 95% false
and death numbers they
now admit are
at least 95% false.

And the CDC now quietly
admits the Covid-19 virus
is "not available" ... at all.

While assuring us
with a straight face
that a second wave is
upon us.

Masks don't work.
The testing is false.
The death numbers are false.
They can't find the virus.
And the second wave
has arrived.


I forgot to mention ...
my name is
Eleanor Roosevelt.


President Franklin Delano Roosevelt

"The only thing we have to fear
is fear itself."


Watch the Iconic Video
Who Elected Bill Gates King?

Did you ever wonder
why Bill Gates, the
software billionaire,
didn't buy an island
where he could retire
quietly with his wife?

Simply put,
Gates likes to keep
busy. He has a hobby.
His hobby is vaccines.

In fact ...
Gates loves his hobby
so much that he wants
everyone to share it
with him. He wants to see
everyone in the world
And chipped.

But interestingly,
according to his doctor
Gates never allowed
his own children
to be vaccinated.
I wonder why?


We were out of town that day

Because ... Gates knows
vaccines are toxic
and that vaccine makers
keep the ingredients
hidden for that reason.

contain powerful toxins
such as
mercury, aluminum, MSG,
formaldehyde, squalene,
and Polysorbate 80.

But Gates never
says a word about this.
Just slipped his mind
... I imagine.


Gates may be reluctant
to tell the truth
about vaccines ...

... however
the vaccine industry
is not reluctant.
They testified before the
US Congress in 1986
and admitted
that vaccines are
"unavoidably unsafe".

Was Congress upset?
No ... they simply granted
the drug companies
blanket legal immunity.

So, no worries, Bill.
You're also protected
from legal liability.

By the way,
thanks to Gates
his new Covid vaccine
will also contain
a special ingredient ...

... a scan-able
nano tracking chip
developed at MIT
thanks to Gates'
direction and funding.

The Gates chip is called ...

Quantum Dot
Digital Tattoo Implant

which is also known as ...

Digital Embed Certificate

If you click the
2 links above
you will discover that
the truth is actually
... a lot scarier than
all this sounds.


Implanting the tattoo
under the skin
... on the MIT site

But what's even
scarier is that Gates
totally denies any
connection with his MIT
funded Digital Tattoo ID
Project ...
starting at 2:48
in this YouTube
video interview
with Stephen Colbert.


A lot to smile about?

Colbert: "Are you aware
that there are people
out there who have
these conspiracy theories
that this was all
created by you in order
to innoculate everyone
in the world and
put a chip into
their blood so you
can track them?"

Sounds like
Mr. Colbert just hit
the nail on the head.

Gates' response:
"Yah, that's a ...
you know very strange
that the organization
that's about saving
lives and warning, you
know, gets attacked
as though we were
somehow connected to it."

Is this actually
... or Gibberish?
Sounds like total
gobbledegook to me.

Connected to it?
What's the "it" Bill?
Your own vaccine and
Digital Tattoo ID

Do you mean ...
you're not connected
to your own project?


It appears that Gates
has a vaccine project ...
but he's not connected to it

Bill Gates is not a
incoherent bumbler.
He knows how
to use the English
language with
razor-sharp precision.

Witness the
highlights of his long
deposition to the
US government

in an anti-trust lawsuit
brought by the government
against Microsoft in 1986.

Watch how
carefully Gates
chooses his words
during the deposition.

The last minute or so
starting at 38:10 is
especially interesting.

Gates' response to
Mr. Colbert (above)
was not a
slip of the tongue.

The truth is ...
"MIT has been developing
the quantum tattoo
at Bill Gates'
direction and funding."

It says so
right here
on the MIT site


Here's a quote
from the MIT site:
"The research was
funded by the
Bill and Melinda
Gates Foundation
and the Koch Institute
Support (core) Grant
from the National
Cancer Institute. "

Either ...
his own MIT project
slipped Bill's mind
... or he is lying
through his teeth.

For Gates to conveniently
lapse into Gibberish
in the Colbert interview
instead of using
precise English
is stunning.

Colbert asks Gates
about treatments.
You may notice
that the word
never passes Gates' lips ...

... although in the past
in a CNBC interview
with Becky Quick,
Gates said that
"does not conform
to the human model."

Conform to
the human model?
This is yet another
example of Gates
conveniently lapsing
into gobbledegook.

In fact, whenever Gates
mentions the word
he does not have one
positive thing to say
about it.


But ... 6200 doctors say
it is the #1 Covid cure

Regarding vaccines ...
why would anyone
need a vaccine
if there were a
cheap and proven
effective preventative
and cure called
that is already
on the market?

Never mind cheap cures.
They do not conform
to the profit model used
by Gates and his
high profit margin
drug company partners.

The Gates Covid
Vaccine Project
marches on.


Vaccines are on the march
... like it or not

The Gates vaccine
may or may not
become mandatory ...
although Massachusetts
and Virginia are
now pushing for
mandatory vaccines

... and Mr. Gates is
trying his very best
to make vaccines

But, whatever the final
outcome, scanning for
the Digital Tattoo
will show if you
are vaccinated or not.

Those who are not
vaccinated will be
flagged non-compliant
... and will be in big trouble.


Non-compliant persons
may be prevented
from leading normal lives
... just like with the
Social Scoring
Surveillance System
in China.

If you don't fall in line,
you can expect to
pay the price.


Which means ...

"A certificate would
be required before
an individual can
go to work, to school or
even the grocery store."

Which means ...


... is the next step
in the planned
gradual destruction
of our freedoms.

In The New Covid World
if you don't have a
you're out of luck.


Thanks to Mr. Gates ...
those who don't
fall in line
will be unable
to function in society
until they submit to
the "voluntary" vaccine.

Bill Gates is delivering
us an ultimatum ...
comply -- or else.
Which he emphasizes by
repeatedly telling us
"You don't have a choice.
People act like
you have a choice ...
For the world at large,
normalcy only returns
when we've largely
vaccinated the entire
global population."

Kindly note that Gates
says "we've". He means
the drug companies
with whom he is invested
and for whom he is the
Marketing Director.

But Mr. Gates should
give credit where
credit is due.


Digital Tattoo ID
was invented by Bill Gates


Analog Tottoo ID
was invented by Adolf Hitler

Gates simply took
Hitler's idea and
brought it into
the digital world.

Gates does not give
credit to Hitler. I guess
this is understandable
since ...

... it wouldn't
look very good.
People might get
the wrong idea
... or the right idea.

Gates' injection mania
is reminiscent of
Dr. Josef Mengele's
experiments on the
Jews in Nazi Germany.

In his interview
with Stephen Colbert
Gates called
his Covid vaccine
"The Final Solution".
The Nazis had
"The Final Solution"
... for the Jewish people.

Since Gates' father was
the head of
Planned Parenthood
and Bill himself
is a dedicated
Eugenicist one might
be forgiven for being
confused regarding what
exactly Bill means here.


Dr. Josef Mengele

The scourge of the Jews
in Nazi Germany
has been replaced by
the scourge of a false
Covid 1984 Pandemic.

The enemy has been
identified. It's just
a matter of whatever
it takes to get
the job done.

It is not widely known
that Dr. Mengele
used to wear
a pullover sweater
while performing
experiments on
Auschwitz inmates
... for the greater
good of humanity.

I wonder if Mr. Gates
followed in Dr. Mengele's
footsteps here, as well.

In any case,
the world is now
Bill Gates' oyster.

Sometimes he wears
his favorite T-shirt
instead of
a pullover sweater.


But there have been
fewer Covid deaths
in 2020 than during
a normal flu season.

So, what gives?


A False Pandemic Flag

In fact ... the real news
is that the number
of Covid deaths
was initially
intentionally falsified
by 20 times to scare
the hell out of everyone.

Gates proposes
injecting 7-billion people
with a toxic brew
and digital ID
to allegedly help
rid the world of
a horrible viral scourge
... that has killed a fraction
of 1% of those infected ...

... with most of those
over age 80 suffering from
1, 2 or 3 serious conditions.

This is ...
"The Final Solution"
via Bill Gates.

My question is ...
the Final Solution
to what?

And Mr. Gates wants
us to believe we
have no choice
... because he says so.

Gates is putting
his money where
his mouth is,
as usual. This time
round he is trying
to force everyone
to swallow what
he says by ...

... buying off the world media
to the tune of $250 million.

The above link is to
an excellent article in
Columbia Journalism Review.

We are now being
marketed to death
by Bill Gates.

But we do have a choice.
We simply need to ...
get creative.
Starting with vaccines.


By the way ...
When Gates says
"You have no choice"
he means you -- not him.

The Gates family
always gives itself
the choice.
They always say
Not for us, thanks.

Well ...
if enough people
say no to Gates' vaccines,
just as Gates does
for his own family,
then he may be
powerless to impose
his agenda on the world.

Unwittingly, Mr. Gates sets
the example for what
we all need to do ...

... so that vaccines,
certificates and passes
do not become

But Bill Gates takes
his hobby seriously.
He is worried ...

... because 50% of Americans
are already resistant to
taking a Gates vaccine.

Which is why,
besides his $250 million
advertising campaign,
he is also on a PR campaign
on TV and the Internet
to sell his Vaccine Agenda
-- using fear as his #1 tool.


Ooops ... no social distancing
and no masks

Bill Gates and Dr. Fauci
recently did a media tour ...

"... threatening the public
that businesses
may not re-open for
six months to a year,
or until and unless
governments purchase
their conveniently patented,
Big Pharma vaccination" ...

...that both
Fauci and Gates
profit from.

If they succeed with
their plan ...


... then welcome to Bill Gates'
New Covid World.

A crucial event
happened in 1986.
Gates got lucky
when Congress gave
the vaccine industry
blanket legal immunity
from any harm done
via their vaccines.

This shocking report
explains why they
need that legal immunity.


Because vaccines are
"unavoidably unsafe"
... according to the
industry's own statement.

Never mind the
Hippocratic Oath
that physicians who
give vaccines are
sworn to uphold.

Thanks to Bill Gates
the Hippocratic Oath
is now history.

In place of the
Hippocratic Oath
to patients
we now have
to drug companies
to Bill Gates.

The legislation
that protects
the vaccine industry
contains no provision
requiring them
to produce safe vaccines.


Guaranteeed ...
"unavoidably unsafe"
according to vaccine makers

Since the government has
decided to protect
the drug companies
instead of the populace
it's obvious they
have been corrrupted
by the drug makers.

Well ...
as you can imagine,
the drug companies
are pretty happy
about their success.

They profit to the tune
of billions of dollars
from the toxic
vaccines they produce
... and pay not one cent
to compensate
those they harm.

The taxpayers
foot the bill.

That's what I call a
lovely arrangement.

The result is ...
since 1986
the government
has given out
billions of dollars
to those who have been
injured by vaccines ...

... thanks to the
National Childhood Vaccine
Injury Act of 1986.


Gates ... what me worry?

For Bill Gates
and the vaccine industry,
the fortunate result
of legal immunity is
that they have been given
the green light
to pursue their ...

agenda that they hope
will culminate in
total digital control of

7 billion people ...

... without having
to worry about
legal liability.

Bill Gates is the
best front man
the drug companies
could have wished for.

I imagine it is just a
coincidence that Gates
is heavily invested
in those same
drug companies.

The bottom line is ...
the Gates vision of life
on planet Earth makes
George Orwell's 1984
look quaint.


... all of us in
The New Covid World
via the ID2020 chip
that delivers total personal
and social control
... in cooperation with
the government.

But wait a minute.
Mr. Gates was a computer
software developer.
His wife Melinda
was a product manager
and housewife.
They have no
medical qualifications.

What entitles
Mr. and Mrs. Gates
to fund, design and
promote vaccines,
to bioengineer
chipped vaccines,
and to give
medical advice,
all without legal worries,
and even to
personally administer
toxic vaccines ...

... while insisting that
the world economy
has to stay closed until
all 7 billion people
on Planet Earth


Indeed ... what entitles
Mr. and Mrs. Gates
to inject their
Dystopian Agenda
into all 4 corners
of our planet?

Simply ...
their vast wealth
 ... and the cooperation
of the government.

Their money bought
Mr. and Mrs. Gates
the summit of
the medical world
and the summit of the
bio-engineering world.

Oh, and by the way ...
once Bill gates has
everyone vaccinated and
chipped he will be launching
500 satelites into space
to track everyone
and every inch of
the planet in real time.

Bill Gates Backs
$1 Billion Plan
to Blanket Earth
in Video Surveillance

Sure makes things
so much more
convenient. Doesn't it?


Not surprisingly ...
the government
is more than happy
to go along
with the Gates Agenda
because this offers them
total control
over the population ...

... while reaping
huge financial benefits
in the form of
campaign contributions
and other percs from
the big drug companies.


Here is Mr. Gates
administering a vaccine
-- practicing medicine
without a license in India
where there were 496,000
tragic results from his vaccine.

Mr. Gates admitted
his vaccines have
"a very high failure rate".

Indeed. He was sued
in high court
(no legal immunity in India)
and expelled from the country.

Gates calls his vaccines
"the only solution".
The facts prove they
are actually
"the only cause".

The WHO says
the Gates polio vaccine
is now the cause of
all polio cases in India.

And the CDC in the US
after years of denial
now admits that
vaccines cause autism
... and that they have
been lying through
their teeth all along
about the facts.

In this scathing report
Robert Kennedy Jr. exposes
Bill Gates' vaccine agenda.


In this video interview
(scroll down)
Robert Kennedy Jr.
blows the whistle
on vaccine corruption.

Here's another
excellent video

with Robert Kennedy Jr.
blowing the lid off
of vaccine corruption
and exposing
the totalitarian control
that the Gates Agenda
has in store for us
if we don't wake up.

And here's an
an electrifying speech
delivered by Kennedy
in Berlin on Aug. 31, 2020
where he denounces the
nefarious Gates Agenda
for global control
... using the hyped
Covid crisis as his vehicle
for global domination.

In the following
video clip Gates
responds to a suggestion
by Robert Kennedy Jr.
to look into
the negative effects
of vaccines.

Gates admits to
"bad things" happening
from his vaccines ...
but then shuts down
the possibility of an open
discussion by saying ...

"No, that's a dead end.
That would be a bad thing.
Don't do that."


A bad thing ... for sure.
Because if he stopped
suppressing the truth
about vaccines he
would come face to face
with Robert Kennedy's book
entitled Thimerosal.

is the name they invented
to hide toxic mercury
that they inject into
babies with their vaccines
... causing autism
and other childhood
neurological conditions.

This reminds me of
the FDA and ADA
calling dental fillings
silver amalgams
when they are
actually 50% mercury.

To say that
Bill Gates lives
in his own
dystopian reality
enabled by
the drug makers
is a gross understatement.


The only problem is ...
he is intent on imposing
his reality on
the entire world.

Starting at 1:30 in this video
Gates declares ...

"You don't have a choice ...
normalcy only returns when
we've largely vaccinated
the entire global population.

Thanks for telling us
we have no choice, Bill.
By the way ...
who decided that?
Was it you, Tony Fauci
or the government
or the drug companies?


It's your life ... but not your choice?

And thanks for telling us ...
"Normalcy only returns ..."

What Mr. Gates really
means is that
of ID2020 arrives
... along with the tattoo
and universal

When Bill Gates
patronizes us with
"... when we've largely
vaccinated the entire
global population ..."

... he means that his
and the drug makers,
his trusted partners,
have taken it upon
themselves to come to
the rescue of humanity
with a shot in the arm
for everyone ...

... and we should all be
grateful for their altruism.

It is interesting
that the altruism of
Bill Gates & Partners
is projected
to be quite profitable
for them.

But I'm sure this is
simply a coincidence.


Orwell's Covid 1984 World
exudes altruism
and philanthropy

In fact ... the altruism
and philanthropy
of Bill Gates
will produce profits
in the hundreds billions
of dollars for
Bill Gates & Partners.

And this will last until
they declare it's all over ...
wich may be never if
their venture is
profitable enough.

But you may notice that
the word money never
passes their lips.


The Covid crisis is actually about
Power, Money and Control

While Mr. Gates assures us
in his classic
patronizing manner
that he's doing
all this tedious work
simply to save humanity.

And my name is
Eleanor Roosevelt.

I'm sorry to break
the news to you Bill ...

... but it doesn't look like
Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
agrees with you ...

... and it doesn't look like
India agrees with you ...

... and South Africa
doesn't exactly agree, either.
Their newspapers say
Africans "... are guinea pigs
for the drug makers."


Nelson Mandela's
former Senior Economist,
Professor Patrick Bond,
describes Gates'
philanthropic practices
as "ruthless and immoral."

They discovered a sterility
agent hidden in a Gates vaccine
that sterlizied millions
of African women and girls.


Here is Gates personally
administering an oral vaccine
to a young girl in Africa.

Oh wait. What's this?
Announced on Sept 5, 2020:
UN Forced To Admit
Gates-Funded Vaccine
Is Causing Polio
Outbreak In Africa.

Speaking of guinea pigs ...
the US is destined
to become one big
guinea pig thanks to
marketing untested vaccines
from AstraZeneca, Moderna
and Pfizer/BioNTech
... all funded by Bill Gates.

The FDA is preparing
"emergency authorization"
without completing
clinical trials.


One big US guinea pig
coming up

And in the US ...
thanks to
Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
"As of March 2nd, 2020,
the CDC has admitted
in federal court

that they do not have
any evidence proving
that vaccines given
to babies don't cause

"For years they
claimed that the studies
had been done,
the evidence was clear,
and that there was
a consensus:
"vaccines don't cause autism."
Yet, this was a lie."


... is actually in the business
of causing disease

"... data from CDC shows
that 1 in 36 children
born this year
will develop autism
... this is a true epidemic
[unlike Covid] ..."

How has the CDC

" ...they have spent
resources waging
... a media campaign
against parents

that claim vaccines caused
their child's autism ..."


Dr. Redfield ... first
takes care of the children
then takes care of the parents

According to
Robert Kennedy Jr.
Dr. Redfield and the CDC
are totally corrupt.
Mr. Kennedy proves that
the CDC is simply
a privately owned
vaccine company.

He has disclosed that ...
"... the CDC owns patents
on at least 57 different
vaccines, and profits
$4.1 billion per year
in vaccination sales ..."
The CDC "is actually
a subsidiary of
Big Pharma".

As a result a lawsuit
brought by
Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
the "WHO, CDC & Gates
Foundation [have been]
Defunded Because of
Vaccine Fraud.

In spite of which ...
the CDC is working hard
to transform the
$30 billion per year
vaccine business into
a $100 billion per year
business by 2025.

If the CDC is allowed
to continue lying
their way to success
they may well get there.

Oh wait. What's this?
On August 28, 2020
The CDC silently updated
their numbers ...

to show that
only 6% of the 153,504
coronavirus deaths
in the US were related
to the coronavirus alone.

Which means that
there have been 9,210
deaths in the US
due to coronavirus alone.

The other 94% had
2 or 3 other serious
illnesses and the
overwhelming majority
"were of very advanced age".


Keep up the good work
Dr. Redfield

And for this minuscule
number of deaths
from a virus
that is naturally
dying out ...

... Bill Gates
and his cohorts tell us
we are in dire need
of a life-saving vaccine
for a disease that
is threatening the world.


Keep up the good work
Dr. Gates

And in case you were
wondering what Redfield's
recommendation is for
masks ... well
he is both for them
and against them.

Which accounts for his nose
looking a bit longer today.

But what about Covid?
Well ... in 2019 Gates paid
Dr. Anthony Fauci's NIH
$100 million.

Surprise, surprise.
Fauci and Gates
go way back
In 2010 Fauci is listed on
the Leadership Council
... at the
Bill & Melinda
Gates Foundation.

So, Fauci was already
on side in 2017
when he publicly promised
"a surprise outbreak"
for the current administration.

This was like predicting
the next Pearl Harbor

Fauci stated this as
an ironclad promise
-- not simply
as a possibility.

How could Tony Fauci
promise such
a "surprise" in advance
... unless he was on the inside
and knew it was coming?

He just let the cat
out of the bag
by revealing that
the Covid plandemic
was already in the works.


What's more ...
Gates and friends
did a pandemic simulation
called Event 201
in October 2019.

Surprise, surprise ...
Covid arrived just after
the simulation ended.

Now that's what I call
great timing.

Whereupon ...
compliant Dr. Fauci pulled
IHME computer models
out of his hat
65 million Covid deaths
were inevitable.


Here's an excellent short
on the testing
and counting scam.

In fact, the truth
about testing has
been revealed in a
New York Times
article on Aug 28, 2020:

"The scam is wall to wall."

"The issue appears to be
the ballooning
sensitivity of the
PCR test. It's so sensitive
that it picks up
inconsequential tiny,
tiny amounts of virus
that couldn't harm
a flea -- and it calls
these amounts positive."

"... the claim that
the PCR can determine
how much virus is
in a human is completely
and utterly unproven.
Period. "

""Therefore, ALL the PCR
tests being done on
people all over the world
reflect NOTHING
about illness, infection,
contagion, or transmission."

So, it turns out
that the whole testing
thing was a scam from
the outset in the spring
... just like the Case-demic
hype in August 2020.

Nevertheless ... Dr. Fauci's
early fear-mongering
got everyone panicked.
And then
the economy collapsed.

In public,
Dr. Fauci predicted
a worldwide disaster.


However, in private
he was saying ...
"I've looked at all the models.
They don't tell you anything.
You can't really
rely upon models."

In Sweden, IHME predicted
2800 deaths per day.
But there were fewer than 40.

Indeed ...
the health disaster
Dr. Fauci predicted
worldwide never arrived.

But the economic disaster did.
Right on schedule.

Here's an excellent article on ...

"What justifies listening to,
and paying, people who do
that kind of science?"

Oh wait. What's this?
The IHME models
Dr. Fauci used
to tank the economy
just happen to be funded
... by Mr. Bill Gates himself.


How is it possible
that the world's #1
software genius got
"the numbers all wrong"
for the first time in 50 years
... and with so much at stake?

Do you think all this
happened by accident
... or were the books
deliberately cooked
to create mass hysteria?


Well ... the evidence shows
Gates knew in advance
that the models would create
alarmingly false numbers.

In fact ...
his plan depended on it.

"Gates wanted alarming
predictions of deaths,
leading to lockdowns
as a prelude to
a COVID vaccine
for every person
on the planet.
He got those predictions."

Gates got the
hoped-for hysteria
and the economic collapse
... with the aid of
his paid-off cohort
Dr. Fauci.

As Gates delivers
the sad news to us that
"it's gonna take a long time
[for the economy] to recover " ...

... he smiles irrepressively
from ear to ear
for a full 6 seconds
starting at 3:55
in this video
accompanied by a
half-repressed snicker ...

... promptly followed by
Gates announcing he is
coming to the rescue
on his white horse with
"a great vaccine"
(his own words)
and some great drugs
that he and wife Melinda
say are "the only solution"
(their own words).

Now that's what I call
great timing.


Oh by the way ...
Bill Gates has never made
a declaration about
being heavily invested
in the drug and vaccine
companies that are
coming to the rescue.

Probably just slipped
his mind since he's
so busy helping
save humanity.


Bill Gates to the rescue.
Wearing a mask.

But Gates has
publicly declared ...

... despite not one iota
of scientific evidence
that masks to anything
regarding microbes,
and may actually
be harmful ...

"Not wearing masks
is hard to understand,
because it's not
that bothersome."

"It's not expensive,
and yet some people
it's a sign of freedom
or something,
risk of infecting
other people."

Well ...
if wearing a mask is
so important
... I wonder why
Bill and Melinda Gates
never wear a mask?

Could it be that
they know very well
that masks are just
part of the control game
being played out?


"Freedom or something"

You're right, Bill.
Why should people
be concerned
about freedom
... or something?

Freedom of choice
is not an issue here ...
there is none.

The same for vaccines
where ... Bill Gates
sweeps the issue of
freedom of choice
under the rug.


Here's Bill ... cleaning up

Gates is also trying
to sweep his relationship
with the late Jeffrey Epstein
the famous convicted pedophile
under the rug.

Gates has been caught with
his pants down ...
lying about his long
relationship with Epstein

... and about flying on
Epstein's Lolita Express.


Gates and pal Epstein

Never mind pedophilia ...
Lucky for Bill
that he has a true ally
in Dr. Fauci ... his
Director of Public
Relations & Marketing.
Fauci declared
On July 31, 2020 ...

"... I do not believe
it [Covid-19] will disappear
because it's such a highly
transmissible virus ..."

You may notice that
Fauci doesn't use
use the word "deadly"
-- anymore.
Wonder why?

Because the death
numbers have fallen
off a cliff.


Deaths are declining so ...
I guess the mask can come off

Surprise, surprise.
Dr. Fauci has shifted
the narrative to
and "cases".

The Pandemic
has now become
the Case-demic ...

... just in time
to keep the fear
factor alive and well ...

... and ignite Mask Mania
with the fire
stoked by trustworthy
Dr. Tedros at the WHO

who is Bill Gates'
most reliable sock-puppet.

Oh wait. What's this?
Dr. Tedros is not a even
medical doctor. He is
practicing medicine
without a license
... along with
Bill and Melinda Gates
who have no medical


Mr. James Bullard of
the Federal Reserve Bank

To keep the case count
on the front burner
Mr. James Bullard,
President and CEO
of the Federal Reserve Bank
of St. Louis, has chimed in.

Mr. Bullard has a great idea.
He says that
everyone in the country
should be tested daily
for Covid 19
and be forced to display a badge
on their clothing with the result.

Great idea, Mr. Bullard.
By the way, did
you borrow this
innovative idea from
Heinrich Himmler or
was it Joseph Goebbels?


I do believe you
missed your calling,
Mr. Bullard. Or perhaps
you didn't ... since
the Tattoo Digital ID
will be run by
Bill Gates Cryptocurrency

This may be the biggest
secret not talked about
by Bill Gates regarding
his Agenda.

So, you may be
in line for a
big promotion
Mr. Bullard.

After all ... who
says that a banker
cannot also wear
the hat of a
social engineer?

Oh Wait. What's this?
The President of the Federal
Reserve Bank
of Minneapolis,
Neel Kashkari, has called
for another and
yet stricter lockdown
"to save lives and
to save the economy".


Neel Kashkari of
the Federeal Reserve Bank

And the Chairman of the
Federal Reserve Bank,
Jerome Powell, has just
declared that mask wearing
is the answer to all our woes.

It's comforting to know
that the nation's
top bankers are looking
out for our welfare.


Jerome Powell
... he'll get the knack of it
once he starts covering his nose

Well .. you're really
on a roll now, Bill.
Thanks to people like
Dr. Fauci, James Bullard
Neel Kashkari
and Jerome Powell
who are faithfully
beating the drums for you
it looks like you'll be
on call in perpetuity ...

Bill, it looks like
you're still in luck.
Keep your white horse
all gassed up and
ready to go ...


Oh Wait. What's this?
The same Dr. Fauci
who brought us
the inevitability of
65 million Covid deaths
now predicts ...

... that Covid
will never disappear.
Fauci's beloved Covid
will be with us

In fact, Bill Gates
is now taking about
"... a first wave of vaccines
and then
a second wave of vaccines ..."

I can just hear Fauci and Gates
singing in the shower ...


Talking about
Covid deaths ...
didn't Gates say vaccines
were "the only solution"
in India and Africa?

Oh, I get it.
That was just a dry run.

So, let's get this straight.

The #1 software genius
who segued from
computers to medicine
and bioengineering
and introduced
toxic vaccines
to India and Africa ...

... and who brought us
failed computer models
that destroyed
the U.S. economy,
which leaves us on
the brink of a
Great Depression ...

... is now guaranteeing
"a great vaccine" for the US
and everyone else
on the planet ...

... a new chipped version
that Gates says
we are not allowed
to ask questions about
because ...
"That would be bad.
Don't do that."

Did I get all that right?


From the ...
King of Software


To the ...
King of Bioengineering

And we're told
by Mr. Gates
that we just have to
trust him and
Mrs. Gates on this.

Well ...
given Bill Gates' history
in the vaccine field
in India and Africa,
and his total
lack of transparency ...

... I wonder how much a
Bill Gates vaccine guarantee
is worth?

A vaccine guarantee?
Well ... the
Gates Foundation bets
big on Moderna's
mRNA technology ...

for a Covid vaccine that
"has resulted in
some adverse effects in
more than half
of the trial's participants,
with one test group
"severe" symptoms."

Never mind.
The Gates Agenda marches on.
Bill's new chipped vaccine
will be able to
track everyone and ...

... control the medical
and financial data
for all 7 billion people
on the planet.

Bill Gates will ...


Financial control?
Yes ... because
the Gates chipped vaccine
will be stealthily linked to
and controlled by ...

... Bill Gates' own
Financial Corporation
with access to and
control over everyone's
financial data.

This is the untold story
of Bill Gates agenda for

as this video link shows.

Well ...I just check and this video has just been removed by YouTube. No surprise. Anything that tells the truth about these matters is likely to be tossed into the dust bin these days.

But this link shows the

Gates Patent for
his Crypto Currency Agenda.

Here's a quote from the patent:
"The cryptocurrency system
communicatively coupled to
the device of the user
may verify if the body
activity data satisfies
one or more conditions
set by the cryptocurrency
system, and award
cryptocurrency to the user
whose body activity
data is verified."


Move over George Orwell
Bill Gates is writing the sequel

Which means that ...
Big Brother
is not only watching us.

He is also
controlling everything.

privacy and freedom.


Here is a
with all the shocking
details of the abusive
Police State
now installed in
Melbourne, Australia.

This is the template for
our collective future
being tested Down Under
... to see how much
they can get away with.

It gets worse.
Here's the arrest
and handcuffing of
a pregnant woman

in Australia
-- wearing her pyjamas.
She was arrested
for "incitement" after
she posted an
anti-lockdown message
on the Internet.

People are now being
abused and arrested
in the US

for not wearing
a mask in public.

This is spreading

This is the world
that Bill Gates is
preparing for us all.

The Police State
brutality is obvious.
It is aided and abetted
by mob violence
that is sometimes called
peaceful protesting.
The ensuing chaos
begs for strong-arm tactics
to suppress the street violence.

The endgame is a massive
Police State
delivered to our door via
the Bill & Melinda Gates
Psychological Operation.

The Psyop
is accomplished
via the mainstream media
in unison
beating the Gates drum
with the aid of ...

... Dr. Fauci at NIH,
Dr. Redfield at the CDC,
Dr. Tedros
(not a medical doctor by the way)
at the WHO
and the tireless
Bill & Melinda Gates.

This is the team that's
out to save humanity.

The mainstream media
is more than glad
to do their part.
They are owned by
... corporate America
and their friends
in the pharmaceutical

The Psyop is also
aided and abetted by
the educational system
that is designed to
dumb down the populace
... and has done a very
good job at it.

This reminds me
of Nazi Germany
beginning in 1933 ...

... with quarantines
and lockdowns,
and public beatings
for those refusing
to comply.

In the Nazi era
Jews were beaten
and taken away for
not publicly displaying
a yellow star.

Today the same thing
is happening with
people who don't
wear a mask.

In the former era
Jewish people and other
select groups were targeted.
Now the target is everyone.

We are now witnessing
the criminalization
of the entire populace.
Everyone is a criminal
in Covid 1984


Why aren't you wearing your mask?

It's clear that
what's going on now
has nothing
to do with health.

This all about
Virus Terrorism
... instilling fear with
with the endgame being
compliance & total control
over the populace.

Vaccines are even
beginning to be
mandated in certain
jurisdictions now
... without exemptions.


That's why history
has to be destroyed
-- to erase the memory
of the past.
Because the past
is the future.

With no memory of
the past it is easy
to dupe the populace
with a series of
lies and ruses.


In front of the camera
Gates acts like he's a
kind-hearted philanthropist
in a pullover sweater
out to save humanity
together with his
wife Melinda.

The truth is that
he's actually
a ruthless operator
on the world stage
with a dangerous
agenda to control the
future of humanity ...

... while making a killing
from the drugs and
vaccines he is pushing.

The Bill Gates Agenda
is to create a worldwide
Virus Coup.


Oh wait. What's this?
On the very day the
Remdesivir drug trial failed
Remdesivir was approved
by the FDA.
How lucky can you get?

Or maybe it was simply
the revolving employment
door between the FDA
and the drug makers?

Or maybe it was a short
call from Bill Gates?


The revolving employment door

Oh, by the way,
you may have heard
Mr. Gates speaking out
publicly against
"outrageous hydroxychloroquine"
that was approved by
The Association of
Physicians and Surgeons
because it is
tried and true.

In this video
Gates calls reports of
its proved effectiveness
"outrageous ... nutty stuff"
... which really shows
who is actually nutty here.

And this article
proves the failure of
and the success of

Never Mind. Bill's right.
Why use this proved-effective
drug at $20 per treatment,
that was chosen #1
for effective Covid treatment
by 6200 doctors worldwide
but that offers no profit ...

... when you can use
Remdesivir that costs
just $9.32 to make and
produces massive profits
at $4,500 per treatment ...
and a toxic vaccine?

Here's an
interesting read on ...

How a False
Narrative Was Created

The suppression of a
cheap cure is
in full motion.
Because if there's a cheap cure
who needs expensive drugs
and a vaccine?
... as this article shows.

Mr. Gates pretends that
no effective treatments
are out there
... so we need a vaccine.
This is an obvious lie.

Bowing to the facts,
Minnesota and Ohio
have reversed recent bans
on hydroxychloroquine.

But what about the
Bill & Melinda Gates

They are only for
vaccines and expensive drugs.
No cheap cures
for Bill and Melinda.
You can't make money
from cheap cures.

Surprise, surprise.
Their famous Foundation
is actually a huge
off-shore & tax-free
pharmaceutical corporation ...

... hidden behind the word


The potential profits
from drugs and vaccines
for Covid are massive
... especially when you're
offshore and there are
no taxes to pay.

Where there is this kind
of money to be made
you can be sure that
Bill Gates will be there
... along with his good friend
Warren Buffett the folksy
from Omaha.

Warren Buffett is Gates'
silent partner. Buffett does
not work for peanuts.
His whole life has been about
making VERY BIG money.


Here they are together
... 2 of the biggest
on the planet.

is their cover story.
That should read

Do you want to know
how these down-home
REALLY do business?

Then read this
scathing article from
the Orlando Sentinel:

Philanthropy's Dirty Secret


Gates' plan is to keep
the country continuously
closed for business ...

... forcing the government
to turn to him
for a miracle vaccine
"there is no other choice"...

... after which Gates will give
the country the green light
to reopen for business.
Mission accomplished.

What a fantastic
vaccine marketing coup
... and a truly
Great Medical Coup.


Big Brother in a sweater
paid $250 million
to the media
to control the narrative

Putting aside for a moment
Gates' threats and his agenda
and his investments
... how about the Covid vaccine
for the Gates family?

They will be
first in line. Right?

No way, Jose.
You can bet
Gates will be saying no
to his Covid vaccine
for the Gates family ...

... as he has done
in the past
with all vaccinations
for his family.

Gates is not crazy.
He is a closet anti-vaxxer
... pretending to be
a vaccine pioneer
out to save the world.


Gates knows what's
in vaccines shots.
He helps concoct them.
He means vaccines are
"the only solution"
for everyone else.
Not for the Gates family.

Never mind.
Just roll up your sleeve.
This will only take a second.


Nurse Gates is ready

Oh wait. What's this?
The goal posts
have just moved, again.

Bill Gates now says
the vaccine may not work.
So "multiple doses"
will likely be needed ...
possibly annually.

The Gates strategy
is evolving into ...
... if one shot doesn't work
then load-em-up
and hope for the best.

Does this sound like ...


with Professor Einstein


or Science 101
with Professor Gates?

As the Covid goalposts
keep moving ...
... Gates now says
schools should
be closed until Fall 2021.

In fact ...
the Second Wave is
already on the way.
It will likely make
the First Wave look
like child's play.

It sounds like Mr. Gates
is starting to dictate
education policy
as well as medical and
bioengineering policy.

Wow. Bill Gates
sure is a man
of many talents.

But wait, Bill. Since the
statistics show that
close to zero
children get Covid
and that none die ...

... why not just lock
all the kids down in their
room until you announce
the Covid coast is clear?

That's much easier than
guessing the reopening year.
After all, it could be
2022 or 2023
for all we know
... since the Covid goalposts
are always moving.


The kids can do
virtual classes
and Home Schooling
... as long as their teacher
is 6 feet away
and is wearing a mask,
of course.

Kids will learn
all the stuff they
need to know in order
to become good
New Covid World


Covid Conformity 101
Course Outline
Social Distancing
Contact Tracing
Quarantine & Self-isolation
Mandatory Drugs
Mandatory Vaccines
Vaccine Hesitancy
Wearing a Mask
Mask Compliance
Freedom of Speech
The New Normal
Super Spreaders
Offensive Language
Mandatory Language
Media Compliance

History 101
is no longer offered.
It has been replaced
by 3 options.
Cancel Culture 101
Gender Studies 101
Political Correctness 101


By the way,
Home Schooling courses
are mandated to start with
Dystopia 101.


Scandal of the Century
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How They Pulled Off
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