Please note Dr. Hulda Clark states that people intending to do a liver cleanse must zap for 3 weeks before doing their first liver cleanse to kill and release liver flukes that congest the liver's bile ducts in advance of the cleanse. See the enlarged photo of the liver fluke (below). The 16 liver cleanse testimonials (below) include 3 sets of photos of liver flukes emailed to me by a customer who zapped before doing The Ultimate Liver Cleanse.

Ken, I completed my first liver cleanse! Wowiiee!! The amount of stones was totally unreal, at least 360 of all sizes. The largest was the size of a quarter. Thanks again for your time and knowledge. This is an amazing healing journey and you're a great guide! Sincerely, Trish T., Jan. 9, 2008.

A Free Copy
of the The Ultimate Liver Cleanse
comes with each zapper purchase
value $7.50
liver fuke

The Ultimate Liver Cleanse is by far the most powerful liver cleanse in the world. This instructional e-booklet tells in clear, non-technical language everything you need to know about successful liver cleansing. The instructions provide all the details, step by step, of how to do the cleanse and what to expect. The Ultimate Liver Cleanse is guaranted to work. It has worked for thousands of people over the past 23 years.

The Ultimate Liver Cleanse clears gallstones from the liver and gallbladder. It has an important effect on 4 metabolic functions:

1. The Ultimate Liver Cleanse promotes healthy fat metabolism. It can help lower cholesterol levels because cholesterol is manufactured in the liver. Please read the discussion about cholesterol, below.

2. The Ultimate Liver Cleanse allows the liver to normalize its detoxifying functions. The liver is the largest internal organ in the body and it performs most of the vital detoxifying functions of the body, rendering environmental toxins inactive.

3. The Ultimate Liver Cleanse promotes normal glucose metabolism. Glucose is stored as glycogen in the liver. When the bile ducts are clogged glucose metabolism can be impaired and high blood sugar can be the unfortunate result. Liver cleansing can help diabetics and pre-diabetics.

4. The Ultimate Liver Cleanse also has another important effect. Many people report a positive change in mood and well-being after liver cleansing. The Ultimate Liver Cleanse acts on many levels.

The ingredients for The Ultimate Liver Cleanse are inexpensive. You can buy them at your local drug store. Scroll down this page to read 16 unsolicited testimonials taken from the hundreds of testimonials I have received over the years from people who obtained amazing results with The Ultimate Liver Cleanse. The testimonials will show you what to expect. The results reported, below, are not unusual, nor are the photos. The results described here are typical of the results everyone gets with The Ultimate Liver Cleanse.


The Ultimate Zapper The Ultimate Zapper


I developed The Ultimate Liver Cleanse in 1996. It took nearly a year of liver cleansing and discussions with many others who were experimenting with liver cleansing to develop The Ultimate Liver Cleanse and to offer it to others in this e-booklet. The Utimate Liver Cleanse works when other liver cleanses fail to give satisfactory results. When you go to the trouble of doing a liver cleanse (the process is not easy at all) there is nothing more discouraging than to see few if any stones coming out. I did a liver cleanse a while back and got out over 400 stones, many as large as peas and cherry pits, and some much larger. It was amazing. I have done 17 Ultimate Liver Cleanses. The Ultimate Liver Cleanse never fails. I have not received a single email in the past 23 years from a dissatisfied customer.

In my opinion, Dr. Clark's cleanse was the best liver cleanse available up to the mid-1990's. But it disappointed many people because it produced inconsistent results. This was also my personal experience with Dr. Clark's liver cleanse. After months of experimenting I developed the best liver cleanse in the world. Over the past 23 years thousands of people have done The Ultimate Liver Cleanse with consistently superior results. 15 unsolicited testimonials are offered below.

Liver cleansing has been reported as far back as biblical times. Many liver cleanses have been developed through the centuries. They have been used by countless people in their quest for better health. In the modern era Dr. Alfred Vogel published a liver cleanse in his book The Swiss Herb Doctor. More recently, Dr. Hulda Clark's liver cleanse became popular. The details are in her groundbreaking book The Cure for All Diseases. Dr. Clark says "cleaning the liver bile ducts is the most powerful procedure that you can do to improve you body's health". She says it is very important to zap for 3 weeks before doing your first liver cleanse to clear the liver of liver flukes and other parasites. This maximizes results.


liver and gall bladder


Gallstones are formed in the liver. They are made from a waxy substance called cholesterol which is mostly manufactured in the liver. 95% of gallstones are not "stones" at all. They are waxy agglomerations of coagulated chloesterol, as the photos on this page show. Gallstones often agglomerate into "stones" that are relatively large in size. A friend's "stone" was the size of a golf ball! Not to worry, even the largest gallstones are excreted from the intestinal tract painlessly thanks The Ultimate Liver Cleanse's unique formula.

Gallstones are usually green in color because they are infused with bile which is also produced in the liver. These cholesterol "stones" clog the bile ducts in the liver as well as the gallbladder. In fact, only 5% of gallstones are calcified stones.


Here it the definition of gallstones taken from medical books. There are three types of gallstones: cholesterol stones, bilirubin stones and pigment stones.

Cholesterol stones: scientists believe cholesterol stones form when bile contains too much cholesterol, too much bilirubin, or not enough bile salts, or when the gallbladder does not empty as it should for some other reason. 95 % of all gallstones are Cholesterol stones.

Bilirubin stones are formed from cholesterol and bilirubin.

Pigment stones: the cause of pigment stones is uncertain. They tend to develop in people who have cirrhosis, biliary tract infections, and hereditary blood disorders such as sickle cell anemia.

Some medical practitioners claim that the gallstones excreted during liver cleansing are congealed olive oil. This is totally false. Why are gallstones not made from congealed olive oil? Because olive oil only congeals, or coagulates, at temperatures below 55 degrees F (13 C). Normal body temperature is 98.6 degrees F (37 C). Olive oil always remains liquid in the body. Furthermore, olive oil does not contain cholesterol, bilirubin, pigment or bile salts. Gallstones are made of cholesterol (95%), bilirubin, pigment and bile salts.

The liver makes cholesterol which in turn create hormones. It takes weeks, months and years for gallstones to form from cholesterol. Gallstones do not form in 3 hours because of the ingestion of olive oil during a liver cleanse. First of all they do not form from olive oil at all, as discussed above. Saturated fatty acids (and alcohol and concentrated sweeteners that are rapidly transformed into saturated fatty acids) are the chief culprits in raising blood cholesterol, creating gallstones, and in increasing the risk of heart disease.

Dietary cholesterol also plays a part. The average American man consumes about 360 milligrams of cholesterol a day; the average woman, between 220 and 260 milligrams. The main causes of a high cholesterol count are diet and gallstones. Cholesterol is in every cell in your body. Every cell needs it. You can't live without cholesterol. It is one type of the fat-like substances (lipids) in your blood. Among the essential roles of cholesterol are to help insulate nerves and to create hormones.

The term "cholesterol" is used for both the cholesterol you eat (dietary cholesterol) and the cholesterol produced in your body. Your liver makes about 80 percent of the cholesterol in your blood (blood cholesterol). Only about 20 percent comes from your diet. Animal products that you eat, such as meat and dairy foods, contain dietary cholesterol. Vegetables do not.

The good news about liver cleansing is that, in most cases, after 5 to 10 liver cleanses gallstones stop coming out, no matter how much olive oil you drink, which is further proof that olive oil does not make gallstones. It never did in the first place.


Gallbladder surgery is big business. Removing gallbladders is very profitable for doctors but, in many cases, it is a procedure that can be avoided. Having your gallbladder out can lead to a lifetime of problems. The gallbladder is the recepticle for bile which is manufactured in the liver. When you eat fatty foods the gallbladder squirts bile on the fat in your digestive tract to metabolize it. Without a gallbladder the liver still produces bile but it can only drip out from the liver to metabolize fats. Problems with fat metabolism can be the lifelong result of gallbladder surgery.

If the gallbladder is diseased an operation may be inevitable. But in the vast majority of cases the gallbladder is not diseased. In fact, if it is clogged with gallstones and is not diseased an operation may be avoided. Indeed, what doctors used to do in such cases in "the old days" was to cut the gallbladder open, remove the "stones", then sew it back up. Many people have been able to avoid gallbladder surgery by doing The Ultimate Liver Cleanse.




Dear Ken,

... As you know I started zapping (and performed several parasite cleanses with Dr. Clark's Black Walnut/Wormood/Clover treatment) a couple of months ago. I also did 24 liver cleanses following partly your great flushing procedure which still(!) gives me enormous results (meaning green/yellow 'stones' of of up to cherry pit size and larger). Attached ... you find three images I took after three different liver flushes. They show always the same feature which I think could be an animal, a fluke maybe? What do you think? Can this be a liver parasite? I checked the internet but did not find really similar looking pictures which would identify what I found as a small or big liver fluke. Anyway, I will continue doing liver flushes until my acne and these annoying syptoms (dizziness, tinitus, tiredness, breathlessness) are gone. However, from your experience could you give me a hint what I am facing here?? Thanks for your help in advance.

Best regards,
Jul. 25, 2007


liver cleanse photo 1 liver cleanse photo 2


Dear Ken,

... Another thing ... is when I was in South America in 1978 as a 5 year old child. My father is from there but my mother is from Germany. So I already considered that I may got these flukes from this 2 weeks journey ... If I look at the result my last (25th) liver cleanse revealed, all that debris of still up to berry sized 'stones', a lot of slime and these flukes (see attachment) I actually wonder why I do not feel even more sick! I decided of course to go on flushing (I skipped the epsom salt btw. completely because I vomitted horribly at the end of two flushes. I can not stand this stuff. I use a 30 min coffee enema before the flush and as last thing next morning instead to open my bile ducts. The key is to combine it with the hot water bottle and enough oil as you recommended ... I am zapping now more aggressively (30min, 30min, 1h) and I ... connect the hand sticks directly under the right and left rib cage ... Just have a look [at the photos, below]. I am convinced that this is a fluke but still do not know which one (size of the glass object holder is 8cm x 2.5cm). It never is a whole fluke but only a fragment what I get out by the flushes, I think the head is missing. I had it under an optical microscope and although I think it is partly digested since it took about 8 hours from taking the oil to flush it out I think I could identify its intestines. I will get in contact with a tropical hospital in Germany for a more professional solution. Would you know a better herbal treatment than Dr. Clark's Walnut/Wormwood/Clover? I want to avoid antibotics of any kind if possible.

Thanks for your kind responses! I really appreciate to know somebody who does look further than the common school medicine because all doctors I consulted say my symptoms are not specific to any known disease or that "everything is normal" because interestingly my blood values which were analyzed are normal. Apparently, parasites really know how to hide undetected in the body and I do hope that these have not ruined my liver if they are really there for that long time.

Kind regards,
Aug. 21, 2007


liver cleanse photo 3 liver cleanse photo 4


Dear Ken,

To keep you updated here (attachment) the astonishing results from my 36th liver flush using your method (without epsom salt but coffee enema instead). Almost no 'stones' as expected after 36 flushes but a lot of 'chaff' and flukes. I don't know what they are but the evidence is convincing me that they are animals. Have a look yourself. Interestingly, I am about to distinguish either different types or different stages of development or even gender (if they have). I show you the example of a huge (in volume) 4 cm long 'fat' critter and a 'long' one of about double total length but very flat. Note the same/similar outer structure they have and always had since I study them. The surface is kind of rippled and the inside is multiply structured. The whole animal looks by far more complex then an earthworm ... Being moved in water they look quite different and brighter but they are the same as on the fotos. The double tail was always there when they were more or less intact and not in pieces. If you compare them to the fotos I sent you earlier they are the same kind ... I started zapping today again and I will continue in combination with the herbs to potentize there action ...

All the best,
July 22, 2008


liver cleanse photo 5 liver cleanse photo 6


Dear Mr. Presner,

After 14 successful liver cleanses of different types I did during the last six months I got out less and less stones as expected when the liver gets cleaner. I did your liver cleanse yesterday and today and I have to say: You are right. I got out more stones than ever, sizes from pinheads (~200) to hazelnuts with shell (7) and lots of sizes in between. INCREDIBLE! I never used pink grape fruit before (but lemons) and never used a hot-water bottle and Epsom salt before either. Also I never took that much oil before...this cleanse was the most effective I did so far! Thanks a lot. Now I am looking forward to more health improvement with your zapper.

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!
Dec. 24, 2006 TESTIMONIAL #2

Dear Mr Presner!

I did your Ultimate Liver Cleanse last thursday and friday. I did it exactly according to the instructions. The only thing which I did not manage to do was to hold the grapefruit-olive oil mixture in my body for more than two hours and half.(then I throw it up). In spite of that I think my liver cleanse was VERY SUCCESFUL! I get out about 40 stones as big as a cherry and about 40 big as a pea. Apart from that I get out really great amount of something very similar to sand (like very very little yellow stones). I was really amazed and I must agree with you that it is not easy but worth the effort.

Best Regards,
Oct. 4, 2006


liver cleanse photo 7 liver cleanse photo 8


Dear Mr. Presner,

I did your ultimate liver cleanse last night (my first one) and I have a few questions. First let me tell you that the final outcome was beyond by greatest expectations. I got out at least 400 'stones' (they're more like nodules aren't they). It was hard to get an exact count because many were small and there was a lot of chaff, but some were really quite large (the largest about the size of 1/2 a golf ball!) I appreciate you making this plan available and I don't have the words to tell you just how pleased I am with the final outcome!"

Anonymous (by request)
Nov. 18, 2005


Dear Mr. Presner,

It has been a number of weeks since I attempted the liver and gallbladder cleanse that you recommended. It was very successful and I removed about two cups of soft stones, some as large as red grapes, some more like green grapes, and hundreds of small ones the size of lentils and hundreds more the size of uncooked barley...I was glad to have such good results...

July 12, 2007


Hello Ken,

I did your "Ultimate Liver Cleanse" this past weekend and had great results. I have tried Dr. Clark's method twice with no luck, so I was very pleased to have passed so many stones. I'm having a little bladder trouble now (feels like an infection) and I'm wondering if it's because I didn't do the other things first (ie. parasite cleanse, bowel cleanse, kidney cleanse). I also can't seem to find the website I visited that states all of the preliminary cleanses that I need to perform. Are these steps included in your detox protocol? Could I please get more information about your protocol? I have a variety of health problems (autoimmune) and am inspired by your story. You're doing a great service to humanity by making all of these resources available at a reasonable cost.

May 24, 2006


Dear Ken,

I bought your Ultimate Liver Cleanse a few years ago. I've used it several times with excellent results (just amazing the junk that accumulates in your gall bladder and liver!) ... My brother was really impressed too.

Thanks for the info.
Nov. 18, 2005


Hi Ken,

I have tried the live cleanse and am happy with the results. Quite amazing. Do you recommend zapping for some time before doing the cleanse like Hulda Clark does?

Nov. 18, 2005


Good day Ken,

Just thought I'd let you know that I have successfully completed my first liver cleanse! Wowiieeee!!! There's some crazy build-up in my system! The amount of stones that came through was totally unreal! There must have been at least 360 or more stones of all sizes. The largest one was the size of a quarter! So amazing! I also weighed myself before and after and there was an 8 pound difference...though I doubt all those 8 pounds are attributed to the stones alone. Having come through it and feeling fairly good, except for feeling tired due to the lack of sleep during the cleanse ...

Thanks again for your time and knowledge. This is an amazing healing journey and you're a great guide!

Jan 9, 2008


Hi Mr. Ken,

I zapped for 3 weeks for 6 minutes (3 times) each day. I did my first liver cleanse starting friday. It was very successful. Praise God and Thank you very much for the detailed step by step instructions for the ultimate liver cleanse. It was very helpful. I passed many little stones and some pea sized ones, some double that size, some as big as marbles, five or six bigger than that and two were almost the size of a walnut (with shell). I had a question though - I was feeling very thirsty after 6 PM on Friday evening. I kept drinking water little by little - should we drink water or not since all those enemas probably dehydrate us? I also have a few questions about subsequent cleanses. I will email later for info. Right now I want to just enjoy the success.

Thank you again.

Rita M.
Feb. 23, 2008.


Another good update. My husband has been complaining of pain in his gut (below his ribcage) for about 8 months. Before it was a dull ache that was bearable. He went to the doctor and the doctor told him it was IBS and sent him home with a prescription for a strong antacid. This past week the pain got unbearable. We got our zapper a few weeks ago and he has been zapping faithfully. We also got your recovery protocol and last night he did the liver cleanse thinking it might be gallstones since the pain was in his gallbladder and liver area, and he passed 30-40 stones with his first visit to the bathroom! He told me this morning that the pain is going away and he is very happy. He is going to continue the cleanse until he no longer passes any stones. We also found a holistic dentist that has a special process for mercury vapor capture and we are looking into getting his silver fillings out. The zapper and the liver cleanse are just the start of turning his life around.

I can't say thank you enough!

Mar. 20, 2008.


Hello Kenneth,

My name is Scott S. I'm 38 years old and struggling to regain my health. I've ordered and studied your Recovery Protocol e-book and your Chelating e-book .... This past weekend I completed my 25th (yes, 25th) liver cleanse. My liver must have been completely full because I continue to get out stones. This last cleanse produced 1000+ small stones and a few pea size stones ... Your Ultimate Liver Cleanse is great! I've tried many protocols and have produced great results with your cleanse. Relaxing for three hours with the hot water bottle on my liver has been very effective. Great job!

I can't say thank you enough!

Scott S.
May 26, 2008.


...We received your zapper few days ago and started to use it as you recommended - for 1 minute. It seems like zapper "energizes" me and my wife. So, we decided to use it during the day, not before a bed time. When we were waiting for the zapper we decided to do a liver cleanse. My wife felt that something wrong with a liver and a blood test shown a high level of cholesterol. Also we had a ultrasonic scan, but have not seen a result yet. I have done 5 liver cleanses before and had good results. It helped dramatically decreased a level of my allergy. The method I used is very similar to yours. The only difference in procedure's time and instead of grapefruit I used a lemon. And I did not use an Epsom salt. My wife had one cleanse a few years ago and she said that "it would be her first and last one". This is because she thrown up olive oil and she doesn't like how it smells. When I read in your book that you recommend to do a liver cleanse, I decided to persuade her to do the cleanse one more time. I told her that we can use a grape instead of lemon, and replace olive oil by corn oil. And the most important part, I told her about holding a nose during a mixture drinking. So, we started on Saturday. I have to say that it was the easiest ever experience for me. I did not expect to drink all mixture that easy and without any "gaging". The same about my wife. The only thing I was very skeptical about is a grape. I thought that this fruit is not that "powerful" as a lemon. But now I have to say that I was wrong. Final results were amazing. I had the biggest ever amount and biggest ever sizes of stones floating in a toilet. The same about my wife. After a few days she noticed that her discomfort in liver area has disappeared. So we are very happy with this start and looking forward to see more good results. And she is OK to do liver cleanse in near future. Doctor recommended to take another blood test in 3 month and I am sure that we will see a big difference. And the main goal for us is to cure her MS.

Thank you.
June 25, 2008.


Hello Ken,

Firstly I would like to thank you for your Ultimate Zapper which myself and my spouse have been using since purchasing it and have killed many different parasites using it. I have just purchased two of your ebooks and am looking forward to reading same. So after reading your site we both removed our mercury fillings in 2007 and since then have been using your zapper and doing liver flushes (thanks to your site) ... When my spouse started to do the liver flushes we hoped it would clear up his symptoms (poor circulations, ringing ears). However the number of stones at this stage since the beginning of 2008 has now reached an excessive amount i.e. 10,000. These vary in size from peas to lots over the years larger than an inch and a half, much much bigger than walnuts ...

Thank you.

Hazel B.
Sept. 25, 2009


Hi Ken

... I completed my very first liver cleanse on the last week-end (I don't know how to thank you), I expelled hundreds of light tan coloured fatty floating things (just from the first rounds of enemas) BUT, the real shocker for me were several huge stones (some 30mm x 23mm) not to mention the approx. 400 hundred green stones that followed of mostly a small size. I never thought I would have such large stones. The pic shows some of the larger ones. P.S. I found the entire liver cleanse process very do-able and each step was actually never as bad as what I was imagining it would be - even the cup of olive oil & grapefruit juice (I found it almost good to the taste), that's my opinion. Question: Is there any problem doing another liver cleanse this coming week-end again?

Barbara C.
Mar. 23, 2011


Date: Wed, 19 Jan 2011 01:54:44 -0800 From: wheniwanttoshop@yahoo.com Subject: Liver Cleanse To: kenpresner@hotmail.com Dear Ken, I can't thank you enough for the wonderful amazing marvelous zapper you have created. I have been sick for 25 excruciating years with a weak to zero immune system. Your zapper is amazing and powerful - I have just started using it a few months. I will relate to you in a separate email just how much it has been helping me. My concern right now it your ultimate liver cleanse. I just did it a week ago for the first time. I got out about 30 small to large pea sized "stones" ranging in color from light green to very dark green (and some sort of creature or nest of eggs the next day). Amazing! Thank you for telling us how to do this amazing cleanse! (By the way, I have done several other liver cleanses and never ever ever had this result!) My concern is this: From the beginning I had a strong reaction to the Epsom salt - I developed extreme diarrhea. I couldn't spend all of the prescribed time laying down with the hot water bottle on my liver because I had to keep racing to the toilet. And what came out of me was just liquid - burning hot liquid that felt like acid and made my whole rectal area red and swollen and extremely sensitive. After I drank the grapefruit juice / olive oil concoction I had a hard time falling asleep because I kept having diarrhea and having to run to the bathroom. Needless to say, I didn't take the prescribed Epsom salt in the morning as I was still suffering from these symptoms. So I'm asking for your advice: I plan on reducing the amount of Epsom salt from 2 tablespoons twice at night and once in the morning down to 2 teaspoons twice at night and once in the morning. Does this throw up a red light for you or do you think it's okay that I give this a try for my next liver cleanse? Also, I was not able to hold the enema water in for 5 minutes - at most I did 30 seconds. Do you think this is a big problem? Thank you Ken! I really appreciate you personally answering my questions! Monika K.

Read about my step-by-step program for detoxification and revitalizing the immune system in My Recovery Protocol.