According to the National MS Society (NMSS) MS develops only after exposure to some unknown environmental agent. That agent remains unknown because they don't want to know about it. Dr. Swank, an expert who has researched and studied MS for nearly 50 years states that, in all probability, something changed in the environment in the past 150 years. (Multiple Sclerosis Diet Book Dr. Swank). He got that right. The only thing is that he never figured out what that "change" was.

  • MS was first recognized as an illness in 1836 in France.
    (Principles or Neurology textbook 1993)
  • "Silver amalgam" dental fillings (called amalgams) were first used commercially in France in 1826. Ten years later the first cases of MS were documented.
  • These amalgam fillings which contain 50% mercury and only 30% silver are still used today to make "silver amalgam" fillings.

You don't have to be a rocket scientist to figure all this out. All you need to do is connect a few little dots. Mercury is scientifically known to be far more poisonous than lead or arsenic. Only radioactive plutonium is more toxic!! "Silver amalgam" fillings are proven to release a poisonous vapor while in your mouth. The results of this finding where published in Lancet Medical Journal in the late 1970's. And this was corroborated years ago by the research of Dr. Murray Vimy in Calgary, Canada.

Nearly 90% of inhaled mercury vapor is absorbed by your body with every breath you take. This mercury poison accumulates in your body. Chronic mercury poisoning results from low doses of mercury vapor over extended periods of time. Chronic mercury poisoning causes many problems -- symptoms that are identical to those of Multiple Sclerosis: numbness, fatigue, blindness, paralysis, etc. (Alternative Medicine Textbook published by Future Medicine Publications 1993, and OSHA.)

Multiple Sclerosis is a nervous system disorder that results in myelin destruction. Myelin is a protective covering surrounding the axons of certain nerves composed of lipids and protein present in small quantities of the brain. Mercury poisoning has been proven to cause myelin destruction. During pregnancy women with known mercury poisoning had almost no symptoms (Minamata Disease, Minamata Bay Japan 1950's). During pregnancy women with MS symptoms often lessen (National MS Society). Mercury leaves the woman's body and crosses the placenta into the baby. This would explain the loss of symptoms in the pregnant women with MS. This would also explain why, if your mother has MS, you are more likely to get MS than if your father has it (National MS Society). Mercury that crosses the placenta also crosses the blood/brain barrier.

Women are much more likely to develop MS than men. Women are also affected more by mercury than men.

MS is more common in northern climates than southern climates. People in northern climates have more dental work done than people in "southern climates". Most people in "southern climates" live in poor countries -- also known as the 3rd world. They are lucky enough to have enough money for food let alone dental work. In fact, most people in the 3rd world never see a dentist their whole lives. When their teeth rot they get them pulled out.

There are known to be epidemics of MS in the Faroe islands. That's not a "southern climate". What possible explanation could there be for this very odd fact? Well, this is actually a very easy one. The primary diet of Faroe Islanders is pilot whale which is rich in mercury.

Regarding dental mercury, the research of Dr. Murray Vimy in Calgary, Canada, has proved that inhaled mercury vapors affect every organ in the body. People with MS cannot become organ donors (National MS Society). The American Dental Association (ADA) ignores Dr. Vimy's work. They state that people who have a family or medical history of allergies to metals need to avoid amalgams (Truth About Amalgams pamphlet 1991). The MS Society states that you are 20 to 50 times more likely to develop MS if it is in your family. They are implying that MS has something to do with family heredity. This is a lie by omission. The link within families is that everyone in the family visits the same mercury dentist. This is the MS Society's smoking gun. It clearly shows that the MS Society are in collusion with the ADA. Read my 1997 Speech to the MS Society.

The American Dental Association (ADA) pamphlet "Truth About Amalgams 1991" states "The National MS Society has found no evidence that MS is related to amalgam fillings". Of the thousands of diseases known to man the only disease mentioned by name in the ADA pamphlet regarding "amalgam fillings" was Multiple Sclerosis. Of 200 research projects totaling 38 million dollars that the National MS Society funded, not one penny was spent researching mercury poisoning.

MS is very difficult to diagnose. (NOTE: Part of the diagnosing procedure for MS is to rule out mimics of the disease. Yet, believe it or not, mercury poisoning is almost never considered during the MS diagnosis procedure. Even though MS symptoms are identical to mercury poisoning. According to OSHA chronic mercury toxicity cannot be distinguished from MS. Mercury levels cannot be assessed by either blood or urine levels. Blood and urine tests are the only tests that the medical system uses for mercury. But mercury is not in the blood or urine. It is in the tissues. It has to be provocated out of the tissues by a chelating agent in order to be measured. Hair analysis may sometimes show levels of mercury in the body but it is often inaccurate.

People who have been known to have mercury poisoning showed elevated levels of protein in spinal fluids. Spinal protein levels are also elevated in people with MS. Mercury has been found in the spinal fluid of MS patients. In fact 8 times more mercury is found in the spinal fluid of MS patients than in the spinal fluid of those without MS.

Mercury rapidly depletes the immune system and will induce a number of so-called auto-immune diseases which are labelled as the primary cause, as well as de-myelinization of the spinal cord. The symptoms are mistaken for the cause, probably intentionally, in order to distract and mislead.

According to a report given to the E.P.A. 76% of the patients with MS were cured, or improved, after proper removal of "silver amalgam" dental fillings, and subsequent chelation treatment.

Chelate, (Kelate) in toxicology, means to use a compound to enclose or grasp a toxic substance and make that substance non-active and thus non-toxic (Alternative Medicine Textbook, Future Medicine Textbook 1993, "Silver Dental fillings" The Toxic Timebomb by Sam Ziff, Aurora Press).

Mercury, at one time, was used in many products, including latex paint, batteries, cosmetics, medicines, eye wash etc. It is still used in some skin care and eye products and as an anti-bacterial agent in vaccines.

According to the World Health Organization

"Mercury from amalgam is the single greatest source of dietary mercury for the general population."

Mercury has been banned in interior latex paint. Some battery manufacturers have stopped using it. It is no longer used in a lot of medicines, cosmetics, eye wash, etc. "Silver amalgam" fillings are being banned in Sweden, Denmark, and Germany. Canada has also restricted its use. (According to the ADA it's perfectly safe in the human mouth.)

Canadian citizens have started a major class action suit regarding the dangers of amalgam and the failure of the part of the proper authorities to warn the public to its known hazards. California law requires that dental offices post this warning where their clients can see it: "WARNING: This Dental Office Uses Amalgam Filling Materials Which Contain and Expose You to MERCURY, a Chemical Known to the State of California to Cause Birth Defects and Other Reproductive Harm. Please Consult Your Dentist for More Information."

The ADA still claims silver dental amalgams are perfectly harmless and have no intention of banning them. Does the ADA really expect us to believe that one of the only places to store this known toxin is in the human mouth and that those who disagree are unethical quacks? The ADA owns two patents on dental amalgams. (Patent 1, U.S. Patent 4018600 Waterstrat April 19, 1977; Patent 2, U.S. Patent 4078921 Waterstrat March 14, 1978.) The ADA warned Dentists to use a "no-touch" technique when handling this amalgam material. And to store scrap amalgam (the part that is left over when filling a tooth) in air-tight containers under water.

The EPA in 1988 labeled scrap dental amalgam as "TOXIC WASTE!" Dental amalgam removed from your mouth must be discarded as "TOXIC HAZARDOUS WASTE", or the dentist faces thousands of dollars in fines for poisoning the environment.

According to the above logic (or lack of logic as this case may be) mercury amalgams are poison outside the mouth and become safe once installed in the mouth (2 inches from the brain). Then ....voila!.. they become poison again when you remove them from the mouth! In most states if a dentist removes fillings from your mouth for the sole purpose of removing toxins, he or she risks losing their license. (This is considered unethical behavior by the ADA and most State Dental Boards. In fact some dentists have lost their license for that sole reason!!!)

A CBS 60 minutes show aired in December, 1990, revealing the dangers of dental amalgams. This show received more viewer response than any other show and for some reason it has never been seen again, yet shows on other subjects are shown over and over again! Doesn't this make you wonder?

In a Consumer Reports article Mary Logan, counsel for the ADA, states: "We don't want to make the public hysterical!" Don't be fooled. Look at the scientific facts about this poison then decide for yourself. If you're waiting for the ADA to admit to this disaster you may have a long wait. Most physicians are unaware, unwilling, or uninterested in getting involved in this so called controversy, but there are more and more dentists and M.D.'s being made aware all the time. For a list of M.D.'s and dentists willing to help, contact DAMS Int., Inc. (The Dental Amalgam Mercury Syndrome, Incorporated.) at


History tells us mercury was found to be the cause of other diseases once thought to be "Mystery Illnesses" ie, acrodynia, a disease of infants and young children caused by chronic mercury poisoning. It has a prolonged clinical course with various grades of severity. Symptoms include: neurological problems with neuritis and mental apathy. To treat: remove the source of mercury. It took doctor's more than 70 years to discover that this crippling in children was being caused from mercury used in teething powder and diapers. When this insanity stopped so did acrodynia.

Minamata Disease (Japan 1950's) which crippled thousands was first thought to be a "Mystery Illness." In fact, after years of investigation, it was found to have been caused by mercury released into Minamata Bay, therefore poisoning the fish that the residents were eating. The following excerpts were taken from the book, "Minamata Disease", by Aileen M. Smith. Pages 180-192.

A Medical Report by Masazumi Harada, M.D., assistant professor of constitutional neuropsychiatry, Kumamoto University, Japan, The Health Department States, "An unclarified disease of the central nervous system has broken out." "As a result of detailed clinical examinations of patients, characteristic symptoms were found to be as follows":

"The complaints of the patients vary and are numerous. There were no warning symptoms, or fever. Symptoms begin with numbness of the extremities, difficulty in hand movements and grasping things such as buttoning buttons, writing. Also lack of coordination, sensory disturbance, weakness and tremor, dysarthria (a speech disturbance due to damage to the cerebellum), staggering gait, blurry dimness in the eyes, difficulty in seeing surroundings, difficulty in hearing, ringing in the ears, easily stumbling, falling, difficulty dressing, fingers not moving well, easily dropping things, tiring easily, not wanting to do anything, forgetfulness, lack of ability to concentrate.

Even though many are able to move about and do some work, the patients experience a great deal of handicap in their daily lives. In some, symptoms gradually increased and finally caused general paralysis, deformity, difficulty in swallowing, convulsions, or even death.

The pathological findings included lesions, demyelination and sclerosis of the central nervous system.

HG (symbol meaning mercury) spilled on a carpet has crippled children in a time frame of just a few months.

HG vapors released in a house killed adults within weeks.

HG vapors are being released into your body right now if you have "silver amalgam" fillings.

The ADA (The Amalgam Patent Holder), says that this amount of vapor is harmless.

The WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION states, "There is NO harmless level of mercury vapor". 

One small hearing-aid battery is considered hazardous waste and must be disposed of accordingly.

The average silver filling contains as much mercury as a hearing-aid battery.


If you or your loved ones decide to have this poison removed from your mouth, be certain to follow strict precautions to avoid even more exposure to mercury vapors from a dentist who is blindly following the ADA in believing that mercury amalgams are harmless! Remember: mercury is even more harmful than lead or arsenic and should be handled accordingly. The dangers of mercury have been known for nearly 2,000 years. Be absolutely sure the dentist you choose is properly trained in the safe removal of amalgams. At the very least a vacuum tube should be placed on your chest a few inches from your mouth to vacuum out the mercury vapors that are created by drilling out the mercury fillings. An oxygen mask should be used to avoid breathing more poisonous vapors. A rubber dam should be placed in your mouth to help avoid swallowing any of the filling particles.

For More Information Including List of URL's on mercury amalgam toxicity contact: TOXICFACTS@rocketmail.com, or DAMS (Dental Amalgam Mystery Syndrome at http://www.dams.cc ) tel: 505-332-3252 fax: 505-332-3263, or Sam Ziff 407-290-9670 email bpinfo@bioprobe.com or The Enviromental Dentistry Association 1-800-338-8124, or Dr. Waren Levin (DMPS info) 212-397-5900 ext.113

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