The World's First
Quantum Electro Magnetic Zapper

New Model QE1 -- the revolutionary Quantum Edition -- was launched on May 15, 2014. It is the world's first Quantum Electro Magnetic Zapper -- the result of years of research. It revolutionizes zapping by pushing the technology to its outer limits. It is designed for those with long-standing and unresolved conditions. It kills all parasite stages in single "duration" sessions. It eliminates the need for time-consuming breaks.

QE1 starts with the technology of XE -- and then takes a Quantum Leap forward. The secret of its power is a unique formula -- a complex array of powerful N50 rare Earth neodymium magnets enhanced by the subtle vibration of hundreds of amethyst crystals configured in a proprietary matrix. The synergy is stunning. New Model QE1 has all the enhancements of XE (below) -- but goes much further.

The world's most powerful zapper just got more powerful. A lot more powerful. New Model QE1 takes a quantum leap into the future. It revolutionizes zapping by pushing zapper technology to its outer limits. All other zappers will be playing catch-up for a very long time -- as they have been with New Model SE (Special Edition) and New Model XE (Extra Edition). QE1 is The Revolutionary Quantum Electro-Magnetic Zapper -- the world's first Quantum Zapper.

New Model QE1 stands for Quantum Electro Magnetic Zapper. It is much more powerful than New Model XE or New Model SE. It kills all stages of parasites in short sessions, eliminating the need for time-consuming breaks. It is designed for those who want the most powerful Ultimate Zapper available, especially those with conditions that are long-standing and unresolved.

Terminator zapper contains a single crystal and a single magnet. These are essentially esoteric enhancements that make no difference whatsoever to the results obtained with The Ultimate Zapper -- which is why I have never offered a zapper with this formula. New Model QE1 incorporates The Ultimate Zapper's 12-feature formula -- then takes 2 quantum leaps ahead. It adds 12 neodymium magnets and dozens of amethyst crystals to its formula. Please see the details below.

QE1's design has taken years to perfect. The secret of its amazing power is a unique configuration based on a complex array of N50 rare Earth neodymium magnets enhanced by the subtle vibration of dozens of amethyst crystals configured in a unique matrix. The synergy of this unique formula is amazing.

New Model QE1's design is unique. It is not only completely different from other zappers -- it is totally different from electro-magnetic pulsers because it is not based on the same technology. Whereas magnetic pulsers like the Beck device give a few high-voltage, low amperage, low frequency pulses per minute the New Model QE1 carries a powerful signal via 10.5 constant volts, 6-9 milliAmps and 2500 Hz frequency -- with the addition of a strong magnetic field created by Rare Earth neodymium magnets enhanced by a unique matrix of amethyst crystals.

The result is a signal that creates incredibly powerful synergy. As well, New Model QE1 is RoHS compliant with all lead-free parts and lead-free silver alloy solder. It is much more powerful than New Model XE or New Model SE that still stand as the most powerful non-magnetic zappers in the world.

2 Quantum Features
Exclusive to QE1 & QE2

NEODYMIUM MAGNETS:: Neodymium rare earth magnets are the most powerful magnets in the world, much more powerful than ferrous magnets. Studies show that magnetic therapies stimulate circulation, reduce inflammation and alleviate pain. The powerful proprietary array of N50 neodymium magnets in QE1 also helps to increase energy. New Model QE1's flow of healing electro-magnetic energy is actually more gentle than magnetic pulsers since the signal flow is constant. This also makes its healing energy more effective.

AMETHYST CRYSTALS:: QE1 contains dozens of amethyst crystals. Amethyst has powerful healing properties on the physical, emotional and spiritual planes. Its healing powers have been documented through the ages. As a variety of quartz, amethyst also has the energies inherent in quartz. It is both powerful and gentle. Please see these informative links: Amethyst 11, Amethyst 2, Amethyst 3.

QE1 features all lead-free parts and lead-free silver alloy solder. Lead is a very poor conductor of electricity although it is frequently used in solder because it is soft, pliable, melts at a low temperature and is relatively cheap. However, the downsides are that its softness and pliability make it an unreliable adhesive. Not to mention the fact that lead is highly toxic.

Lead and other substances used in manufacturing are so toxic that Europe has instituted the Reduction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) act. Any new product to be sold in the EU (and California) must adhere to strict anti-toxic measures. Replacing lead-containing components and lead solder with lead-free components and lead-free silver alloy solder produces the highest electrical conductivity of any zapper since silver has the highest conductivity of any element. In addition, lead is a poor conductor in the signal path. Silver enhances conductivity and improves results dramatically. QE1 is 100% RoHS Compliant.


There are no 20-minute breaks with QE1 or QE2 -- no breaks at all. They are designed for Duration Zapping. QE1 and QE2 should be used by sensitive people starting at 10 seconds. They may add 5 seconds per day up to their maximum level of comfort, always staying within their comfort zone. Sensitive people may use QE1 for long sessions if they are within their comfort zone but they should not use QE2 for long sessions.

People who are not sensitive can start at 10 seconds. They may zap for long durations within their comfort zone. Since everyone is different and each case is different, everyone will have to experiment to find out what works best with Duration Zapping. Some people can only do Duration Zapping for 10 or 15 seconds. Others can zap for 1 hour or more. Always stay within your comfort zone.


The QE1 has this state-of-the-art integrated circuit at its heart. It produces wave specifications that help create its amazing healing power.



Summary of potential benefits:

Increased oxygenation of the body's cells
Increased mobility in arthritic joints and improved pain relief
Relaxation of muscle spasms
Improved sleep
Improved nerve regeneration
Reduction of bruising, inflammation and swelling
Speedier recovery from sports injuries
Increased resistance to infection
Improved circulation
Improved detoxification
Improved energy
Enhanced healing of injuries and fractures
Improved well-being
Inproved sense of alertness
Deeper penetration for specific conditions
An improved Electroporation Effect


 QE1 has been years in the making and has had extensive field testing. It has unique specifications. It's powerful magnetic field creates a constant electro-magnetic current that is very healing. It is unlike any pulser on the market -- because it is not a pulser. It is a zapper that emits a constant signal, not an intermittent pulse. It does not contains any Photo Flash Capacitors that can be dangerous and potentially life-threatening if the device containing them is opened for inspection or repair


Wave: positive offset stabilized square wave with near 100% Duty Cycle..
Voltage: 10.7 volts (constant) under load.
Frequency: 2500 Hz. under load.
Amperage: 6-9 milliAmps under load.
Gauss: 12 milligauss average under load -- up to maximum 25 milligauss..


XE and SE have a powerful Electroporation Effect. QE1 has an even more powerful Electorporation Effect. Magnets have been shown to magnify conventional drug treatments at a cellular level, resulting in the need for reduced drug dosage. It's not possible to say with accuracy what the effects are with any specific medication because the research has not been conducted yet. Therefore, we recommend that you consult your doctor about the possibility of reducing your medication dosage prior to using QE1. For similar reasons, everyone should also avoid alcohol and recreational drugs or any potentially "toxic" substance within 3-4 hours of using QE1. The use of powerful magnets truly encourages and speeds up the body's natural healing abilities. Although we've experienced some amazing results with this therapy, please remember that we are each individually unique. What works for one person may not work as well for another - so, as with any other therapy -- results may vary.


A double blind test:


"... PEMT [pulsed electro-magnetic therapy] reduced pain and disability and appears to be a potentially useful therapeutic tool for the conservative management of chronic lower back pain. Research show that electro-magnetic therapy is very effective."


The following discussion is adapted from this site:

In An Introduction to Magnet Therapy,  magnotherapy expert Gloria Vergari, founder of Norstar BioMagnetics notes that our bodies are designed to heal themselves, whenever possible. Magnets help speed up the process, and much more. As a species we were developed in an environment, rich in magnetic fields, oxygen and water. We are electro-magnetically charged.

Instead of living in nature, in today's world we live and work inside concrete structures and metal tubes; we insulate ourselves from the natural magnetic field our bodies need to function at their optimum potential. The result is that our health pays the price. In fact, we need 5 'essentials' for a healthy life; oxygen, water, food, exercise and magnetic fields.

Think of all the planets, moons and stars, just hanging in space. What keeps them in their own particular place is gravity and magnetic fields continually pulling and opposing, holding the planets in their appointed place and orbits. The Earth is in fact a giant magnet. From physics, 4 forces give and maintain order on our planet and in the universe: the weak nuclear force, the strong nuclear force, gravity and the electromagnetic field. The earth, mankind, animals, cells and atoms -- indeed life itself -- are exposed to and charged with, terrestial magnetic fields. Every cell in our body has some energy or force flowing through it. This magnetic energy field we were born into is crucial, in fact vital for our health and well-being.

Living within today's modern world and lifestyle, we receive less energy from the terrestial magnetic fields than we have in the past, in the days when we would live and work outside, in what was to us our natural environment. The changes we have made to our lifestyle have been major; they have occurred in a relatively short space of time, not giving us time to evolve and adapt physiologically. The changes that have occurred over the last 2 generations mean that we expose ourselves constantly to unnatural magnetic environments.

Many of us work in metal framed buildings, are exposes to electrical appliances, lights, heating, computers, mobile phones, microwaves and TVs -- all with their own magnetic environments. Modern electromagnetic pollution causes a new type of stress on our bodies from radio waves, microwaves, electric fields from overhead cables, mobile telephone towers and even our own home lighting and power.

This cocktail of electromagnetism depletes our own natural energy source. How much is electromagnetism the subject of intensive research? In Japan, links between electromagnetic pollution and 'modern' diseases (e.g. ME, Myalgic Encephalomyelitis or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) are being heavily researched. More widely, links of electromagnetic pollution to a variety of disorders including neck and shoulder tension, headaches, lassitude, chest pains, lumbago, insomnia and constipation are being established.

The History of Magnetic Therapy Magnetic therapy is not new. Over 4,000 years ago, Chinese Medicine was based on the understanding that good health depended on the circulation of vital energies, known as Qi (Chi). The first major work on healing was called 'The Emperor's Book of Internal Medicine', which recorded how imbalances could be corrected by the use of acupuncture and magnetic stones.

In Egypt, Cleopatra, well known for her youthful looks and beauty, used a lodestone (magnet) in an amulet on her forehead to preserve her youth. We know today through science, that at the back of the forehead lies the pineal gland, home to the chemical 'melatonin' which is known as the 'youth hormone' due to its potential for cell repair and anti-ageing benefits. History of medicine is dotted with anecdotal evidence of the power of magnets.

But when, in more modern times, did we really understand the therapeutic power of magnets? Modern or Therapeutic Magnets When man first ventured into space in the 1960s, this was the first time man had left the intensity of the earth's magnetic field. On return to earth, even after a very short period in space, it was discovered that the astronauts were losing bone density, their immune systems were being affected and they were experiencing calcium deficiency, meaning that they had to have intensive medical treatment following their return to earth.

The solution was discovered to be magnetism and the need to place the astronauts within an environment that simulated the earth's magnetic field. However, traditional magnets made of iron were too heavy, so this led to the development of extremely high-powered magnets that were lightweight. These are the magnets and materials that are now widely used in modern magnet therapy.

Today, when astronauts go into space, they wear suits lined with flexible magnetic materials and the spacecraft has a magnetic lining. The difference to the astronauts upon return from space today enables them to go straight from the space-craft into their press-conference!

The strength of the magnets used is important. A magnet that may hold a note on the refrigerator door is about -100 gauss (gauss is the term for measuring magnetic strength); whilst a magnet now used in health care (of the same size and weight) can hold a magnetic strength of -12,300 gauss. What this means to us is that it is now possible to have lightweight, portable magnets that are strong enough to stimulate changes in the way our cells behave and react.

How Do Magnets Work? The science of Magnotherapy indicates that 2 vital things happen when a magnet is placed on the skin:

First, the soft tissue will lengthen and will help to relax a muscle or ligament that is damaged or traumatised. It will work in an area and depth directly proportional to the type and strength of the magnet used. Depending on the strength, you can effect a change to a radius of between 3-5 inches around any one magnet and to a similar depth.

Secondly, as the tissue relaxes, more oxygen and blood flow is able to gain access to the damaged site, and so it enters the damaged area with increasing magnitude. This effect can be seen using thermal imaging techniques. Normally an injured site, whether from arthritis, torn muscles or any other condition, will be surrounded by inflammation. This can comprise of lactic acids, calcium and other deposits. Basically the site is 'hot' with acidity. The increases in oxygen and blood flow brings with it increased alkalinity. This neutralises the acidity, allowing the body to re-commence its own healing abilities. Magnets merely encourage this in a truly dramatic way.

Once the tissue area starts detoxifying, the thermal benefits of magnets can begin. As the blood in our body continuously circulates, periodically, it comes close to QE1's magnets. In this magnetic field, the ions in the blood become agitated and are attracted to the magnet. As a result, atomic particles begin to spin inside the cell -- known as The Hall Effectt.

This "switching-on" causes the body to stimulate its own beta-endorphin pain relieving processes. Thus, magnet therapy activates the following responses in the body;

1. Lengthens and relaxes tissue.
2. Starts the process of flushing out debris and inflammation from the site.
3. Starts the body's own pain relieving system.

If you wish to target a specific area in the body to maximize QE1's therapeutic effects, place the handholds and/or footpads near the area you wish to treat.