SE & XEplus are superb Parasite Zappers that far exceed the results of all other parasite zappers -- except QE1plus and QE2version3. To learn why see the detailed Comparison Charts.


SE & XEplus are amazing Tooth Zappers -- at no extra charge. They deliver better results -- by far -- than any other tooth zapper available.


SE & XEplus are powerful Electroporation Zappers with cell infusion technology creating deep penetration and fast results. Example: the research of Dr. Linus Pauling (Nobel Prize) & Dr. Irwin Stone proves vitamin C kills cancer. The Ultimate Zapper's Electroporation Effect floods the cells with vitamin C taken with food within an hour of zapping.

as SE

XEplus (Extra Edition) is the updated version of the original powerhouse SE model. XE & SE created 90% of the testimonials in the The Archive. XEplus features the amazing synergy of copper and steel handholds and Neutrik professional quality gold-plated connectors for improved conductivity and durability. Instruction Manual.

From an XE customer

Jan B.: First of all, I am so excited about a few results I have already received with the zapper. After the killer detox I noticed my eyes were not as toxic (I held the zappers either side of my face for about 40 seconds as I think I have parasites in my head), pain in joints & muscles settled down, sleeping better & stomach cleared up so I can eat. I have an XE & plan on getting the QE2. Nov 27, 2014

Jason I.: I never had any idea the zapper would work like it does. I'm working some nasty stuff out of my system. I will gladly write a review of this product and how it's helped me. I honestly never thought a small box and some steel could do this kind of work! Jason I. June 13, 2014

Jeff B.: We've received the [XE] zapper and we absolutely love it! Our entire family is zapping, even one of our dogs. After 4 days I passed 3 dead worms. Beyond grossed out, but incredibly grateful for what you've created. We are interested in possibly becoming distributors ... May 20, 2014

William C.: Many thanks again for your Ultimate Zapper. It has cleared most of the bacteria in my body. Before using it, I went to a center to get tested by the synchrometer. I was told I had a number of bacteria including Klebsiella. After a month of zapping [with XE] I was told that my Klebsiella has gone as well as most of the other bacteria. I am so happy with your device that I would like to order another device for my son. Apr. 24, 2014


SE (Special Edition) is the original powerhouse model that created 90% of the testimonials in The Archive along with XE. SE features stainless steel handholds and footpads -- along with solid copper clips that are more conductive and durable than nickel-plated clips featured on other zappers and provide excellent conductivity and durability. Instruction Manual.

From an SE customer

Jason I.: I never had any idea the [SE] zapper would work like it does ... working some nasty stuff out of my system ... I will gladly write a review and how it's helped me. I honestly never thought a small box and some steel could do this kind of work! June 13, 2014

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via Airmail, Registered Mail or FedEx

My international distributor network has helped make
The Ultimate Zapper #1. See the Distributor Program.

Dr. Jerry. L. Tennant, M.D., has written a series of books entitled Healing is Voltage. His work reinforces the research I have been doing for the past 22 years that is incorporated in the design of SE & XEplus -- regarding the direct link between the AC adapter's voltage and zapping results. The Universal AC Adapter is shipped free with SE & XEplus.

The Relative Strength Charts (below) clearly show there is a very powerful difference between The 5 Ultimate Zappers and the competition. They show the stunning survey results after 2 years of field testing The Ultimate Zappers vs. 6 competitors using a cumulative point system. The Ultimate Zappers totally outclassed the competition. There is simply no contest.

The point system reflects actual results and the time it took to obtain those results -- starting at only 10 seconds with all models. As you can see, there's simply no contest. SE is 6 times more powerful than the nearest competitor and QE3 is 100 times more powerful -- hence the quality and speed of the results obtained as reflected in the Testimonial Archive.



Longevity AutoZap Term-
1000 - 1500            
200     203   237 194 - 229  
100 142   130      128



25000 - 27500         27392
20000 - 22500          
17500 - 20000          
15000 - 17500          
12500 - 15000        13425  
10000 - 12500          
7500 - 10000             
5000 - 7500       6128    
2500 - 5000     2574      
0 - 2500 1173        

    1. Superior Duty Cycle near 100% @ 99.7%
    2. Super Stabilized Positive Offset Square Wave
    3. Superior Signal with Precision Hard Wiring
    4. Distortion-Free Square Wave
    5. Constant High Voltage & Amperage
    6. Synergistic High Conductivity
    7. Enhanced Penetration with Footpads
    8. Superior Low Frequency
    9. Superior Harmonics
    10. Powerful Blood Electrification
    11. Unique Electroporation Effect
    12. Verified Aura Expansion

    2 Quantum Features
    Exclusive to QE1plus & QE2version3 & QE3

    13. Neodymium Magnet Array
    14. Amethyst Crystal Matrix

    6 Quantum Features
    Exclusive to QE2version3

    15. 12-volt Universal AC Adapter
    16. Double pair of Copper/Steel Handholds
    17. Copper and Steel Footpads (optional)
    18. Enhanced 32-Neodymium Magnet Array
    19. Enhanced Amethyst Crystal Matrix
    20. Powerful Lower Frequency

    6 Quantum Features
    Exclusive to QE3

    21. 12-volt Universal AC Adapter
    22. Double pair of Copper/Aluminum Handholds
    23. Copper and Aluminum Footpads (optional)
    24. State-of-the-Art 32-Neodymium Magnet Array
    25. State-of-the-Art Amethyst Crystal Matrix
    26. Powerful Lower Frequency

All models are housed in a professional-grade
impact-resistant ABS box measuring 3 x 2 x 1"
that includes a 9-volt battery compartment.
1. Near 100% DUTY CYCLE

The Ultimate Zapper's positive offset square wave reaches deeply into the body due to a near 100% Duty Cycle that is 2x longer than other zappers'. Scientific studies show that a  minimum 88% Duty Cycle produces superior results and treatment time is reduced by 64% with a 90% Duty Cycle.

Without Body Contact

The Ultimate Zapper                            All Other Zappers

This study shows high Duty Cycle x voltage greatly improves results. The Ultimate Zapper's Duty Cycle x 10.5 volts penetrates much deeper than zappers with a 50% Duty Cycle x a discharging 9-volt battery.


The Ultimate Zapper's stabilized wave stays square with body contact. This creates superior results in synergy with its other powerful features.

With Body Contact

The Ultimate Zapper Stabilized          Other Zappers Unstabilized


My Power Amplifier
Looks Cheaply Made ... To Some Competitors

Point-to-point hard wiring is how all electronics were made before printed cicuit boards (PCBs). Scientific testing shows the product quality of PCBs degrades from high temperatures during manufacture. They look neat but often fail. Read about PCB failures on WikiPedia and on this blog.

In fact, hard wiring creates a superior signal to PCBs. For this reason many high end audio companies still use hard wiring exclusively. Above is my Atma-Sphere S-30 amplifier made with hard wiring by world-renowned Ralph Karsten. It is not pretty but it creates world-class sound.

Point-to-point hard wiring is one of the secrets of The Ultimate Zapper's success and is actually more expensive than PCBs used in other zappers. We proudly note that The Ultimate Zapper has not had a single circuit failure -- ever -- in over 22 years.


The AC adapter shipped with SE & XEplus produces a constant 10.5 volts with distortion-free wave & undiminished effectiveness. Battery discharge causes wave distortion that diminishes effectiveness.

On the left is all models of The Ultimate Zapper
On the right is battery zappers


Dr. Hulda Clark stated that the zapper's voltage must be at least 9 volts or more at all times for the square wave to be therapeutically effective on the cellular level. The Ultimate Zapper is powered by an AC adapter that delivers 10.5 volts at all times. Since there is no discharging battery there is no loss of voltage and no loss of therapeutic power.

All Ultimate Zapper models come with a free universal AC adapter that keeps the voltage and amperage constant for optimum therapeutic results. All SE & XEplus orders ship with a free 9-volt Universal AC Adapter that keeps voltage & amperage constant for optimum therapeutic results. The adapters are 100% safe -- read why.

If you are away from a wall plug and are using the 9-volt battery, to keep the 12 features at optimum therapeutic levels use a rechargeable battery and top it up after each session. I recommend this 9-volt low self-discharge rechargeable battery for $4.50 -- good for 1000 charges.


SE, XEplus, QE1plus & QE2version3 & QE3 have the highest conductivity of any zappers thanks to the synergy of their professional gold-plated Neutrik connectors, internal circuitry, lead-free silver alloy solder and Universal AC adapters. All 5 models are RoHS Compliant -- "green" thanks to lead-free components. Read more.

100% Lead-free solder
and components

Why lead-free solder? Lead is a very poor conductor of electricity. Although this is common knowledge it is frequently used in solder because it is soft, pliable, melts at a low temperature and is relatively cheap. However, the downsides are that its softness and pliability make it an unreliable adhesive. Not to mention the fact that lead is very toxic. Lead and other substances used in manufacturing are so toxic that Europe has instituted the Reduction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) act. Any new product to be sold in the EU (and California) must adhere to strict anti-toxic measures. Replacing lead-containing components and lead solder in The Ultimate Zapper with lead-free components and lead-free silver alloy solder gives it the highest electrical conductivity of any zapper because silver has the highest conductivity of any element.

RoHS hit the European electronic community hard. Many electronic products had to be re-engineered with new lead-free parts and lead-free solder. In the long run, this is great for the environment and for customers. Removing poor conductive materials from the signal path enhances conductivity and improves results dramatically. The Ultimate Zapper is 100% RoHS Compliant.


Dr. Clark said "footpads help greatly". They increase penetration up to 77%. & allow for hands-free zapping and pet zapping. Click here for connection instructions. Read more about footpads.


The Ultimate Zapper kills pathogens more effectively than other zappers thanks to the synergy of its 12 features. The Ultimate Zapper's 2500Hz. is the best frequency for SE and XEplus. It creates the perfect synergy with its other features.


Dr. Clark published a chart with parasite frequencies. So, many people concluded zappers are frequency generators that target individual pathogens with a specific frequency. They are not. Zappers use a positive offset square-wave and a single frequency to sweep through all frequencies. That's the magical secret of zapper technology discovered by Dr. Clark that defines zappers. Unfortunately, she created "confusion damage" with her chart.

Dr. Clark's own A6 zapper was weak, but one frequency (30,000 Hz.) was what made it tick long with its square-wave. Ironically, Dr. Clark knew 2500 Hz. was the best frequency but kept her 30,000 Hz. for research continuity. The Ultimate Zapper uses one low frequency.

Multiple-frequency "zappers" are feature-weak. They cover their weakness by adding redundant frequencies, going by various names: dual zapper, multi-frequency zapper, sweep zapper, programmable zapper, smart key zapper, switchable zapper, combined-frequency zapper. Their focus on frequency ignores the powerful synergy of multiple key features -- as per The Ultimate Zapper's synergistic 12-feature formula. Please note that all digital "zappers" and multple frequency "zappers" are actually frequency generators, not zappers. Read about the difference between zappers & frequency generators here.

The secret to The Ultimate Zapper's effectiveness is the synergy of its unique 12-features, not the frequency alone. Frequency is only a part of the story. There can be no stronger evidence for The Ultimate Zapper's success than 1000 unsolicited testimonial in the Testimonial Archive.


Harmonics are secondary frequencies that enhance the primary wave. Electronics expert Dr. Richard Loyd tested all major zappers. He found The Ultimate Zapper creates more harmonics than any other zapper. Electronics expert Giovanni P. backed this with oscilloscope views & research. Digital zappers that dial frequencies create no harmonics. FAQ #4.

The Ultimate Zapper                            All Other Zappers


SE & XEplus have a powerful blood purification/electrification capacity (patented elsewhere), as do QE1plus & QE2version3 & QE3. This is the same effect created by Bob Beck magnetic pulser devices. See scientific proof. See Instruction #25 and testimonials on cancer, HIV and Lyme in the Testimonial Archive.


Electroporation temporarily increases cell porosity, enhancing the effect of supplements, nutrients, herbs & medicine (dosages may reduce). It also enhances homeopathic remedies & colloidal silver. Zapper makers say zappers can't create electroporation. They mean their zappers. The Ultimate Zapper's Electroporation Effect is proved by the Electroporation Challenge and unsolicited Electroporation Testimonials. See this link to an important NIH report on clinical trials using Electroporation for melanoma.

Electroporation also oxygenates and thins the blood. Red blood cells are clumped before zapping (below left) and freshly oxygenated 30 minutes later (below right). Scientific paper.

Terminator and Longevity say you need to alkalize your diet to benefit from their zappers. The Ultimate Zapper requires no change in diet. Electroporation actually enhances the effects of an alkaline diet.


An expanded aura enhances the body's healing powers. Documentation. Dowsers love The Ultimate Zapper. "Your zapper increases the human aura 3 times. It is a very healing instrument." "Arthur Doerksen's Auto-Zap works -- but not well. Yours won among all [the auras] I tested on the net."

The Ultimate Zapper
Expands the Human Aura


This Quantum Feature is available only in QE1plus & QE2version3 & QE3

NEODYMIUM MAGNETS: QE1plus & QE2version3 & QE3 include an array of the world's strongest magnets that create a powerful magnetic field. Studies show magnetic therapy reduces inflammation, alleviates pain, stimulates circulation and improves energy. Magnetic pulsers can be harsh, but QE1plus & QE2version3 & QE3 have a gentle healing power.


This Quantum Feature is available only in QE1plus & QE2version3 & QE3

AMETHYST CRYSTALS: Amethyst has well-documented healing powers on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels. Amethyst, a variety of quartz, also has the energies inherent in quartz. It is powerful and gentle in its action. See these links: Amethyst 1, Amethyst 2, Amethyst 3.