The Charts show The Ultimate Zapper's Satisfaction Guaranteed package is the best offered by any zapper maker. Feel free to take advantage of this exclusive 3-Month Trial Offer plus Unlimited Lifetime Warranty. There are no forms to fill out. You are automatically enrolled when you place your order.

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I am so convinced The Ultimate Zapper can help you in your quest for better health that I have a 3-Month Trial Offer. When you make your purchase you are automatically signed up for the trial. All you need to do is use The Ultimate Zapper for 3 months.


If you would like to upgrade to a stronger zapper within 3 months please let me know and I will be glad to arrange this for you. Please note that there are no returns or refunds with the upgrade program.


If you wish to return your zapper you can do so after using it for 3 months, no questions asked. All returning zappers and accessories must be in as-new condition with no damage or modifications. Please contact me at the end of your 3-month trial, but not longer than 4 months.

In order for your return to be processed you must receive an RMA number (Return Merchandise Authorization number) and a file with the return instructions containing the correct return address. The address on the Home Page is not for returns.

After your zapper has been returned I will confirm the refund accounting with you. All refunds are in US dollars, as are all purchases. Please note that refunds are not issued for shipping in the case off delivery delays. When you make your purchase you automatically agree to these conditions and agree to abide by them in the event of a return. Your account will be credited for the purchase price minus the following charges that may apply to your order.

1. Duty paid for your return (rare).

2. E-books (non refundable).

3. Seniors discounts given.

4. PayPal transaction fee.

5. Shipping cost.

6. $30 fee for model BE -- all other models 15% fee.


Please note that 99% keep their zapper after the 3-month trial. Since 1996 thousands in over 60 countries have been very satisfied with the results. What can you expect in terms of results? It is illegal for me to make any medical claims or guarantees. And everyone is different, each condition is different and each person responds differently. But I can say that some people get results in 24 hours. See 806 unsolicited testimonials. It may take up to 3 months to feel the full benefits.

I believe the 99% satisfaction rate speaks for itself. There is a 99% chance you will be very satisfied, too.


Your zapper box is covered by the Unlimited Lifetime Warranty. If your zapper ever needs servicing all parts and labor are free of charge for the life of your zapper.

If you wish your zapper to be tested to make sure it is functioning normally, but no problem is detected, there will be a $20 service charge. If there is a problem then it will be repaired free of charge.

The following conditions apply to this warranty.

1. If there is a problem with your zapper please contact me by email. If the zapper box is opened for whatever reason then the warranty is voided. In this case, a service charge will apply for any necessary repairs.

2. If your zapper has sustained an accident or has been abused a service charge will apply for any necessary repairs.

3. A service charge will apply for repair of wires, clips and plug connectors.

4. Handholds and footpads are not covered by the warranty.

5. The AC adapter is not covered by the warranty,

6. Return shipping is not covered by the warranty.