My site is a message of hope. Lamentably, there is also a negative side to the zapper business and some people would rather not know about it, understandably. This page is for those who want to know both the true and the false.

A few years ago I noticed false statements about The Ultimate Zapper on some zapper sites. When you make the #1 zapper in the world you expect slings and arrows to come flying. But it was clear some competitors were indulging in misrepresentation -- and worse. I decided to reply and also to make some observations about their marketing tactics, their ethics and their statements about their own products and various health issues.


Let's start on a positive note. Don Croft who makes the Terminator zapper graciously endorsed The Ultimate Zapper as have many practitioners and professionals around the world.

The Ultimate Zapper is an excellent alkalinizer. This is not the case with the Terminator -- and with Silver Terminator and Longevity Zapper that are Terminator clones. Even if you are acidic there is no need to change your diet with The Ultimate Zapper since it alkalinizes the blood. Read more.

Longevity Zapper

David Wolfe is helping to raise awareness about health issues but his focus on longevity has him making unsupportable claims. He talks about living to "150 and Beyond". But he has yet to prove that he has succeeded in repealing the biological clock. God has a plan for us all -- including David Wolfe.

David Wolfe did not create Longevity Zapper. He had technicians make it for him. They made him a weak Terminator clone. His videos show he has a poor understanding of electronics. He jokes about handhold zappers and focuses on his zapper's convenience then warns about its "inconvenient" burns and shocks while buffering his remarks with humor. Read more.

Silver Terminator

Peter Boudreau uses the alias Ken Adachi on his "Educate-Yourself" site. It is a front for defamation. He is a paid disinformer. He redefines the word "educate". He SHOUTS about The Ultimate Zapper in CAPITAL LETTERS & attacks me personally calling me "the ultimate huckster" & "pathological". There is something wrong with him. He has been labeled a "malicious liar" by those he has defamed. Google "Ken Adachi lies". Read more.


For Auto-Zap's Arthur Doerksen Dr. Hulda Clark could say no wrong. But she wrote The Cure for All Cancers and she died of cancer. It is not surprising he misrepresents his "professional" zapper. His customers email me about false medical claims, the "Auto-Zap 5 dud" & "buyer's regret". He talks down The Ultimate Zapper and calls me a "tinkerer". I consider that a compliment. Which is not the way it was meant to sound. Read more.

Dr. Clark Research Association

Dr. Clark Research Association is not an association & has no connection to Dr. Clark. It is a company owned by David Amrein -- a marketing graduate who wears a medical gown in his lookalike doctor's office. Customers say he doesn't reply to emails complaining smart keys & program drivers don't work. After I exposed his ethics he threatened to "get to me". Read more.


Never mind the truth
Let's talk about something important

ParaZapper's David Etheredge endorsed my zapper calling it "the best single frequency zapper". But when my zapper's popularity overtook his he went off the deep end. He created a "not so ultimate" page calling my zapper "a hobby zapper" -- then "borrowed" 3 of its features for his zapper and renamed it "ultimate". He declared I made up all the testimonials in The Archive. His antipathy culminated in a despicable smear.

David Etheredge has a history of "massaging" the truth. He says anything to reach his stated goal to be #1 in sales -- even falsifying his credentials. He has been calling himself a "professional electrical engineer" on his site for 10 years -- but his resume says "self taught in electronics". Since I revealed this he has been trying to defend himself on his site. Read about his ethics.

defame       report


"Complaint sites" are fronts. Their business is defamation and extortion. Here's how they work. They state they don't verify the truth of anything they print. They invite fraudulent "reports", copy "reports" from other sites and even write their own "reports". They make huge profits from pay-per-click ad revenue and from extorting money from the victims they create.


They invited me to pay up after circulating a defamatory "report" about me. David Etheredge put links to it in his smear. Suddenly it became "reports" & the links he provided led to "reliable" extortionist sites "ComplaintsBoard" & "Ripoff Report" owned by "consumer advocate" Ed Magedson, convicted felon with a long criminal record. He is known as the "Internet Mafia". Google "Ripoff Report Ed Magedson Defamation" & "Complaints Board Criminals".

Dead Links

After taking pains to assure us that these extortionists are "reliable sources" David Etheredge waited to the end of his smear before casually mentioning some links were dead. No problem. For him links are links. Dead or alive. But these "reliable" sites never remove "reports". So what really happened?


The links were dead because of a fraud so obvious a 3-year-old could see it. The site owners removed the "report" after I proved the fraud but it did not vanish from "untouchable sites". David Etheredge assures us they are "reliable". Well, they are certainly reliable for his purposes. This is not the first criminal "link" in his history.

Scam Sites

Scamchasers is a scam. Scaminformer is a scam. Scamtracers is a scam. ComplaintsBoard is a scam run from Latvia. Scamfound is its mirror scam. Ripoff Report is a scam run by criminal Ed Magedson. Merareview is a scam run from India. They do the dirty work. David Etheredge just quotes them. More about him and more about his friends.


Ed Magedson is wanted. His record: drug possession, assault & battery, check fraud and default judgment. Ed Magedson says he loves the First Amendment. I'm sure. It protects him when he creates reports that lead to lawsuits. This TV report calls him an Internet terrorist. This site calls him a cyber-terrorist. See this expose in the Phoenix New Times. He is Internet mafia in the shakedown business here.

Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor.
Exodus 20:16