My interest in everything electronic was kindled from a very early age by strong family influences. My imagination was inspired by my father's uncle, my great uncle Dr. Jacques C. Presner who was the resident physician at the Dorset Hotel at 30 W. 54th St in Manhattan during the 1940's and 1950's. He was deeply involved in electronic medicine. He was far ahead of his time. Dr. Jacques was a colleague of pioneer biomedical inventor Georges Lakhovsky and was instrumental in helping Lakhovsky develop his work in the 1940s before Lakhovsky was run over by a car and killed in 1943.

Georges Lakhovsky wrote Radiations and Waves Sources of Our Life in 1941. Dr. Jacques wrote the original introduction to Lakhovsky's book entitled The Secret of Life. We used to visit our diminutive uncle Dr. Jacques every year when we stayed at the Dorset and there were endless discussions with my father about Georges Lakhovsky and his discoveries. It was not until much later that I realized how great an influence my great uncle Jacques was in my life.

My maternal grandfather had a radio repair shop and produced the first crystal radios in Montreal around 1920. He opened a radio shop and started repairing and making the first radios in Canada. He was self-taught, like his grandson the zapper maker. My mother still relates how they use to listen to KDKA in Pittsburgh in the early days with the crystal in the glass. Ma recalled making the rounds with my grandfather to purchase radio parts in Montreal in the 1920's.

Paying the rent and putting food on the table for a family of five was a serious challenge for a radio repairman in the 1920s. When the depression struck in 1929 my mother graduated high school and became secretary to the lawyer Edgar Berliner, the son of Emile Berliner who invented the record disc in 1888. Edgar had moved into private legal in Montreal after the sale of the family's Victor Talking Machine Company. It was bought by RCA in 1929. In the 1930s Edgar funneled repossessed radios to my grandfather who resold them to supplement his income from making and repairing radios. My grandfather was a great influence in my life. That's me in the photo -- running to the store to buy electrical supplies for Grandpa.

In 1947 a wonderful event occurred in our home. A Northern Electric bakelite radio bakelitewas ensconced on the kitchen counter and became the center of musical interest for me in the 1950s. By 1957 I was clipping a crystal Rocket Radio to the radiator in my bedroom to listen to the hit parade. A transistor radio was my prized possession in 1958 allowing me to bring popular music with me wherever I went. My wonderment at all things electronic was by then in full bloom.


"The intellect has little to do on the road to discovery.
There comes a leap in consciousness, call it intuition or
what you will, the solution comes to you and you don't
know how or why."

"The truly valuable thing is the intuition."

- Albert Einstein -

I was diagnosed with parasites by my naturopath in 1995. I was still suffering from the symptoms of Crohn's disease, one year after Dr. Kenneth Atkinson operated on me and saved my life in St. Paul's hospital in Vancouver. Dr. Hulda Clark's groundbreaking book The Cure for All Dieases was first published in 1993 but it was still not available in bookstores in Vancouver in 1995. My naturopath gave me the phone number of someone selling Dr. Clark's books door to door.

When the lady came over for a visit I bought a copy of The Cure for All Diseases. I asked her if she knew the name of a biological dentist in Vancouver who could safely remove my "silver amalgam" fillings. She gave me the name of her own biological dentist. He removed my 14 mercury amalgams (the real name for "silver amalgams") and replaced them with bio-compatible plastic composite fillings. I did chelation therapy for the next nine months to remove mercury residue from my organs and tissues. My energy level improved dramatically, as did other symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis from which I had been suffering since being paralysed by MS in 1989. But the Crohn's symptoms persisted.

Following the directions in Dr. Clark's book I tried her herbal parasite killing program to kill parasites that had obviously been infesting my intestines since before my operation for Crohn's disease in 1994, and were still causing me serious problems. I got good results with Dr. Clark's parasite cleanse, so I knew I was onto something important. But the parasites returned not long after finishing her liver cleanse.

In her book Dr. Clark described a new electronic device called the zapper. She had a picture of a primitive zapper called the "tapper zapper". I set to work and made one, which was not terrible difficult because it merely consisted of hooking the positive and negative electrodes of a 9-volt battery to copper handholds and tapping the handholds for 7 minutes to get zapped. Well, after 7 minutes of tapping the handholds I needed the 20-minute break. My hands were tired. Not surprisingly, I did not get any results from Dr. Clark's "tapper zapper".

Nevertheless, I was undaunted. In early January of 1996 I went to a health fair in Bellingham, Washington. When I walked in the door there was a lady selling raffle tickets. The prize was a Dr. Hulda Clark zapper which was displayed on the table for all entrants to see. It was a real zapper housed in a plastic box, not a "tapper zapper". The moment I looked at the zapper a feeling came over me. I knew that I would win the draw. There was absolutely no doubt in my mind. So, I bought a raffle ticket. When the winning number was called, sure enough it was mine.

I picked up my prize from the maker at his home in Bellingham, had a chat with him and took my first real zapper home, looking forward to experimenting with it. I was happy when I got results. Although the results were not as lasting as I would have liked my interest was stimulated, to say the least. I was highly motivated because I was getting results and I was able to discontinue Dr. Clark's 3-week herbal parasite cleanses. Crohn's disease brought me close to death in 1994, so this was not an intellectual pursuit for me. I was highly motivated to produce the best zapper in the world. It was no accident that I finally succeeded in doing so.

By now zappers were starting to become popular in Vancouver in the alternative health field. With the help of my friend, Nelu, we took apart my Bellingham zapper and went to work to produce a better one. I didn't realize that Nelu had no background in electronics until I saw him looking at all the resistor and capacitor wires pushing through the perforated project board.

Nelu had no idea where to go from there so he bowed out, bidding me adieu and good luck. But I had a very good idea of where to go. My imagination came alive with the thought of the possibilities. Although I did not have a degree in electronics I had a long-standing interest in everything electronic that went back to my boyhood. I think it would be accurate to say I had electronics in my genes and my blood.

My mother passed away in 2009 shortly before her 98th birthday. I used to love watching my grandfather around his radios. He had a mammoth Telefunken in a beautiful wood cabinet that dominated his living room. That Telefunken was the most beautiful and thing I had ever seen. It was magic.

Our Bakelite Radio

I became fascinated by radios and by everything electronic when I was a young boy. I remember buying my first crystal Rocket Radio, a miniature Sputnick, the world's first satellite put into space by the Russians in 1957. I used to clip my Rocket Radio to the radiator in my bedroom every evening. I moved the nose cone up and down to find stations to lull me to sleep with music through the tiny earphone. I took my Rocket Radio apart to see how it worked.

In the kitchen we had our Northern Electric Bakelite, and upstairs we had the old Motorola tube "portable", with its massive battery. Our radios were my constant companions. I took them apart to see how they worked. Then I got my first small transistor radio in 1957 it replaced the big Motorola and became my new constant companion in the late 1950s. It was the first truly pocket-sized portable radio. I took it apart, of course, and I experiment, successfully, adding various aerials to bring in distant ration stations at night from the United States. It was magic.

Then I saved up enough money from my newspaper routes to buy a Nordmende tube radio in 1964 -- what a beautiful wood cabinet -- so my brother and I could listen to the latest hit parade music in "high fidelity" -- and the hockey games and the blow-by-blow broadcasts of the Casius Clay (Muhammad Ali) boxing matches. I remember to this day the look on my father's face when I bought my Nordmende home.

Dad asked, in total surprise, "What's that, Kenny?" I replied, "This is my new radio, Dad". I was so happy with my new purchase. I took the Nordmende apart, of course. I took anything and everything apart that was electronic to see how they worked. Those were exciting times. Those were magical times. Electronics has been a strong influence throughout my life. Opening up boxes to discover how they worked has been a passion of mine ever since I can remember.

Some people are intersting in knowing if I am a preofessional electronics engineer. I am not a professional electrical engineer. I am self taught. I am certainly not among the great inventors in the history of electronics. But it is interesting to note that all the great names in the history of electronics were self taught -- among them the three most famous -- Nikola Tesla who invented the alternating current (AC), Thomas Edison and Alexander Graham Bell.

And they were not alone. Many other famous inventors in the history of electronics were self taught, as well. Saul Marantz who founded Marantz Company in 1953, one of the two most famous audio companies in the world at the time, was a freelance graphic artist and amateur musician, not an electronics engineer. Emile Berliner, the inventor of the first record disc, was not an electronics engineer. He was self taught.

Before she passed away my mother said that The Ultimate Zapper and my work helping people would have fascinated and pleased my grandfather and would have made him very proud. Electronics has been in my blood since the very beginning, with no small credit due to the influence of my grandfather, my mother and my great uncle Dr. Jacques C. Presner.

In the field of zapper technology it is an interesting fact that radios and zappers operate on the same simple principle -- the principle of resonance. The radio is a receiver. It receives signals that produce sound, based on the principle of resonance. The zapper is a transmitter. It transmits signals that kill pathogens based on the same principle of resonance. I am essentially an "idea person". Once I understand the concepts and what my goal is then the details of how to put things together electronically comes later. That's the easy part. The most important thing is the concept.

Part of the credit for the development of The Ultimate Zapper must go to my old friend Clancy. In the summer of 1996 I used to visit Bellingham, Washington every weekend. I became friends with Clancy who owned Clancy's Vitamin Store in Bellingham. I enjoyed visiting Clancy very much. We would talk for hours about the possibilities for improving the original Hulda Clark zapper by adding an AC adapter.

I talked to some of my friends in Vancouver who were zapping. Like me, they were experiencing inconsistent results zapping with battery-powered Hulda Clark zappers that featured her 50% Duty Cycle. So, I added the AC adapter to the Hulda Clark zapper -- and the near 100% Duty Cycle. The result of 9 months of dawn-to-dusk work was The Ultimate Zapper. The result was the New Model SE-- at the time, the most powerful zapper in the world -- and the most therapeutically effective. It is the a best-seller in 2021.

There were two other factors that influenced my invention of The Ultimate Zapper. Beginning in the 1970's with my introducton to homeopathy and by the 1980's I had a deep and abiding interest in alternative medicine, especially vibrational medicine, nurtured by my career in management in the health food and vitamin business. I was introduced to dowsing, Rife technology, the precursor to the zapper, as well as many other aspects of alternative medicine which opened my mind to many new concepts and therapies.

But, in the end, I was inspired to create The Ultimate Zapper through my 7-year struggle to overcome Multiple Sclerosis and Crohn's disease. There is nothing like a life and death struggle to focus one's attention and stimulate one's imagination. I had a very good reason to be highly motivated to create the best zapper in the world. I needed a better zapper to help resolve serious health issues regarding Crohn's disease and Multiple Sclerosis which I had been suffering from for nearly 7 years. I felt that if I succeeded my zapper could help many others suffering from these diseases as well as a wide variety of other illnesses and conditions. This has proven to be true.

Although the invention of The Ultimate Zapper is insignificant when compared to the incredible inventions that have come down to us through the ages, my background, knowledge and intuition enabled me to create a unique electronic device that has helped thousands of people. I am very gratified that The Ultimate Zapper has helped so many people overcome so many conditions and illnesses -- as well as less serious ailments -- since 1996. After a bitter 7-year struggle to get my life back helping people has become my greatest reward.

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