Terminator and Longevity Zapper & Mini Silver Terminator (2 Terminator clones) recommend wearing them for hours. Why? Because they're weak zappers -- as the Comparison Charts show. The short signal path between coins means a strong effect between the coins but a weak effect through the rest of the body -- and further weakening from battery discharge.

And the coin electrodes cause burns that Terminator and Longevity warn about -- in the fine print. They say to move their zappers around to avoid burns. Since that's not possible at night many people wake up with burns.

"This picture [of a Terminator burn -- posted to an Internet forum]
was taken almost two years ago and the scars have now faded but I think
they will stay somewhat permanently cause I can still easily see them."

From the same forum: "The problem with any zapper that uses attached pennies as electrodes is that it tends to burn holes in the users skin, causing permanent scars. Lena, myself and my mother (she fell asleep on it) all have holes burned into our skin and consequently scars from the Terminator."

Don Croft claims Terminator "rids the body of heavy metals" -- with no proof whatsoever. Well ... it's not only untrue but also ironic since the bare coins actually cause copper toxicity. Same for Longevity Zapper & Mini Silver Terminator. The Ultimate Zapper has no burn or toxicity risk since handholds and footpads are always covered.

Mini Silver Terminator

Peter Boudreau sells the Terminator clone called Mini Silver Terminator on his Educate-Yourself site. But his "educational" site is not what it appears to be. It is actually a disinformation front. He is a liar-for-hire who has slandered many sites, including this site -- a paid disinformer who uses an alias to hide his true identity. He has been exposed as a total fraud.

If Peter Boudreau used his real name it would be easy for people to track him down and take legal action. So, he "borrowed" the name Ken Adachi from the deceased Canadian poet to hide behind a false identity. He also tries to evade pursuers by changing his address frequently.

Welcome to Educate-Yourself
I'm (not the real) Ken Adachi ... how can I help (disinform) you?

And when he gets excited he shouts IN CAPITALS. Which is actually good since lower case is not very effective if you want to GET ATTENTION -- which I imagine is what he wanted when he called me "pathological". But I consider myself fortunate. Since he is not a licenced practitioner he was able to provide this diagnosis free of charge.

Peter Boudreau

Longevity Zapper

David Wolfe is a fantastic health "guru". He's even into infomercials. He has a zillion followers and a loooong list of products that will keep you young pretty much forever -- as long as you keep ordering. I was in the health food business when David Wolfe was a toddler. Super Foods were popular back then. But we didn't call them Super Foods or make fantastic claims.

David Wolfe's ... Magic Mushrooms

Never mind ... David Wolfe has stock to move. But what he really enjoys is inventing things off the top of his head. Like in this video where "chocolate lines up planetarily with the sun" & "mushroom spores ... get sling-shottted right off the center of the sun and eventually right across the galaxy".

Pulling the Wool

I know a lot about chocolate and mushrooms. But, after listening to David Wolfe, I must admit I don't know as much as I thought. But it kind of feels like the wool is maybe being pulled over my eyes. You know what I mean?

Looks like someone familiar
is pulling the wool

Never mind. Once we understand how knowledgeable David Wolfe really is we'll be on the right track. He obviously labored long and hard to create his Longevity Zapper -- didn't he? Actually ... nope. He knows zip-dee-do about electronics. He hired a technician to make a zapper for him but a Terminator clone was the best he could do. So, no surprise -- Longevity Zapper is as weak as Terminator and has the same burn warnings.

David Wolfe pontificating about zip-dee-do
... how about a big round of applause

Electronics 101

Watch David Wolfe as he Fudges It and Wings It in 2 zapper videos. Off the top of his head -- with a straight face -- he invents electronic terms like "the up/down wave" and "tight electronics" and "dispersed battery" -- proving he knows totally zippo about electronics. His audiences have no idea. He gets away with it since he knows they are as un-savvy as he is.

Never mind. He may need Electronics 101 but you can still buy Longevity Zapper with confidence since there is a limited 30-day warranty with no free trial and lots of fine print. Actually, David Wolfe doesn't seem to have much confidence in his outsourced zapper. This is totally understandable since it is the weakest zapper in the Comparison Charts. So, it should really be no surprise that it has zero testimonials.

Homer Wolfe actually figured out
the on/off switch
A very unique situation

Never mind. David Wolfe's interest in health is already iconic. Did you know his parents are medical doctors? "Well, I started out as a son of two medical doctors ... I grew up inside a medical doctor's office ... I grew up in a very unique situation because of all those experiences. And that I believe is what oriented me towards natural health."

According to David Wolfe, his background had a profound effect on him. But ... there is no record of his mother being an M.D. His father, Gerald L. Wolfe, who David says is Iranian but is German was an osteopathic doctor (O.D.) convicted of medical insurance fraud totalling $2.7 million after his employee Ms. Sharon Chisholm blew the whistle in 1995. There's more.

His father's license was revoked in 2002 after he murdered Maureen Wolfe (his second wife) in cold blood in 1998 -- 2 bullets to the head in front of her two children. He served 12 years in the penitentiary. The prosecutor stated "Wolfe's brothers, his ex-wife and his sons from his first marriage [including David Wolfe] cleaned out the couple's home after the shooting."

"A very unique family situation"
oriented David Wolfe towards natural health

To influence how people feel about him, David Wolfe hides the truth about his parents behind a false image of happily practicing M.D.s. Some people may begin to think David Wolfe is just an old-fashioned con artist. Never mind. That's because they haven't looked closely at his anti-aging program.

The first hurdle is 150

Longevity is OK. But the prospect of immortality makes people really sit up and listen. So, David Wolfe is turning Longevity into Immortality by charming us into believing we can live to 150 and perhaps forever via his advice -- and Longevity Warehouse products, of course. Rumor has it that his company will soon be rebranded as Immortality Warehouse.

Anyway ... the first hurdle is 150. The fact that David Wolfe is 47 with 103 years to go is no impediment to him or to those eager to believe him. Let's be realistic. 150 isn't that far off -- is it? After all, once you get to 100 you've only got 50 years to go.

David Wolfe has a great longevity plan -- and marketing scheme. But I hope he's not too upset when he discovers that God has a plan of His own that may put David Wolfe's plan on hold for a while.

I think I know why so many people follow him
... he says he's found a way to cheat death

Dr. Clark Research Association

Scientologist David Amrein greets visitors to his site in a white medical gown -- but has no medical credentials. And his Association is not an Association. It is a company and he is the sole owner. He uses Dr. Clark's name for his site and his products ... but Dr. Clark did not endorse any site or any products ... she was not associated with any zapper maker ... and she never authorized the use of her name.

David Amrein markets "Dr. Hulda Clark zappers" ... that are not zappers at all. They are frequency generators that require complicated and expensive smart keys and program drivers. He not only misleads people into thinking they are zappers, he says they are made "according to Dr. Hulda Clark". Which is also misleading since Dr. Clark never mentioned anything about guidelines for frequency generators and actually recommended using zappers instead. She invented the original battery zapper in 1993.

Never mind. David Amrein finally got things sorted out -- by agreeing to a Federal Court Judgment related to fraudulent advertising & false medical claims -- then fled to Switzerland from the US. He threatened to "get to" me when I uncovered the facts -- emailing me "I want to sue you".

But he never has since you cannot sue someone for telling the truth about you. Which did not prevent him from trying to shut down my site by intimidating my Internet Service Provider. Which was actually not very clever for someone who used to boast about his high I.Q on the Internet. Frankly, honesty and integrity are higher on my list of personal attributes.

"Who says I'm not an association?"


The CureZone affair

David Etheredge of ParaZapper is very creative ... using his commercial name for 10 years on CureZone to try to drum up business ... against the forum rules. But he knew they turn a blind eye for a "donation" because he had already "donated". He eventually invited me to donate and join in. I had no idea about this. I always used my own name. Anyway, I declined his invitation and quit the forum. I am not into "pay-for-play" games.

Eventually, David Etheredge found himself between a rock & a hard place on CureZone, as this CureZone post directed to him indicates.

Posted by a 3rd party -- Userx
on the CureZone forum right here

Parazapper, Attempting to always belittle every other zapper that is even brought up in discussion is a sad statement ... You always say Parazapper is not the average zapper ... I have seen absolutely nothing in the specs. that make it anything more than the average zapper ... there is absolutely nothing that is innovative about the parazapper products ... it annoys me how parazapper comes on here and attempts to elevate his product above all others and its just sad he [is] so jealous ... Any other zapper ... is immediately attacked by parazapper as being inferior when many ... produce the identical output. THERE IS NOTHING IN THE DESIGN OF THE PARAZAPPER THAT PUTS IT ANYWHERE ABOVE THE ORIGINAL CLARK ZAPPER BUILT IN A SHOEBOX! ... I don't see anyone else lurking in here trying to push their products ...

An ingenious plan

CureZone members were voicing what a lot of people knew -- that David Etheredge was in trouble with his weak "dual zapper", as The Charts show. ParaZapper has barely a few testimonials -- which explains why he was all over CureZone talking down other zappers & trying to drum up business.

But he had also unwittingly proclaimed that The Ultimate Zapper "may be the best single frequency zapper" in the world. That means the best zapper -- period -- according to Dr. Hulda Clark who invented the original zapper.

So, he had a serious problem. But he managed to solve it. After endorsing The Ultimate Zapper he got to thinking -- and came up with an ingenious plan. He "adopted" the name Ultimate Zapper for his own zapper -- while trying to clone it. Well, the work was not so easy. He became frustrated & with an abrupt sour grapes U-turn I became a "shade tree mechanic" who makes "hobby zappers". He topped it off by boldly declaring I "must have made up" the Testimonial Archive. The poor fellow just can't make up his mind.

No worries. This kind of thing is normal for David Etheredge. He has been trying to piggy-back on the success of others for years. Rumor has it ... next time around he may take the name Longevity Zapper.

Note: I understand that David Etheredge now denies having endorsed The Ultimate Zapper -- after making his glowing statement about it publically -- and after trying to copy it. It's all in a day's work for him -- to "massage" the facts -- then try to wiggle out when the truth is revealed.

Then came the credentials fiasco

Talking about taking names and wiggling ... for 10 years David Etheredge lied on his site by using the title "Electrical Engineer". When the facts came out after his c.v. was made public he was forced to admit the truth and was seen tripping over his feet with excuses for operating with false credentials.

David Etheredge ... after he was caught out

Then came Pinocchio Etheredge

OK I admit it. I politely called David Etheredge a liar after he declared I "must have made up" the Testimonial Archive. But he then declared that I accuse "every other zapper maker" of lying about The Ultimate Zapper. Ironic, since he was accused on CureZone (by a 3rd party) of "... attempting to always belittle every other zapper that is even brought up in discussion".

Never mind. If David Etheredge says it then we have to assume he's telling the truth. But actually ... there are hundreds of zapper makers and I talk about only 150 ... or maybe 50 -- or maybe it's only 37. I have a great idea. Why don't we check the facts by doing a head count?

Well ... Math 101 would be a good choice. The truth is I talk about exactly 3 makers who do a Pinocchio -- David Etheredge, Peter Boudreau of Mini Silver Terminator and Arthur Doerksen of AutoZap. If he were only 1 out of 150 it wouldn't look so bad. But 1 out of 3 doesn't look good. Especially since he is clearly the most prolific prevaricator of all. He tried his best to wiggle out of this one -- without much success.

To sum up ... David Etheredge has just one problem with the truth. He is simply allergic to it. But there's a lot more where this came from. Read all about it in Zapperland.


Arthur Doerksen of AutoZap offers no proof to back his claims for AutoZap or the Zappicator. There is none. As you see right here his claims are totally false. So, it did not surprise me to receive this email.

I received this email from Jeff S. on Oct. 10, 2017.

I read what you wrote about Arthur and you are right. I bought his zapper and this magnetic food thing and neither did anything at all. He promised a refund if they didn't work but would never reply to me when I asked several times. I even used some of my electronic equipment I have here and those things were not putting out anything at all.

It is interesting that The Ultimate Zappers are the only zappers whose name is coveted by other makers. I imagine there's a reason. If their zappers were doing what The Ultimate Zapper does they would not be looking over the fence. When ParaZapper and AutoZap looked over the fence they realized The Ultimate Zappers are light years ahead -- and decided to cross the line.

Following David Etheredge's lead, Arthur Doerksen came up with a great idea to help boost sales of his weak AutoZap. He set about trying to hijack my site by "borrowing" The Ultimate Zapper's name -- using a "redirect" to divert people to his site when they searched for mine.

He used this piggy-back tactic to feed traffic to his site in an attempt to conflate his site called The Best Zapper with the actual best zapper which is The Ultmate Zapper. He persisted with this for years while publishing disinformation about The Ultimate Zapper.

Arthur ... trying to get more traffic to his site

Never mind. Arthur Doerksen still greets visitors to his site with a smile, while declaring ... "I don't fear "the C word" any more because I've been through it twice and I finally learned the "secret". Today, I use my AutoZap 5 Hulda Clark Zapper every day to remain healthy and cancer free." Sounds great. Arthur is alive and well thanks to his AutoZap.

The only thing is ... Arthur died of cancer in Feb. 2016. May he rest in peace. His son, Fraser, a programmer who designed the site, now manages it --without mentioning his father's passing. The site still claims "a Lifetime of Wellness in 5 Minutes". Read all about the false claims in Zapperland.

Fraser says his father no longer answers calls because their phone has been out ... "Our phone is currently unavailable. We're working to fix it [for over 2 years]. In the meantime please send an email instead for fastest response." Fastest response ... means that emails to Arthur also go unanswered.

I received this email from John S. on Oct 28, 2017.

I emailed the company [AutoZap] that is selling Dr. Clark's devices. As of yet, I haven't had a response. It's been a week. I had to email because their phones don't work.
So ... no phones and they don't return email ...
That doesn't give me a warm fuzzy feeling.

Arthur Doerksen
passed away in 2016 ... God bless him