Studies show footpads increase zapping effectiveness by 63.6% to 77.8%. 80% of customers order footpads with their zapper. Dr. Clark endorses their use. She states that "using foot electrodes helps greatly..." They give more complete coverage of the lower body. Footpads allow for zapping parasite-infested pets and for zapping hands-free. Even better results are achieved using the handholds and footpads together.

Footpads may arrive with imperfections due to industrial milling and hand finishing. This does not detract from their effectiveness in any way.

We have found that the aging and corrosion of copper handholds and footpads weakens the current. The problem with copper is that when it corrodes the cupric oxide that is formed is non conductive. So, we have switched to solid stainless steel. Stainless steel does not corrode. It has better conductivity than aging copper over time and assures that the current is as strong as the day your zapper arrived, even after years of use. Footpad orders include 3-foot long insulated copper wires and solid copper clips (New Model SE) or gold-plated plugs (New Model XE, QE1 and QE2) that maximize conductivity.

Please see photos of the BE, SE and XE footpads here.
Please see photos of the QE1 and QE2 footpads here.

I believe there are 2 reasons why footpads are so effective. The first reason is resonance which is the scientific principle that the zapper is based on. Read more in #5 on the FAQ Page. The second reason is because they produce a form of electronic reflexology by stimulating the energy channels -- the meridians -- through the acupuncture points on the soles of the feet. The reports I receive from customers using footpads and handholds together are remarkable. About 80% of those ordering The Ultimate Zapper also order a set of footpads for improved results.

When acting as a resonator footpads produce a stronger electronic signal across the whole body and therefore produce better results. An improvement of 63.6% to 77.8% in the results people have obtained with footpads has been reported across the spectrum of illnesses and conditions. Customers using The Ultimate Zapper with footpads and handholds together report results that are far superior to those obtained with any other zapper. Please see the 458 testimonials in The Archive. The Ultimate Zapper's unique 11-feature formula produces amazing results. Please read the instructions online for details of how to use The Ultimate Zapper for optimum results.

The Ultimate Zapper is by far the best pet zapper. In the testimonial archive you can read the heart-warming story from Monique who zapped her 18-year-old cat with The Ultimate Zapper's footpads and brought him back from the brink of death. Not only pets have been brought back to life with The Ultimate Zapper as you will read in The Archive.