1. Why is The Ultimate Zapper the world's best zapper? here
2. Is there any scientific proof
that supports the effectiveness of The Ultimate Zapper
3. What is the zapper and how does it work? here
4. The Ultimate Zapper vs. Bob Beck magnetic pulsers here
5. What is Electroporation and why is it important? here
6. What is the difference between a zapper
and a frequency generator?
7. How does the 2,500 Hertz frequency kill all pathogens? here
8. Does the AC adapter produce DC voltage? here
9. What are harmonics and why are they important? here
10. Why do all battery-powered zappers
give inferior results?
11. Our electrical system is 220/240 volts.
Will The Ultimate Zapper work over here?
12. How does the 9-volt AC adapter produce 10.5 volts? here
13. If the square wave dips below the zero line
is the zapper ineffective or even dangerous?
14. Why is The Ultimate Zapper better than dual zappers,
frequency sweep and programmable zappers?
15. How does The Ultimate Zapper beat sweep zappers? here
16. How does The Ultimate Zapper beat digital zappers? here
17. What is a Syncrometer? here
18. Can the AC adapter produce a shock? here
19. Are there side-effects from zapping? here
20. Will The Ultimate Zapper kill good intestinal bacteria? here
21. Can I zap my pets? here
22. Why is there no timer? here
23. Why are there no wristbands? here
24. Can I exercise while I zap? here
25. Can I zap with a heart pacemaker? here
26. Can I zap if I am taking medication? here
27. Will I see worms come out? here
28. Do I need a herbal parasite cleanse? here
29. How do I get the best results? here
30. How do I use the Tooth Zapper? here
31. Should I zap in the morning or in the evening? here
32. Can I zap if I don't have a specific condition? here
33. Do footpads give better results? here
34. Can children zap? here
35. What about silver colored fillings? here
36. What if I have implants? here
37. Will The Ultimate Zapper get rid of
all my parasites forever?
38. Where can I get more information on how people
have done with my condition?
39. What about negative comments
on The Ultimate Zapper?

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The Ultimate Zapper's square wave and formula are unique. The synergy of its 12 True Features, with extra features added to the 2 Ultimate Models QE5 and QE4, and the 3 Premium Models QE3plus, QE2plus & QE1plus, makes them by far the world's most powerful and effective zappers. The word synergy means that their features work together in a very special way. It is not just a matter of adding one feature to another. There is a strong multiplier effect. This is the secret to their power and effectiveness. The Compelling Proof is clear for all to see.

What's more, The Ultimate Zapper's Electorporation Effect rewrote the definition of the word zapper. This amazing therapeutic breakthrough has proved to be a tremendous healing achievement. No other zapper produces this effect. And only 2 other companies in the world do -- Eppendorf and Inovio -- both FDA approved. As Dr. Martin C. has recognized, The Ultimate Zapper is unique in the world of zappers.


There certainly is.

A scientific study of a recently patented zapper, not (Inovio Biomedical) clearly proves that therapeutic results, including the Electroporation effect, are greatly improved when the Duty Cycle of a pulse generator (a zapper) is over 88%. The Duty Cycle of The Ultimate Zapper is near 99.7%. The Duty Cycle of  Hulda Clark zappers is only 50%.

The information regarding "US Patent 7288062" – "Apparatus for creating therapeutic charge transfer in tissue" shows ... "Reich et al. in the International Journal of Dermatology validate this conclusion [regarding improved results with a higher Duty Cycle] with the results compiled from seventeen different medical studies. Further validation of the efficacy of charge transfer is provided by the experiments using the inventor's device at the University of Miami's Medical School ..."

"Improved Duty Cycle" is a key feature of the invention ..."

" "Duty Cycle" is the term used to define the total percent of the entire time of a treatment in which the subject is exposed to the [therapeutically] effective or beneficial electric field. Within the context of the invention, a possible duty cycle should have a positive DC-like portion of the electric field for 0.008 seconds and a negative portion for 0.002 seconds that continuously repeats, without any time interval between cycles. For this example, the Duty Cycle (DC) is: DC= (0.008/ (0,008+0.002))* 100=80%."

This scientific study supports the Electroporation and regenerative affects of The Ultimate Zapper that are reported in the testimonials on my site. They are identical. Here is a quote from the above-cited study that proves these facts: "The present invention creates an induced DC-like electric field in biological material to treat the material. The biological material can be portions of a living human or animal, such as body fluids, cells, tissue, or bone. The induced DC-like electric field can treat the biological material in numerous ways, including promoting regeneration of damaged tissue. For example, the DC-like electric field can treat trauma (e.g., bruises, torn muscles, and cartilage damage); debilitation; organs by stimulating their regeneration to restore their functions; damaged or severed human nerves or axons; slow or non healing bone fractures (non-unions); occlusion of blood flow due to formation of plaque or other forms of calcification in the blood stream; ailments such as heart disease and senility, resulting from reduced blood flow to the affected organ; or osteoporosis (both prevention and reversal)."

"The induced DC-like electric field also can treat the biological material by destroying it or disrupting its normal processes. For example, cancerous tissues within the human body can be treated by inducing high electric currents. The induced DC-like electric field also can be used to increase migration of electrically charged materials through the biological material. For example, the induced DC-like electric field can enhance trans-dermal transport of efficacious ionic drug components to specific locations within the tissue, thus reducing the amount of drug needed as well as toxic effects from the drug. The induced DC-like electric field also can decrease human nerve pain by blocking electrical signals along nerve paths."


The zapper is a pulse generating electronic device invented by Dr. Hulda Clark in 1993 to kill parasites, bacteria, viruses, mold, fungus, yeast and other pathogens. She described it in her book The Cure for All Diseases which you can read here. Dr. Clark's invention stood on the shoulders of the great genius Dr. Royal Raymond Rife who invented the frequency generator in the 1920's. The zapper creates a positive offset square wave that is set to one frequency but that resonates with all the frequencies that parasites, bacteria, viruses, yeast, mold and fungus vibrate at thereby destroying them. This is known as the principle of resonance. The zapper's square wave is a broad-spectrum wave that resonates with all pathogens. Theoretically, all zappers should be able to get the job done equally well but, in actual practice, this is not the case because there is a big difference between zapper square waves and extra features as you can in the Zapper Comparison Charts that compare 35 popular zappers. The Ultimate Zappers kill parasites, bacteria, viruses, mold, fungus and yeast more effectively than any other zapper thanks to their unique 12-feature formula described on the Home Page -- with extra features added to the 2 Ultimate Models and the 3 Premium models. Their closest rival has only 5 features.

Everything Oscillates

Every living and non-living thing has a natural vibration rate or frequency. For example, many of us may remember the Memorex TV commercials where Ella Fitzgerald sang a note that caused a wine glass to shatter. Or was it Ella's voice on Memorex tape that broke the glass? Her voice produced vibrations that matched the natural frequency of the glass and, when amplified, created the resonance to shatter it. Duplicating a specific frequency creates resonance.

Bridges also have demonstrated the principle of resonance. Military units crossing a bridge while marching in formation have been known to create and amplify a bridge's natural frequency causing it to vibrate, sway, oscillate violently, and finally collapse! Knowing this, the marching British army had their troops break step as they crossed a bridge to prevent the bridge from resonating, swaying and collapsing beneath them. So what is the connection with micro-organisms that carry or cause disease?

How Square Waves Affect Micro-organisms

Royal Rife demonstrated in manRoyal Rife demonstrated in many experiments that microorganisms have their own specific Mortal Oscillatory Rate (MOR). This frequency, if amplified, will either debilitate these organisms and render them unable to reproduce, or actually resonate their membrane walls to the point of collapse. They are basically vibrated to death. Rife used various square wave frequencies transmitted both radiantly and by direct micro current to disable microbes, while observing them with his Universal Microscope. Seventy years of history indicates that using square wave technology does not damage healthy cells. Read #5, below, for more information about resonance.

Please note that it is illegal for me to give any medical advice or to make any medical claims. This applies to the above discussion.

4. QE5, QE4, QE3plus & QE2plus

QE5, QE4, QE3plus, & QE2plus work as electro-magnetic pulsers that create blood purification/electification like Bob Beck magnetic pulsers. But they work on different principles. Beck devices use micro-bursts of electro-magnetic energy at a very low frequency. QE5, QE4, QE3plus, & QE2plus use a constant flow of electro-magnetic energy at a higher frequency.

To zap for blood purification To zap for blood purification insert 2 loose rubber bands around each wrist and insert the handholds on the inside of the wrists. Start at 15 seconds and work up slowly.


The Electroporation Effect produced by The Ultimate Zapper, Eppendorf and  Inovio, makes the effects of medicine, herbs, vitamins and minerals more powerful. Electroporation potentiates these substances by temporarily increasing cell permeability. The pores of the cells are temporarily opened wider to let them enter at a higher rate and in larger amounts. Researchers at Inovio Biomedical Corp., formerly Genetronics Biomedical Corp., are commercializing their electroporation zapper with the approval of the FDA. The Ultimate Zapper has produced this powerful therapy very effectively for 26 years.

From the Inovio Biomedical Corp. site: "In the early 1990's, Inovio made a strategic decision to further develop the concept of electroporation into potential human therapeutic applications (Electroporation Therapy or "EPT") and has made significant advancements in this area. For years, cancer researchers have been trying to find a way to target chemotherapeutic agents more precisely - to deliver the agents only to that part of the body affected by cancer. EPT does this by making the cancer cells more permeable; making it easier for the chemotherapeutic agents to penetrate the cell membrane and enter the cell. This could make it possible to deliver reduced dosages of chemotherapy more effectively, thus increasing cytotoxicity while reducing or even eliminating side effects."


Read more about electroporation on the Inovio website. Electroporation studies from the NIH (National Institutes of Health) and NLM (National Library of Medicine) are available here.

Inovio's MedPulser Electroporation Therapy System  is being used in the treatment of cancer. The NIH (National Institutes of Health) has published the relevant medical studies. An FDA-approved study on breast cancer shows that Inovio's electroporation "therapy was safe, well-tolerated, and achieved a 75% complete tumor response rate." The therapy consists of an "electrical pulse generator and disposable electrode applicators". Inovio's therapy is delivered using their FDA-approved zapper that produces electroporation, the same therapy that The Ultimate Zapper produces. It potentiates herbs and supplements as well as medication. Inovio has an FDA Medical Device permit for its zapper. They are the world leader in electroporation therapy with 216 patents worldwide.

In June 2004, Inovio was granted fast-track status by the FDA for its MedPulsar Electroporation Therapy System clinical development programme for patients with head and neck cancer.

There is no doubt that patients will be paying premium prices to receive electroporation therapy with FDA-approved Inovio zappers. Inovio's corporate partners also are benefitting from electroporation. Merck, Vical, Chiron, the US Navy and others are using Inovio's electroporation technology to facilitate the delivery of drugs.

Before zapping please consult a licensed medical practitioner if you are taking any medicine, herbs or supplements. To ensure the safe use of health-related products please let your medical practitioner know if you are using my zapper. Although some people may find the electroporation effect beneficial it may not be beneficial for all people under all conditions. Dosages of medicine, herbs or supplements may have to be adjusted to take into account the electroporation effect, but not necessarily. This should be closely evaluated by you and your medical practitioner.

The Electroporation Page has more information has more information about electroporation including electroporation testimonials.


A zapper is an electronic device that produces a direct current (DC) positive offset square wave. It is set to one specific frequency -- normally from 1000 Hertz to 30,000 Hertz. Its effectiveness is due to the principle of resonance. Theoretically, it is capable of killing all pathogens that vibrate at all frequencies although the actual effectiveness of each zapper depends on a number of factors which I discuss on the Home Page of this site. In other words, the zapper is a broad-spectrum pathogen killer. The original zapper was invented by Dr. Hulda Clark in 1993. She explains the principle of resonance in her books. I talk about resonance in #7 below. All true zappers are stand-alone devices. They do not require any other devices or add-ons to work. You turn on the switch and you zap.

The frequency generator, whose invention pre-dated the invention of the zapper by 6 decades, is an electronic device that produces a positive offset square wave of direct current (DC), but it is not set to one low frequency. It is set by the user, to the specific frequencies that individual pathogens vibrate at. The majority of pathogens vibrate at between 300,000 Hertz and 500,000 Hertz. The frequency generator is not a broad-spectrum pathogen killer since the user must set the device to a specific frequency which kills only the pathogen that vibrates at that frequency. A frequency generator, therefore, requires the user to know in advance the names of the pathogens she/he wants to target and their frequencies. It is not difficult to know the frequencies that various pathogens vibrate at. Dr. Hulda Clark published charts that show all the major pathogens and their frequencies. But it is a complicated and time-consuming process to go through each individual frequency. Look at this long list of frequencies.

Furthermore, to discover the names of the pathogens in the body so they can be targeted individually requires a syncrometer. See #17 below for all the details. A syncrometer is a testing device that identifies specific pathogens. Syncrometers are very expensive and complicated, and they require the purchase of a large number of expensive test slides. In addition, it takes many months of training and practice to become proficient in using the syncrometer.

Many zapper makers market frequency generators but call their devices zappers. ParaZapper is only one of many makers who mislead people into thinking their devices are zappers. They are not. There is a big difference -- that adds up to a complicated and expensive process.

Here is a direct quote quote from the old AutoZap site -- this page is no longer online -- about syncrometer testing:

"Although simple in concept, the syncrometer is difficult to master. Dr. Clark says it requires six months of diligent practice before one is ready to test others. It also requires the creation or purchase of a great many test substances for use as test standards, to enable one to thoroughly test and research the human body with its many systems and organs. We are always looking for more people to become Syncrometer testers but it is definitely not for everyone."

Thus, the zapper is completely different from a frequency generator. Although they produce a similar kind of square wave they are worlds apart. The zapper is easy to use but the frequency generator is not. The latter requires a substantial investment of money and time for the user to be able to use it successfully. Dr. Clark invented the zapper to supplant the frequency generator. She recognized that once a person knows they have pathogens in their body the most effective way to kill them is by zapping them with a zapper -- not going down the long frequency generator road. Read more about the Dr. Clark Research Association on this page.

In addition, so-called digital "zappers" are not zapper at all and they do not produce harmonic frequencies. Please see #8 below for more information about harmonics.

Sadly, Arthur Doerksen of AutoZap died of cancer in February, 2016.


The secret is this. The Ultimate Zapper's Super Stabilized true square wave combines synergistically with its near 100% Duty Cycle, special low frequency to resonate with parasites, bacteria, viruses, fungus, mold and yeast. They literally explode.

Inside the Ultimate Zapper
Ella Fitgerald resonates

What is resonance and how does it work? All things in the universe, including dangerous pathogens such as parasites, bacteria, viruses, fungus, mold and yeast, have a "natural frequency" that they silently vibrate at. Resonance is the principle whereby vibrations are created at the same frequency that a object or pathogen vibrates at. The target is destroyed by those "like" vibrations.

Inside the Ultimate Zapper

A real live example of the resonance principle in action was viewed by millions of TV viewers back in 1971 in a commercial for Memorex recording tape. There was a wine glass on a table and Ella Fitzgerald, the famous jazz singer, held a note that was exactly the natural frequency of the glass. Her voice was recorded on Memorex recording tape. The glass exploded in front of the camera. The punch line was, "Is it live or is it Memorex?" The Memorex commercial illustrated perfectly the principle of "natural frequency" and resonance.

The square wave produced by The Ultimate Zapper creates a universal vibration that resonates with the broad sprectum of all pathogens at all frequencies. How does it do this? Please read #1 above for a scientific explanation. Dr. Hulda Clark herself did not fully understand how the square wave creates this broad-spectrum effect. But the fact is that it does and the fact is that The Ultimate Zapper does this far better than any other zapper.

Frequency-change zappers, sweep zappers and oscillating zappers are not true zappers. The zapper principle that Dr. Hulda Clark discovered in 1993 was based on a single frequency. These new devices that are not set to a specific low frequency either vibrate at a single very high frequency, sweep through a range of frequencies or alternate between different frequencies.

All Ultimate Zapper models are set to either 2000 Hertz or 2500 Hertz, for optimum synergy. Hitting a single high frequency using "smart keys", such as some digital "zappers" do, renders that device useless as a true zapper because the device becomes a frequency generator. There's a big difference.

A true zapper uses only a single frequency to resonate with all pathogens in order to to kill them. The Ultimate Zapper's low frequencies are more effective than higher frequencies for killing pathogens. But it is actually the synergy of The Ultimate Zapper's 12 (and more) features that is the secret to their amazing effectiveness. Smart keys enable frequency generators to kill only a single pathogen that resonates at a single high frequency.

All pathogens vibrate at very high frequencies but, ironically, they are most susceptible to being killed as a group when a low-frequency zapper is used to resonate with them. This is the reality of the physics of zapping and this is why "dual zappers" are no more effective than zappers that use a single low frequency. The higher frequency adds nothing to the effectiveness of zapping. It is the lower frequency that does all the work.

Which is precisely why makers of high frequency zappers add a lower frequency to their zappers and call them "dual zappers", trying to market them as superior. They are indeed superior to single high frequency zappers. But they do not come close to the superior effectiveness of The Ultimate Zapper with its unique square wave and unique 12-feature formula with extra features added to the 2 ULtimate Models and the 3 Premium Models.

People who know the exact frequency of the pathogen they want to destroy can set the digital "zapper" to that specific frequency using a smart key program and a specific smart key. The specific pathogen is then destroyed. But most people will never will go to the trouble or the expense of doing synchrometer testing to find this information out and purchase the necessary equipment to do the job. The cost comes to over $1,400.00 and the process is very complicated. Most people have a variety of parasites, bacteria, viruses and fungus in their body and they simply zap to kill them all at the same time, which is exactly what Dr. Clark recommends in her books. Using The Ultimate Zapper is the most affordable and effective way to kill pathogens.

"Program drivers" that oscillate between frequencies turn the zapper into a frequency generator that does not focus its healing power on a single low frequency for a long enough time, if a low frequency is being used as part of the sequence at all.

The irony of digital "zappers" is that most pathogens vibrate at very high frequencies, between 300,000 and 500,000 Hertz and those pathogens are most efficiently destroyed by a square wave using a 2000 or 2,500 Hertz frequency for all Ultimate Zapper models. High frequency zappers are set to 25,000 Hertz or higher or that oscillates at high frequencies or between various high and low frequencies. This method actually reduces the effectiveness of zapping because the time spent zapping at the higher frequencies is wasted. Only zapping at a low frequency for a long enough period of time will provide superior results.

The Ultimate Zapper's electronics are designed to produce one single frequency, not to sweep frequency ranges or oscillate between specific frequencies. Using a frequency-sweep zapper or oscillating zapper is less effective than zapping at one lower frequency which focuses the healing power of the device for a longer period of time. Sweeping means you are not sure what frequency to use, so you play zapper roulette, hoping for good results. Using this concept, zapping becomes a guessing game and it is very ineffective. Frequency sweep or oscillating zappers do not focus their therapeutic power at a single, effective low frequency, whereas The Ultimate Zapper does. The Ultimate Zapper is not only the most powerful zapper in the world, it is are also the most effective.

If you know what single low low frequency provides the best results why sweep or oscillate at all? What The Ultimate Zapper does for you is take the guess work out of zapping. It has chosen the most effective frequencies at which to zap, 2000 Hertz and 2500 Hertz, using a Super Stabilized square wave with all positive pulses. This has proven to be the most effective formula of any zapper for the past 24 years.


Dr. Hulda Clark has shown that a DC (direct current) positive offset square wave kills pathogens at all frequencies. The Ultimate Zapper has an AC adapter. That means that you can plug it into the wall. But the adapter transforms the AC voltage into DC voltage, the same as the DC voltage that comes out of a battery. A battery cannot produce a shock and neither can The Ultimate Zapper. I discuss this in detail in #18 below. The Ultimate Zapper's AC adapter deliver the same DC voltage and therapeutic effects as a battery with the added advantage that its voltage never decreases, which happens when battery-powered zappers discharge. And The Ultimate Zapper's wave form never distorts, which also happens with battery-powered zappers. The Ultimate Zapper's voltage stays at a constant 9.5 to 10.5 volts DC. I discuss the inferior results with battery-powered zappers in #10 below.


Dr. Hulda Clark has noted that a significant attribute of zapper technology is the ability of zappers to generate harmonic frequencies. Her research showed that a positive offset square wave radiates multiple harmonic frequencies above its base frequency -- sympathic frequencies. But the number and strength of the harmonics produced by zappers varies greatly depending on the feature profile of each zapper.

The Ultimate Zapper creates more harmonics than any other zapper. They are the only zappers with a true square wave and harmonics in both odd and even number frequency range. Its wave is positive 90%, down only 10%. Almost all other zappers [generate] waves only 50-65 or 70% of the time. The superior harmonics of The Ultimate Zapper are due to the synergy of 4 of the features in its unique formula: its 100% Duty Cycle, its Super Stabilized square wave, its low frequency and its constant high voltage. This powerful synergy translates into superior effectiveness. The Ultimate Zapper produces a composite wave with thousands of harmonics that multiply the effectiveness of its primary wave. It radiates more harmonics above its base frequency than any other zapper covering the entire frequency range for parasites, bacteria, viruses, fungus and yeast.

The Harmonic Quad Zapper does not even have a true square wave pattern. According to Dr. Overman's good friend Dr. Howard E. May, the Harmonic Quad "is not a true harmonic generator, but rather is a digital multiple frequency R.F. [Radio Frequency] generator ... and Digital equipment does NOT produce any harmonics!" Multiple frequency "zappers" and digital "zappers" are not true zappers at all, they are frequency generators and, as such, produce no harmonics -- as discussed above and on the Deceptive Marketing page. By the way, Dr. Overman page. By the way, Dr. Overman died years ago.


9-volt batteries lose voltage, eventually declining to zero. Therapeutic effectiveness declines as voltage declines. According to Dr. Hulda Clark, zapping with less than 9 volts drastically reduces the therapeutic value of the zapper because you need more than 9 volts to activate white blood cells to remove toxins from the body. The Ultimate Zappers always function at a peak of 9.5 to 10.5 volts DC.

Also, as batteries discharge, the square-wave becomes distorted. The edges of the wave become round and the wave develops echoes, further reducing effectiveness. The Ultimate Zapper's Super Stabilized square wave always stays square and echo-free for maximum therapeutic effectiveness.


Yes, it certainly will. QE5, QE4, QE3plus, & QE2plus ship with a 12-volt Universal AC Adapter -- free of charge -- to all destinations. All orders for SE, XEplus & QE1plus ship with a 9-volt Universal AC Adapter -- free of charge. Read why the AC adapters are 100% safe here.


The high quality AC adapter is the most expensive single component of The Ultimate Zapper. It has been put through rigorous government safety testing in the U.S.A. and Canada and it is UL and CSA approval. Since the specifications state that it produces 9 volts DC one would logically expect it to produce 9 volts. But the fact is that when you test the AC adapter on an oscilloscope it produces a constant voltage of 10.5 volts DC. This is due to its internal wiring which produces more voltage than is stated in its specifications. You can count on 10.5 volts DC each and every time you zap.


David Etheredge has a page on his site devoted exclusively to The Ultimate Zapper. He says The Ultimate Zapper is a "not so ultimate zapper" -- conspicuously in lower case. Of course, he has the real Ultimate Zapper -- in upper case -- his UL model. He has been at this for years. He is obsessed with The Ultimate Zapper -- but totally unprovoked.

His efforts to encourage people to buy his zapper by talking down The Ultimate Zapper are in vain. Business is better than ever. Lamentably, the facts just happen to contradict him as thousands of satisfied customers show since 1996. There are 1000 unsolicited testimonials in The Archive that bear witness. They are just the tip of the iceberg. Amazing testimonials have continued to arrive regularly since I introduced the improved SE in May, 2010 and XE in May, 2012. This is a very inconvenent truth. Not to mention the 2 Ultimate Models and the 3 Premium Models that have come onstream since 2012.

I note David Etheredge has done oscilloscope hocus pocus on his new "not so ultimate zapper" page. The only problem with quoting Dr. Hulda Clark about the square wave dipping below the zero line is that she was wrong. The fact is Dr. Clark was not right about everything in her books or her research. She was definitely wrong about her statement regarding "sustaining pathogen life" that David Etheredge is quoting regarding the square wave dipping below the zero line. Beyond the statement and the reiteration of this claim I have not read any description supporting this statement. David Etheredge provides no evidence to support this claim -- nor did Dr. Clark herself.

The irony of all this is that a short spike below the zero line is totally normal under load. And the fact is that there is a short spike at the top and the bottom of every zapper wave produced by every zapper from every zapper maker -- including David Etheredge's Parazapper. This is not merely a claim or a counter claim. This is based on the facts of the oscilloscope view of ParaZapper that David Etheredge publishes on his own site. The ultimate irony is that while this short spike may diminish the effectiveness of some zappers it does not diminish the powerful therapeutic effects of The Ultimate Zapper in any way -- as thousands of users know to the chagrin of David Etheredge, I am sure.

The Ultimate Zapper is the most powerful and effective zapper in the world. I think this is probably The Ultimate Thorn in the side of David Etheredge who has not been able to figure out how to make a better zapper. So he resorts to negative marketing tactics where all else has failed.



The reality of dual zapper physics is that the low frequency does the work. The high frequency adds nothing to improve effectiveness. In fact, Dr. Clark discovered the superiority of low frequencies years ago. But her original work was based on a single high frequency of 25,000Hz to 30,000Hz and she used the high frequency zapper in her clinic to maintain the continuity of her research results. Makers of high frequency zappers start off with a high frequency and then add a low frequency later on because they know low frequencies are superior. Then they call their zappers "dual zappers" which they market as "better". When they add a low frequency dual zappers do become better than high frequency zappers. But they don't come close to the power of The Ultimate Zapper. The Zapper Comparison Charts show this very clearly. Their over-all formulas are feature-weak compared to The Ultimate Zapper's powerful formula that includes a single low frequency.


Zapping is about killing all the pathogens in your body with a positive offset square wave. All you need to do is zap at one special frequency to kill all pathogens. You don't have to sweep frequencies or know the names of all the pathogens in your body and zap them at their individual frequencies in order to kill them. You don't need to buy expensive equipment like a Synchrometer, a set of slides, take a training course, study frequency charts and zap for hours at individual frequencies. And you don't need to do any programming or buy any "smart keys" or "program drivers" with The Ultimate Zapper. The Ultimate Zapper keeps zapping simple. You just flip the switch and zap.


The Ultimate Zapper's electronics produce a single frequency. They do not sweep frequencies because using a frequency-sweep zapper is less effective than zapping at one lower frequency. Sweeping means you are not sure what frequency to use, so you play zapper roulette, hoping for good results. Using this concept, zapping becomes a guessing game.

This method actually reduces the effectiveness of your zapping because the time spent zapping at higher frequencies is largely wasted. Only zapping at a lower frequency will provide superior results. If you know what single low frequency provides the best results why waste time sweeping? What The Ultimate Zapper does for you is take the guess work out of zapping. It has chosen the most effective frequency at which to zap.

But the bottom line is that frequency is just one of the 12 True Features in The Ultimate Zapper, with extra features added to the 2 Ultimate Models QE5 and QE4, and the 3 Premium Models QE3plus, QE2plus and QE1plus -- that make the the best zappers available -- hands down.


You can follow the recommendations of the makers of programmable zappers, better known as digital zappers, but that is no guarantee you will get the results you want because each person is different. If you want to zap pathogens, one at a time, you will be embarking on a complex and expensive process if you want to be sure of getting the results you want.

If you follow this approach you will be turning the zapper into a frequency generator that does not produce Harmonics. You will have to program your zapper to specific frequencies. Different pathogens (parasites, bacteria and viruses) vibrate at different frequencies. How do you find out the names of the different pathogens you have in your body and their frequencies? The maker's instruction book cannot tell you the names of all the pathogens you have in your body because each person is different. The maker cannot diagnose you. Their reference book is only a guide.

Following this approach, you need to take a test to find out what is really going on in your body. Otherwise you are depending on the maker of the zapper to diagnose you, or you are guessing. Even if you know the name of your ailment and suspect that you have x and y pathogens in your body that correspond to that ailment you may have other important pathogens in your body, as well, that you do not suspect. This is usually the case. These pathogens may actually be causing you as many health problems as pathogens x and y. So getting a test is absolutely crucial to the successful outcome of this approach.

But again, the bottom line is that frequency is just one of the 12 True Features in The Ultimate Zapper -- with extra features added to the 2 Ultimate Models and the 3 Premium Models -- that make them the most powerful and effective zappers available -- hands down.


If you want to zap the pathogens in your body one at a time using a Frequency Generator you have to know the names and the frequencies of each specific pathogen. To find this out you need to purchase an expensive set of equipment known as a Syncrometer, along with a set of slides.

Then you need to take training course on how to use the equipment. After doing Syncrometer testing, you will have to spend a lot of time zapping each pathogen at the frequency that each one vibrates at, one hour per pathogen. If you have 3 different pathogens in your body you will have to zap for 3 hours per day.

Things are getting very complicated. Most people will never go to the trouble and expense of buying a Syncrometer and a set of slides, taking a training course and zapping for hours every day.

A quote from Auto-Zap
who is a vender of the Syncrometer

These units require a solid commitment to master. Prepare to practice 1 to 2 hours per day for 3 months to become proficient.

So what to do? You are left with the following choices: you can buy a Frequency Generator (often misleadingly called a Programmable Zapper, Frequency Zapper or Digital Zapper) and a Syncrometer and follow this long, complicated and expensive process.

Or, you can follow the maker's recommendations, not knowing if the recommended programs or frequencies accurately reflect your own individual case since everyone is different. By using this method you are, in effect, guessing what pathogens you have in your body and hoping for the best.

Or, you can zap with the most powerful and effective zapper in the world, The Ultimate Zapper. It takes all the trouble and guess work out of the picture while, at the same time, providing more effective results at a lower cost than any other zapper available. With The Ultimate Zapper you don't need to purchase any "smart keys" or "program drivers". The Ultimate Zapper is programmed to achieve the most effective results of any zapper.

Hulda Clark recognized that the Syncrometer option was not a practical one for most people. She wrote about this in The Cure for All Diseases and her other books. She said most people should forget about the costly and time-consuming Syncrometer option and buy a single-frequency zapper because they will end up having to zap anyway even if they do use a Syncrometer.

So-called Programmable Zappers, Frequency Zappers and Digital Zappers avoid the subject of Syncrometer testing -- specific diagnostic testing. This is no surprise. If their customers understood everything involved most of them would jump ship. Those who go along are left flying blind.

Bad news for those interested in
the Hulda Clark syncrometer

I received the following message on Jan. 15, 2015:

Hi Ken,

I have built my own Zapper probably 10 plus years ago, we did buy the unit with a timer, etc. I am a Naturopath and Holistic Consultant, non-practicing. I have spoken to several NDs around the country ... some believe and some do not H.C.'s (Hulda Clark's) theory. I did hire a local electronics expert ... he stated the synrometer did not prove valid. The "open end circuit" was false and he proved this by building the unit ...

Rob L.
Jan. 15, 2015


No, it can't. There is ZERO risk of AC shock. In spite of all the fear-mongering that Arthur Doerksen of Auto-Zap and David Etheredge of ParaZapper have published on their sites about AC adapters since 1996, initially directed specifically at The Ultimate Zapper which for years was the only zapper to offer an AC adapter, there has never been a single incident of shock. They have had ominous but completely bogus warnings on their sites for over 10 years about "dangerous wall plugs", "to prevent serious shock hazard if cheap AC adapter fails", "the potential for catastrophic failure and electric shock", "death by AC shock". The Ultimate Zapper was the first zapper in the world to feature an AC adapter. Now 11 of the 29 most popular zappers offer an AC adapter. There has never been a single report of shock from any zapper that is powered by an AC adapter -- and there never will be.

A Sad Note: Arthur Doerksen of Auto-Zap passed away from cancer in 2016. These comments were written years before his passing.

Arthur Doerksen of Auto-Zap and David Etheredge of ParaZapper have been lying about The Ultimate Zapper for years. Arthur Doerksen was the first to fear-monger about The Ultimate Zapper's AC adapters. It took a bit of time for David Etheredge to catch up but he finally did. He now has a page on his site devoted to lying about The Ultimate Zappers' AC adapter -- among other things. This jealous competitor tries to propagate not only this lie but a collection of lies to try to undermine the truth of my site in order to attract people to his site. I refute his lies in Zapper Review and at greater length on this page. It is interesting that his anti-adapter comments are aimed exclusively at The Ultimate Zappers with no mention of the other zappers that have an AC adapter -- those who followed my example.

David Etheredge states, "His zapper [meaning The Ultimate Zapper] does include a [sic] AC wall adapter that does not meet the IEC 60601 specifications for contact with humans. This could possible [sic] be lethal in some cases." -- a sentiment echoed by Arthur Doerkson of Auto-Zap. David Etheredge has been lying and fear-mongering about The Ultimate Zappers for many years -- punctuated by his perpetually sloppy spelling and grammar. The Federal Government closed his site in 2003 for misleading marketing. But he was eventually allowed to reopen. His business practices are not only sloppy. They are also deceptive. I document this here and in the links cited above.

What about the AC adapter? The fact is that there has never been a single failure of The Ultimate Zapper's AC adapter in 25 years with sales of many thousands of zappers around the world. The Ultimate Zapper was the first zappers in the world with an AC adapter. Many others followed in my footsteps -- without a single AC adapter problem. And there never will be a problem with any AC adapter. Because they are UL and CSA approved and contain fail-safe double insulation.

David Etheredge's lies about The Ultimate Zapper's AC adapter were refuted here years ago. He has chosen to ignore the facts, preferring to fear monger. His lies were also refuted by an electronics expert (below) whose opinion I did not solicit and who I do not even know. This has not prevented David Etheredge from continuing to repeat these same lies year after year. I guess he figures if he repeats them often enough people will believe them. The best he can expect is to end up fooling some of the people some of the time. The Ultimate Zapper is fail-safe. Here are the 4 reasons why.


Reason #1. According to the specification sheets from the manufacturers of the computer chips at the heart of The Ultimate Zapper, their maximum tolerance is 15 to 16 volts DC. I have done countless experiments with prototypes and I have produced over 16 volts many times using batteries in parallel and in series while holding the handholds. As well, I have plugged an 110-volt AC adapter into a 220-volt electrical system. Every time the voltage rises above the manufacturer's maximum tolerance of 15 to 16 volts the sound of a "pop" comes from the zapper box and a little smoke comes out of the box signifying the computer chip at the heart of the zapper's electronic wizardry had just died. It acts as a fuse or a breaker switch.

So, when the zapper is subjected to 15-16 volts DC the chip always dies before any voltage can pass through its circuitry to the handholds. I was holding onto the handholds when doing these experiments and I never felt a thing. Because no current passed through to the handholds. It is impossible for current to pass through to the handholds when the chip dies. The circuit is broken. The zapper self-destructs each and every time the voltage exceeds 15-16 volts.

Reason #2. You can create 16 volts using batteries but it is impossible to produce more than 10.5 volts from the 9-volt AC adapter. So it is impossible for 16 volts to ever get through to the computer chip to destroy it because the AC adapter only produces 10.5 volts (not 9 volts) thanks to its internal wiring.

Reason #3. The adapters shipped with the 7 Ultimate Zapper models are all Universal AC Adapters -- UL-approved and regulated in the United States and CSA-approved and regulated in Canada. They meet the highest level of safety standards. They have been taken apart piece by piece and tested rigorously not only by U.S. and Canadian govenrment experts but by my own independent experts. They are double-insulated and have even been exposed to open flame for an extended period of time without affecting their safe operation. The AC adapters have come through all the rigorous testing with flying colors. Thousands of units have been sold all over the world since 1996 and here has never been a single safety problem. And there never will be. Because they are 100% fail-safe.

Reason #4. Here is a posting by an electrical engineer that appeared the on Zapper Forum regarding the safety of AC adapters used with zappers.

"Well, since you asked... The output voltage of most wall-warts (those ubiquitous black plug-in power supplies) is unregulated and poorly filtered. For example, a device marked "9VDC, 0.25A" will make 11 or 12 volts, pretty clean, with no load, and around 9 volts, but with noticeable ripple, at full load. Not great, but it will have almost zero effect on the output of most Zappers. Why? Because Signetics designed the 555 timer circuit, the heart of most Zappers, to reject power supply variations. So while the Zapper output voltage level will vary proportionally with the power line voltage, the output frequency (and harmonic content) will remain remarkably stable. Beyond portability, even a cheap AC supply is superior to most battery systems. Besides amplitude stability (no output droop as the battery voltage fades), the output impedance also does not change with time. ALL battery chemistries dictate that the output impedance of the battery increases as the battery discharges. This leads to a small frequency drift and larger output voltage droop. If you want to buy one rather than use one laying around, get one of the adjustable or universal ones from Radio Shack. These have a regulated output; more stable and less ripple. Better. Can the transformer "type" (construction?) affect the circuit output "quality"? Yes, but only if the designer is a bozo. Finally - safety. The US consumes 100 million wall warts per year. Yup, one new one for every 3 people in the country, every single year. The most conservative estimate I've seen says there are a billion in operation at any given instant. Even if 1000 failed in a life-threatening manner (and they don't), that's million-to-one odds. Thanks to the steady advance of European safety agency rules, there is almost no difference between medical and non-medical small transformers. The difference between the two types of complete power supplies relates more to ground current (microamps vs milliamps) than to breakdown voltage or creepage distance. These are covered by UL 544 and 1950.

Who am I? Electrical Engineer, analog circuit and power supply designer for 30+ years.

(signed) ak"

Please note: Any damage to The Ultimate Zappers due to a power surge is covered by its lifetime warranty.


There are two possible side effects from zapping with The Ultimate Zapper that you should be aware of. The first is die-off, which may last for a few hours, at most. The second is the Electroporation Effect which can also last for several hours (also see #4 above). This effect peaks within the first hour and then declines. It is all but gone after 3 hours. There may be a slight residual effect between 3 hours and up to 24 hours in the case of long-lasting supplements and medication. But the effect is greatly diminished after 3 hours and if it is felt at all at this point it will be very slight, if at all noticeable. Electroporation opens the cells to nutrients, herbs & medication. I discuss die-off and electroporation in detail, below.

Die-off (Herxheimer reaction). When parasites and bacteria die off they produce ammonia and other toxins. If the die-off happens too quickly you can feel the effects of that die-off. If you zap slowly you will probably not feel the effects. Die-off can make you feel a bit light-headed, as though you had the flu. This same reaction happens with people who are taking antibiotics which kill bacteria. The die-off effect is not dangerous and it normally lasts for only a few hours. In 26 years I have never heard back from anyone about lingering effects. If you do feel the effects of die-off the best thing to do is cut back the number of minutes you zap. When all is said and done the vast majority of people never feel any die-off symptoms at all. Die-off usually happens very slowly and gradually, too slowly to be felt.

I always suggest that people start zapping slowly and work up to their maximum level of comfort. Everyone starts zapping at only 10 seconds. It may take 3 to 7 days at this level before they can comfortably move up gradually to one minute or more according to this Zapping Guide. They may not be able to move up without starting to feel die-off symptoms, in which case they should cut back. This is not a problem. Because of their sensitivity, they are receiving the full therapeutic effects with The Ulimate Zapper at whatever level. The Ultimate Zapper is the most powerful zapper available. Their therapeutic benefits are often felt quickly. People who are less sensitive can move up quickly with this Zapping Guide and may be able to zap up to 3 times a day without ever feeling any die-off symptoms.

From Wikipedia: Typically [with the Herxheimer effect] the death of these bacteria and the associated release of endotoxins occurs faster than the body can remove the toxins via the natural detoxification process performed by the kidneys and liver.


On May 25, 2002 an unattributed report appeared on the internet about an incident from the year 2000 regarding The Ultimate Zapper. The person referred to in this report never contacted me, nor did the person who posted this report. No other similar report has ever appeared anywhere -- before or since -- and this is now the year 2022.

WARNING: I recently got a call from a lady who used a 2000 Hz 15 volt ''Ultimate Zapper'' made by a company in Canada. She told me that the result of using the device was neurological damage that has not cleared up. I doubted that the zapper itself could cause damage and asked her about the details. She had used the unit 40 minutes a day from the first day. The result, she says, has been fairly serious problems that have lasted for a couple years. It appears that she had killed something like candida or Lyme spirochetes so fast that toxins had caused damage. These are research devices only. They are not approved for use on humans. If they are used, they should be used with caution, starting out with 1 minute per day and slowly increasing."

I have added emphasis above to highlight the key problems with this report.

Firstly, this report dates back to 2002. The lady is reported to have used The Ultimate Zapper in the year 2000. After reading this report closely it is clear that the lady -- if this report is in fact true -- experienced an extremely rare die-off reaction (known as a Herxheimer Reaction) after zapping far longer than is recommended in the instructions. It is physically impossible for The Ultimate Zapper to affect human tissue because it produces a frequency of 2,500 Hertz which is far below the frequency that human tissue vibrates at, which is above 1,000,000 hertz.

Furthermore, this report is suspect because The Ultimate Zapper does not produce 15 volts. It's AC adapter produces a maximum of 10.5 volts DC.

When the writer of this article stated "I doubted that the zapper itself could cause damage" he was absolutely correct. It cannot. I recommend that sensitive people start zapping at 10 seconds only. The instructions for The Ultimate Zapper are online right here.

This report is also curious because it is the only report of an extreme zapping reaction that I have received in 26 years, having sold thousands of Ultimate Zappers over this period of time.

The Ultimate Zapper is 100% safe. But it is also very powerful, so please follow the instructions closely when zapping. So, start at 10 seconds and work up slowly, as indicated in the Instruction Manual. Some people can zap for an hour or more at a time without feeling any adverse effects. But sensitive people must take care not to overdo it because of the possibility of die-off symptoms. When all is said and done even the mildest die-off symptoms are very rare, even with sensitive people.

Note: Here is a posting from the health forum that talks about the lack of credibility regarding the above report "from a lady".

"It's all hearsay ... Not one shred of proof ... why keep spreading a rumor .... Like in High School, Well so & so Said That or So & So Did that ... BS

1>"I recently got a call from a lady"

2>"who used a 2000 Hz 15 volt "Ultimate Zapper" made by a Company in Canada."

3>"She told me that the result of using the device was neurological damage that has not cleared up."

4>WARNING.... Hmmmm....

1> Why out of the blue did this "Lady" call This "company" that doesnt even sell that Zapper model?

2> Again this is a company That sells its "own" model Zappers

3> How was she Diagnosed?

4> Again this is a "WARNING" from someone who "Sells" Zappers stating "They are not approved for use on humans" This is called In advertising A ... "BAND-AID to protect his Butt". Did it make you think ... Yes!! ... Then it worked, just like the "Seller" wanted it to ... If the FDA ever goes after him he can show this "Band-aid" & say see I warned them it was not for human use. Thats all it is ... Its Called the Power of Suggestion This is the internet ... just because its in print on a web site doesn't make it true.

Nov. 15, 2002


The Ultimate Zapper is very powerful. But it targets the bad bacteria that have a positive charge. The good bacteria have a negative charge and are normally not affected. Occasionally the balance of the intestinal flora is changed by parasite die-off. But the good bacteria replicate so efficiently and quickly that most people feel nothing at all when this happens. On rare occasions, if loose bowel movement happens, a person may have to take some probiotics like acidophilus to re-introduce healthy bacteria in the colon. The vast majority of people who zap with The Ultimate Zapper experience no change at all in bowel movements.


Many people zap their pets's parasites and to treat them for illness. There is a remarkable story on the testimonial archive on my site about a lady named Monique who zapped her 18-year-old cat with my zapper and her cat came back to life. Here is another testimonial I received recently:

"Ken ... Your zapper cured my 12 year old cat. She had all these problems. She had 12 years of parasites. So I zapped her everyday for a month she would purr and drewl. She loved it. Now shes like a kitten again thanks again Ken, from Ron."

Some people attach the handholds to their pet's paws, inserting them into loose rubber bands that they put around their pet's legs. Many people find that zapping their pets using the footpads is more convenient than zapping their pets using the handholds. Many people find that zapping their pets using the footpads is more convenient than zapping pets using the handholds. Put one left paw on the left footpad and one right paw on the right footpad. You can do this alternately with the front and back paws. Zap your pet starting at one minute only. You can gradually increase this to 7 minutes over a period of several days if it is well-tolerated by your pet.

Many people zap their pets to control parasites and treat illness. There is a remarkable story in The Archive under Pet Testimonials about a lady who zapped her dying 18-year-old cat with The Ultimate Zapper. Her cat came back to life. Many people zap their pets using the footpads. Cover the footpads (as per above). Hold your cat and put one or both left paws on the left footpad and one or both right paws on the right footpad.

Some pets prefer the handholds. Cover the handhold -- as per above -- put 2 rubber bands around each paw and insert the handholds so they are touching the paws. Zap your pet starting at 15 seconds. You can gradually increase this to 1 minute or more over a period of several days if your pet is tolerating it well. See this page for more information on pet zapping.


The Ultimate Zapper is are the most powerful zappers available. Everyone starts at 10 seconds. Individuals and practitioners often find that zapping with The Ultimate Zappers for only 10 seconds brings them excellent results. Some people are very sensitive and can only zap for 10 or 15 seconds, receiving the same benefits as people who zap for longer. Some people like to zap for 10 minutes or more. Some people even like to zap for an hour straight. The 2 Ultimate Models QE5 and QE4, and the 3 Premium Models QE3plus, QE2plus and QE1plus are designed for zapping without any breaks. Offering a 7-minute timer would eliminate the flexibility that most users of The Ultimate Zapper want and need. Everyone is different and each person must experiment to find out what time duration works best for them. Not having a timer on The Ultimate Zappers enables them to do so.


I don't include wristbands with my zapper because they are not very effective. Dr. Hulda Clark states "... although wrist straps are convenient, not enough research has been done to accurately compare effectiveness with the tubular design of electrodes. A very sick person should use the copper tube electrodes, of correct dimension, correctly placed ... and not risk poor conductance." Handholds and footpads conduct electricity better than wristbands. I would not take a chance. I would follow Dr. Clark's recommendation. The Ultimate Zapper is very powerful. Do not zap if you have a heart pacemaker. It could interfere with the normal functioning of your pacemaker.


I recommend you do not exercise while zapping. You can zap before and after you exercise. You may have seen other zapper sites such as Auto-Zap with people exercising, jogging and biking while zapping with their battery zapper. They do not tell you that exercising creates resistance to the wave and reduces its effectiveness. And that battery zappers are rs in the first place. Likewise, holding the handholds too tightly will also create resistance to the zapper's wave and reduce its effectiveness. This resistance has been measured on an oscilloscope. So, relax and enjoy your zapping session. Save your exercising for before and after zapping.


Hulda Clark always maintained that anyone with a heart pacemaker should not use a zapper. However, I recently heard from 2 customers who had The Ultimate Zapper checked with a cardiologist. There was no problem at all. I suggest each customer with a pacemaker do the same.

Hi Ken, My fiancee had a test of her pace maker today at the cardiologist's office and there was absolutely NO effect on the pace maker what so ever with the QE1 Plus zapper with the magnetic paddles. It was held in her hands to start and then also placed on her cheeks via hands. He gave total approval for her to use the device. Dan M., July 25, 2020

Hi Ken,
I'm passing by to let you know about the Cardiologist. I did the test and the pacemaker didn't change ANYTHING. I AM RADIANT to be able to use the device again ... Once again a SUPER GRATITUDE for your support ...
Stella R., Jan. 5, 2021


Yes -- but you must start at 10 seconds and progress slowly. If you are intending to zap for more than 1 minute you may need to lower the dosage in consulation with your doctor because of the Electroporation Effect.


There are thousands of people who have been using The Ultimate Zapper since 1996. Some people (a small fraction of one percent) have emailed back with the "scary" testimonials that appear in The Archive. Over 99% of people will see nothing at all when they use The Ultimate Zapper because most parasites are microscopic and their elimination goes undetected. I have never seen anything come out.


No, you don't. The Ultimate Zapper is very powerful. They are designed to replace the herbal parasite cleanses. But you can in fact use the herbal parasite cleanse while zapping if you want to enhance your zapping results. The Electroporation Page provides details and documentation and 20 electroporation testimonials. The testimonials on the electroporation page prove the enhancing effect of zapping with The Ultimate Zapper for people taking supplements, herbs and medicine. The Ultimate Zapper opens the pores of the cells letting substances enter the cells more efficiently.


The Instruction Manual is free and the latest version is There . There are 2 diagrams at the bottom of the instructions that show you how to connect the handholds and footpads to maximize the results. There are also many suggestions given in the instructions about the placement of the handholds and footpads that will help give the best possible results.


The Ultimate Zapper is the world's most effective Tooth Zappers. Click for the instructions here.


Some people like to zap in the morning. They say that zapping in the morning energizes them and gives them a feeling of well-being all day. Other people find that they get sleepy when they zap. So, they like to zap at bedtime. They get a very deep and restful sleep when they zap at bedtime. Each person is different. Each person has to experiment with The Ultimate Zapper to see what works best for them.


Yes, you can. Dr. Hulda Clark states in her book The Cure for All Diseases that zapping is an excellent preventative tool. It can help keep you and your family keep healthy all year round so you will be less susceptible to colds, the flu and more serious illness. Zapping on a maintenance schedule will be appropriate in this case. Zapping two or three times a week will be sufficient to maintain good health for most people.


Yes, footpads certainly do give better results. They augment the square wave's signal so it reaches all areas of the body more effectively. People report better results when they use the handholds and footpads at the same time. Studies show that adding footpads improves results by 63% to 77%. About 80% of people who purchase The Ultimate Zapper also purchase a pair of footpads. Read the Footpad Page for more information.


Do not zap children under age 3. Over age 3 they may zap starting at 5 seconds with SE and XEplus only. They can slowly work up to 1 minute maximum,They should not use the 2 Ultimate Models and the 3 Premium models which are too strong for children. A parent should always stay with children when zapping. Adolescents may zap as adults (see above). Please see this guide regarding the details of how many minutes to zap.

The maker of Auto-Zap says you can zap babies with his zapper because it is "gentle" -- another word for weak. Many people have let me know Auto-Zap is weak even for adults. But zapping babies even with a weak zapper could cause distress or harm because of many factors. Firstly, you do not know how sensitive your baby is. A highly sensitive baby could have a serious parasite die-off reaction to zapping for even a few seconds. Problems could also arise because of baby's immature immune system and other immature organs especially baby's kidneys that excrete the by-products of zapping and dextoxification. The effect of zapping on your baby's kidneys could easily cause harm to your baby, in my opinion. I believe it is ill-advised to zap any baby because of the unknown risks. I would never zap my own baby.

One unknown risks for baby is if the mother has a history of silver amalgam fillings that are 50% mercury. Mercury crosses the placenta and poisons the foetus at 2x mother's mercury levels. Mercury is also in breast milk. Mercury poisoning causes autism, ADD, MD, cerebral palsy and mental retardation. If your baby is mercury toxic from you, and you decide to zap your baby, then the mercury that is already in baby's system could be mobilized and migrate to the brain, kidneys and other organs.

There are many potential unknown risks for zapping babies. Mothers should be aware of these possible risks. I believe in erring on the side of safety. The fact is no zapper maker can make any guarantees regarding the safety of zapping babies. Encouraging mothers to zap babies infers a strong claim of safety -- but with no proof to back the claim. Protect your baby from the unknown. Do not zap your baby with any zapper. As far as I am concerned, zapping your baby would be like playing Russian roulette. A "gentle" zap could end in disaster. Always consult your doctor for health problems, especially when it concerns the health of your baby. This is the responsible way.


Silver colored fillings are called silver amalgam fillings by the dental profession. You'd think they are mostly silver. Which is what they want you to think. Wrong. False advertising. They are 50% mercury. That's right. Mercury sitting 2 inches from the human brain. Nice of them. While the government warns us against eating mercury-laden fish containing a small fraction of 1% mercury, they do not seem concerned about "silver amalgam fillings" with 500,000 parts per million of mercury.

Read The Big Dental Mercury Lie

How does this relate to zapping? If you zap with the handholds close to your head and you still have mercury fillings in your mouth this can "mobilize" mercury from your fillings into your organs. Typical effects can be a headache or brain fog. You can zap with the handholds in your hands -- starting at 15 seconds, as always. But do not place the handholds near your face until you have your mercury fillings safely removed according the to the guidelines in My Recovery Protocol.


If you have metal implants you should start zapping at 10 seconds and use the handholds in your hands. I have yet to hear a single case where there was a problem with zapping for people with implants.


Pathologists know everyone carries about 2 lbs. of parasites. The Ultimate Zapper kills parasites and other pathogens (worms, viruses, bacteria, fungus, yeast & mold) hands down faster and more effectively than any other zapper thanks to its advanced technology. But since we are a living organism on a planet infested with parasites & other pathogens it would be speculative to claim The Ultimate Zapper will get rid of each and every parasite and pathogen forever in the human organism. Even if we could kill them all reinfestation due to the reality of living on our planet would be expected. That's why I recommend maintenance zapping.

Maintenance zapping is a very effective way to keep healthy and avoid serious reinfestation. Personally, I zap a couple of times a week to keep the pathogens at bay. In the past I used to get a serious cold every year I and even contracted bronchitis occasionally as well as the flu. I never get the flu or even a cold anymore -- amazing for me. Maintenance zapping works. Give it a try.


The Testimonial Archive has 1100 unsolicited testimonials under 25 health categories. This should give you a good idea of what to expect.


Read the Zapper Review -- an expose on the disinformation published by competitors. This is an entertaining and enlightening read that AutoZap's Arthur Doerksen called "a scathing review" of the zapper industry.